Air Master ch 1

This is probably not what you’re waiting for, lol.

Dun worry, a new chapter of DDKC will be up shortly.


Posting here because I can’t figure out batoto. OTL (I’m doing what the directions tell me to do but it’s not helping… Oh well.)

Translating manga has a pretty different feel from translating web novels… It’s mostly dialogue and I have to look up kanji I don’t know directly…But maybe it’s just because I have to translate, clean, typeset and proof everything myself (boy typesetting takes long).

Ever since I’ve watched the anime, I’ve always been disappointed that the manga hasn’t been translated much so I’m going to take my time and do it. Plus, although he’s a creepy scumbag stalker with an unhealthy obsession towards the mc, I can’t help but support the Giulietta and Maki ship. Btw, should I keep it as Julietta as per the subs for familiarity’s sake, or Giulietta, as per the way it actually appears in the raw?

You can read some already translated chapters on batoto:

You can also view the anime on crunchyroll:

You can download it from here:

This is mainly an action series, and there are some “mature content” scenes in here so yeah, I advise you look out for that. I’ll try to warn in advance. The art does get better in the future (I’ve read/skimmed through all the raws I could find) so please look forward to that.

Without further ado, I give you chapter 1.

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