Heroine news I guess

Heya guys

So before I wanted to translate ch 1 of Omae Mitai na Heroine ga Ite Tamaruka as a teaser since I think it deserves to be picked up

Well guess what– it got picked up!!

You can read it here!!

Problem now is, what should I do with the around 30% I’ve already translated????

Mmmm, rather than have it go to waste I can always post it here right?

Its already posted on my tumblr anyways but here it is again! I wanted to work more on it today because the chapter is so long and wordy, but then chapter 1 was released by Light Novels World TuT

Should I be sad as a translator that I didn’t get to finish or should I be happy as a leecher that I didn’t work on it more and that I don’t have to translate it anymore?

Anyways, here~ You can just ignore this whole post and just read the one on Light Novels World though lol


Although it was maintained with enough attentiveness to be weedless, a lone girl stood in a garden with overgrown branches.

Her name was Tsubaki, and she would be turning 4.

Her neatly arranged bangs and her hair without the childish characteristic of curls fell down to her shoulders. Excluding her slightly droopy eyes, each part of her small face was well balanced, and in her own way she was quite a cute girl.

However, there was a vastly different area between Tsubaki and typical four year old girls. That was, she was born with memories of her past life.

In her past life, Tsubaki was an OL working in the secretarial section of an average corporation. Born in the northern Kanto countryside, as a special characteristic of country life she grew up surrounded by all her relatives. Part way she departed towards Tokyo as if she were fleeing, safely managed to find a job and freely used her ability fostered since childhood of looking the other way and turning things into a joke to bear her co-workers’ sexual harassment.

But without regard to that, she died.

She saw the dazzling light of something like headlights, so she guessed she died after being hit by a car.

Because Tsubaki was reborn, so she should have died.

And the view that greeted her when she came to was an unfamiliar ceiling.

At first she thought she was in a hospital bed. She also thought that it was difficult to move around because of her injuries.

But at the point when she was picked up by another woman, she finally realized something was strange.

Having her entire being carried effortlessly by a woman of similar stature to hers, she would think it was odd.

Furthermore, the name the woman called was not her name. Being talked to as if she were a small child, she paled and thought it couldn’t be.

She gently lifted her arm into her line of sight to confirm, and what was reflected in her eyes was a small, small hand.

In the beginning she thought she was seeing a dream after being reduced to a vegetative state, but after striking the fencing of her baby bed with all her strength as a test, it hurt just like reality.

There weren’t any dream-like characteristics of abrupt scene changes, and after comfortably passing her day, she finally comprehended, ah, this is real.

She was initially panicked and caused trouble for her mother, but in time she began to grow accustomed to the circumstances surrounding her and compromised with her past life somehow or another and lived to today.


Like that, 4 years lapsed since her birth, and ever since then having never set foot off these premises, today as well Tsubaki went out to the garden to sunbathe and to view the koi carp in the pond. [^1]

As she absentmindedly gazed at the koi as they opened their mouths paku paku [^2] to suck in the scattered feed, the noise of pebbles being stepped on sounded from behind Tsubaki. She noticed that the noise was gradually approaching closer and thought it was a servant coming to call her to lunch that would be soon, so Tsubaki stood and faced her body towards where the sound was originating from.

Doing so, the person who stood there wasn’t a servant but a girl the same age as Tsubaki. The girl scrutinized Tsubaki with an expressionless face and murmured「she doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to the in-game Tsubaki」and such.

Tsubaki thought she had seen that girl somewhere before, or maybe that she resembled someone else, so she put her brain in full operation to search her past and current life’s memories.

Thereupon the girl abruptly began to talk to her, so Tsubaki temporarily stopped her thinking and met the girl’s eyes.


「Your name is Tsubaki?」

「That’s right, though」


As soon as she heard Tsubaki’s words the girl’s eyes glittered and while kyaーkyaーing a ruckus, she hopped up and down in place.

Hearing the childish characteristically shrill voice of the girl, Tsubaki almost reflexively wanted to bring her hands to cover her ears.

Just when Tsubaki was moving her hands to seal off her ears, the girl spoke of something unbelievable.


「That means this really is the world of『Love Flower』! I’ve thought so ever since I found out my name was Kurahashi Mio!……But you’re pitiful too. Being driven off to this remote place. Well, either way there is only a future where both parent and child die. Please become a great stepping stone so I can be tied with Kyousuke-sama. Wait for me, Kyousuke-sama.」


The moment the girl in front of her said words like『Love Flower』and the name Kurahashi Mio, vivid memories from Tsubaki’s past life resurfaced in her mind.

The memories that this world was of an otome game,『Love Blossoms like a Flower in Full Bloom』nicknamed『Love Flower』.

It wasn’t that the girl in front of her resembled someone. She herself was the person that she resembled and because she was the heroine in an otome game Tsubaki played in the past, so of course she seemed similar. [^3] She had seen a still [^4] clearly depicting this child’s face in the game, so it was only natural.


The cheeky girl in front of Tsubaki named herself as Kurahashi Mio and held the standing of a sister from a different mother, and ten years later she was the girl who would unfold a romance with the heroes.


Tsubaki had thought it was strange that she possessed her past life’s memories when she was born.

But, she had thought that she was born as a normal girl in a normal household.



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  1. You could always decide to team up with Light Novel World and help the translation when you can. In this way, you can help one another and decrease the workload as well. Of course, this is just my opinion though.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion~
      I don’t feel like I’m active enough to butt in though ahaha. I basically disappear for months on end without notice.

      Plus, aren’t they a monetized site?? I don’t want to take away their traffic ;u; It seems like they need it for website costs and gaining interest for sponsors and such. I’m bad at communication too OTL

      It’s better for them to work on it by themselves while I watch over them and leech xD


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