Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon – Chapter 3: It’s clearly a cheat.

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It’s clearly a cheat.

According to what Rey-sama informed me, the man in the white robe who had initially felt me up was the other High Mage, who was named “Haruin Reichal.”

It appears he has been chosen to be the magic tutor for the Goddess Himeri-san, so he came and boasted about it to Rey-sama.

By the way, it seems that he boasted at that time Rey-sama had gone to appeal to the King to lengthen my stay in the castle from one day to one week, and when he got annoying to the point where Rey-sama almost ignored him, the Goddess Himeri-san came and began to ask if he would teach her magic as well, and that’s where he began to get irritated.

He was fed up with the boasting of Haruin and the pestering of the Goddess Himeri-san, so he ignored what they said and went straight to the King to make his appeal, and immediately came back.

『That sounds like an ordeal, good job enduring it.』

「No kidding. Where did the initial humility that Himeri the Goddess possessed gone? In only a few hours, it seems like she’s gathered whoever looks fairly powerful to become her tutors.」

『Well, yeah, no matter what kind of person she is, or whoever teaches her, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m not involved after all.』

As I said that while offering a hand spirits to land on, Rey-sama gave a wry smile and placed a single book in front of me.

「Take a look through this when you have some free time. It contains the fundamentals of this world’s history and magic.」

I flipped through a few pages and sighed.

I never thought I would have to learn about a whole new history at this age, sigh.

『Ah, I wonder if the ability that allows me to read these letters is a quality of my being summoned? That’s pretty useful.』

The letters of this world were different from my former world, but I was able to read through them without discomfort somehow, so that was something that didn’t need fixing.

「I managed to get some time off today, so I’ll be teaching you about magic.」

Moving to the small room connected to Rey-sama’s office, we sat face to face in two chairs at a little wooden table and began learning about this world’s magic.

It says that in this world’s “magic,” there are seven magical attributes: fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light and darkness.

It’s standard for one person to have one magical attribute, but sometimes there are people who have multiple magical attributes.

「By the way, I have three attributes, fire, water and light, and I have the ability “Far Sight.”」

『Three attributes… What do you mean by “ability?”』

After listening to Rey-sama casually revealing his cheat like abilities, I heard a word that sounded familiar.

If I remember right, I think they said something about me having “no ability” to the King.

「Ah, that’s right, I haven’t explained that yet. An “ability” is a superior power that the common person does not possess. It’s rare for many people to have identical abilities. The “Far Sight” ability allows me to confidently see within a five-kilometer radius. It requires quite an amount of concentration though.」

『…Just wondering, how much MP do you have, Rey-sama?』

「28000 MP.」


He’s a cheat character. A cheat character has come.

“MP” refers to the amount of magic one person possesses.

The average adult’s MP was around 8000 MP, and if you wanted to become a mage you needed to have at least 10,000 MP.

If one wanted to become a High Mage they were required to have at least 15,000 MP, but even within the middle-class mages, there weren’t many who surpassed the 12,000 MP mark and people who had even more than that were comparable with the rarity of seeing a Tsuchinoko.
(TL: For those not aware of what a Tsuchinoko is, click here. In basic terms, tsuchinoko is a mythical snake, and seeing it is like seeing the Loch Ness monster or aliens.)

……God is so unfair.

By the way, I got my MP measured before coming into the room. It was a splendidly average amount, measuring at 8900 MP.

My magical attribute was wind, which was the third most common magical attribute to possess.

「Don’t be so down on yourself. In the first place, just by being able to see spirits you can’t be compared to common people. You actually have quite an advantage.」

『What do you mean?』

「To begin with, comparing the concept of “magic” and “magical attributes” with people who can’t see spirits and with us who can see spirits would be a mistake.」


「Well, I had to teach myself and learn by feeling around, so just ignore the small details. Before, I said that that they thought about magic differently than us.」

『Yeah, the things you said about “magic phenomenon” being a result of giving the spirits mana and stuff.』

「Exactly. And that’s where “magical attributes” can be increased. Believing that “it is only possible to use magic with the attributes you possess” is one of the common concepts of this world. But other than the three attributes I already have, I can also use magic from all the other attributes.」

『Eh, that means, you’re capable of using all types of magic? Why?』

「That would be the mistaken concept I mentioned before. The spirits have attributes too. Fire is red, water is blue, wind is green, earth is yellow, lightning is purple, light is white and darkness is black. And because I can see these spirits, if I can find a spirit I’m compatible with, I can channel spells from their magical attribute.」


「It means a spirit with low mana cost.」

『Eh, in other words, you can use magic from other attributes without spending too much mana?』

「That’s right.」

That’s such a cheat!!

The possibility of me becoming a cheat character has appeared!

As I thought, if I can use such cheat-like magic, then I want to try and be unbeatable.

『Ah, but with my average MP, is it not possible after all?』

「If you train your magic, you can increase it to a certain extent. But what you should focus on first is magic control.」

『Magic control?』

「It’s the ability to regulate how much MP you spend. If you are able to control your magic well, then you can spend 10 MP without wasting any, but if you aren’t able to control your magic, then you would spend more than 10 MP and waste mana in vain.」

『I see. ……Eh, do you mean I have to learn how to do that while I’m allowed to stay here?』

「If possible, I want you to be able to control your magic perfectly by the time you leave. But it’s not something so easily achieved. In the time being, why don’t you raise your strength by participating with the knights tomorrow in their early morning training? Physical strength translates directly to raising your MP, and at the very least I’ll ask them to train you in self-defense.」

『Early morning training with knights… 』

「After that, you will be training in magic with me. We’ll start off with wind magic since it’s aligned with Rio’s attribute. We should set the goal for you to be able to use magic of all the attributes in one week.」

『All the magic attributes…』

It’s a little late, but there are ranks for this world’s magic. “Elementary class,” “Intermediate class,” “Advanced class,” “Highest Grade class,” “Natural Disaster class,” “God class,” “Ancient Magic,” and “Forbidden Magic.”

「The book I gave you before has the fundamentals of this world’s knowledge, so read it. In your spare time, train in magic or martial arts. Even after you leave the castle, I think I’ll come visit you, but I’m often busy. Consider this to be a rare opportunity. That’s why, the time I can personally teach you is especially important. We can’t afford to waste even one second. Tomorrow, prepare yourself to study as if your life depended on it.」


It seems Rey-sama is a spartan instructor.

I’m a little anxious about my safety from tomorrow on, but it’s also true I have no choice but to do this.

In the meanwhile, I will do my best so I won’t die.

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