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Birthday at Age 5



「You’ve already turned 5, time sure flies by fast.」


「How adorable. I look forward to the future.」


「Well well, what is this? A splendid lady you’ve become.」


Spewing lies, and while thinking their words were lies, I responded with a smile.


The guests that arrived one after another were probably people with reputation.

Wrapping their bodies in expensive looking clothes and riding luxurious carriages, they came to our Norfolk residence.


Most were adults who came with the intention of pursuing grown up affairs, talking business and getting acquainted.

But for manner’s sake, they came to me and expressed words of congratulations.


So as not to be discourteous, I carefully considered and replied with words that a child would, but honestly it was tiring.


「Here you are, it would be good if you’re pleased with it.」


Waa, what could it be!?」


An unpleasant premonition ran through me as I accepted the cutely wrapped bundle.

I opened the bundle in the guise of a child thrilled at receiving a present, and what appeared was a variety of confections.


Kya, thank you!」


I embraced the parcel as if it were precious, and jumped up and down.

Then after I smiled while expressing my thanks, the guest would nod with satisfaction and turn their attention in a different direction.


While watching the back of the guest who left, I softly sighed.

Aah, I want to say it. I want to say it in a loud voice.


Don’t think that a child will like sweets just because they’re a kid.

My palate hadn’t be reset, so I dragged along my tastes from my past life.


I was no good with sweet things.

If it was just a little sweet, then I’d be fine though.

As expected, with the intention to be given to a child, the confections that were stuffed with an increased quantity of sugar would be impossible for me.


It’s not a declaration fitting for a five-year-old, but I’ll say it anyways.

I miss alcohol and cigarettes……


I was a heavy smoker in my past life. 

Even if my salary didn’t rise, and even if the cigarette tax increased, that didn’t deter me.


Still, it seemed like that part had gotten reset at least since I didn’t get irritated from not smoking. 1

But whenever the stress piled up, I subconsciously searched my chest area. 2


By the way. My outer appearance has leveled up from my past life.

I was worried about the slightly rounder than normal figure, but I could say it was an appearance to look forwards to.

If such a chubbily cute girl said,


「I want to smoke a cigarette.」


Dropping such lines, people would feel disappointed. Even if she said it cutely, they’d still be disappointed.


If she were to announce rejection towards all sweets, she would also give them feelings of disappointment.


According to others, I probably appeared like a child pretending to be an adult and was thought of as charming.

There was also danger in receiving a bad impression from others for being a brat that didn’t try to act cute.


The guests here were people who had relations with my parents.

It would be bad to make an unfavorable impression.


With those circumstances in mind, I welcomed the sweets that were gifted to me one after another with feigned happiness.


But I told them, “I love sweets, thank you for your gifts, everyone!” and conducted myself exaggeratingly.

Seeing my act, the adults went to the table that was lined with extravagant dishes, took a sweet dessert and passed it to me.


Being done completely out of goodwill, it was hard to reject them.

In this matter, I was completely a Japanese person who was unable to say “No.” 3


「Miss Tiariela Norfolk.」 [^4]


What should I do here?

When I acted like a burikko [^5] and tried to deceive them saying, “I’ll eat it preciously!” the sweets that were in my hands began to overflow.


Towards I who was feeling like I would vomit from the sweet smell that floated over from there, while young, a terse voice called out.


Being careful not to drop the confections I turned to face it, and there was an ikemen-like boy.

In the ikemen youth’s hand, he grasped a small bouquet.


「I’ll give you this.」


Along with his cold words, he stretched out his hand.

From the bouquet thrust near the tip of my nose, a pleasant fragrance wafted forwards and momentarily erased the sickly sweet scent.


It couldn’t be said that the boy’s face held a shred of flattery or sociability, and much of his unwilling feeling was conveyed, but I really wanted to praise his choice.


……Even though this guy was small, he had quite the promise. [^6]

In this life I was receiving lady training, so my way of speaking had also become refined, but at the unexpectedness I inadvertently relaxed and spoke with a foulness befitting of my previous world.


I had to take caution so I wouldn’t slip my tongue.


While being cautious, I dropped my gaze to the offered bouquet.

Taking a closer look, the flowers were not something expensive, but seemed to be ones that grew on a mountain in the area, but as long as it wasn’t sweets, anything was fine.


In fact, towards this pleasant smelling bouquet, I who was sickly drunk on the smell of sweets from before was grateful from the bottom of my heart.


I nonchalantly set down the mountain of sweets that had accumulated in my arms, embracing the bouquet.

The best smile of today spilled forth.

There was no falsehood in it. Young boy, thank you. Praise to your choice.


When I embraced the bouquet wearing a face full of smiles, the boy made a surprised expression.

Afterwards, perhaps having gotten embarrassed towards my extreme happiness, his cheeks flushed and he turned the other way.


Towards us, the surrounding adults looked on with smiles.


「My my, what a cute couple has been born.」


Having such an exchange between children, I couldn’t not understand the feeling of wanting to say something like that.

But the approximate age of the ikemen boy who was in front of my eyes was about 6 or 7.


I don’t have any interest in children.

There seemed to be people in the world who got fired up by boys in shorts called shotacons, but I had absolutely no understanding why. 4


As expected, if a man isn’t past his 40s, it’s only right to be reluctant.

To I who didn’t have my memories reset, I was strongly influenced by my past life’s preferences.

Thanks to that, I was unable to point my finger at any of the engagement candidates that my parents had recommended. It was the same as telling me to get with a kid who just got out of their diapers. 5


It could also be thought of as early recruitment, but hmmm.

There’s no lack of hesitation. They’re young, too young.

In the end, the one I chose was a Margrave that was 42 years old. He’s been divorced.

He had a beard, and his appearance was that of an English gentlemen’s with a pot-like figure, but my parents were earnestly opposed to it so I gave up. 6

Though since Father and Mother also had an age gap, I thought they’d be more understanding.


While I was thinking of such things with my face buried in the bouquet,


「B-Being so pleased over such cheap flowers, you’re a weirdo!」


Uplifting his face enough it seemed steam would come out of it, the boy spat out abusive language and retreated.

He must’ve been embarrassed about the banter praising “a great match~” that kept surfacing.

The boy was shy and pure.


「Good for you, Tiara~」


「The second son of the Fitzroy house, Levin is it? He should be 6 currently? Yes, he may be a  fine match for Tiara.」


「My, what are you saying dear?」7


Watching my parents’ exchange, their banter was half joking, half serious.


No no, please pardon me.

A 6-year-old……I really am disinclined towards a brat.

The other party might be disinclined to for all I know. These corrupted kids. 8


But that ikemen-kun with promise was called Levin-kun, huh.

According to Father, the Fitzroy house was a fallen lower class noble family, but even with that he was a boy with a promised future of popularity.


Levin Fitzroy.


Later I would have to write a thank you letter, so I thought to remember the name but as I repeated his name in my mouth, hm?


For some reason, I felt like I heard this name before.

Where was it? While being a little fed up with myself who had been exceedingly forgetful recently, I searched my memories.


Where was it? Maybe I had gotten it mixed up with a name that sounded similar? What was it? ……Ah!!


「Ah, it was that. It was a name inside a super popular manga!」


Ahh I feel refreshed. Or so I had become, but… hmm?

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[4^]: Here he says Tiariela Norfolk-jou. “Jou” as a suffix can mean miss or lady but it does sound odd in this case. Either way (romaji or English) looked weird to me so I left it in English.

[5^]: If any of you haven’t read this then I’ll go ahead and put it out there. Not caught up though. Basically, a burikko is a girl who pretends to be cute but is actually sorta bitchy inside. Two-faced, that’s the word combo I was looking for.

[^6] Here, she used “Yatsu” which is a rude way to address someone. Doesn’t translate well in English…

  1. Tobacco addiction kids. 
  2. I’m guessing she had a chest pocket where she had her cigs. 
  3. Because Japanese people find it hard to reject things I guess? It’s in their culture to be very courteous and such so I can understand (I find it hard to say no too) 
  4. I’m guilty, miss… 
  5. I kinda guessed on the last sentence. If someone knows what it means, please do tell me. 
  6. Not sure if the author meant pot, since a “tsubo” can also be a jar or vase. 
  7. She’s saying this kinda teasingly. It’s hard to translate. In romaji, she says “anatattara” which is kinda like “oh, you” in a flirty-like way but… Hard to translate. 
  8. Last sentence is up to connotation, but I didn’t really get it, so if anyone knows what it means please inform me. 

Arasaa 2 – 6 months since birth

Some time has passed.

I’m not familiar whether Japan’s ever had a prohibition period or not but… Whatever?

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6 Months Since Birth

The following days passed by quickly, and six months had passed.


Originally, it was an age where one wouldn’t know of the world’s sourness or sweetness.

While protected, a baby was fine if it just slept and cried.


But on the inside was the around 30 years old me. It wasn’t going to go that smoothly.

Why didn’t my palate get reset too, I was troubled with how shitty bad the milk tasted.


Plainly speaking, it was a life or death situation, reason being my only source of nutrients was milk.

An infant who hated milk was the equivalent to an ant hating anteater.


But in the beginning without considering any of those things, I stubbornly rejected it. Cuz, it was gross enough to die.

When it seemed like they would force me, I brandished my hands and feet and resisted.


It wasn’t alcohol harassment, but milk harassment! I was being indignant.


But after I, who wouldn’t drink milk, learned that the graceful woman―my mother of this lifetime―was declining in health because of my actions, I deeply repented.


Yes, this wasn’t milk-hara. This was for survival.


There’s a person not drinking, yeah yeah yeah. There’s a person not drinking, yeah yeah yeah.

That person’s meー That person’s meー。Yeah, chug, chug, chug.


Drink, drink, drink, abu

I want to see the good points of a baby! Chug it, chug.


It’s a little out of date, but singing an alcohol song similar to ones used during prohibition and encouraging myself, I sucked in the milk.


UoohhーWhile spewing abusive words I drank, gulping it down.

And then puked. While I “babu babu” a complaint, I drank again. “Oeeh” and vomited.


My current state was completely like a poor drunkard.

But it couldn’t be helped. I’m persevering.

To me, who preferred alcohol over sweets, the taste of a person’s skin and the tepid, slightly sweet milk was harsh.


Setting aside those eating habits.

Let’s change the topic for the basic information I’ve gathered little by little during these past six months.


Firstly, this world. It wasn’t Japan, and it wasn’t Earth either.

The place where I was born was the Yugnar country.

There, magic existed.


Wao! What should I doー So my heart skipped, but it was established that I didn’t have much magic power.


In the first place, the magic I was thinking about was on the level where only the King or someone of the upper echelon of nobility could use. How disappointing.


And now information about myself.

My name is Tiariela Norfolk. Norfolk is my house name.

My parents were middle ranked nobility and had no other kids beside me.


With the stipend from the small fief and the country, we lived a slightly wealthier lifestyle than the common citizen.

Mom was 21, Father was 42, and the difference between their ages stood out.


Apparently the doctor had directly told my sickly mother who wished for a child that it would be difficult, but despite that she was determined to give birth.

And the one that was born as if precious was the around 30 me.

Even though she bet her life and gave birth to me, somehow I feel guilty.


With that sort of weak point, I cried as I didn’t have many methods to pull off, and towards that, my Mom asked “what’s wrong?” in worry while flustered.


Since I didn’t have a choice, when Mom’s condition seemed to be good I chose a suitable time to cry.

While thinking “such a baby that can read the mood doesn’t exist elsewhere,” I appealed that I was favorably growing up.


I tried saying “abu abu.

I tried flapping my hands and legs around while laughing. I tried eating gauze.

I tried yawning as if I was tired. I tried grumbling.


Seeing me, Mom would laugh, so that made me happy.


In that fashion I rapidly grew up, and would soon be welcoming my 5th birthday.

Thank goodness……

Why does time feel longer when you’re young?

My 20s, the prime of my life was tumbled by too quickly, but let’s set aside this around 30’s complaining.


At the party held to celebrate my fifth birthday, I would learn a startling truth.


Because there, as if he could appear on the front cover of a Hiyo〇 Club magazine, I met a tiny ikemen.

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Romaji glossary for those who are interested

Milk-hara (ミルハラ) – I actually had trouble with this for a bit, until I realized it was milk harassment (ミルクハラスメント), only shortened. Problem is, since milk is a short one syllable word, but is broken up into a few characters in JP it didn’t get across the whole “milk” meaning and was instead Miruhara. For a while, I agonized “what the heck is miruhara!?” but felt stupid immediately after I realized it was milk harassment…

Uoohh – it’s said with a feeling of being pumped up and raring to go and stuff.

Oeehhh – She’s puking here lol

Wao! – Wow in English. 

Hiyo〇 Club – Hiyoko Club. If you google it, it’ll show a bun of magazine covers with cute children on it, so I’m guessing it’s a parenting magazine.

Ikemen – I already said it before, but it’s a hot guy/attractive male.

Arasaa 1 – 2 hours from birth

I’m sorry. The first part is completely gibberish to me.

I am trying a translation style where I use more romaji. Tell me what you think.

Romaji/onomatopoeia will be italicized.

Also, the author changes her age sometimes? I think. Not a 100% sure on that though, but just ignore it if it happens, ok?

Read the post before for some extra information.

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2 Hours From Birth

Oh noー! I forgot to initialize, and I got kicked out~

Geh!? You, of course that’s bad.


Someone’s voice chattered away in a fluster.


Judging from the conversation, I wonder if this is a second hand computer shop.

They were getting loud about personal information protection, and as if I was an uninvolved party, I thought they made a bad mess.


……But, the main topic of their conversation wasn’t used computers.


Somehow, it seems it was about me.

“Who the heck is used goods” so I wanted to complain, but I could only unintentionally let out sounds like “auー” and “afuー”.


A squirming, moving body that was petite and stank of milk.


It appears that with the memories of my previous life in tact, I’ve been born anew.

I thought back to my past life, where I had ignored a red light, was hit by a truck, and died.

My age of death was at 29 years.


Then, I received a new life and was birthed just moments ago.

I understood my present situation up to that point.


Everything afterwards will just be conjecture, but this is probably not Japan. Perhaps it might not even be Earth, but I don’t really know.


Did you know? A newborn’s eyesight doesn’t even grade 0.01.

It’s really true, since I can’t see anything at all.


Aahhー This is a pain. Where is this placeー Who am Iー

I want to sigh, babu


So, I died……。And my life was just starting.


I wonder if my parents are crying~ Or, if my friends are surprised~ Or, if my coworkers are troubled because they have to inherit my work or, if my lover is mourning me and such.


I’ve become sentimental.

I don’t have a lover. Ehe, I just imagined him but it still makes me sad…。Abu


No no, get your spirit back up and be positive.

How can you be negative for one whole day since being born?

I’ll live while facing forwards, since I’m young, anyways.


I’m lucky to have died instantly without feeling any pain! And such. Somehow, that feels off……


No, but I’m really grateful for not having died after getting involved in a situation.

If I died a weird death, the police would’ve had to investigate me.

I don’t have much to be guilty of, but there are a few things that would be problematic if looked into……


I don’t want them to see my computer’s search log. I’d searched for things like secrets on how to become a popular woman.

If anybody sees that, I’ll die a second time.


……Tte, no good, no good. I was being pessimistic again.

Let’s live more brightly, me! Abubbu


Aah~ah, at any rate I’m bored~

They say a baby’s job is to sleep, but you get tired of a simple occupation, and even though I look like this I was an energetic career woman.


Ohoho, abubu.




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A romaji glossary for those that are interested.

Au, Afu, Abu, Babu, abubu, etc – Doesn’t mean anything. Baby noises.

Ehe – It’s a laugh.

Tte – This is hard to translate. Can be thought of something like, “wait–” in some connotations. Usually said kinda harshly, used when someone wants to retort something abruptly… I can’t define it well…

Aah~ah – It’s like, a sigh, sorta… Why the “h”s are in there is a personal preference.

Ohohoho – Laughing, but more of a high society feminine laugh. Ever heard those ojou-samas laugh in anime? It’s like that, but probably less obnoxious and more refined and graceful in this case…

(I just went through a ton of ojousama laugh videos to find something that kinda fit… Why are there so many lol youtube)

Snore – I coulda left it as “guu-” but I wasn’t sure if you guys would get the joke if you didn’t know what it meant…

Life update and Arasaa

Hey guys, what’s up?

Not my life, at least.

Work started getting busy around when my birthday finished (20th of last June) so I’ve just been really busy and not touching my laptop at all. Really, sorry. (I was actually kinda bummed because I was doing pretty well with posting something each week, but my short lived streak was ruined sobsobsob)

I will STILL be busy because of my crappy bosses, but I had some pre-translated stuff and thought why not.

This is the story I was debating over whether to post at Mojo or not, and people didn’t really seem to care so I thought what the heck. Nobody I know is into LNs anyways, so whatever hah. Let the world know I’m a pervert. >.> peh

A warning and disclaimer though: This work is from the Moonlight side of syosetu, meaning ladies novels. Although, so far it hasn’t ventured much into risqué territory, so I thought it’d be fine if I posted here. However, if that changes at any time, I WILL move it to my other site.

I will be naming the releases as Arasaa (insert chapter number) just so people don’t get confused.

Please look forward to some upcoming chapters.

Here is the synopsis:

I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty

   Tiariela Norfolk realized that this world was inside the peach colored ero ero harem story that topped the charts from her past life.

     Cute like a small animal, the protagonist joins hands with ikemen of superior quality, and it was a story chock full of age 18 restricted scenes.

     Since she was a side character, Tiariela welcomed the ero-oyaji inside of her and planned to peek in frequently.

     Due to Tiariela’s behavior, the story begins to go amiss……

「I didn’t mean it this way! I just thought that I should study and observe the ecchi scenes (stealthily from nearby) for future reference!」

Some translation footnotes and for the romaji:

I am the… – Why is the title in sentence format? Because the original JP title is in sentence format too (I just realized, actually). It sounds weird, I know.

Arasaa (アラサー) – Shortened term taken from English. “Around thirty” (アラウンドサーティー) [araundo saatii] refers to a woman who is aged, as you guessed, around thirty.

Peach colored (桃色 momoiro)– Can also be pink colored, but since peaches can represent you know what, I left it as is. Means something like a lovey-dovey or romantic atmosphere.

Ero ero (エロエロ) – Ero is borrowed from the english word “erotic.” 

ikemen (イケメン) – Hot/attractive guys

Ero-oyaji (エロオヤジ) – Ero is as stated before, borrowed from the english word “Erotic.” Oyaji means an older man. Put together, and you get a pervy old man. It’s not that the man himself is erotic lol

Ecchi (エッチ) – Ecchi is taken from the english letter “H,” which to the Japanese can look like… Well, if you get it, you get it. “H” can then translate to “Hentai” which means pervert.


I saw this ranked on joeglens ranking thing and got interested, so I checked it out. I translated some things differently from the translation that was there before, so if you’re confused, I’m sorry.

Like for example, Tiariela’s name. They had it as Tyriella, but since her pet name will we something like Tiara later, I wanted to keep it closer.

Yeah, that’s all.

Here’s to hoping I won’t die from overwork. (There’s an actual word for that in Japanese, did you know? 過労死 – Karoushi, meaning death from overwork.)