[SYN 26] The reincarnated girl lives freely.

The reincarnated girl lives freely.



Author: Ikenaka Orina

Illustrator: Morino Mizu

I reincarnated as a villainess!?

Rubiana reincarnated in a world that was just like a certain otome game. In the game she was a villainess and her relations with her family was the worst, but in reality she spoiled her younger siblings and lived peacefully. Then one day at the school she was attending, the heroine Melt transferred in. Due to Melt’s rampage to make everything go according to the game, the peaceful school life turned into shambles! Rubiana stepped up to protect her beloved siblings and school. Combining powers with the student council president Phil and her underclassman Vi, they tried to stop Melt’s rampage, but――? A super brocon and siscon villainess’ big struggle!? A fresh otome game fantasy finally gets a publication! There is also an extra part only in the book!


5 thoughts on “[SYN 26] The reincarnated girl lives freely.”

  1. Ah I don’t know where to post this >~>
    Hopefully you see it
    The links for some of your chapters like the newly reborn woman of thirty chapters 7-8 result in a page requesting a domain upgrade thing?
    I had to use the link to your site from NU because the chapter links lead to the white page
    “Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain. “


    1. Oh yeah. This is because I stopped my premium subscription a while back (can’t afford it anymore) and when I submitted those, they were under the “mojotranslations.com” domain. Now I’m back at a “wordpress.com.”

      Try reporting the broken links to NU support or something because I can’t do anything about it T-T


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