[SYN 9] I’m a familiar but Goshujin-sama is merciless






I’m a familiar but Goshujin-sama is merciless


Author:Myuu Myuu

When I was reborn, I became a white wolf pup! ――Part of the species called “familiar”, right after being born I was immediately summoned by Goshujin-sama. He has some unsparing parts, but I love Goshujin-sama who gives me yummy magical power. I want to stay together forever! But to stay next to Goshujin-sama, it seems I have no choice but to form a『contract』but……Eh, if I can’t take a human form I can’t make a contract? That’s impossible Goshujin-sama! Wait, don’t tell me to go without meals!――This is the story until I, the baby wolf, am worked hard by Goshujin-sama to take human form.

  • TL: Goshujin-sama = Master

11 thoughts on “[SYN 9] I’m a familiar but Goshujin-sama is merciless”

    1. You’re welcome hehe

      Idk, I’ll eventually get around to checking them all out (like 10 or so chapters in) and if I like any I’ll do a teaser chapter or something (no promises though)

      After that it’s up to any interested translators or anyone interested in getting started to take them on as a project =u=


    I want to translate this. SO. BADLY. UGH.
    Like seriously really want to translate this, I am like currently searching the web and trying to ask people if they could help me set up an MTL. Ugh.. its so hard to find anyone ;-; and i don’t understand how to sup up the programs. ORZ ORL

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    1. I’m kinda unfamiliar with MTL so I can’t help much T_T Sorry

      My knowledge on Japanese is really lacking but I can still TL so keep hope!

      I suggest getting a web browser plugin called rikai-chan. I mainly use a safari browser so for safari, it’s safarikai

      Basically if you hover over a Japanese phrase/vocabulary it’ll show you the definition. It helps immensely.

      Also heard there was this translation aggregator program being made by joeglens for windows but… idk how that’s going since I use a mac.

      Basically it separates all the sentences and then runs them through a couple different translation site thingies so you can get a clearer picture of what it’s trying to say.

      Or you can just do it by hand using google translate, bing, and any other machine translation services you can find online. Cross referencing is important if you want to get the most accurate tl

      For me I mainly plug the sentences with unfamiliar vocabulary (or the super long ones T_T) into jisho.org and go over the sentence piece by piece constantly until it makes sense in my head. (if it doesn’t I give up lolol)

      I also double check with rikai because jisho is awkward sometimes

      Even without that much skills, as long as you can understand the basic sentence structures and particles, it’ll help a lot in comprehension and your TL efforts

      Good luck ;v;

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      1. I was seriously thinking of using google and the like, but ugh it seriously went against my ethics. Google is not really 100% so it went against my TLing perfectionist self lol. ANd oohh rikai-chan interesting! i’ll give it a look. Also I know about the translator progrom thing. I found several downloads but I dont really know how to make it work. It is actually a complete blank translator too and you need to download some external files and then somehow put them into the progrom. Well \(‘-‘)/ fuck that, it goes beyond my limited capability to understand programming. So I gave up on tryng to figure out how to download it. And thanks for the tips on programs!!


      2. Oh and also, I do have a good ish sense to understand japanese in romaji form and verbal form. 8+years of watching anime ain’t for shit. (‘~’)/
        Cough I’m not an old person >.> I’m young, just got into anime early >.> cough


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