Heibon 9

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The man with red eyes seems to see too.


Ok. Firstly, let’s put the state of affairs in order. Un.

It appears the place I’m currently at is some cabin.

Perhaps, this is the cabin that was granted to me.

And, I was laying on the bed that was inside the cabin.

The first thing to jump into my sight upon waking was the wooden ceiling.

I could hear the chirping of birds from the small window located beside the bed, and it seemed like the sun was out so I concluded it was sometime in the early morning.

Un, up to this point it was still fine.

It was a mystery as to how I who was on the verge of death was nowhere after some turn of events, but in any case I was alive so I didn’t mind the trivial details.

But, there was something that I did mind.


Who was this ikemen 1 sleeping next to me!?

When I moved reflexively to jump to my feet, I was obstructed by the ikemen’s arms that were wrapped around my torso. I thought I should at least have a weapon, but when I looked through my surroundings, the weapons I had supposedly brought were nowhere to be seen.

I sought an explanation from the spirits who were flying around, but to my regret I couldn’t understand most of their gesturing.

Luckily from what I did understand, was that this ikemen had carried me here, and that between him and I there was no mistake committed. [^2]

Un, this was very important information. Especially the latter part.

『He’s not a bad person, maybe…?』

Thinking that it was about time, I removed the hands around my waist and stood up, looking around the room.

It seems this place was the bedroom.

When I opened the door to leave, there was a hallway. In there, there were three doors that lead to their own respective rooms.

Opening the first door in the hallway, there was a living room with plenty of space.

The kitchen was located adjacent, and in front of the kitchen counter was a table and chairs for four people.

To the far right, in front of the fireplace was a space to converse with others.

I was wondering what kind of horrible place it would be since Rey-sama was so outraged, but there was a toilet and a bathroom, there was even a storeroom. To get this all for free was something to be grateful for, right?

Well, rather than the cabin, Rey-sama was probably more angry about this place with “those” [^3] …

『Ah, it’s here.』

In the luggage carelessly left on top of the table, I discovered the weapons I received from my teachers and took a breath in relief.

As expected, I couldn’t wield the bow in the house, so I equipped the one-handed sword and dagger… And when the situation had come to this point, I finally realized.

『…I, wasn’t I about to die?』

I moved around without thinking about anything, but before I lost consciousness, I certainly should’ve been in a life-threatening crisis.

What happened?

My injuries disappeared without a trace, and my clothes returned to their original state.

『Maybe it was magic? …Certainly, not that ikemen from before?』

「It is exactly that “certainly.”」


When I turned to the voice behind me, the ikemen from before yawned, looking tired.

「……The condition of your body seems well.」


While he was viewing me from top to bottom, the ikemen said that with a nod.

As I got a better look, I had a feeling I’d seen his face before for some reason.

His jet black hair went down to his lower back.

His nicely muscled body had stature and was at least two heads larger than me.

The each part of his face was orderly arranged.

And the thing that pulled at attention most, were his eyes.

His slightly slanted eyes shined.

Deep crimson pupils.

That’s right, this person was……

『The KY guy [^4] I met in the forest!!』

「Kay wai?」 [^5]

Yes, I’ve remembered now.

Wasn’t he the jerk asking a person in a life-threatening situation, “You going to die?” and calling them a “fool”!?

『Why are YOU here!?』

「Why, that’s a considerable manner of speaking. I carried you all the way here, applied healing magic on you, and I incidentally cared for you while you were with fever and having a nightmare for three days without rest. That rudeness towards the person who did that for you is uncalled for, don’t you agree?」

『……You did?』


When I looked to the surrounding spirits, every one of them nodded so it must be the truth.

『Umm…You’ve been a great help.』

「Truly. I’m “Alfalto.” You?」 [^6]

『Ah, um, I’m “Rio Akidzuki.”』

「Rio, then? Call me Alf. These guys were annoying and being a menace so I decided to help you, but it was considerably interesting.」

Laughing with a deep voice, I was caught on something in his words.

『”These guys,” you mean…』

「Yes? You can see them, can’t you? I’m talking about the spirits.」

He said so while he lightly poked a spirit that was near him.

『You can see them too!?』

「Yes, I can see them.」

I gazed at him in wonder as he nodded as if it were only natural.

『That’s a surprise… There was someone other than Rey-sama and I who could see them… Maybe people who can see just don’t announce it?』

「No, humans who can see these guys are rare. I’m surprised myself. ……Speaking of which,」

When I noticed he approached me, he stared at my face.


I’ll say this, but no matter how well-arranged his face is, I’m already used to it.

With the neutral beauty Rey-sama and his aide, the intellectual beauty Arami-sama, and after seeing the war front forefronts with trained bodies and gallant faces day after day, you would get accustomed to beauties.

Therefore, even though the exceptional ikemen Alf was in front of my eyes, I didn’t feel as if it were to such a degree for me to take a reaction.

Aah, he has a well-featured face, or, it’s my first time seeing crimson eyes but they’re really pretty, or, being so close was a good thing so while I took the chance to observe his face more carefully, his eyes gently narrowed and a playful color dwelled within them.
(I have trouble coming up with a good term for this. Help. Example: Kaneki pic “narrow eyes gently”)

「You aren’t scared of these eyes, are you?」

『Your eyes? Why?』

「Most humans fear these eyes. They hold them in contempt with fear, saying they are detestable.」

『Hmmm? But the people of this world are fundamentally colorful, aren’t they? Just because of those red eyes, it’s not as if I would think of you much different from those people.』

The people of this world are really colorful.

Hair color and eye color, they were colorful to the point that I wondered how they came to be, and to I who was purely Japanese, I could only feel like they were out of place.

For that reason, even if a person with red eyes were to increase that colorful bunch, it wouldn’t change much to me.

By the way, ever since I was born I had never dyed my hair that way.

It wasn’t because of good conduct, it was merely because if I dyed it once then when my hair started losing color, I would have to dye it again and it would become really bothersome.

「I see. You’re saying I am like other humans, how interesting. You must not know of the meaning behind someone possessing these eyes. Furthermore, the words from before. You, you’re from another world? Certainly, around a week ago a Goddess Summoning should have taken place. Answer me, what are you?」

With his lips arched playfully, he looked at me.

Receiving his gaze, I internally held my head at my verbal slip.

If I were to say “of this world,” then wasn’t it just like declaring I was someone from another world!?

Even though before I departed, Rey-sama told me to hide that I was a person from another world to the best of my ability!!

『Ahh, um…』

Glancing stealthily up at him, his face was serious.

It couldn’t be helped. I should resolve myself.

『An otherworlder who was involved and mixed up in the Goddess Summoning, that is me. Pleased to make your acquaintance.』

While explaining with a smile, he said “I see” in consent.

「Saying you were “mixed up” means that other than you, there is a proper “Goddess.” If that’s the case, then you were driven away as a nuisance and came here.」

『The destination of the driving off is this place. This cabin and the surrounding 3km plot of land was given to me, and is to be my daily sphere of living from now on. 』

「What a misfortunate life.」

『It’s exactly as you say. But it’s also a reality that I have no choice but to live here.』

It couldn’t be helped.

Even while knowing that this place was dangerous, I was too ignorant of this world to live in another place.

There was a limit to what I could learn from books.

No matter how correct it was, it was only theoretical after all.

The place I had no choice but to live in was the reality of this world.

If I were to set foot alone in that “reality,” I knew the outcome.

If that was the case, then I could only take the knowledge and strength that I attained at the castle and struggle to live in this place.

「…You’re saying that you would live in this place, a den of monsters? You, who was on the verge of death just days ago?」

『Hearing that makes my ears hurt [^7] …But I do have an idea.』


『I was thinking of “artificial feeding.”』

While I was at the castle, I read a number of books on anything I could get my hands on.

In them was a book that wrote about monsters in detail.

According to that book, it seems that monsters really love sweet things.

If that was true, then it was a method I had to attempt.

I wasn’t that good at cooking, but luckily I had enough skill in making cookies that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have other people eat it.

I don’t know how effective it will be, but there was merit in doing it.

While getting worked up and saying, “I’ll do it!”, I was unaware that Alf-san was watching me with amused eyes.


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[^2]: For those that can’t read in between the lines, she was worried they might’ve slept together in the intimate sense.

[^3]: She’s referring to the monsters outside her doorstep, I’m assuming.

[^4]: KY guy = kuuki yomenai otoko 空気読めない男 (shortened to KY男). Literally means a guy who can’t read the atmosphere, a guy with no sensibility etc.

[^5]: Because Rio says the phrase using the english letters (KY Otoko), the phrase must not automatically translate into their native language, so he is confused.

[^6]: アーファルト = Aafaruto. It would make more sense to name him Arfalto (because the “a” is elongated instead of being “aru”), but since this is discontinued anyways and since it would be weird to call him “Arf” later on, I decided to just use Alfalto. This is just personal preference though.

[^7]: それを言われると耳が痛い = you saying that makes my ears hurt. Meaning, he’s speaking the painful truth, and it strikes home.

  1. Ikemen = hot guy 

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