[SYN 11] The Saintess’ Little Sister ~The strange life of many types of princes and me~



作者:六つ花 えいこ





The Saintess’ Little Sister


Author:Muttsuhana Eiko

It seems my elder sister was the Saintess.
The one who came to search for my busy sister was a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed Prince. With the reason of『saving the peace of the world』he came at 7:30 in the morning to get my sister or rather, big sis is already settled into her funeral urn. I asked the prince who said he couldn’t go home like this.
「What can you do?」

「I’ve generally learned the pole fighting, spear, sword, two sword style (TL: ? or two-handed sword??), axe, and bow so―――」

「Idiot! As if those kinds of jobs are available in modern Japan!」
The strange life of the queen-like me called Saintess’ little sister and the Prince and other followers I took in starts now.

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10 thoughts on “[SYN 11] The Saintess’ Little Sister ~The strange life of many types of princes and me~”

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I ddon’t know how i feel about this one… Is then saint’s llittle sister in the real world or was she summoned to a new one? Or did the prince just show up and said “come with me”?


  2. I will wait until 1-2 years if nobody pick this teaser, I will pick it. Because I already have my own project…
    This novel have a REALLY DIFFERENT WAY OF JOURNEY ADVENTURE! Exciting~ ahahaha~


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