[SYN1] Elder Brother, Break Your Engagement and Marry Me

My Synopsis-Summaries section was looking mighty bare so I decided to add to it.

Basically I’ll be translating titles/synopsizes that catch my eye, but you’re free to request any you’re interested about. If I happen to have looked through them then I might offer my insights on the story too.

They will be tagged with [SYN] so please don’t be mistaken and think I’m picking up something new.









Elder Brother, Break Your Engagement and Marry Me


Author: Mountain House

 I realized.

 If things continued this way, I would end up in an unhappy marriage.

 Even though I failed at finding a marriage partner in my past life and died while I single.

 In order to avoid an unhappy marriage, marrying my stepbrother is the best path.

 Elder Brother, dissolve your current engagement and marry me.


Some personal thoughts: At first the title drew me in, but I remember skimming through this and not liking it. Brother is kinda douchey (in my opinion anyways) and I believe the main character is switched out for her younger sister later on (which I was surprised at). But if it sounds like your cup of tea then go ahead and read it.


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