[SYN 21] The Miss will become a Maid!

The Miss will become a Maid!



Author: Aisaka Momoka

Illustrator: Nitou Akane

She fails as a server, but her battle strength is outstanding!

Rina’s family was connected to the “Ya” business, and she held pride in her physical ability. One day, she suddenly tripped to another world. Luckily, she was picked up by a mafia leader Forté, and she debated over how she should live in this unknown world from now on. Then one day, Forté recommended she enter maid school. She took the examination at once, but unable to read this world’s words and unskilled at housework, Rina didn’t stand a chance. The only result that bore fruit was her physical strength measurement that made the best use of her inherent reflexes. Somehow she passed the exam, and Rina led out her school life. But those lessons weren’t for serving, for some reason they were all battle related――。Will Rina be able to become a proper maid?



One thought on “[SYN 21] The Miss will become a Maid!”

  1. Ooh! So the mc this time doesn’t get any cheats such as automatically understanding the world’s written language. Sounds like romcom material lolol. Battle maid go!


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