Chapter 4: The six days I desperately survived.

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The six days I desperately survived.

I want to say something to everyone.

Humans can do anything if they put their mind to it.

No, seriously. It’s not a joke.
My current situation is exactly like that.
This past week… Well, to be precise it’s only been six days, but anyways, these past six days I’ve been living as if “my life depended on it” as I was told to, and tried my hardest while having one foot buried in the afterlife.
Actually, if I didn’t try hard I would’ve been killed.
My teachers were super “spartan.”

First off, the one in charge of raising my physical strength and teaching me self-defense. Holding the great duty of assisting and training the “Front Line Pioneer Regiment” of the Imperial Knights and spearheading the battle against the demons, Vice Captain “Tonic Elchanse.”

By the way, the Imperial Knights had different factions with different duties. There were knights whose mission were to guard the King or his relatives, making them the “The King’s Guard.” The ones who protected the integrity of the royal city were the “Imperial Guards.” It is divided even further into factions that guard the other cities, the “People’s Guards” and the “Front Line Pioneers Regiment” I mentioned before.
They are divided into even more smaller branches, but I’m not involved with them at all so I’ll omit it.

Well then, back on the topic of Tonic-san. Although his outer appearance was ordinary, his real ability was exemplary.
Rey-sama says that the Front Like Pioneers Regiment tends to gather the most talented battle maniacs of the knights.
Although it definitely had the most amount of talented battle centered people, it was also known as a den for weirdos to gather in.

……Why do only the odd ones gather around me?

Tonic-san had received a “strange person” from the oddball Rey-sama and got some harsh words in return.

「Are you asking me to train this to the minimum proficiency of self-defense in one week? Rey, it would be much easier to teach a baby how to speak fluently in one day.」

First thing in the morning, I woke up early just as Rey-sama told me to and faced the knights at their training grounds. After I introduced myself, the first thing Tonic-san said about me were those words.

In other words, he thought a baby was more capable than me.

I don’t know if he knew that I was too shocked to reply, but Rey-sama went up to Tonic-san and left after he said a few words. With a deep sigh, Tonic-san faced me and my hellish training began.

The knight training of the Vice Captain of the “Front Line Pioneer Regiment” is as stated below.
In the morning, before the sun rose they had to wake up early and run two hours around the perimeter of the castle, then right after they did 3 sets of 1000 situps pushups and squats, and then without time for a break, they sparred with wooden swords.

They did this kind of training that a regular person couldn’t even dream of from day one.
……Well, the people from my world’s modern society anyways.
Without being able to complete the training, I was already dying just from the running alone. Seeing me, Tonic-san reduced my situps, pushups and squats to one set of 100 each and assigned me a special menu.
He reduced the menu, but no matter how hard I was breathing, no matter how much my muscles ached or how much pain I felt, until that menu was finished I wasn’t let off the hook.
In the end, when it was finally time for the spar with wooden swords, it was already past noon.
In the mock battle afterwards, Tonic-san mercilessly beat me down while abusing me with his words… When the one-sided battle ended, I was finally able to eat my breakfast and lunch.

After a little rest, it was time for my beloved Rey-sama’s entrance.

…Ah, really, it was horrible.
What you ask, it was Rey-sama’s cold gaze.
I finally learned how it felt to have your nerves turn into ice while a beautiful person glared you down coldly.

He didn’t use abusive language or beat me physically like Tonic-san. All he did was sigh silently while glaring at me with ice cold eyes, giving me mental and emotional damage that was enough to smash my heart to bits.

After the time Rey-sama was available was done with, I reviewed the information he had given me and then began reading the book I had received. Without rest I began to practice magic.
But practicing magic also proved to be difficult. I was in a state where I couldn’t control my wind magic, even though it was my attribute. There were many times when the papers on Rey-sama’s desk would get caught in my attempts. When that became too much, I was finally kicked out of his office.
I couldn’t even ask Rey-sama what to do when I didn’t even know what was wrong, so wanting to not stray too far from his office, and, since I couldn’t go into the small room next to Rey-sama’s office without his permission, I continued my studies in the hallway.

The people who passed by gave me strange glances, laughed at me with their noses upturned, and whispered enough to make me want to cry.
But I did not stop my training or studies.

I originally had a personality that hated to lose.
If I gave up in a place like this, then it was as if the King and the mages who treated me like a “mistake” would have won.
I had decided to make them speechless and to eat my dust!
I was the type of person to follow through on the things I decided.

Like that, I gritted my teeth and desperately clawed my way up.
Rey-sama and Tonic-san threw harsh words at me, and even though they took a cold attitude towards me, they never imposed the impossible on me.

And, no matter how long I took to get up after I fell, they patiently waited for me.

They never told me “let’s stop” or “don’t push yourself.”
Instead, it was “I don’t remember telling you to do something you can’t do” and “stand using your own two feet.”
That’s what they said to me.

They believed in me.

They were different from the people who treated me as a “mistake” and tried to toss me aside.
They had no obligation to help me, but they still tried to help me find a way to survive in this world.

When I realized that, the bitterness from the harsh training, the glares that chipped away at my heart and the ridicule from those passiing by in the hallway disappeared.

I had to get stronger.
I had to maximize the effect of the limited time I had left.
When I left this place, I wanted to be able to face them off with a smile.
I wanted to take everything they had to teach and engrave it into my heart.

That’s how I decided to live for those six days.

Facing a rookie knight in a brawl, I would somehow be able to make it into a draw, or maybe even win by a slim margin.
Incidentally, the weapons I can use are three: the sword, the dagger and bow.
The weapons were easy for a woman like to me to handle. Although in the short time I had, these were the only ones I could learn.

Like Rey-sama had declared at first, I was able to learn intermediate level magic of all attributes. I was also able to raise my wind magic mastery to advanced class.
I became quite good friends with the spirits.
They couldn’t speak, but I was able to understand what they meant in general by reading their gestures.

I also finished reading the book Rey-sama had given me and gained a decent amount of knowledge.

I learned many techniques I needed to survive in this world in the limited time that was presented to me, and I took their teachings to heart.

And now, the morning of the seventh day approaches.

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  1. I really like these kinds of heroines, the happy -go-lucky ones are alright, but these kinds of protagonist are more realistic. They don’t have a rainbow and unicorn mindset, yet they still try to continue on and persevere. They’re likable for me because even though people might look down on them, they don’t just get depressed and stop, they would try to be better, and show those people they’re wrong.

    Anyway, thank you for the chapter. Going on to read the rest… 😀

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    1. ^^ No problem! Glad you’re enjoying it!

      Rio’s got a pretty strong character. I’ve been reading a lot of ditzy girl LNs so Rio is a breath of fresh air lol. I wish there were more chapters to translate though. ;A; So far it’s only up to 12…


      1. Chapter 12 is too soon…. TTATT
        But this story is something similar to +a no tachiichi. But I like this protagonist way better than the heroine there…


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