Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon – Glossary

Characters/words/terms for me and the readers to keep track of. Will be updated once I get more translated. If you have see that I’ve forgotten a character/place or if you have a term you’re curious about, don’t be shy to ask. 🙂


Rio’s Nakama

Akidzuki Rio (秋月李緒)
Main character. Average in almost all aspects. Can see spirits.
First Appearance: Chapter 1

I work at a pet shop, I’m blood type A, and a 22 year old Virgo.
My name is Akizuki Rio. My face is, well… It’s normal, there’s nothing bad or good about it. (ch 1)

I swore to myself.
No matter what, I would survive, and one day I would make all the ones who involved me speechless. (ch 1)

Reyfaras “Rey-sama” Kahannah (レイファラス・カーハンナー)
A high mage who works at the castle. One of the people who summoned Rio. He can also see spirits.
First Appearance: Chapter 1

With a sudden motion, he removed his hood and what appeared from under was long, silver hair that sparkled in the light and blue eyes.
He had a gender neutral face with well equipped features.
If I had not heard his voice first, I would have mistaken him for a woman. (ch 1)

He seems to be a “High Mage.” (ch 2)

「Why don’t we make the people who denied us eat our dust?」(ch 2)

『The “oddball” with his “spirits” in tow, Reyfaras-sama.』(ch 2)

Other Characters

Himeri Fuuka (姫里風華)
The girl summoned after Rio, the “true goddess”
First Appearance: Chapter 1

She had fluffy and swaying chestnut colored hair, and her bright, double lidded eyes were wide and blinking with surprise.
I would place her at 16-17 years, maybe. (ch 1)

By the way, it seems her name is Himeri Fuuka. (ch 1)

Maou (魔王)
Demon King to be defeated, hasn’t actually appeared yet

Side Characters (Unnamed/Not much screen time)

King of the Salauin Empire, a mean snob
First Appearance: Chapter 1

『Excuse me, can I interrupt for a bit? 』
「…Who is this girl?」
Wow~ The King’s voice has lowered down a notch! ☆
The soldiers nearby began to approach me while unsheathing their swords!
So scary! (ch 1)

「…And, what does someone like that want with me?」
Oh? Once the King heard the word “average,” he could really look down on someone, couldn’t he? (ch 1)

Hasn’t had any lines. No info whatsoever.
First Appearance: Chapter 1

As big of a jerk wad as his dad.
First Appearance: Chapter 1

Filling my heart with dread, the Prince laughed through his nose.
「That kind of ability, there’s no way it exists.」 (ch 1)

『Selfishly summoning someone over and imposing their wishes on them, and then saying they didn’t know how to send them back! What the hell!? “The person who was dragged in was only average so she doesn’t matter!?” Like hell I don’t! Just moments before, I was in a world without magic or demons!! It was the kind of place where peaceful days were the norm!!』(ch 1)


The places that have been featured so far

Auweight (アーウェイト) – Name of the world
First Appearance: Chapter 1

Salauin Empire (サラウィン帝国) – Country that the human King rules over
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Haulen (ハーレン) – The royal capital
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Castle – self explanatory, duh
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Royal Magic Villa (魔法離宮 – Mahou Rikyuu) – The place where the palace mages work. Also where Rey’s office is located.
First Appearance: Chapter 2


Most of the important terms that were in “”

Goddess (女神 – Megami) – The summoned girl with extraordinary powers, fated to do battle with the Maou.
Goddess Summoning (女神召喚 – Megami shoukan) – The summoning ritual.

Magic (魔法 – Mahou) – Thought to be a phenomenon where people exert mana, chant incantations and use the power of imagination to realize into existence, but in reality it is paying the mana to the invisible spirits and channeling that mana through them into magic.

Mana (魔力 – Maryoku) – Literally magic power. What is paid in order to use magic.

Incantation/chant (詠唱 – Eishou) – Words to help imagine/make the magic take shape and cut down on mana spenditure.

High Mage (上位魔法師 – Jyoui mahoushi) – High ranking magic users. In Haulen, there are only two. Requirements to become are to have at least 15,000 MP points. They can only be appointed by the King, and have a good amount of prestige to their title.

Mage/Magician (魔法師 – Mahoushi) – Magic users.

Spirits (精霊 – Seirei) – Winged humanoid creatures that most people can’t see. They are the embodiment of magical attributes, but have little magic themselves. By channeling mana into one of these spirits, it is possible to create the phenomenon that is magic. Mistakenly called fairies (妖精 – yousei) by Rio before being taught by Rey about what they really were.


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