duke’s daughter knight captain 4

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Here is another chapter of DDKC for you guys to read!

I gotta say though, I feel like I took more liberties than usual while translating this chapter… Yeah, don’t trust my translations 100%. I try, but me and failure are blossom buddies.

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The Seven Year Old Carol’s Love

I was told that the first time I met Wilhelm-sama was around the time when I had yet to gain awareness of my surroundings.

Originally, in those days my Grandfather was Duke Ambrose, and Wilhelm-sama was an acquaintance he met from school. Because of that, Grandfather would invite him to his house, and there were times they ate together.

Being the Knight Captain, Wilhelm-sama had been sent on many expeditions, been on many battlefields, and I’d also heard of those previous recognition of services. I’d also heard that he was my Grandfather’s friend, and I also understood that.

The Wilhelm-sama of those days was a head taller than my Grandfather, and was more than twice the width. Additionally, he bore scars all over his body, and was a person who had an overall stern impression. It was to the extent that it was feasible that if a normal child stood across from Wilhelm-sama, they would run away.

But during that time when I was young, towards the Wilhelm-sama who had come to our house often to eat, I was aware that I didn’t find it hard to deal with him. Quite the opposite, those robust arms of his would catch me and hold me in the air, and I would make a ruckus going “kya kya!” I’ll say it myself, I was a tomboy. The past Wilhelm-sama didn’t mention it, but I wonder if he’d been concerned about it.

A tomboy――Yes, I was too much of a tomboy.

Born as a duke’s daughter, it was a life of being taught by private tutors and learning various things daily. But I was unable to bear it, and my eyes were always drawn away, stolen by the scenery of outside of our manor. If I exited the manor, there would usually be a group of children playing, and I would blend myself into the crowd.

That day as well, I was playing with a group of children like always.

「Hey you. If you’re done for today, do you have anything else to do?」

「No, not particularly.」

「Then come with me for a bit. They said they have some business with you.」

So I was told by the young boy who held the leader position of the children.

I didn’t quite understand his words, but I only thought it was strange for somebody to have business with me, and accepted it to that degree. I was around 7 years old in those days. Having such business with a mere child, if thought of normally, there was no way that could be true, but I didn’t realize it.

Being led by the boy, we came to the edge of the royal capital.

Where the slum quarters were, so to speak.

「Um, what sort of business do they have with me……」

「Just shut up and follow me.」


Led by the boy, we arrived deep into the slums.

There――Much older than the boy, there were five adult men gathered.

Without exception, they all had something vaguely vulgar about their faces.

As if they were licking me all over, they directed an appraising gaze towards me.

Out of instinctual fear, I hid behind the boy’s back.

「Well ain’t she pretty. If she weren’t a kid from the Ambrose family, I’d sell her to a slave dealer and make some good money.」

「Ain’t that fine? Just get the ransom first and then sell her off. Wha~t, if her luck is good she’ll meet some people. At a brothel, that is!」

「Hey brat, your job here is done. Leave that girl behind and scram.」

Evidently, I was in a pinch.

No matter how I thought of it, it certainly wasn’t a friendly behavior, and the things they were saying were all disturbing. No matter how I decided to process those words from before, they could only be kidnappers.

While thinking “hii” in my thoughts, I raised my voice without intending to and screamed.

「Ah, for the time being, block her mouth. Hey, how much are we going to demand from that duke’s house?」

「Wa-wait a minute! I kept my end of the deal! My sister……!」

「Haaah? We’ve already sold your sister a long time ago. Get lost. Unless you want to be sold too.」

Laughing “shi shi” towards the boy’s words, the robbers waved their hands at him.

To those cruel words, as if he’d lost his soul, the boy hung his head. What scoundrels these men were. Being deceived by their words, he was probably ordered to bring me here.

And they didn’t keep their promise――They probably had no intention to.

「W-what do you intend to do with me……」

「What, you say, naa?」

「Ahh, even though she’s a brat she’s a beauty, should we do her at least once?」

「If we do her sales price will go down. She’ll fetch a nice price for those perverts who like brats and can’t endure it.」

No matter how I thought about it, I wouldn’t come out of this situation alive.

I’m so scared, I can’t bear it.

Somebody, save me.

Please, someone――。

Then, a single robber――He’d probably intended to seal my mouth, the approaching man was blown away.


The four bandits, as if taken aback, stared in my direction.

But the one who captured their gaze was not me, it was a person who was much taller than me.

「Don’t speak any more than that, you trash.」

That was without a doubt, the voice of Wilhelm-sama, who I was well accustomed to.

「You bastard!?」

The four bandits simultaneously pulled out the items at their waist. The shapes were various in size, but they were all bladed objects.

Confronted with the bloodlust they contained, I stepped back a step reflexively.

And, when I stepped back, what was there was warmth.

「Lady Carol, close your eyes.」


「What, I’ll be done in a flash.」

As Wilhelm-sama told me to, I closed my eyes.

Afterwards, I heard a thunderous sound and the sound of screaming. The sound of wind cutting, and the sound of people being blown away. I wasn’t able to make a conjecture on what had happened just by the sounds, but all I could do was believe in Wilhelm-sama.

Plus, always touching my head, was Wilhelm-sama’s palm.

I entrusted my body to that warmth, and it felt as if I was in the world’s safest place.

「Lady Carol.」


The sounds stopped, and the kind Wilhelm-sama’s voice called out to me.

Just by that it felt as if the beating of my heart would fly away, but as Wilhelm-sama had told me, I didn’t open my eyes.

Then, my body suddenly lost weight.


「I shall escort you back to the mansion. This much excitement is a little too much for Lady Carol. Please close your eyes for a bit longer.」

I was being hugged by Wilhelm-sama.

The moment I comprehended it, I probably turned red up to my ears. I was already 7 years old, it was fine to call me a “lady.” For such a lady to be held like a baby would, it was embarrassing.

But at the same time, it was a situation with a pleasant sensation.

「Lady Carol, it’s fine to open your eyes now. Was it scary?」

I heard Wilhelm-sama say that, but I didn’t open my eyes.

Right now, I didn’t have the confidence to speak with Wilhelm-sama while looking him in the eyes. He was very likely to be smiling tenderly at me now, I thought, and I couldn’t possibly stand to see that.

That’s why.

「……Oh, she fell asleep?」

Just for a little bit, I’ll pretend to sleep.

Wilhelm-sama, I’m sleeping. I don’t mind if you play a little mischief on me.

For example, giving me a gentle kiss with those lips of yours, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Though surely at that time, I would explode from happiness.

「It’s fine to sleep. I’ll escort you safely back to the mansion.」

Now then, I’ve prepared my heart, Wilhelm-sama.

Please, now, to me.

While continuing to feign sleep, when I noticed, I’d actually fallen asleep.

Wilhelm-sama hadn’t done anything to me. What a pity.

This day, Carol Ambrose, seven years old.

I fell in love with Wilhelm Aibringer-sama.

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  1. I thought it’s gonna be her dad’s pov…
    oh, a cool (old) knight saving the (tomboy) beauty… nice… thank you for your hard work…

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  2. Oh. My. Gawd. This is the best. So cute I may need to take insulin now because they are perfect. Age doesn’t even matter, it’s fate. You’ll never escape our Carol, Wilhelm Hohohohoho~

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    1. rofl xD

      He still had a chance when she’d been engaged with the Prince, but now that that’s null, it’s a Wilhelm festival!!

      Feelings she’s held for almost 10 years, as if he could escape. tch tch

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    1. What if the little sister had been bought by a baron family (let’s name it the Hopkins family, for exemple) that couldn’t have a kid, they called her Mary, she grown, went to a noble academy, and here she met a prince named Reyford, they felt in love and then.. go read the first chapter.

      That’s not so far fetched if think of the usual level of coincidence in shojo’s stories…

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    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Did the boy get caught up in her white knight meting out punishment? The sister has been sold and unspeakable things done to her? Is that even legal in this country? Is there going to be no investigation of human trafficking? Sigh.

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    1. Possibly.

      I would feel so bad for Carol if she hadn’t fallen for Wilhelm-sama like this though.

      She gets engaged to the Prince, and then he treats her like trash. If she’d been actively trying to win over the Prince’s love instead of already having her own, she may have committed suicide like she said other girls would. ;-;

      It can’t be said the Prince would treat her well if she had either, because he was douche-ey when they met, and then Carol had all her queen training…

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  3. So she become ojii-con because of the rescue!!!
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  4. Lol she is a funny girl. While i dont really mind the plot that the girl fall in love with a man old enough to be her grandfather, i prefer if the man live longer to be with her. Perhaps something will happen to him like an age reduction or something.. just my opinion though..


  5. Thank you for the chapter!
    Dear Translator, if Drop is daunting, then please translate Heibon? (idk if Heibon is less daunting, but i really like those cool female protagonists)


  6. Omg so good
    Her father lol. Now they will hold the military power of the kingdom as well.
    It was so exciting that building tension was superb. Thank you so much for translating!!

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  7. She sure is savvy about THAT for a seven year old…and yet she went on to follow a stranger to a remote place although she was ALREADY seven years old… Well, whatever works for the author. 😛


    1. Well, he wasn’t really a stranger. He was the boss kid of the group, so she had to know him to get to play with them anyways. Just take it as the naivety of a 7 year old? Lol

      And all girls love romance stories (ok, most)

      Thanks for the comments and for reading!


  8. Thanks for the translations. Started reading again, but when I tried going to the next chapter i get the following message:

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      1. Thank you for the link for ch 5. The published link is not working for me. Can you also post the link for ch 6?


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