[SYN14] Meruhen・Medohen



作者 : 松 智洋











Author :  Matsu Chihiro (?)

Kagizuki Hazuki exceedingly loved books, with excessive delusions she was an orthodox loner girl.

The relationship with her family not going well, she spent her days escaping into the world of stories.

One day after school, making an effort to read at a fast food store Hazuki met a fully robed girl who had toppled over.

Furthermore, the girl was unseeable to everyone other than Hazuki.

Overjoyed by meeting a「magician」, Hazuki requested to become friends but the girl ran away in surprise.

Chasing after her, at the library she arrived at there was a door that led to a certain academy.

What lied beyond that door was a school where the girls chosen by the world’s fairy tales’「origin book」aim to become「origin book users」(=Medohen), Kuzunoha’s Girls’ Academy. And Hazuki was chosen to be『Cinderella』――!

With「origin books」weaving her own story, a fantasy with dreams and magic and youth raises its curtains!

I couldn’t find an online version (I didn’t look very hard tho lol) so you’ll probably have to buy a copy to see what happens.

Also, about the author’s name. Whether it was romanized correctly or not… idk.

  1. Meruhen means fantasy/fairy tale. I believe it’s derived from the german “Märchen.” Leaving it as meruhen because medohen… is probably a play on sounds. Idk if medohen is actually a word or anything though??????? 

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