mob fav 2

TL: Waaah! I didn't have time to go through it again! Uhh, I'll be posting the unchecked/unedited version for now because I definitely want it uploaded by today, but I will go back and edit it soon. For now, please bear with my crude mistakes T-T I had some troubles translating some parts... << Previous … Continue reading mob fav 2

New series

Hey, so I excited to announce I will be taking on a new series! It's called "I May Be A Mob But Because My Favorite Is Here, Everyday Is Fun" I just finished going through my first chapter, all I got to do is translation check and edit it. The chapters are pretty long for … Continue reading New series

[SYN 37] I was proposed to by the King in another world, but I can’t become the Queen!

異世界で王様に求婚されましたが、私は王妃になれません! 作者:はいあか 異世界に召喚され、王様に求婚されました。 だけど私は、王妃になるつもりも覚悟もありません。 普通の人に王妃なんて務まりませんから!! /虫の描写があります。生殖ネタだけどエロくはないです。 I was proposed to by the King in another world, but I can't become the Queen! Author:Haiaka Summoned to another world, a King proposed to me. But I don't have any intention or determination to become the Queen. Because a normal person isn't fit for the job!! /There … Continue reading [SYN 37] I was proposed to by the King in another world, but I can’t become the Queen!

[SYN 35] Maou-sama, Retry!

Maou-sama, Retry! Author: Kanzaki Kurone A working adult you could find anywhere, Oono Akira was sent to another world while logged in as the character called「Maou」in a game he self-administrated. He started a journey with the disabled legged girl he met there, but the surroundings couldn’t leave the overwhelming powerful 「Maou」to his own devices. … Continue reading [SYN 35] Maou-sama, Retry!

[SYN 34] Mou, Ii Deshou.

もう、いいでしょう。 作者:綾瀬紗葵  周囲から虐げられてきた皇女が、幼馴染であり、婚約者でもある騎士に『惚れた女に子供が出来たから、お前から婚約破棄を申し出てくれ!』と暴言を吐かれて、国を捨てる覚悟を決めたお話。皇女を虐げてきた面々にはそれにふさわしい因果応報があります。皇女は当然幸せなる予定。大好きな婚約破棄系のお話です。20話前後で完結の予定。それぞれの目線で、2000字から10000字くらいと振り幅が大きくてすみません。他との連載も含めて週一更新。気が付かないうちにさらりと書いてしまいそうなので、残酷な描写タグ、15禁は保険につけておきます。*無断転載厳禁。タイトル、設定、メインのシーン、後書きなど、あまりにも類似する表現は勘弁して頂きたく思います。 Mou, Iideshou. Author:Aya Sesaki  The imperial princess who was oppressed by her surroundings was rashly told by the knight who was her childhood friend and fiancé,『I got the woman I love pregnant, so please break this engagement from your end!』, a story where she decides to abandon her country. There … Continue reading [SYN 34] Mou, Ii Deshou.