[SYN 22] Breakfast at Hotel Rafflesia

Breakfast at Hotel Rafflesia



Author: Aisaka Momoka

Illustrator: Area

Making the Japanese style menu a hit, and rebuilding the hotel magnificently!?

From a strange thing, Anna the high school girl tripped into a different world.But she was taken in by a kind couple, and now she works hard everyday as the port city’s「Rafflesia」hotel’s sign girl Angelica. Then one day, a huge resort hotel was completed in the town. Customers began to rapidly flock to them, and Rafflesia would stay open until the cuckoo sang…… There, using the memories of her past life to the utmost, she planned to reconstruct the hotel with the power of cooking. First up is well known in Japan, providing a large set of co~ld sweets! This way our popularity will rise and our guests should increase as well……Or so she thought, but somehow the rival hotel opposed them with food that shouldn’t exist in this world as well――!?


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