A little heads up that I canceled the premium account for this site and it’ll expire shortly. That means bye bye to custom domain and back to a wordpress.com.

Recently I haven’t been active on here at all, have I? sad face

Being way more active over at RLA aha. I just can’t hide the pervert, can I.

Maybe the problem is I haven’t found anything I’m really burning to share. For now, I’ll try and TL some more synopses, and maybe some pages from the LN I have on hand but can’t understand. I feel like if I TL a page a day, maybe I can get some daily updates going on over here too? But which book should I choose…

I’ve mentioned them a LONG LONG LONG time ago, but to refresh your memories it’s (but looking back at the tl I did before, there were a number of mistakes… sorry…):

王子様の抱き枕 = The Prince’s Body Pillow


Caption is: Sweet Dreams and Sleepless in Wonderland” (in english) and “The Madeleine that invites misfortune” (tled from 不吉を誘うマドレーヌ). 

Synopsis: A high school girl who loves to cook ・When Matsuri awoke from her nap, she was in a western like world, and beside her slept a feverish man she didn’t recognize. After shrieking loudly, Matsuri was immediately condemned as a suspicious person and sentenced to execution. Unbelievably, the sleeping man was an「Ouji-sama」! Though his aides were distrusting of Matsuri, (Prince) Reagan-sama who worried over his severe case of insomnia told her, 「–until you go home, sleep with me」and she was treated like a “dakimakura”!? Referred to as a World Trip masterpiece during it’s publication on the net, it’s arrived!

王と月 = King and Moon


The obi (wrap-around) reads: “After tripping (into another world) why…… Why did the beautiful King take an interest in me!? On the way to gaze at the stars, Mari suddenly tripped into a different world. The one she met there was a ruthless red-eyed King–“

Synopsis: On the way to gaze at the stars, Mari suddenly tripped into another world. When she came to, she was in the arms of a beautiful King! Furthermore, the King found Mari, who conducted herself in a stout-hearted manner, interesting and placed her in his inner palace. While reluctant, it was her current way to make a living. But the King called her a 「small animal」and meddled with her at every opportunity, so she couldn’t pass her days calmly. Moreover, with that as the reason, she was glared at by the other women of the inner palace. Feeling more and more distressed, so that she could get a little freedom, Mari went to the King to negotiate that she「wanted to work」 butーー?

異世界にて痩せる想いなのです = I want to lose weight in another world


Eh, close enough. English caption reads “Diet in another world”. Obi says: “If I don’t lose weight, I can’t go back to my original world!? No luck, no boyfriend. A narrative of a chubby disappointing girl’s strenuous efforts.”

Synopsis: No boyfriend, no place of employment and bad at essentials, a chubby type disappointing girl Shinohara Chimaki, 22 years old. One night when her stomach was empty she went to the convienince store to buy a meat bun, and on her way back she unbelievably tripped into another world! When she came to her senses, she was surrounded by ikemen. The men referred to her as the「girl from another world」and told her that they wanted her to participate in an important ceremony. Being told that it would only be a few days, she endured and cooperated with them, but… She’s too chubby, she couldn’t fit into the ceremonial clothing!? As things stood, she wouldn’t be able to return home– Thus the curtain raises on Chimaki’s endeavors to diet!

I have “Kuro no Iyashi Te” vol 1 too, but I will leave that for Yukkuri-oniisan…

And lastly,

異世界でカフェを開店しました。= I opened a café in another world.

51WkN-7whDL._AC_UL320_SR216,320_Official PV for the smartphone game. Why can’t we have that here *sad face*

Obi reads: “Let’s enjoy Earth’s cooking! Along with wonderful comrades (+ a spirit), Let’s cooking!”

Synopsis: Abruptly, Risa tripped into a world where the food was ve~ry bad. I can’t put up with it anymore. In order to advance the development of food culture, I opened a cafe. Rumors spread quickly, and the cafe became a big hit. With the fairy Basil-chan and surrounded by her wonderful comrades, she was fully enjoying life in the other world, but then came the envoy from the royal palace. 「Won’t you come train the cooks exclusively serving the royals?」At some point, the food Risa made  became well-known at the castle!? And somehow it developed into an earnest battle with the imperial cooks– Unfolding in another world, a somewhat odd cooking fantasy.

Anyways, vote on the poll and I’ll try and work on the one that looks most popular. Can’t guarantee when it’ll be out though (tbh tho I’m leaning towards cafe). Also, hopefully none turn out to be 18+ lol.

Ummm…. on second thought, it seems like there’s some “action” in King and Moon so I’ll have to leave that for RLA on a later date lol.


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  1. between eating and dieting id def choose eating lol
    im so not into fat shaming and stockholme syndrome so its not like this was a hard choice lolol

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