[SYN6] The Chronicles of Struggle from Returning to the Other World




作者:秋月 アスカ

 かつて私は異世界に召喚されたことがある。異界からの巫女として一年余りを過ごした私は、役目を果たし、元の世界へ帰ることとなった。そして護衛騎士に秘めた思いを告白した――好きです、と。いやはやあっさり振られた傷心の私。すごすごと元の世界へ帰還して、その一年半後――今ひとたびの、異世界召喚!? けれどどうやら今回は、誰も私のことを呼んでいない様子。あれだけ盛大に送り出されて、失恋までして、今更誰にも顔向けできない! 元巫女であることは誰にも知られず、さっさと元の世界へ戻るしかない。なのに、どうにも上手くいかないようで……。※自サイトにも転載。※アリアンローズ様から最終巻1/12発売予定。※完結しました。

The Chronicles of Struggle from Returning to the Other World


Author:Akizuki Asuka

 I’ve been summoned to another world once before. In the other world I lived more than than a year as a shrine maiden, accomplished my duty, and would be returned to my original world. Then I confessed to the knight bodyguard the feelings I kept to myself――That I loved him. Oh well he turned me down immediately and broke my heart though. I returned to my former world in dejection, and after a year and a half――Now once again, summoned to another world!?  But this time, it doesn’t seem like anyone has called for me. Even though they sent me off so grandly to the point of heartbreak, now I can’t face anyone! Without letting anyone know I’m the former shrine maiden, the only option is to immediately return to my original world! But, nothing seems to be going right……。※I’m also reprinting it to me own site. ※The sale of the closing volume from Arian Rose is planned for 1/12. ※Completed.

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3 thoughts on “[SYN6] The Chronicles of Struggle from Returning to the Other World”

  1. I love to buy physical copy of all book even my game. I don’t understand why people get the digital download but for light novel I don’t understand why they do sell ePub. That way it make it eazier to machine translate it. (SIGH)


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