Chapter 7: I got angry

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I got angry.

The one week I was allowed to stay at the castle ended, and I was currently traveling in the highly acclaimed horse-drawn carriage.


Carriages are quite shaky.

My bottom and my hips received large damage, adding on that I was slightly nauseous so my motivation was on a decline.


Now then, after being kicked out of the castle, the place I was now headed towards was called the Beast’s Fang Forest.

According to Rey-sama, it was an extremely dangerous place.

To Tonic-san, a place he never wanted to return to.

And to Kleinhart-sama, a playground.


……Well, at any rate, I clearly understood that it wasn’t a place where a young lass (not that I’m at the age to be called that) would be able to survive after being kicked to the curb.

Even though I say that, it wasn’t like I had the choice to refuse.

Thinking it couldn’t be helped, I gave up and climbed into the carriage that was prepared last night.

What I got from the royal family was a meager amount of money, food and clothes.

From Rey-sama I received a large sheet of paper with a magic formation drawn on it and a small knife that was easy to attach to my body.

Tonic-san gave me a thin bladed single-handed sword that was shaped similar to a katana, along with a bow and some arrows.

Moving towards the place that I would spend the rest of my life if I was unskillful with a lacking amount of possessions, the carriage continued to jostle about.


「We’ve arrived.」


When he called me, it was around the time of the instant where evening changed into night.

The carriage had stopped so I got off, and before my eyes was a dense forest.


『Um, you aren’t saying this is…?』


「Advance further ahead into the forest and you will find the land and the hut prepared for you. We can only accompany you up to this point, so please make progress by yourself from here. Well then.」


Without any intention to answer my question, that was all the escort who had arrived together with me said before turning on his heel.


『…It can’t be helped, I guess.』


For the time being I wouldn’t make any progress if I stayed here, I fixed my aim on the direction they had said my cabin would be and walked forwards.


The time I began walking was a few tens of minutes ago.

I earnestly thought.


Wouldn’t it have been fine for them to have handed over a torch at least?


The sun had already set, and in the overgrown greenery of the forest the moonlight wouldn’t reach.

In other words, before my eyes was total darkness.

It was dark to the point where I even doubted that my eyes were open.


I was from a world where artificial light abounded, so it was unimaginably dark.

I had now experienced true darkness.




I pushed my left hand forwards, turning towards the palm of my hands and recited that single word.

Doing so, in the palm of my hand a mass the size of a baseball formed and lit up the surroundings.

It was an elementary level spell of the light attribute.

It barely consumed any MP.

I had wondered where I would find a use for it, but I discovered that it was unexpectedly useful.

Very convenient.

Manifesting three more lights I began to walk once again.


A forest at night was an environment suitable for stirring up feelings of terror by itself.

But this place was the “Beast’s Fang Forest.”

Many monsters settled down here and it ran on a different system than the human’s territory.

Wriggling in the darkness, there was a large amount of presences.

A great number of sharp eyes observed me with vigilance, and I understood I was being targeted.

Touching the sword I hung at my hip, I confirmed their existence and took a breath.


Aah, I’m scared.

Really, why do I have to face something like this?

They were the ones who got me involved, I’m the “victim” so to speak.

Why do I have to endure such unfair treatment?

Because I don’t have any power?

Is it because my appearance is normal, or that I don’t have an ability, or because I don’t

have any charm, or because my MP amount it average?

Even those are just their selfish reasons.

I haven’t done anything to deserve this.


Ah jeez, really, what the heck am I doing.

Devoting myself to only “give up” on my age, I laughed that it couldn’t be helped, but even so without giving up I desperately clung on.

If I were told it was impossible my defiant heart would boil, speaking something immature like I didn’t know “reality” was my ideal.

Because of that habit I was forced to personally experience “reality” even if I didn’t want to, and my limit up to this point had snapped, I laughed and stopped walking.

I wasn’t immature to the point where I chased dreams while wholeheartedly believing in myself, and it wasn’t as if I didn’t understand “reality.”

I wasn’t a person to give up and accept everything with a smile and let it flow away either.

It was a very half-baked position, but even so, it was a fact that I had chased dreams and grasped at them over “there.”

I had a dream.

I had things I wished to fulfill.

I had things I wanted to achieve.

That’s why I lived in “reality,” worked, saved up money, studied and struggled.

But in an instant, all that was stolen.

By the exceedingly harsh “reality” that I had gotten dragged into this affair.


I had a dream.

I had things I wished to fulfill.

I had things I wanted to achieve.

I made an effort for those things.

I lived while dreaming of the future.

Even so…


Far from apologizing, the people who stole everything from me called me a nuisance, chased me out and promptly abandoned me.

I was told that I couldn’t return to my former world so I gave up, but even so I hated my powerlessness and I hated that I was inferior to the people who abandoned me, so that’s why I made an effort to become more powerful.

I accepted “reality,” but as expected once again, I was told that it was impossible and clung onto my dream and made an effort.

Having done so, the result of that “reality” was this.

In the end, I was unable to fulfill the dream of making the people who enraged me regret their actions and was now currently here.

In the first place leaving beside everything else, with only one week it was impossible for me to find some power that would make the ruling figures go weak in the knees.

I feel bad for Rey-sama and Tonic-san who had cooperated with me, but perhaps at the start, I had already given up.

I gave up, but even so, just for the sake of invigorating myself up… I realized that I was unable to live in this world, so I made an effort to obtain power.

Ahh, in the end, no matter where I am, I will be unable to fulfill my “dream.”

I will probably never see Rey-sama or Tonic-san ever again.

In this forest, I dreaded for when the time came that the countless amount of existences stronger than me would steal my life, feared it, and would have to live while curled up in a ball.

That was the “reality” unfolding before my eyes at this moment.


『Haha, how stupid.』


The voice I uttered resounded more than I would have thought.


『Stupid… Stupid… Stupid!!』


The emotions I had always been repressing overflowed.

There was frustration, but it was also grief, fear, humiliation, confusion, and rage,


『Don’t screw with me!! What do you take another person’s life for!? Does no one else matter but you!? Don’t get other people involved in your affairs!! Give me back my life!! Give me back my dreams!! Give me back my future!! I don’t have power so you don’t need me!? Does your not conscience hurt if you abandon a human from another world!? Do you think it’s a given that the humans from another world will save you!? There are only idiots in this world!!!!』


After I was done yelling, I took in breaths.

Because my emotions were considerable disturbed, the light magic disappeared and my surroundings were once again dyed with darkness.

The monsters’ presences approached closer.

Without the light, it was the territory those who were good in the dark.

They probably wanted to attack and eat me.


『Don’t joke with me… As if I’ll stand being eaten. As if I’ll stand dying. Just watch, I’ll definitely survive and gain power, and one day I’ll definitely make you regret abandoning me!! It’s fine to think of monsters like frenzied wild animals from my past world. If it’s against animals, then I won’t lose. Don’t underestimate my training!!』


In the former world, I worked at a pet store and the degree of training I had was being a dog trainer.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that throughout the 22 years of my life, there wasn’t a day where I didn’t encounter animals, and without giving up I was with them every day.


Not just the mainstream dogs and cats, but I’ve handled cows, pigs, chickens, horses and deer, various types of birds, raccoons and foxes to a limit, and snakes and fish.

As expected I never handled a wild lion before, but I have experience with bears and boars.

I had a strange degree of contact with the animals from the past world, but thanks to that I also learned a lot.


『Don’t underestimate humans, you bastards!!』


Drawing the sword at my waist, I relit the lights and squared off against the monsters lined up before me.

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