Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon – Chapter 1: I was dragged in.

(TL: Hi there. Starting to translate this web novel I found for fun/experience. I liked the first chapter so I will continue with it. Plus, it’s a girl protagonist! :O I’ve only read light/web novels with male protagonists so far so this is a first for me. \(^o^)/

It kinda sucks that I can’t read most kanji, but google translate and jisho.org helps so much. With their kanji recognition and Japanese text-to-speech qualities, it really helps me a lot! That being said, it can’t be accounted for that these translations are 100% accurate. I have taken some liberties with interpretation and such as well, but I think most translators do that anyways. If you see something I’ve done wrong (translation wise or english grammar wise) then please feel free to say so.

Please enjoy the chapter. :3)

You can view the original chapter here: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8321co/1/

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I was dragged in.

If you don’t want to die, then get used to the strong.

If you want to live, then become someone strong.

Those are the rules that you need to follow if you want to continue existing in this world.

Why, I mutter.

But I don’t know if I ever voiced that thought.

The sight before me was more than enough to steal away my voice.


「It seems you* have been summoned by mistake. We will go call the real Goddess, so please wait a moment.」
(TL: The way they use “you” is to refer to a lower life form)

So I was told, and relegated to the corner of a large room made of stone. The me, who was a common person of the general public, was now in the experience of being “summoned to another world.”

Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet.

I work at a pet shop, I’m blood type A, and a 22 year old Virgo*. My name is Akidzuki Rio.
(TL: Virgo is the sign of the virgin, btw lol)

My face is, well… It’s normal, there’s nothing bad or good about it.

For some reason, little normal ol’ me was suddenly sucked into the thing that looked like a magic circle that appeared at my feet, and before I knew it, I wound up in this place.

I was dumbfounded when a man dressed in a white robe appeared before me and began frisking me down. When he was done, he looked at me with an exceedingly disappointed face and heaved a heavy, worn out sigh.

The man retreated to whisper to some the people around him, and when he was done, he once again approached me.

And what he said was the words from before.

What does he mean by “mistake”!?

Does that kind of thing even happen!?

Actually, is summoning something that can be done multiple times so easily!?

But I won’t say it. Rather, I can’t. I’m not in a situation where I can.

Losing to the intense pressure of their silent coercion, I quickly move to the corner of the room.
(TL: They’re glaring at her to make room, probably.)

As soon as I moved, many men robed in white converged together and aligned into a circle, and began muttering something. Not long after, the center began to glow with a dazzling light.

When the light died down, what was left in the center was a lovely girl.

She had fluffy and swaying chestnut colored hair, and her bright, double lidded eyes were wide and blinking with surprise.

I would place her at 16-17 years, maybe.

The way she wobbled around shakily as she tried to take in her surroundings was really cute.

Like before with me, a robed man approached her and touched her body, and nodded once in satisfaction.

Voices of joy sounded all around.

After that, everything happened in a flash.

While crying, “it’s her, it’s her”, they took her and presented her to the royal family.

While the girl was dumbfounded to be standing in the presence of the King, Queen and Prince, they began to explain the circumstances of their country.

By the way, I was left alone, so I went ahead and tagged along.

Summarizing the long speech the King had given, it went something like this.

This world was “Auweight.”

It was a fantasy world of swords and magic, where humans and demons would wage wars in order to gain territory.

The country that the human King reigned was called the “Salauin Empire.”

And this was the capital “Hauren.”

Currently, the size of the human territory had been reduced to a third of the original, and because of the dense population, there were food shortages. Due to the rush of refugees to the remaining lands, the state of national affairs was crumbling.

Long ago, in similar circumstances, the fallen people of then wanted to summon a “Goddess” from a different world, and initiated the “Goddess Summoning” ritual. We… Rather, the summoned girl was the “Goddess,” and had powers only the Goddess could use to defeat the king of demons, the Maou. It was her fate.
(TL: Since it differentiated the “king of demons” and “Maou” in the text, I decided to leave Maou in romaji.)

By the way, it seems her name is Himeri Fuuka.

I know it’s not the time to be saying things like this, but I’m glad I wasn’t the “Goddess.”

At first I was like, “what do you mean you got the wrong girl, huh!?” But suddenly getting whisked to a place I don’t know with people I don’t know asking me to save them and then being told I was supposed to go and defeat the Maou, I would have refused outright.

…Well, since she’s the “protagonist” here, she’s not in the position to refuse.

In fact, Himeri-san listened to the King’s face with a serious expression, and afterwards, as if she decided something, looked straight forward with determination burning fiercely in her eyes.

「I understand. I’ll do whatever is in my power to help the people of this world.」

Himeri said her conviction with a bright smile, and the King gave her a heartfelt thanks. The Prince’s gaze was glue to the radiance of her smile.

Now, it looks like this has been wrapped up in a nice atmosphere, so before I was completely overlooked, I quickly decided to step before the King.

『Excuse me, can I interrupt for a bit? 』

「…Who is this girl?」

Wow~ The King’s voice has lowered down a notch! ☆

The soldiers nearby began to approach me while unsheathing their swords!

So scary!

But! But hey!!

I need to ask what will happen to me and my future from now on!

「This person was involved in the “Goddess Summoning”…」

「So she was summoned? Her ability?」

「She did not possess one. Her magic levels and her attribute was average on both fronts.」

「…And, what does someone like that want with me?」

Oh? Once the King heard the word “average,” he could really look down on someone, couldn’t he? I wonder what this was, this unspeakable feeling.

『…Please send me back to my original world. 』

Filling my heart with dread, the Prince laughed through his nose.

「That kind of ability, there’s no way it exists.」


Well, it’s pretty much what I expected.

If there was a way to send back, then the finally summoned Goddess would be able to run back home.

Yes, I knew that.

But… But, really.

『…To suddenly drag a person into your affairs and say「That kind of ability, there’s no way it exists.」Don’t screw wi–!? 』

“Don’t screw with me!!” was what I wanted to yell, but my mouth was covered by a hand from behind me.

「We are terribly sorry for the rude behaviour that was just displayed. I will give this fool a good scolding afterwards in your stead, so would you find it in your gracious and wide heart to forgive this one?」

The surprised and rampaging me was forcefully restrained and made to bow my head.

「If you are saying so, then I will leave this matter in your care.」

「I will gratefully accept this responsibility. Now, if you’ll excuse us.」

Like that, I was forcefully ejected from the room, and I was not released until we got to what looked like an inner garden.

『…Guh! What do you think you’re doing!? 』

「That’s my line! You giant fool!」

The one who returned my yell was a man in a white robe.

It was probably one of the men who was involved with the Goddess summoning.

With a sudden motion, he removed his hood and what appeared from under was long, silver hair that sparkled in the light and blue eyes.

He had a gender neutral face with well equipped features.

If I had not heard his voice first, I would have mistaken him for a woman.

「If you had continued you would have been killed you know!?」

『Something like that, I knew it fully! But this is so frustrating!! 』

That’s right. This was frustrating.

They arbitrarily summoned me, and just because I didn’t have the right specs, I was treated as a  “mistake.”

And then, when I asked to return, they laughed at me with their noses upturned saying it was impossible.

If this couldn’t be called frustrating, then what could.

『Selfishly summoning someone over and imposing their wishes on them, and then saying they didn’t know how to send them back! What the hell!? “The person who was dragged in was only average so she doesn’t matter!?” Like hell I don’t! Just moments before, I was in a world without magic or demons!! It was the kind of place where peaceful days were the norm!!』

Suddenly being pulled into this fantasy world, not only that but being dragged in as a “mistake,” and not being able to go home or having anybody who wanted to take responsibility for it.

『Before they look down on someone, why don’t they take a look at the heartless acts they’re doing themselves first!! Don’t involve the lives of people who don’t belong to your world!! If you can’t send them back, then don’t call for them, you idiots!!!』

After yelling my thoughts breathless, the guy in the white robe lowered his head to me with a sincere face.

「It’s just as you say. I’m very sorry.」

『…………What will I do now? 』

「At the very least, we can offer you knowledge about this world, gold, and a place to live.」

『I see. 』

In other words, he meant “useless people aren’t needed here.” Is that so.

It’s been about an hour since I’ve come to this new world.

I swore to myself.

No matter what, I would survive, and one day I would make all the ones who involved me speechless.

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