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Confession, and After That

My engagement with his Highness Reyford was decided, and after we held an official ceremony on another day, my lifestyle completely changed.

Firstly, along with turning 10 years old I was admitted into the Royal Academy. I knew I would originally be enrolled, so I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed. But because I was to become Queen in the future, various studies were forced onto me.

Concretely speaking, I always had to sustain top grades at the academy. Furthermore, I received queen training directly from the Queen. The contents were manners and decorum, introductory etiquette, law and understanding of the noble territories, and on top of that I even learned about officials of foreign countries. It was something I had to learn.

If these were peaceful times then it would be fine, but in regards to times of war the King would often head out personally to the battlefield, and during that time, the Queen would act as his agent doing the things in his place.

But if I were to sigh over those things, I wouldn’t be able to support his Highness in the future. My love was dedicated to Wilhelm-sama, but since that love didn’t bear fruit, I thought I should put effort into becoming a wife that could support others and be depended on.

Reyford-sama was largely cold towards me, but it didn’t change the fact that I was his fiancée. That’s why I studied with all my might and did my best at behaving in a way that wouldn’t embarrass me as the Queen.

Well, everything came to naught though.

In the end our engagement was broken, and the one who would be taking queen training from now on would be Lady Mary. I spent six years to somehow remember crucial information. Having to conduct those studies from the beginning from now on, I sympathized with Lady Mary.

Because she was from a Baron’s house, she probably hasn’t conducted herself as a noble much either. The Queen was usually a kind person, but when it came to studies she was relentless.

Like that,

I finally became free.

「Wilhelm Aibringer-sama, I love you. Please, take Carol as your wife.」



His Majesty and Wilhelm-sama were left with their mouths agape.

Did I say something that strange?

Well certainly, apart from myself I hadn’t heard of anyone being in love with a man 46 years older, so it might have been a little bit strange.

However, I wouldn’t lie about these feelings. I loved Wilhelm-sama dearly, and since my engagement with his Highness has ceased, I wouldn’t restrain myself any longer.

「L-Lady Carol……Wh-what are you saying?」

But the first words Wilhelm-sama said was, unbelievably, words that were doubting my head. I thought I had expressed myself pretty directly, but was it not transmitted?

My heart was still pounding. To make me speak even more words of love, as expected Wilhelm-sama is harsh.

But as long as Wilhelm-sama requested it, I would respond.

「Wilhelm-sama, I love you. Ever since I was young, I have always been in love with you. Please, bestow your affection unto me. I am an incompetent person, but I will become a lady who will be an appropriate wife for you.」

「W-wait, a moment, Lady Carol!」

For some reason, Wilhelm-sama looked restlessly at the surroundings and then stopped me. Why in the world is he so flustered?

And then, for some reason he grandly held his head.

「Wilhelm-sama, please call me Carol.」

「N-no, that’s……」

「Then, I wouldn’t mind “Honey.”」

「That’s even worse!」

Now then, what is so bad about it?

I tilted my head. I loved Wilhelm-sama, and my engagement with his Highness had disappeared. Wilhelm-sama’s age was advanced being at 62, but there wasn’t a single frivolous rumor as of yet and he was a bachelor.

There was no problem at all.



Thinking of the possibility, my legs shook out of reflex. My heart jumped in a bad meaning, and sweat flowed. If possible, I didn’t want to think of something like that.

It couldn’t be.

Wilhelm-sama, towards me――

「Wilhelm-sama……Do you hate Carol?」


「Carol loves Wilhelm-sama. Wilhelm-sama……Do you detest Carol?」

「I-it’s not that I hate……」

”Paa,” towards my heart that was about to be crushed with anxiety, light streaked through.


I thought perhaps, he disliked me. Treating me well when I was a child, perhaps it had just been because he was Grandfather’s friend, and in truth he actually hated it. But, it seems that by no means did Wilhelm-sama hate me.

「Then, Wilhelm-sama, do you like Carol?」

「N-no, that’s……Well… 」

「If you don’t detest me, then please let me be by your side. Just that alone will make me happy. If you say I’m not suitable to be your wife, then I will expend great effort to become someone who is.」

There could be nothing more joyful than to spend my life with Wilhelm-sama. Though I’d received training to become queen, but I could probably support Wilhelm-sama.

Even so, if he said that wasn’t enough, then I would persevere even more. If I could be wit Wilhelm-sama, then there was nothing painful.


「……Yes, Your Majesty.」

「It seems Lady Carol……that is, she seems to want to marry you.」


For some reason, Wilhelm-sama breathed a large sigh.

Maybe he thought it was a child’s willfulness and was troubled? As expected, saying please make me your wife so suddenly, perhaps it was too hasty.

But, these feelings that were always hidden in my heart, I couldn’t stand not conveying them.


「I respect Carol’s will. It appears that Carol truly fancies you.」

「……No, but–」

Things like “but,” or “however,” somehow Wilhelm-sama was being inarticulate.

It was recognized by Father, and it was also recognized by his Majesty. Even so, only Wilhelm-sama seemed somewhat troubled.

Having my Father approve it, was to say the Ducal house approved it. Meaning that my family also accepted it. Marriage is said to be a connection between two houses, and my house has already allowed it. At the same time, to be approved by his Majesty meant that the country would also approve it.

I dearly loved Wilhelm-sama, and Wilhelm-sama didn’t dislike me.

There was no problem to be found.

「That is……Lady Carol」


But Wilhelm-sama still treated me like a child.

Is it alright for me to sulk a little?

「I am Duke’s……Lady Carol’s Grandfather, I knew him well.」

「Yes, I am aware.」

「That is, I’m not saying Lady Carol insufficient. Just……To me, Lady Carol is more like a grandchild……More of a family member. To have someone like that suddenly propose marriage……」


I know, since Wilhelm-sama always treats me like a child, let’s carry out a little revenge.

Probably, the reason why Wilhelm-sama approached closely to discuss was because of the other knights. They were looking over here with worry. It was likely that at their area, our voices didn’t reach them.

「Can you lean forwards just a little?」


「There is a leaf in your hair. I will get it for you.」

「Mu, is that so……?」

To my words, Wilhelm-sama stooped over. Where my hands could reach, little by little.

That was the perfect position for me.

”Chu,” to that cheek sprouting a beard, I gave a small kiss.


「The leaf was a lie. Wilhelm-sama.」

Ufufu, I laughed while facing Wilhelm-sama, whose face had turned red.

Undoubtedly my face had also become bright red. This is embarrassing. Giving a kiss while being observed by people, I’ve done something immodest.

My first kiss, his beard was a little prickly.


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