Heibon ch 8

Ahh… Idk anymore.

I’m even less confident on the accuracy of this chapter than before. sob I feel like I lost my typing skills too (I keep making mistakes ;-;). Took liberties here and there, breaking long sentences when I couldn’t handle the run on sentences anymore, etc…

Well, whatever.


This chapter switches from PoVs a little (actually, some of the chapters before did that too when they were describing Rio and how they viewed her, but I made it 3rd person because it was before I noticed switching PoVs work in JP novels). There is a separator where it changes, but then the last line goes into 3rd person, so don’t be all confused and think, “huh!? there’s another character there now!?”

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Added a donations page, but I’m not expecting much ha ha ha…

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The night of the 7th day, close to death.

    I’ll speak from the conclusion.

    Somehow, I won the fight against the monsters.

    Concentrating all of my power, I won with limbs intact.

    Frankly, the spirits were unable to just watch and lent me their strength free of charge, and without them I probably would have lost both my arms and my legs, I was able to barely win.

    By the way, the mana a spirit possesses is not much.

    They were skilled at using mana and showing it as magic, but because their mana amount was low, if they didn’t receive mana from humans they could only use a few elementary level spells.

    The humans provided the mana, and the spirits created the visible phenomena; it was an efficient system that benefited both parties.

    Now then, returning to the subject, with that meager amount of mana the spirits fought for and supported me desperately, so once the battle ended I rewarded them with mana.

    I found out that it was ok to compensate the spirits afterwards.

    If I was in a hurry to use magic next time, then I could ask for a deferred payment.

[TL: Basically, she can ask them to use magic first, and then pay them later with MP (I think).]

    Though if it came to that, they would only be able to use elementary level magic…

    I’m thinking about things at length here, but it was actually a pretty dangerous situation.

    Blood flowed without stopping from the various bite marks, cuts and scratches on my body. There was an abnormal amount of pain ran through my arm as it was changing colors to a dark reddish brown, and I could only walk by dragging one of my legs. Really, there were too many injuries all over my body, I thought I’d die.

    The light spirits were personally lighting the path for me so I’d thought to conserve my mana, but my biggest worry was if I would truly reach the cabin with my life intact.

『Ahh, seriously, I’ve had enough of this.』

    There was no use in crying so I continued to walk forwards, but I wonder if my eyes were finally misting up to count down to the end of my life?

『I don’t want to die, naa. If I’m going to die, then I want to be atop a soft futon at least.』

[TL: Idk how to translate this part well. She’s saying: Iya da naa, shinitakunai naa.]

    The spirits flew around in worry as I finally stopped.

    By the way, half of these children came along with me from the castle, and the other half were from this forest.

    Rey-sama had said that I had a constitution that made spirits attached to me.

『If it was going to come to this, I should have learned at least one restoration type magic…』

    If I remember right, there was a High Grade light attribute magic that could heal injuries.

    There wasn’t many attack oriented spells in the light attribute, so I put priority on the other attributes and thought to circle back to it later.

『This is bad, I feel like I’ll die……』

    I dragged myself to a tree and leaned on it, sitting down.

    My limbs feel cold.

    I’d already stopped feeling about half of sensations.

    Whenever I breathed in my chest hurt, so a number of my ribs was probably broken.

    Feeling like I couldn’t move a single finger anymore I closed my eyes, and the spirits hit my cheek using their small hands, as if to wake me.

『…Sorry, I’m a little tired……Let me sleep…』

    My consciousness was fading.

    Ah, I’ll probably never wake up again, I thought, and just as I let myself follow my fading awareness… Rustle, I heard the sound of dirt being stepped on.

    There was the sound of someone else’s footsteps approaching me.

「The forest was unusually noisy so I came, but why is there a human here?」

    The sound of footsteps stopped in front of me.

    And what came out from that being was the word “human.”

「Hey, girl. What are you doing?」

    From the low voice that resounded, I could tell that the owner was male.

    But the strength to open my eyes and confirm that figure, I no longer had.


    The voice I barely managed was hazy.

「So you were attacked by monsters…You going to die?」

    Ah, what a guy.

    Asking such a thing in front of a person covered in wounds was a foolish question, wasn’t it?

    Actually, he didn’t answer my question.

    If he didn’t have any intention to save me, then I wish he’d leave me alone.

    Or like, you aren’t human?

    I began wondering why he was here, and was in the mood to ask him in return.

「You didn’t understand your strength, so things turned out this way. Foolish human, is it your destiny to die in obscurity here?」

    Ah, seriously. What’s your problem?

    Why aren’t you just ignoring me?

    As this continues I would die, but this guy kept hurling questions at me, he’s a brute.

    If you don’t want to save me then go away.

    If you’re paying attention to me on a whim, then help me.

    I still haven’t given up over here.

    I don’t have the endurance or the willpower to tag along with your meddling.

『You’re… loud…I don’t know… anything about… destiny…。…I’m aware… I have… no strength… …I’m not here… cuz I want to… be…。It’s because I don’t want to die… that I’m struggling. …Stop… bothering me……』

    While hoarse, I spit out those segmented words.

    At the same time I finished speaking, I mustered the last of my strength to open my eyes.

『Who the heck… wants to die here…!!』

    In my hazy vision I saw deep crimson eyes.

    Glaring into those eyes and saying those words took the last of my strength.

    The distance between our visions rapidly closed, and I saw the man widen his eyes in surprise.

    And then, my world was dyed in black.



「…Did she die?」

    Just before she closed her eyes, after fearlessly looking me in the eyes and laughing, she didn’t move at all.

    It seemed like she was breathing though, barely.

「If I leave her alone, the monsters will probably dispose of her…」

    How many humans were there that could exchange a conversation with me without fear?

    How many humans are there that wouldn’t pale in the face after seeing my eyes?

    Well, it could also be because this girl was already breathing her last breaths…

    While shallowly breathing, this girl’s life will end sooner or later.

    I wasn’t sure why this human, who looked weak from all angles, would be in this forest, but just because I found her didn’t mean I had the obligation to save her.

「………What is it?」

    When I turned my back on the girl to leave, there were a number of spirits blocking my way.

    The desperately tried to convey something with their gestures.

「…You want me to save this girl?……How idiotic.」

    Somehow understanding their meaning, I laughed through my nose and walked off in dismissal.

    Why should I save a human?


    After I took two steps, the spirits once again stood in my way.

    Getting startled at the apparent irritation I let show in my voice, as I thought the spirits had really come to plead for that girl’s life. I once again ignored the spirits and began walking.

    Pechi, a single spirit hit my cheek.

    Pechi pechi, so another spirit hit the opposite cheek.

    Pechi pechi pechi, yet another spirit hit my forehead.

    Pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi, a numerous amount of spirits hit all over my face.

    Pon, a spirit made a ball of fire.

    Pon pon, a different spirit made a ball of water.

    Pon pon pon, yet another spirit made a ball of wind.

    Pon pon pon pon pon pon pon pon, a multitude of spirits made balls of lightning, earth, light and darkness.

「Oi, what are you intending? Are you picking a fight with me? Even if you are spirits, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be let off.」

    I let out a low voice, but even then the spirits’ hands didn’t restrain their hands.

「Good grief, what is it.」

    The small hands of the spirits who were hitting me didn’t hurt.

    The elementary level magic hitting me didn’t even make a scratch.


「Eei! You’re annoying!! I got it! It’s fine as long as I save her, right!!?」

    I yelled in despair at the utter annoyance and carried the girl on my shoulder.

    Seeing me the spirits were satisfied, and while smiling happily they moved forwards as if guiding.

「Good grief, what is this girl…」

    In this forest filled with monsters, she was alone.

    Even so, seeing this dying girl, I understood that she was definitely not strong.

    And this girl was aware of that truth.

    At the this girl’s level, she wouldn’t survive in this forest.

    Furthermore currently, this girl was close to death.

    But the spirits told me to save such a girl.

    It was hard to understand.

    In the first place, spirits didn’t have much interest in humans.

    There was no point in having an interest in things that couldn’t see them, after all.

    It was only a relationship of receiving mana and activating magic in return.

    Therefore, they didn’t concern themselves when there was a human dying in front of them.

    But they asked to save this girl.

    In other words, that meant…

「She can see you?」

    In response to my question, the spirits happily flew around the girl in circles.

「Kuku, I’ve picked up something strange.」

    To the spirits’ reply, laughter welled up in my heart.

    I’d gotten tired of this world, to think that there was still a presence that could entertain me.

    I wonder if the cabin the spirits were looking ahead at was the place this girl was heading towards.

「Now then, girl. Will you be able to kill me?」

    Breathing shallowly, a human girl.

    If she was to die here then it would just be that, but if she was able to survive, then maybe this girl would be the one to grant my request.

    Now then, girl.

    When you open your eyes again, what kind of attitude will you take towards me?

「Be sure to entertain me to the fullest.」

    In front of the cabin, in the small clearing illuminated with moonlight, the man’s crimson eyes narrowed and shined in delight.

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  5. I’m enjoying this series so much! Thank you very much for the translation!! ❤ The spirits are so adorable… poor little guys, they came all this way with her and didn't just want to watch her die. The image of desperate little spirits trying to help their friend fight monsters by throwing pebbles, gusts of wind, bits of static, tiny fire balls, and various other magics is just too cute. I'm glad Rio did well enough to walk (*cough*limp?) away, but also appreciate that her 1 week of desperate training didn't yield outrageous results like "and then she one handedly used all the best magic and beat the monsters!"

    I'm also amused by my image of this stranger… the spirit's assault didn't hurt, but it is pretty funny to think that some parts of his face have dryer skin (bc of the fireballs), he probably has water dripping from his nose and ears (bc of the water magic), his hair is probably full of static and been blown with wind to look silly, and there are little bits of dust/dirt (from the earth spirits). I can see why their annoyance won him over in the end XD

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    1. Thank you for telling me the name of this story again Im so grateful lol, was wracking my brain wondering what it was called! thanks so much 😀


  8. I really love this story, she is a person who has been treated unfairly, but managed to secure the help of a kind mage and worked with great people who came to like her plucky spirit.

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    1. It hasn’t been updated in a year or so, so don’t get your hopes up ;-;

      Author does have a current ongoing story though so I might do something with that later. From what I got from the first few chapters, she’s basically a framed villainess who gets kicked out of her country and abandoned by her people, becomes a badass adventurer but gets summoned by her previous country to help the holy maiden from another world, who incidentally was the one who stole everything from her.

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  9. Thanks for the translation…

    Um.. Translator-san i think the “iya da naa, shinitakunai naa” means “i give up, i don’t wanna die” or it could be “no~ i don’t wanna die~ (ToT)~” which is meant that Rio is complaining that she doesn’t want to go on (because she’s physically tired and hurt) although she also doesn’t want to die… This is how it is usually depicted in some animes, it is usually voiced out in a cutely manner


      1. Hello! Thanks for reading and for the suggestion!

        While I see what you’re saying, it’s just I don’t want to use the “~” symbol. Because it makes the text look cheerful (to me at least). This is a part where she’s tired and feeling down about life, so I felt that it wouldn’t really fit with the context. Still, thank you very much for trying to help! It’s very thoughtful of you ;v;


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