Heya guys

Sorry this isn’t a new chapter of Drop.

So, bad news and good news. This is just regarding myself btw, not official Drop news or anything.

Bad news first: I haven’t gotten far on translating chapter two AT ALL. Reasons being:

 1. My schedule sucks. I work a full time job (which I hate, btw) and it is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I do get two days off but it’s mainly spent sleeping, going out to do the stuff I need to do and the obligatory church visit (I’m not religious at all tho). So yeah, not too much elbow room.
2. I might be burdening myself with another job. More of a side thing, but someone wants to commission me to draw a couple of pictures for him for this project he is doing. Extreme case scenario, I might end up having to move to San Fran which will just end up eating a lot of time and stress…
3. I don’t feel very compatible with the project. I realize I should’ve probably looked ahead at the chapters first, but these are REALLY LONG. Not only that but the writing is pretty stiff and I suck at translating it well because I am a noob. The level seems pretty high for me.

That being said, I honestly don’t know if I should continue with this project, but I’ll try to keep at it for at least a couple (or at least one) more chapters to see how things go.
Some good news (or it can be considered bad in context since there are now more distractions), the light novels I ordered online have finally arrived! Wow! They look so beautiful!

It’s just my camera sucks. Don’t mind my ugly bed.

So it’s five books in total, and I’m currently around $60 poorer because of them. REALLY EXPENSIVE GUYS

I haven’t actually READ any of these beforehand though, which might be another mistake on my part.

But the covers and pictures look beautiful, and the summaries sounded like something I would like. You guys probably won’t get to see them though, since I don’t know how to unbind these books safely, and I’m not willing to take them apart, especially since I have no idea how to put them back together again, if raw providers even do that too. I mean, $60 man.

Most of them are from Regina and they all seemed pretty cute sounding (plus isekai <3) so that’s got me excited. I’ll tell you what the titles are and their summaries~

As you might’ve guessed, I DO want to take a crack at translating these guys, but as it’s not in a form where I can easily transcribe it, it’s not likely it’ll be fast or easy process. Honestly though, I think I might be better off with trying to translate manga, since they’re mainly just dialogue…

The smallest and cheapest of the five for some reason. Text is super tiny, and my eyesight sucks lol.

Ouji-sama no Dakimakura
Sweet Dreams and Sleepless in Wonderland

By Mutsuki Kei
560¥ = $4.74
buy it for yourself

If you don’t know what a dakimakura is: wiki


A high school girl who loves to cook ・When Matsuri awoke from her nap, she was in a western like world, and beside her slept a strange man. With a loud shriek, Matsuri immediately condemned him as a suspicious person. Surprisingly the sleeping man was the「Prince」! Although his aides were distrusting of Matsuri, the Prince who was suffering from a severe case of insomnia, Reagan told her, 「–until you go home, sleep with me」and she was treated like a dakimakura!? Referred to as a World Trip masterpiece during it’s publication on the net, it’s arrived!

I couldn’t find a better picture with the title in it. Too bad…

Ou to Tsuki
King and Moon

By Miya Natsume
1200¥ = $10.16
buy it for yourself


On the way to gaze at the stars, Mari suddenly tripped into another world. Before she realized, she was in the arms of the beautiful King. For some reason the King took a liking to Mari, called her a「small animal」and seemed to proceed to meddle with her at every possible moment…

This is looks overly saturated btw.

Isekai nite Yaseru Omoi nano desu
Diet! In Another World

By Momoka Aisaka
1200¥ = $10.16
buy it for yourself


No boyfriend, with no place of employment and a chubby figure as always, Shinohara Chimaki is a disappointing girl at an age of 22 years. One night, after heading to the connivence store to buy a meat bun to appease her empty stomach, on her way back she unbelievably tripped into another world! When she came to her senses, she was surrounded by attractive men. The men said that she was the「other worldly maiden」and that they wanted her to participate in an important ceremony. Being told that it would only be a few days, she endured and cooperated with them, but… She was so chubby, she couldn’t fit into the ceremonial clothing!? As things stood, she wouldn’t be able to return home– Thus the curtain raises on Chimaki’s endeavors to diet!

So tinyyyyyy….

Isekai de Kafe wo Kaiten shimashita.
In Another World, I Opened a Cafe.

By Amasawa Ringo
1200¥ = $10.16
buy it for yourself


Abruptly, Risa tripped into a world where the food was terribly bad. It was unbearable. In order to advance the development of food culture, I will open a cafe. The rumors spread quickly, and the cafe became a sensation. With the fairy Basil and her wonderful companion she fully enjoyed living life in the other world, but then came the envoy from the royal palace. 「Won’t you come train the cooks exclusively in service to the royals?」At some point, the food Risa made had become famous in the kingdom!? And somehow it had developed into a serious battle with the imperial cooks– Unfolding in another world, a somewhat odd cooking fantasy.

And the one that spurred my indulgent splurging…


All I could find, really…

Isekai de 「Kuro no Iyashi Te」tte Yobareteimasu
In Another World, I’m Called: the Black Healer

By Miya Fujima
1200¥ = $10.16
buy it for yourself

Btw, there IS a manga for this! Not much translated yet tho. batoto


One day, the slightly otaku me suddenly tripped into another world, Kanzaki Misuzu, 22 years old. When I came to I was in a field I had never seen before, but on the other hand I was able to see the Status screen, and I was also able to use magic so was this some kind of RPG-like world!? I used my knowledge from games freely, and in a shrewd manner acclimated myself to this world of magic. I met some cool Knights, and with magic I was able to heal others even though I was from another world, and I became known as「the Black Healer.」I am searching for the way back to Japan, more or less but… How did this happen? Using game knowledge to survive in a world of magic, a unique fantasy!


Anyways, yep. Idk if it’s really “unique” per se, but I did find the manga enjoyable and it didn’t seem like anyone had any english translations of it up for me to leech off of so I went and bought my own copy of the LN.

Writing this blog has taken me a really long time, seriously. I’ll keep trying to work on Drop though, since I’ve already got my translating hat on.

Happy belated new years guys (over a week late, really? smooth, real smooth.)


13 thoughts on “Heya guys”

  1. Happy belated new years to you too! I saw the manga for the Black Healer too! It was pretty cool but it doesn’t update much at all. Good luck with your job!


    1. truck san is in the auto shop the last mc he hit really tore up his front windshield . please send your hopes and prayers that he will be back on the road sending mc’s straight into reincarnation or where ever the hell those guys keep popping up from


  2. Thanks for the update!

    It’s not uncommon for translators to break super long chapters into parts, so that might be an option to avoid getting overwhelmed/burning out, especially since I think you’re putting out a really understandable translation despite saying you’re a noob. Whatever you can translate is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Um, as someone suggested above, you can break down the chapter if you’re having trouble? Please don’t struggle and stress yourself out though! We enjoy what you have given us so far~

    On a different note, I’m from San Fran~ Greetings from the city with that bridge. Aww, San Fran is pretty cool to live in (though everything, especially living expenses, are REALLY freaking expensive) but the culture is great, and there’s always new places to go and people to meet (like, there’s some 3 million people here? Insane) but I get that moving is really stressful. Anyways, hope you don’t have to move~


  4. Hello! Found your site when I was wondering looking for some good novel. I agree with the suggestion above. How about you divide the chapter into some parts? Like…if it too long you can make it 5 or 10 parts. That way you will not burden by it, even in your weekend. My english is not really good, but I like your translation because it’s easy to understand. And I must say that I really enjoy your translation 🙂


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