TL’s life update

Hi guys.

I’m not dead. Sorry for the recent lack of updates (nothing new coming from me I suppose) and suddenly going on hiatus.

Just, some things happened in real life (around right after I released Outaishihi 12 on RLA) and I’ve been trying to escape from reality once again (I quit reading LNs for a while and got really absorbed into Mystic Messenger because the characters and the fandom made me feel good about myself).

Just… needed some break time from stress I guess (not that I got much anyways because of my shit job).

I feel like I’m going through a mid-life crisis, even though I’m only in my early twenties, ahahaha… sigh whatamidoingwithmylife

Anyways, I can’t promise anything but I’m working on translating a little at a time.

Probably nothing new though, since I want to go back and retranslate some of Heibon because recently author has come back and revamped the story (I haven’t checked it out but just from glancing at the titles, the initial week Rio got has now changed to 20 days so there might be new content). Even just re-translating chapter one, there are some small edits that have been made (the content seems pretty same so far but the sentences have changed) so I think it’ll be good for me to go back and redo it.

Like I said though, please don’t expect too much out of me. With me, low expectations is key lol Trying to focus on improving my animation skill set too (which is meager), but will be translating to take a break now and then (because drawing all the time can get tedious).

Also, I’ve stated it many times (I think) but if people want to take on my projects because I am such a lazy bum (even at RLA) they are free to do so! A heads up would be nice though. Also, if you’re going to pick it up, then I hope you won’t be like me and will be able to stick to a good release schedule.

Ok, that’s all for now. Sorry that this status update doesn’t come with a new chapter release. Hiatus status will stay until I actually do release something (same goes for RLA).

Hope you guys have a beautiful day!

Yo guys

Tiny update

I decided I wanted to release the WIPs so I made a tumblr for it.

Don’t link NU or anything (because I don’t want to dash any readers hopes)

I will release the finished products on here rather than there.


16 thoughts on “TL’s life update”

  1. Hello~ thanks for the notice! LOLOL I literally breathe Mystic Messenger~ Finished all routes and refuses to delete the app ever. I hope things get better for you, and that we’ll see you more often when everything clears up xD Most importantly, I hope you feel better~ Fighting~


    1. Thank you ;v;
      I’m still not 100% about it but I’ve settled my feelings for the most part so that’s something at least.

      Mystic Messenger takes so much space on my phone though, seriously lol
      But I don’t want to delete it. Ever ;v;

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Liked by 1 person


      I TOTALLY BOUGHT THE 707 SPACE CUSHION AND RFA VIP PACKAGE JUST TO GET HIS HANDWRITTEN (although I know it’s just computer font in reality) NOTES ( ; 7 ; )

      I hug my cushion to sleep every night since uwu

      My second favorite would have to be Jaebae though. Or Saeran. Saeran is so precious ;v;


  2. Hello! Glad to hear from you~ I hope everything turns out okay and you will remain healthy and happy! I am a newer fan, but I really enjoy your tastes in novels so anything you eventually put out will be very exciting to me ❤ I… might need to look up Mystic Messenger. I have never heard of it before o.o


    1. OMG DO IT

      I don’t usually play otome games but this is definitely one of the better ones. It’s free, and it’s for Android/iOS! Of course there are in app purchases but that’s only if you want to fork over money (and your soul).

      The only reason I regret downloading Mystic Messenger is because of phone storage data and that the characters can never be real ;-;


      Creepy fangirl aside, thank you for your kind message! I honestly don’t think I have the best taste in novels but I’m glad people are enjoying it ahahaha xD


  3. Oooh!! Mystic Messenger. Damn I was sooo Hooked on that game before like just so I’ll have a 100% progress for 11 days straight I wake up at weird times just for it. (Cause I fell in love with Jumin’s that I used up all of my 300 hourglass in one go for his route which I’m regretting cause there’s the extras and stuff for other characters sigh) anyways I shall (try to…at least) to be patient and wait for Mojo-sama’s translation!! ^o^


  4. Hi! I was brought to your site thanks to outaishihi (>/////<) and hooray for MM! My favorite man is 707!!

    Can i ask pick up and try to continue translating outaishihi? Sorry I just love that story to bits even though its perverted and all. Plus, I wanna give translating a shot * u *)


    1. Much, much apologies. I haven’t been visiting my wordpress sites very often so I missed a lot of comments *sweats*

      There’s a lot of demand for me to update it and I can’t deliver ;-;

      So please be everyone’s savior and super awesome senpai
      Thank you very muchhhhhh


      1. ; u ; I am no sempai~
        Im supposed to be the kouhai cause I was inspired to translate because I fell in love with the novel. You’re more experienced in translating that I am~~

        Also, if everything is alright in your life but I doubt MM hype will die— (LOLOL there is no end to god 707.) Please let me know and I’ll give the translating back to you (^^;


      2. Still in 707 hell and loving every minute lololol Kinda jobless right now but free time is MAX so I’m satisfied. ;3

        Please keep translating! It’s important to get as much experience as you can, and if you’re translating something you like it decreases the difficulty by a lot. We need more soldiers to feed the leechers! It’s a never ending battle lol xD

        Really, good luck with the project. I’m happy it’s found a good new home ;v;

        It’s ok for me to publicize the news on RLA right? I don’t think you’ve gotten much traffic yet and I’d like to redirect anyone who’s following Outaishihi to your page 😀


      3. Of course!
        I did shamelessly link all that I could link of chapters 1-12 to yours LOLOL
        ( ^ u ^; I couldnt thank you enough for starting this and inpiring me to become a translator …..I don’t how and why though LOLOL


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