Dare ga Michibiku Nara – Nico Robin

I did this a while ago, but didn’t make this site until… A very short time ago lol.

Anyways, nothing fancy like I did with Black Beard’s here.

Dear _, I am currently in Nara’s wind
There is a lot of things to see here Toudaiji temple, Houryuuji temple, mount Yoshino…
It’s like a treasure of history

Long ago echoing voices
Jewelry days if we write them down
Waited at the end of history
Ring your bells revive
the memory enveloped in the smell of flowers
Looking for the things we lost
Ah there is love and dreams

Life is like a secret the thing this arm is looking for
if the the left behind past’s mysteries will guide us, then
The Sunset we were looking at
The keyhole and the ruins once again
Until the promised day is called upon
I’ll search for the answer In my world

The back silhouette that we passed by
But you say chase after it
As if the graffiti beckons to you
Shall we dance evade
the melody of the poetry of memories sings to itself stand and read the trail of handwritten letters Ah it sings of Wabi Sabi (google Wabi Sabi)

Life is like a secret I bite into a persimmon and a bell resounds (a Haiku that has to do with Houryuji temple)
The confined imperial palace’s riddles will guide then one day Forget but first at the spun beginning
the entire world’s spun darkness’ bestowed miracle In my world
Always like a secret the thing this arm has searched for once again Amatsukaze’s (it’s either that, or Heavely Wind. Google Amatsukaze) mystery will guide us then
The acquired Regret if I change it into the courage I need to stand and move forward What a significant existence
Deer and applying heat Forever

The thought’s I’ve entrusted into this song I believe will definitely decode

Sincerely, __


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