mofu-nade: The Day Carnadia Osphe Became a Noble Villainess Girl

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This is an extra the author wrote during some point in a future arc. Surprisingly has some info-dumping, but it’s a shame this isn’t canon xD I love me some noble villainess girl stories, so when I saw mofunade combined with this, I couldn’t resist hehe

The only spoilerish thing is in the author’s note down at the bottom, so  if you don’t wanna know what Nema’s dealing with in the future, don’t read the note. (It’s not even bad tho.)

Some info that might be helpful though:

  • Author wrote this in like, the 3rd arc (around there I think?).
  • By this time, Nema is 5 years old (ish), has sorted out her speech problems and learned some noble’s etiquette.
  • Since Nema is 5, Vi and Ralph are 15, Carna is around 12.
  • Vi’s full first name is Vilhelt ヴィルヘルト as you can see in the “ch 12” character intro.

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Raw here: カーナディア・オスフェが悪役令嬢になった日

Carnadia Osphe, duke’s daughter, was told by her fiancé that he wished to break off their engagement at the academy’s graduation party. But Carnadia wasn’t one to say “yes” meekly and stay silent!  A villainess story with the characters from Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu. //

The Day Carnadia Osphe Became a Noble Villainess Girl


I tried doing a villainess noble girl story with the characters from mofunade.

There is no relation to the real story at all, so please enjoy it as a parody.


The Gashe Kingdom’s Imperial Academy’s graduation ceremony commenced, and it was now time for the graduates and underclassmen to say their farewells.


Though it was the graduation ceremony, a ridiculously extravagant party was thrown, and I was able to participate using the privilege of being related to my graduating brother and my currently enrolled sister.

Of course, Papan and Maman were here, and so were the King and Queen.

It was because this country’s Crown Prince His Highness Vilhelt was also graduating.


Within there, an event happened.


「Carnadia Osphe, I hereby break my engagement with you」


The surroundings were sent into an uproar from Vi’s single sentence.

Well of course.

The engagement with my big sister was made with the intention to balance and influence various foreign and internal affairs within the country.

It wasn’t a discussion on the level where Vi could act on his own accord.


「Heh? I’ll ask your reason, for the time being.」


If I had to say one of the other, big sister seemed to be enjoying this situation.


「You’ve acted maliciously towards this baron’s daughter, Ruderia Vance, did you not? I cannot forgive you as a duke’s daughter, no, as a human being!」


Nahー That’s definitely a lie. What benefit would there be in that for my sister?

It’d make more sense if Vi was the bully here…


「Haa. I don’t know how Ruderia-san buttered up Your Highness, but it doesn’t matter at this point. Just, on the honor of the Osphe house, I swear that I haven’t done one malicious thing. What I did was lecturing!」



Or rather, everyone fell silent at my sister’s scathing words.


「Between us, Ruderia-san is a giant problem child. Haven’t you just taken awareness of Ruderia-san lately, Your Highness?」


「…Ahh. Around half a cycle ago」


Half a cycle, that would be the period when the second season passed. In other words, half a year. A year was called a cycle, and from spring it was the Wind season, Water season, Fire season and Earth season.


「Because Ruderia-san’s body was sickly, she entered school lately in the 3rd cycle. However, her attitude towards Takae who was employed as the head physician of the mayor under Baron Vance. Even now that three cycles have passed, she doesn’t understand her position, is unskilled at etiquette, her speech is beyond repair and she doesn’t put any effort in improving herself. What’s wrong with lecturing such a girl like her? She can’t even do what my little sister can do, you know?」


Oh sister, even like this, I am more or less applying enough etiquette so that I won’t be embarrassed as a duke’s daughter.

But, for a 14 year old to be unable to do what a 5 year old child can do, something this weird. Even the other noble ladies are able to do it.

Incidentally, the academy’s ages ranged from 8 to 15 years old, and from 16 you’d be recognized as a mature adult in the Gashe Kingdom and could take up working.

Of course, that only applied to the nobles, and it wasn’t strange to see a child working in the streets.

Also, depending on the field, you could stay at the academy as a graduate for 2 years.

There were courses for nurturing magician’s field of studies, or commanders for knights or officers.


「Moreover, though I look like this I am busy, so I don’t have the leisure to commit the vicious acts Your Highness has said I’ve done. There is the magic research for the academy, and most importantly, I have a duty to fawn over my little sister.」


Yes. My sister is terribly busy.

Even at this age, she helps Maman out with her job and commutes to the palace to receive training from the Queen, and in between that she’s also my playmate.

But I can affirm that I’m not part of her duty!


「And, though I highly doubt it, is Your Highness fond of Ruderia-san?」


「If I am, then what of it?」


「Ruderia-san would be suspected of committing a crime, so the intelligence unit will be dispatched to investigate.」


「I haven’t done anything bad…」


Perhaps pressured by my sister’s force, tears brimmed in Ruderia’s eyes.


「That’s quite absurd. His Highness is a lolicon, after all.」


B-b-b, big sisteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!




「It’s a word to describe people with a preference for loving young girls, like His Highness.」


「It’s not like I’m a lolicon…」


「My. Didn’t you agree to our engagement because you wanted to become Nema’s brother-in-law?」


Somehow it feels like there are sparks shooting towards meー!!

Don’t involve me in thisー!


「If it’s about Nema, then…」



I don’t wanna hear iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt.

Someone! Anyone, please save me!!

Papan! He disappeared somewhere!!

Maman, why are you smiling!?

You King and Queen too, stop grinning and stop these two from their rampage!!





There’s a savior!!




Without caring, I plunged into Wrath-kun’s fluffiness.

Your master is scaryyy.


「Well, it’s not like I don’t understand His Highness’ feelings」


「Nefertima-sama is healing after all」


You imperial knights who are attached to Vi as his guards!!

What are you saying!!?


「The time when she’s with the sacred beast-sama is especially terrific」


「Right, right. It feels so sacred, like you shouldn’t interfere.」


You over there!

Don’t relate with them!!


「Letting Nema alone call you with that pet name is for that reason as well, isn’t it?」


That was just because my articulation sucked and I couldn’t say Vil…

Big sister, my HP is already in the red zone.


「There’s no way such a Highness would fall in love with Ruderia-san. It makes me suspect she used a brainwashing spell, or a forbidden magic tool. 」


Somehow some frightening vocabulary came out, but can they even do something like brainwashing while the strongest guardian Wrath-kun is with him?


「Wrath-kun, is Vi being brainwashed?」




Ummm. I heard it as affirmation, but am I just imagining things?


「Why? Even though you’re with him, Wrath-kun?」




Because master is an idiot.

Wrath-kun sure has it rough.


「It looks like the sacred beast-sama has confirmed it. Your Majesty, I ask for your decision.」


「The Osphe house is really blessed with good children.」


「Fufu. It’s an honor to have your praise. All three are my pride and joy.」


It’s been a while since I’ve seen Maman’s full faced smile.

Sorry for being the one who troubles you most.


「Miss Ruderia Vance, as you are under suspicion under the offense of using taboo practices, you are under arrest」


Taboo practices were things prohibited by the law, like using magic that contracted ethics or forbidden magic tools.

For example, brainwashing magic, fascination magic and necromancy are some of them.

These are magics discovered by coincidence, but they were the impetus for major historical  events that happened in past.

Necromancy is especially prohibited, and the spirits wouldn’t stay silent about it.

The necromancer would be discovered immediately, and a depraved one’s mark would be stamped on them.

The world of the dead was God’s domain. Those who invaded that wouldn’t be forgiven, no matter who they were.


「Stop! Let me go!! I didn’t do anything like that」


Ruderia-san yelled while she was being detained by the knights.


「Vil! Save me!!」




Ooh! Just by the impression, they look like a pair of lovers torn apart by fate!




To that Vi who was playing a tragic hero, Wrath-kun’s hammer of fury descended upon him!!

Tte, he just slapped Vi’s face with his tail.






It seems Wrath-kun was explaining something.


「You’re saying I was under a charm?」


Oh. Vi has returned his sanity?


「Vi, are you ok?」





Don’t cling onto meeeeee.

You lolicooooooooooonnnnn!!!


「Yes, stop right there」


The one who rescued me was my big brother.

Waaaaaaaaahhhhh, it was scaryyyy.

I desperately clung to my brother.


「It’s ok, it’s ok. It must’ve been scary. You’re safe now.」


「With this, you know by now. His Highness is a lolicon, and he likes Nema!」


Ah, big sister dealt the finishing blow.


「However, I won’t accept it even if it is His Highness, so do your best at struggling to the utmost」


My sister who was laughing “ohoho” loudly was truly that of a noble villainess girl.

I did it in between my night shifts.

The kobold doggies weren’t moving at all in the main story, so when I imagined with my beloved noble villainess girl genre, I wrote it.

But, I have no regrets!

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To lolicon or not to lolicon, that is the question. (lol)

……But, does this mean that Vi can be considered canonically a lolicon for Nema now (since the author herself keeps saying it)? Or not??

Which one is it!!!???

……Wait, what am I saying? They’re ALL lolicons for Nema, lolololol. Problem solved I guess.


mofu-nade 12

This isn’t a chapter! But since I don’t wanna mess up the chapter numbering (following the entry numbers on syosetu) Imma keep this labelled as “12,” ok?

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Characters who will appear up to chapter 26.

Character Introduction


Osphe Duke House


Nefertima Osphe…Protagonist. Copper hair and bluish black eyes. She received the ability of「being loved by every creature except humans」from God.

Nickname is Nema.

Japanese name・Akitsu Midori, death at age 27


Duke Dalerant Osphe…Nema’s father. Red hair, blue eyes. The Prime Minister of the Gashe Kingdom, at the same time the fief lord of the Osphe territory. He’s the third in line for sucession to the throne. His height is about 185cm (75 gel).

Nickname is Dale.


Cerulia Osphe…Nema’s mother. Magical Engineering Bureau Director of the Royal Sorcery Research Institute. Blonde hair and azure eyes.


Ralphreed Osphe…Nema’s older brother of 10 years. Honey blonde hair and azure eyes. The succeeding heir. Fourth in line for the throne.

Nickname is Ralph.


Carnadia Osphe…Nema’s older sister of 7 years. Red hair and jade green eyes.

Nickname is Carna.




Gardi Ras Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s King. Dark brown hair and violet eyes.


Lirina Linus Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s Queen. Actually the first child of the Linus Empire’s Emperor. Hair blue like the sea and pink eyes.


Vilhelt Lega Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s First Prince. Indigo blue hair and violet eyes. Contracted to the sacred beast, the tenko Wrath.

Nickname is Vil. Vi for Nema only.


The Imperial Guards・The Knights Order


Gwen Fields…The commander of the 2nd division imperial guard knights of the royal court. And ice beauty who has silver hair and light blue eyes. He’s troubled about how the engrossment his subordinates have with Nema.


Dan Yeats… Commander of the royal knight’s order 12th division(the dragon knight unit). Reddish brown hair leaning more towards brown, and pale green eyes. His features look italian. A former beast knight, his partner was a wild bear named Bey. His favorite weapon is a halberd.


Lestin Ogma…Commander of the royal knight’s order’s 11th division(special forces), the beast knight unit. Dark brown hair and eyes. Has a face the looks of Japanese asian descent. His partner is the warhorse Wazu.


Cabinet Ministers


Olivier Weis…Minister of Home Affairs and the current head and fief lord of the Weis territory located in the east. Though gifted with both intelligence and beauty, she sucks at cooking.


Eugene Dirta…Minister of Foreign Affairs. Son of the fief lord of the southern Dirta territory. Because he couldn’t settle down and loved setting out on adventures, the jobs of fief lord and head are still being done by his father.


Sunlas Myugar…Minister of Finance and current fief lord of the western Myugar territory. The head of the family was his father.


Gauche Zernan…Chief executive of the imperial guards of the royal court and the royal knight’s order = general.




Anri Dessa…Nema’s governess. Chartreuse green hair and amber colored eyes.


Margess…Osphe House’s steward.


Paul…The apprentice steward in the Osphe House(footman)


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mofu-nade 11

Tomorrow won’t be a chapter release, but will still be mofunade related~ >w<

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This didn’t change that much either(lol)


10, So, what’s going to happen in the end?


…Somehow, it feels rough…

No, sandy?

No no no, you don’t have to scrub that strongly!!

Hm? Scrub?? More importantly, this is a cat’s tongue, isn’t it???


When I opened my eyes, Wrath-kun’s face was super close.

Ummm, my entire face feels like it’s prickling, so can you please stop?




Eh? Ride your back?

Un, well, I’m fine with that.

Scrambling up Wrath-kun, I straddled his back. In addition, I ruffled the fur on his back.

AahhーFeels good! Maybe I shoulda taken my nap here. But then again, I’d fall…


After confirming I was securely riding, Wrath-kun began walking.

When I was wondering where he was going, he went right in the middle of the audience room, and furthermore he began climbing the stairs.

It was the place Vi was at, but why me too?


Wrath-kun sprawled at Vi’s feet, and Vi carried me to the side.


「Good morning, Nema」


Uoohh! You’re glittering somehow, pervert prince!!


「Good morning」


In any case, greetings are important.

I dipped my head into a bow.

However! For some reason, his amethyst eyes are appealing to me for something!! Why? For what??


It’s good morning, right? Good morning good morning good morning…kiss??

Nn~It can’t be, right??




I tried kissing the pervert prince’s cheek. Then, his sparkling doubled. It seems I was correct…

This perverted brutish prince!!


「Vil, that’s unfair. Nefertima, come to me」


Saying so, this time I was picked up by the King.

I feel like I heard Vi click his tongue, or maybe I didn’t. Un, I can’t hear!


「King-shama, sowwy for fwalling ashleep」


I feel like a part of the fault lies with Wrath-kun, but as I thought, it’s bad to fall asleep in a place like this, so let’s apologize in advance.


「I don’t mind. Sleep is important for children, after all.」


Un un. This King sure knows his stuff. Did he participate in the child raising when Vi was still little too?

But you know, what’s with those eyes that look like they’re requesting something?

It’s the same eyes Vi had. It sure is sparklyー

………I lost.

These father and son, their eye power isn’t a jokeー




The King rubbed my head in satisfaction…

It’s not like I’m a kissing devil, you know? I’m not Papan after all.


「Let me carry her as well」


The Queen entered the battle, so this time I was atop her leg.

Seeing the Queen I’ve met for the first time at close proximity, I went blank.




She was a beautiful person to the extent where you’d say it out loud.

The sea blue hair that was a lighter color than Vi’s indigo blue was bewitching, her eyelashes were long and her eyes were pink with the clarity of rose quartz. Skin white to the point where I couldn’t think she’d ever been touched by the sun. Her plumply shaped lips. And most of all, BOING squeeze BOOM!

It’s important, so I’ll say it once more.

BOING sqeeze BOOM!!


From touching a little, I can tell she’s not wearing a corset! It’s not a fake constriction, and it’s not propped up either, it’s natural! Did she really bear a child?

Even my Maman……… Eeek, I won’t say it! I said I won’t say it!!


「Oh my, I’m happy!」


At the Queen’s joyful voice, I returned to myself.

Somehow putting my mother’s fearsome gaze out of my awareness, I started over my greetings to the Queen.


「Nishe chu meetchu, I’m Nefertima Osufe」


「Fufu. Nice to meet you, I’m Lirina. May I call you Nema?」


Her smile is really pretty too. Does she have elf blood or something?




When I replied lively, the Queen squeezed me tight.

Uwahー It smells really niceー


「I wanted a cute daughter like this」


No no, you’re still young, so please try your best to give birth to one. When you do, I think she’ll be a daughter some ten times more cute than me, probably?


More importantly, these gazes somehow hurt.

The type of jealous gazes from the guys.

You must be envious! While yelling in my heart, this time I clung to the Queen.

The Queen was a little surprised, but happily petted my head.

Hehe. I feel a little sense of superiority.


Or rather recently, I feel like I’ve been pretty popular with humans, but is it just my imagination? Eh? Aren’t I just being excessively self conscious, you say?

…Well that makes sense too! My face is plain after all. I’m only a target of affection because I’m still a child, and once I grow up no one will turn to give me a second lookー

…Saying it myself makes me feel empty.


In the end, there was no blame on any sides!

The conclusion was settled as『by God’s intent』. It’s that. Written as “intent,” read as “mischief!”


And my『free pass in the royal palace』leveled up!

Unbelievably, it’s become limitless and I can go wherever I want!!

Ain’t it amazing?

Well, though I said wherever I wanted, there were places I couldn’t be unless there was a supervisor at the actual site.

It’s just, was it the good will from the royalty? Or were they scheming something? It’s a little scaryー

My bafflement must have showed on my face, so Vi taught me something good.

He said there was something called a Dragon Knight Unit, and a species of yokuryuu called lindbloom and a subspecies of chiryuu called lind-drake dragons were there!

I must definitely go there!!


As I expected, everything I thought showed on my face…

Really, this turning into a child is dreadful.

The me who was called a cool older sister, where did she go!!?


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mofu-nade 10

This chapter is from Papan’s point of view. Papan doesn’t call Wrath by his name, but uses his species (tenko) to refer to him. Another info dump while Nema is off in dreamland T-T

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I’ve modified『Master of a Sacred Beast’s Blessing』→『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』.


9, What was really fearsome was… (Dalerant PoV)


My adorable and beloved daughter was cuddled close to the tenko, sleeping.

Her sleeping face was truly like an angel’s.

Frankly, I don’t like the fact that His Highness’ sacred beast is a male, but he’s protecting Nema so I’ll bear with it.


The nobles who were gathered for the audience were in the middle of being noisy, so I was thankful the tenko lured Nema to sleep.


As if he saying he didn’t want Nema to hear the conversation that would happen from hereon, if it were the tenko’s own decision, it could be said to be bizarre though.


Tenko were unable to speak. However, through some sort of magic, conveying their intents with their contractors was possible. They were able to understand a human’s words, and if the royalty was spoken of badly here, His Highness could be informed via the tenko. Though of course, if the tenko judged that there was a threat to His Highness, he would immediately bite them to death.

To Nema, it can be said that being at the tenko’s side was the safest place for her.


The gathered nobles eyes shined with the usefulness of the fire dragon and were hurling discussions on how they could make it benefit them.

The cabinet ministers, if I had to say either of the two, were concerned for Nema.

The Minister for Home Affairs who was pressing them to speak about the current situation more in detail, Olivier Weis.

The top of the Royal Knights Order and the Imperial Guards, General Gauche Zernan, was questioning whether there was any danger to Nema in her surroundings.

He was worrying about Nema.

The ancestors of the three ministers of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Financial Affairs, the general, and I the Prime Minister were called『The Founding Heroes』and we were bound with strong ties. Since the first generation, we’ve associated with each other like family.


There were those here who cut into their conversation.


「We wish to shelter Nefertima-sama at our temple, but how about it?」


What is this idiot saying?

As if I’ll give my angel to that abominable place!


「Oh? So the Head Priest had a taste for young girls… No matter how cute you think my Nema is, that is just…」


Though the surroundings snickered, that guy didn’t get angry but persisted further.


「No no. Please don’t misunderstand. We’ve achieved success with our『saintess』training, so I was saying it would be acceptable for you to entrust her to us」


“Saintess training,” you said!?

You must’ve mistaken it for “brainwashing”!!

No different from kidnapping, you steal the children with strong healing powers from their families, and through the abuse you call “training” you powerfully enslave them, tailoring them into dolls that can’t speak or think. Just how are they『saintesses』?

Come to think of it, this guy was persistent with Ralph too.


「Though that girl is naive and free spirited, for that reason she loves all of creation. If we give the temple custody over her and they turn Nema into a doll, I don’t think the fire dragon nor His Highness’ sacred beast will stay silent, though?」


As if approving my words, His Highness’ sacred beast cried「gau」.


Nema will wake up, so just purr!


「With all due respect, is Nema truly your child?」


Butting in from the side was a duke like me, Feldis Lazul.

He’s an entirely disagreeable cunning old man. He coveted riches and authority, he even put his craftiness to use to grab onto the power of the royalty.

Well, no matter what conspiracies, it was leaked without reserve to His Majesty. His Majesty’s protege’s spies were too excellent, in a sense it was terrifying.


「What do you mean by that?」


「No, it’s nothing. It’s just those types of rumors have reached my ears.」


Certainly, the elder two looked like us, but Nema was different.

It would mean they were doubting my wife Cerulia of infedelity, but I didn’t doubt her in the slightest. Because there was evidence that was that infallible.


Cerulia chuckled at Duke Lazul’s words.

Well, I understand how she felt.


「Excuse me. Nefertima is without a doubt, the child the God of Creation granted Dale and I with.」


「Well, you can say whatever you please.」


Cerulia’s eyes flashed (or so they looked).

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this expression.

Though her lips were expressing a smile, her eyes were dyed with a color like she had just discovered a bug. And she wore a chilling aura on her body.

It’s a secret to the children, but when I met Cerulia, I was also looked down upon in this manner. She spit up venomous words that were unimaginable from her usual calm demeanor.

I would lose my dignity as a father, so it’s deeeeeeeeeeeefinately a secret from the kids!!


「My, you are aware that unlike you nobles who are obsessed with thoughts of sex, we’ve exchanged the『Vow of True Names』? The spirits that dwell within all creation have recognized Nefertima as our child. What other proof is greater than this?」


This happened when you informed each other of your true names which God’s power lied within when you married, pledged fidelity and bound eachother. The oath was called the『Vow of True Names』, but if you broke this and were unfaithful, you would warrant divine retribution.

You wouldn’t die, but as one who defied God, the brand of a『Depraved One』would appear on your forehead.

That was the symbol that you lost God’s divine protection, and that person would be cast away by society and scorned until death.

However, there were few men who could be satisfied with one woman, and that trend was prominent especially from within those possessing of power. For that, as a way of escape, they would make the woman who’d become their wife swear on her name alone and marry, which was something called the『Lady’s Vow』. With this, if the wife was unfaithful she’d become a depraved one, but if the husband was unfaithful, because he didn’t divulge his true name, he would be exempted. Why that sort of phenomenon happens, it still hasn’t been explained in detail to this day. From the description from a spirit user from ancient times, those who broke their oath on their true name were noticed by the spirits whether they wanted them to or not and were immediately reported to God.

Spirits lodged in all of creation, no matter if we couldn’t see them with our eyes, they existed everywhere. It was impossible to conceal yourself from them.

Perhaps for that reason, not just limited to the nobility, but infidelity even ran rampant amongst the commoners now. Again, unmarried people increased, and ending relations with cohabitation was also common, so the declining birthrate was an issue in any country.

If either of them one-sidedly swore on their true name, they weren’t accepted as spouses. If they weren’t, God wouldn’t bless them with a child.


With that as the reason, there was also a country who’s succession sturggle has become a dreadful thing. Standardly, a queen would marry in as a princess from another country, but as royalty you couldn’t let her vow a Lady’s Vow, but with a Vow of True Names you were unable to have concubines, so a queen must birth a boy. As my grandfather became a subject of the state, it was still better that my son Ralph was given the right to succeed the throne, however.

If the royal bloodline became weak, nobles who establish false charges would show up and Ralph’s wife could only be one linked to our royal family. The princess of Milma country whom His Majesty’s elder sister married to was a strong contender, though… Although, if Their Majesties would give birth to a girl, then this conversation would be quicker…


Oh no, oh no. My thoughts have gone astray.


「Are you saying I have the mark of a depraved one?」


「But it’s well known that Duke Osphe is head over heels for you. Could it be that only Duke Osphe has sworn on his true name?」


「His Majesty held witness to our pledging ceremony. Are you questioning His Majesty?」


It seems the match has been determined.

You mustn’t think you can win against Cerulia in a battle of words. You’ll gain a fear of socializing and depression, and eventually you’ll lose sight of the meaning of your own existence and be arrested by thoughts of suicide.

It’s calmed down considerably since we’ve married, but the time when Cerulia was a bachelorette was terrible.


Several nobles who must not have known about Cerulia’s fearsomeness displayed their fixation on Nema. But with Cerulia’s logic of making His Majesty and elder Suthers into her ally and using her poisonous tongue, she was able to crush those foolish nobles.


As a master and senior apprentice, the two were sweet on Cerulia.

If they wanted to resent someone, they should resent Lazul who lit a fire under her, or they themselves who didn’t know about her.


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mofu-nade 9

A short chapter, but full mofumofu nadenade as promised in the series title. Enjoy~


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8, Let’s play with Wrath.



Wrath-kun brought me to a corner within the audience room. Or rather, it was really at the edge.

But, what was there was a cushion. It was navy blue, fluffy and looked comfortable, but it was about the size of 3 futons.

Wrath-kun lied on the cushion with a poof.

No, un, I understand. You’re big. But, seeing it like this, it makes me want to retort.…

Wrath-kun’s body was a little bigger than a bison’s. Tte, it’s hard to tell like that, huh.

Then, a cow. Compared to a holstein, he’s about 1.5 times larger?

Can’t he swallow me in one bite?

Because, prepared beside the cushion was a mountain of raw meat. This is Wrath-kun’s snack.

There was a small chair next to the cushion, but was it for me?

I’ll use Wrath-kun as a substitute for a cushion, so I don’t need it, don’t need it.


「Wrash-kun, shay ahh」



Firmly grabbing onto the raw meat, I brought it to Wrath-kun’s mouth.

Well, I don’t know what to think about a noble’s daughter grabbing onto raw meat, but I did it in the other world. Of course, it was to feed carnivorous animals.

Scattering raw meat for the black kites and crows, once they realized I was throwing it, sometimes they would do a nice catch.

But you’ll get attacked if it were a bird with a rude disposition, so good kids shouldn’t imitate this at home.


Wrath-kun obediently opened his mouth. I thrust my hands inside.




That would happen. It doesn’t hurt though. The fangs aren’t hitting me anyways.

The surroundings were a little loud, but don’t mind.

When I pulled my arms out, they were sticky with spit.

Wrath-kun chewed in a good mood.

What should I do? While I looked at my dripping hands, a maid gave me a hand towel.




I spoke my thanks to the maid who was skillful at consideration for others.

However, the maid’s face was drained of blood, and her legs clattered in shaking.


I don’t really know, but if you’re feeling bad then you should take a rest.

When I told her that, she replied「I am unworthy of those words」and shrank back in fear.



When I was satisfied with feeding Wrath-kun, I squished his paw pads next.

Massaging them with my hands and rubbing them on my cheek. Wrath-kun let me do whatever I pleased.

But, sure enough, his paw pads were hard…

Well, I expected it though.

As dogs and such mature, they’ll harden. As I thought, the no.1 was a kitten’s paw pads. That squishy sensation is irresistible!


After the paw pads was the tail.

I tried petting it and gripping it.

When I did, Wrath-kun tickled me with his tail.

Though I wasn’t very exposed, he tickled places like my neck, cheek, and my calves.

Somehow, it’s kinda erotic!?

Being tickled by the tip of his tail, I desperately held back my laughter. I buried my face into Wrath-kun’s tummy and muffled my voice.


Satisfied, after Wrath-kun stopped his tickle attack, I was dead tired. I was worn out from laughing.

What are you going to do if I have muscle pain tomorrow!!?


Perhaps from being tired, I somehow got sleepy.

Using Wrath-kun’s tummy as a cushion replacement, it was time for my afternoon nap.

Fumu. The elasticity of his tummy was just right, and the cozy feeling is good too, it’s a top class cushion!!

Now then now then, good niーght.


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mofu-nade 8

Is there a lot of world building in this chapter, or is it just me? OTL

This chap is also kinda long. Not as long as last time’s, but still pretty long. I’m pooped.

Also if anybody noticed, I added another mofu-nade glossary like thing, but this time for characters. You can see it here.

Just a little fyi, I might be a little preoccupied with the new mystic messenger route, so send me prayers for my heart and hourglasses if possible lol Why are there no calling cards for V and Ray, dammit sobsobsob

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I’ve changed the part the comments pointed out a little.

7, I was called out.


Several days after the fire dragon incident, as we thought, a「come here for a bit」type of notice came from the royal palace.


Because there would be a lot of important people, I was unreasonably dressed up.

A refreshing light blue chiffon dress. White toe shoes. On my head was a large white ribbon and a lovely hair ornament made from small blue flowers.

A matching white ribbon was prepared for the bunny, so I fastened it around its neck.


The dress was super cute, and wearing it made me happy, but my face was plain so honestly it felt off.

Though my family praised me to no end, their favorability towards their family was intense so it didn’t serve as a reference.


This time we didn’t go by our carriage, but someone from the palace was sent to pick us up.

VIP treatment! Or course it wasn’t anything like that…

There were four knights as guards? Escorts? And they were exceedingly grave.

Was it because of Papan’s『slaughtering』declaration?


Riding the palace’s carriage was somewhat scary, so I hugged the bunny tight.

Wearing the bunny on my back while I was in a dress didn’t match, so I was currently carrying it.


Mother, who noticed her daughter’s anxiety the quickest, was letting me ride the carriage while wrapped in her arms.

Let’s stick to Maman until we reach the palace.


The carriage passed through the main gate and headed towards the largest entrance, which was used for official functions and such.

The road continuing after the main gate was wide enough to accommodate about 3 carriages running along side by side.

Well, they probably made it that wide for event parades or military uses.

Before the entrance was the symbolic water fountain, and in the middle of that was a statue of the Goddess about 2 meters high.

This Goddess was called Cressiore, who was the daughter of the God who created this world. It’s said that to support the world, Cressiore holds『this world』in her right hand, and『the world of the dead』in her left.

According to legends, Cressiore was the Goddess of Love and Resurrection, granting healing to the living and carrying out revival on the souls of the deceased. The souls Cressiore revived would be sent to the God of Creation and would once again receive life on『this world』.

Though it seems what you reincarnated to would depend on the actions of your last life.

But, if that God of Creation is that God, then rather than good deeds, I feel like he’d evaluate on how interesting it’d turn out.

His daughter Cressiore must surely have been subjected to hardships…

Oh no, I’ve begun trying to escape reality through my thoughts.


The carriage curved around the right side of the fountain and stopped at the entrance way’s carriage porch, which looked like a rotary.

Two knights who would serve as guides appeared to meet us.

As I thought, are they being vigilant against Papan?


For the time being, I said my thanks towards the knights who escorted us and waved bye bye.

Perhaps even the stone faced knights weren’t a match towards a child’s innocence, they waved back with a smile.


The hallways the guide chose for their route were all ones that sparkled.

It was seeable at a glance that the pillars were crafted with a delicate touch, made by a worksman who could be called an artisan or a master or something. Because, its craftsmanship was super miraculous! To the point where I thought that just by touching it, it would break.

The maids who have to clean these aren’t ordinary fellows!


The style of the garden I glanced at resembled English gardens, and there were hedges constructed into a maze, as well as charming gazebos.

The just sprouted green leaves were gentle on the eyes, with the flowers with a faint color scheme of white and pink being the main attraction.

On a day with nice weather, I want to drink tea at a place like this. Preparing snacks too, I’ll call the fluffiesー Should I ask Vi later?

…I’m a little scared of what I’ll have to do in return though…


After enjoying the maze in the palace, an unreasonably large door appeared before us.


This is way too big. Is this those things called a waste of beauty?

Since it’s more than twice Papan’s height, it’s around 4m?

By the way, Papan’s height is estimated at 185cm. As for why I say it ambiguously, it’s because our denominations are completely different. The units of length are: gel < mino < kai < sasu, and they increased by 100 a piece. By this measurement, Papan is 73 gel tall. Comparing it to the metric system, 1 gel was approximately 2.5cm. 1

But I’m not sure if it’s right, I can’t measure with the metric system after all.

Ahh, I thought of something else again to escape from reality.


Because, this door was excessively gorgeous. Plus, there were guards on both sides of the door too. Their uniform was different from the knights, so were these guys imperial guards?

They were there when I met the King before too, come to think of it.

With the completion of these conditions, what’s beyond this door, it can only be what they call an『audience』!

Jammed with cabinet ministers and people of status, and with a red carpet in the middle. That would be connected with stairs, and beyond those would be the King and Queenー

Uwhaー…I want to escape with all my strength.


While I was imagining that, Papan showed our summons to one of the guards.

After confirming the document, the two guards opened the door that needed two people to open it.


Uwah. As I thought, that door is heavy.


Pulled by Mom’s hand, we advanced inside.

While I was panicking, “As I thought, it’s an『audience』” on the inside, a loud voice resounded from behind.


「The Prime Minister, Duke Dalerant Osphe. Royal Magician, Magic Engineering Bureau Director of the Royal Sorcery Research Institue, Duchess Cerulia Osphe. And their daughter Nefertima-sama, have arrived!」


Yes, it was a wonderful tenor pitched voice.

Tte, Papan was the Prime Minister?

That can’t be!!

And Maman. What do they mean by magic engineering? How influential is a bureau director?

I heard that the two were amazing people, but I’ve seen it personally for the first time in the 3 years since I’ve reincarnatedー

My brain is already over capacity…


After having our names announced, we proceeded to the steps and did a vassal’s formalities.

Just like my Mom, I bent my body into a bow with shaking legs.

The bunny was sandwiched under my armpit. Doesn’t this look kinda dumb?


「Apologies for calling you here, Lord Osphe. Please be at ease.」


Alright, the King’s permission came out at once.

I raised my face and surveyed my surroundings.


It was just as I imagined.

Above the stairs was the King, the Queen, and Vi was there too.

Right below the steps were the cabinet ministers, and since we were acquaintances let’s leave it at that. In the lower seats were nobles with positions with imperial guards lined up next to them as security, and there were maids at the wall.


「If Your Majesty calls us, we’ll happily come running.」


「Our business is of the matter that happened a few days ago, with the fire dragon at the academy. I’ve heard that Nefertima has contracted with the fire dragon, but is it true?」


Everyone stirred at the King’s words.

Even though they knew the fire dragon appeared, the information that a contract was made must not have been passed along.


「It wasn’t an official contract.」


For the time being, Father denied the King’s words.


「But, she can use the fire dragon’s power, can she not?」


「Certainly, if my daughter wishes for it, she may utilize the fire dragon’s power. However, my daughter did not receive the『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』.」


Oh? It’s my first time hearing about it, what’s this『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』??

Judging from the flow of conversation, is it something like a cheat or the promised compensation type ability?


「Then, there is no fear the fire dragon’s power will bring harm to our country?」


「Yes. I swear it on my name, Dalerant Osphe.」


It’s fine to say that the words『I swear on my name』are the most grave words in this world.

The God of Creation’s power dwells within a true name, and if you break your word you would die. In that case, it’s said your soul would be unable to go to『the world of the dead』and would be annihilated. Also, you couldn’t swear on a false name. If you tried to name yourself with an alias, you would be unable to speak. I’ve never tested it though, so I can’t verify it.

Then, you would become unable to use other people’s names. I don’t understand the logic!

If it was a system God incorporated into the world, then though he understands the principles, I don’t think he’s a fellow who follows them.


「I understand. I shall believe you.

Then, have you found out the cause behind this event?」


A lone old man stepped forth at the King’s query.

With a hooded robe and a cane, his outfit was truly that of a magician’s.


「I shall explain about that matter.」


「I’ll leave it to you, Suthers.」


I heard this later, but this elder Suthers was the head of the Royal Sorcery Research Institute and the most powerful magician in this Gashe Kingdom, a remarkable person.


「First off, there was no problem with the magic formation. In the case that the technicians made a mistake in their aria, the prevention magic would have activated. I went to test it personally, and with the exact same aria a demonic beast was summoned, so the wrong aria was not used.」


「Then are you saying that no fault lies with the magicians?」




「However, how will you explain the reality that the fire dragon was summoned?」


「The power of something non-human at work…Or it may have been God’s will, perchance.」


「…God, you say?」


AhーUn. If it’s him, then he’d do it!

Probably, to make me interact with people.

I would say it’s unnecessary meddling, but I’m really happy I got to meet with Sol.


「…What do you think, Head Priest?」


The Head Priest was the same type of person, an object of worship, as elder Suthers was.

He was wearing a white priest’s outfit, his tunic sporting a stand up collar, a long silver cloth was wrapped around his waist as something like a belt, and there were long slits on both sides. Though there was complicated embroidery in blue thread, all I could see it as was a tasteless geometric pattern. I couldn’t see the rest of his pants so I only know they were white. The closest thing to it would be a chinese changpao. 2

The Head Priest himself, speaking frankly, was a fatty!

Look, like those villainous priests that show up in mangas and stuff.

Like he swiped offerings into his own pocket, enriching his own life and eating delicious things to his heart’s content, swelling up with fat. It’s exactly that feeling!


「I feel the God of Creation is leading us. The gathering of sacred beasts in this country as well, He must hold great expectations for you, Your Majesty. Expectations that Your Majesty will shepherd the people of this world to the peaceful lands.」


Hahaan. So these guys was one of the reasons for that.

This is also one pattern.

The pattern of putting on the airs of God’s spokesperson, brainwashing the masses and sticking his foot in politics.

In this world, there’s only the Church enshrining the God of Creation and the Goddess Cressiore. The spiritualism that the elves and beastmen believed in was something different, after all.

For that reason, religion was given the same power as the government.

The Church’s headquarters were on a certain mountain on the border of Gashe Kingdom and the neighboring Milma Country, and located there was the sole temple. The headquarters was truly a small religious state. Compared to the world over there, it was something like the Vatican city state.


In other words, the Church had become a central figure, planting the ideology『the ones who control the world should be humans』into the minds of royalty and their citizens in each country and scheming to instigate them to persecute the other races.


But deciding after only seeing one of them isn’t good, right?

I haven’t met any of the other races yet, and I don’t understand the principles of this world.

Starting from a baby, it likely means I can postpone until death to make a decision, so let’s go about it leisurelyー

Though it looks like the human life expectancy is shorter here than over there.


Besides, my foremost motive is to be healed by the fluff. God’s request is secondary.


「Did you get bored Nema?」


I was startled at suddenly being called at.

I jerked my head up and met eyes with Vi, who seemed to be amused for some reason.


Ummm, why does he look like he’s having so much fun?

Hah! Did my thoughts appear on my face while I was thinking? Making a myriad of faces all by myself??

Did he have fun watching while thaaaaaaaatー!?


How embarrassing… What is this, this super shame play…

Too embarrassed, I buried my face in the bunny.

Unmistakably, Vi would be enjoying that embarrassed appearance as well.


Enjoying the sight of a 3 year old toddler fidgeting in shame, he’s not a brutish prince but a pervert prince!


Vi must have been suppressing his laughter, I heard him chuckling from above my head.


Papan, Maman! Save me!!

Your daughter is being toyed with by a pervert!!


「If you’re bored, then do you want to play with Wrath in the corner?」


What!! I can!?

No, wait. The one who called me was the King.

Leaving without the King’s permission would be bad.


「Can I, King-chama?」


I used a child’s weapons unrestrainedly.

I hugged the bunny tight and I pleaded with watery eyes.

With this, Papan would definitely cave, but…


「It must have been difficult for you to understand, Nefertima. My apologies for not noticing.」


Oohh! It seems to have been effective on the King!

As I thought, I should treat the most powerful people with cordiality.


「I’m happy chu hab metchu King-shama and Queen-shama」(I’m happy to have met you, King-sama and Queen-sama)


Courtesy was free, and it was the so called secret to success in life. But even so, being childish was necessary so I purposely said it like this.

It’s not like I’m making excuses!

The King and Queen actually did smile, so it’s fine.




When Vi called him, he must’ve been waiting beside him or something, Wrath-kun’s figure sluggishly appeared from the right of the stage.

Vi told Wrath-kun something in a quiet voice, then ordered the maids.


Wrath-kun nodded composedly towards Vi.

Jeez, that gesture is super cute!

While I swooned on the inside, Wrath-kun jumped down the stairs even without a running start.

It was just like a cat, or rather, he was a cat.

No sound or impact, the figure of his quiet landing. The movement of the muscles on his back. He’s a cat after all.


Wrath-kun came to my side and sniffed me. Then, he passed to the side and cried「gau」.

As if he was telling me to follow him, I was about to step forward while feeling giddy.


Wait a momeeeeeeeeeeeent!

That was close. I was about to violate what Dad and Mom said.

Wrath-kun, you aren’t using charm skills or anything, are you? What a fearsome child!!


I was prohibited to play with sacred beasts in front of people, so I sent an enquiring gaze to my parents.

For some reason, Dad was smiling bitterly and Mom was smiling as if she were saying, “good job on finally noticing.”


「We still have things to speak of with His Majesty. Nema, be a good girl and don’t frolic around too much, alright?」


Ahahaー She sure laid it on me.

I was a kid who got into various troubles, so I replied「Yesh!」in high spirits.


With this, I can play with Wrath-kun without reserveー When I turned around…。

His tail was swinging.




I grabbed onto the nearby moving thing on conditioned reflex.


Cats hate to have their tails grabbed.

I did the same thing to the cat in my past life’s parents’ home and it turned into a bloody event, so I’ve learned through experience.


I timidly checked Wrath-kun’s expression, but he didn’t seem to mind it. If I had to say, he rather seemed to be in a good mood.

Wrath-kun walked forward while I held his tail.

Ahh, I see.

I was baited with his tail. This guy, it was a premeditated crime!


When I was hunting for novels to read on syosetu, my own work was higher up on the daily ranking than I thought, so I was shocked.

I’m really grateful towards those who’ve taken a liking to this shoddily written story.


I’ve finally been able to release the parents’ names. I parodied the Dad’s name from the squirrel in the dream country(lol)


The units of length that appear in the story are: 1 gel = 1 inch = 2. 54 cm.


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  1. By the way, “gel” is pronounced with a hard “G.” So not the g sound from “gentlemen” but the g sound from “google.” 
  2. I think this is right. Not 100% though. 中国の長袍 

mofu-nade 7

This chapter is really long… The chapters get longer, so yay sarcasm

Can’t wait for the storyline to start kicking in though (around ch 20 I think). Also, how to baby speech OTL

Oh, and Sol speaks kinda archaically. I was thinking of making it sound all shakespeaeran but that seems annoying, so nah. His accent isn’t that heavy anyways, at least I don’t think.

Wanted to publish this yesterday but for some reason, my internet wasn’t working for my devices only (still having trouble with it right now honestly)… Hence, was also unable to do some decent translations, and RL getting a little busier (also prone to procrastination), so expect more delays.

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I’ve changed Sol’s size from a jumbo jet to a regular sized airplane.

To those who aren’t sure of the difference, please just think he’s become a size smaller.


6, Let’s go to school. Onee-chan Part


Where my brother and them took me was truly a colosseum.

Or better to say, why is there something like this at a school!?

Eh? Traces of when it was part of the palace??

No no, it’s still strange, ain’t it?


Father and Mother were waiting at the colosseum’s entrance.


I was being held by the brutish Prince Vi, so I think the two must’ve been surprised.

But not one bit showed on their expressions, and they took a reverent vassal’s bow.

Father bent his left leg and put his right hand to his chest, lowering the top half of his body.

It often appears in films set in the Middle Ages of Europe.

Mother lifted her skirt with both hands and bowed in a half crouching posture.

It’s an extremely elegant action, but it’s definitely gotta be tough! Because, until they’re given permission, they have to keep their postures no matter what!

I’ll have to start learning etiquette soon, but my heart is already discouraged…


「Today I participate not as the Crown Prince, but as a student of this institute. I wish that you as well, not as retainers but as alumni, will grant us your guidance.」


What he was saying was super praiseworthy, but the way he was speaking like he was above them was really like royalty, so I laughed a little.


Noticing my snickering, Vi asked「what’s wrong」with his sight alone.


「It’s a shecretー」(It’s a secret)


Cuz if I tell you honestly, you’re going to pick on me againー


There was nothing set up inside the colosseum, and there were only seats prepared atop a high wall.

The only odd thing was that there was a magic circle drawn in a part inside.


According to Vi’s explanation, that magic formation would summon various demonic beasts and they would defeat them with magic.


Don’t let children do such cruel things! And is this country really planning on going to war or something??


While I groaned urgh as I pondered, my sister came out.




As usual, my sister stood with a regal bearing that was unthinkable for a 10 year old.

After a moment, the magic formation released a white light. After the light visibly brightened, it gradually dimmed.


When the light completely settled, there was a summoned being within the formation.


It was a big…A really big being.


「No way…」


My brother muttered absentmindedly.

Beside him, my Mother was calling out my sister’s name with a frail voice.


Hmm~That, no matter how I look at it, it’s a dragon, right? Furthermore, it’s a fire attributed one, a fire dragon.

Isn’t this a bad match up with my sister?

My big sister was proficient with the fire attribute, but she’s basically ranked lowly in the water attribute, you know? The principles behind attributes were just like the world over there, so to do battle with a fire attribute, the water attribute was indispensable.

But if big sister’s level was above the fire dragon’s, then………


Tte, that’sーnotーit!!

Isn’t a fire dragon indisputably a sacred beast!!?

What are the teachers doing? Of course it’s wrong to treat a sacred beast like a demonic beast!!

Ain’t it the same as telling my sister not to fight and just die?


Realizing the abnormal situation at once, it looks like the knights and magicians and such have come running…


Big sister is in danger!

She’s the closest one!

Or better yet, stop making a face like you’re all for it and hurry and evacuate, big sister!!

Eh? Wait, Mom? Even you’re getting ready to fight!?

Where did the feeble Maman from before go!?


With this atmosphere, it feels like the fire dragon is going to get done in…

Because, I heard from our maids that Maman is a high leveled water magician on the same level as Papan, one of our country’s finest.

Oh no…This is bad…What should I do!?


I got down from Vi’s lap and looked for a place I could get inside.

Probably made so it wasn’t accessible via the audience gallery, I only saw stairs leading to the entrances and exits.

Now then, what to do?

I can jump down from the wall, but no matter how I look, it’s got 3m to it.

But I don’t have the leisure to think it through. Vi is chasing after me…


Alright! Women are guts!!





The jumping was fine, but it’s scaーrーyーyyy!!!!!!!

I’ll definitely be squashed flat!

I didn’t think it through enoughーーーSaーveーmeーeー!!!!


So this is what being on the end of regret is…When I experienced it personally, a warm wind wrapped around my body.

Like this…I was gently lowered to the ground………

It feels a little different from magic…But since I don’t have mana, I don’t really know.


「Thangyu!」(Thank you!)


I don’t know who saved me, but I properly expressed my gratitude. They’re my life’s savior after all.


I tottled along running at a speed that was no different from an adult’s walking pace and hurried to the fire dragon’s side.

Eh? Not my big sister’s?

Normally that would be the case, but considering my ability, it’d be faster for me to converse with the fire dragon.

I was liked by「creatures other than humans」more or less, so I think it’ll work on the dragon too.


I slipped through the adults who restrained themselves after being startled at the child that suddenly appeared and arrived at a place within the fire dragon’s sight.

I felt its feet would be a dangerous blind spot because the fire dragon was as big as an airplane. I feel like I’d just go squish.


Looking at the surroundings, I faced the adults and spoke in a large voice.


「You caーn’t! Don’t buwwy this kid!」(You can’t! Don’t bully this kid!)


The adults were clearly confused.

They didn’t listen one bit to my plea, but they stopped their attack. Well, of course they can’t continue if there’s a small child here. But even so, they were professionals who closely observed for any indications the fire dragon would attack and prepared themselves so they would be ready to act immediately.

As expected, they don’t put the royals to shame. It was impressive…


『This is not a place for little ones to appear.』


The dragon talked!!

Which means, he’s part of the long lived orthodox type!

In this world, there was subspecies of dragons like wyverns and large lizards and such that were part of the same family.

But, if he could speak then that was convenient.


「You can’t either, Mishter Fwire Dwagon!」(You can’t either, Mister Fire Dragon!)


『Forcefully summoned and receiving unwarranted bloodlust directed at me, I can’t very well stay silent.』


Well of course!

It’s the struggle for existence, in a meaning.

I mean, we’ve already started attacking!

Rather than bloodlust, it’s 【killing intent】, right.


「But won it hurt?」(But won’t it hurt?)


But if they fought here, neither side would get off with just hurting, though!

And if our house’s cheat existence defeated the fire dragon, then… 1


「I won be able to pet jhese shcales…」(I won’t be able to pet these scales)


『Hou, you wish to touch me?』


Ah! Crap! My real intentions leaked out!!

No, I mean, cuz when it comes to the fire dragon’s looks, it’s just like those ones that come out in games. Though I said『dragon』, it was one of those western type dragons.

Sharp fangs and claws. Large membrane-type wings. His reptilian golden eyes and red scales.

Of course I want to pet him!!

Or rather, let me pet you!!


「Un! I’ll pet youー!」


『Do you not fear me?」




An immediate reply! Rather than scary, you’re cool!

You must definitely let me ride on your back.


『You are a peculiar child.』


Saying that the fire dragon neared his head towards me, so I didn’t restrain myself.


Pet petーーー


Oohh, I thought it would be hot, but it’s cold and sleek!!

It really feels like the sensation of reptiles. But it’s hard… There’s none of the softness like snakes and lizards have. Is it because he’s so big?


「Feelsh good」


Riding on the mood, I hugged his muzzle.

I want this bed for the summertime!


『Once you grow older, should you find yourself still in need of me, then I shall take you as my master at that time. 』


Saying that, the fire dragon flapped his big wings.


「Don goー」(don’t go)


When I grow up, how long will that take?

More than that, I want to make the contract now and keep him at my house!


To my clinging that didn’t want him to go, the dragon half closed his eyes in amusement.


『Then I shall grant you this』


A red light emerged in front of my eyes. The red light that departed from the fire dragon’s body was in a swirling whirlpool, and after converging into one it formed into a round shape.

Then, a red ball of light gently fell into my hands.


It’s warm…


As if the light was dispersing within my hands, it calmly vanished.

What was left in my hands was a red sphere.

Dyed a deeper color than a ruby, it was a mysterious red.


「Whas thish?」(What’s this?)


『The Dragon Orb. It’s an item that will connect you and I. Keep it close to your person.』


Somehow, I got a rare item!!

Keep it close…It’s so big that there’s still some peeking out when holding it with a child’s hands, though. And since it’s in a sphere shape, it’ll be hard to make into an accessory.

How am I supposed to carry it around?


『If you wish for it, the Dragon Orb will change its shape.』


Hou hou.

So it’s capable of forever changing it’s appearance.

Meaning, it’s ok to turn it into an ornament that won’t look strange for a child to carry.


Hmm, like a stuffed animal or something?


When I recalled a certain mouse’s teddy bear 2 , the Dragon Orb within my hand began letting out light.


It turned into a large teddy bear that I could hold in both hands.

It was exactly the teddy bear of that certain dream country 3 . But it was red, so there was a great sense of discomfort. It only looked like the product of a certain counterfeiting country. 4


Wait, this isn’t any good, me!

It’s turned even bigger than what it originally was!! I might not lose it, but it’s inconvenient!


Hmm, as I thought, is an accessory type better?

Something I can always keep on me and won’t lose… When I was over there, I didn’t have a habit of wearing any accessories. It seemed too superfluous.

Ah! That’s right! I can make it into that!!


While thinking of “that,” I looked at the teddy bear.

The light manifesting again, it changed from the teddy bear to what I was imagining.


What appeared was something a size bigger than the teddy bear.

It was a lop-eared bunny backpack.

Of course, the color was red.


Like this, it won’t be strange for a child to carry it, and I won’t lose it since it’s a backpack, plus it won’t occupy my hands!!

Furthermore, if you opened the zipper around the tummy, there was a proper place for storing things away. Even more so, with this size, I can use it as a hug pillow.

It’s a nice idea, if I do say so myself♪


「Awwight! I’be deshided on thish!」(Alright! I’ve decided on this!)


『Fumu…What a queer doll』



Such an archaic way of speaking.


「You yoosh it waik thishー」(You use it like this)


I put wore the bunny on my back and showed him.


「Waik thish, I won loosh it」(Like this, I won’t lose it)


When I turned to him with a face full of smiles, the fire dragon nodded in satisfication.


『The Dragon Orb hath an effect of connecting the minds of the possessor and mine. Telepathy is also possible, and strong feelings and intents can be conveyed without obstruction. As thou can employ my magic through the Dragon Orb, t’will surely assist thee in thy times of peril.』


Uheee… Somehow it feels like just having this is pretty dangerous.

By possessor, that means people other than me can use it?

Everyone here can hear my conversation with the fire dragon, so if some greedy people decided to use force to take it, I don’t have the confidence to protect it!

Un. Please spare me from that!!


「I can’t pwotect it!」(I can’t protect it!)


『Then it should be fine if you allow the Dragon Orb familiarize with your mana, but…』


I don’t have mana either!

The fire dragon should know I’m hesitant to say that too.


『You may also spill a drop of your blood onto it. Then, the Dragon Orb will be yours only to use.』


In other words, it’s biological authentication via mana or blood.

Tell me that soonerー

I can only feel that spilling my blood onto a bunny backpack is psychotic…

I’ll return it to a ball later and do it then.


「Yesh. Whatsh your name, Mishter Fwire Dwagon?」(Yes. What’s your name, Mister Fire Dragon?)


I forgot to ask something essentialー

It feels like we’ll be together for a long time, so if I keep calling him “Fire Dragon,” I won’t be able to shrink the distance between us.


『I can only tell you my True Name during the time we construct our contract, but you may call me Sol.』


Sol…Like the sun.

It fits perfectly with a fire dragon that governs over powerful flames!


True Name, huhー So there really is one.

I haven’t heard of the humans here having one, but I wonder if it’s only limited to sacred beasts?

Mom is knowledgeable about things like this, so I’ll ask her to teach me later.


「I’m Nemaー Sowyu…Sol, itsh nish to meechu」(Sol, it’s nice to meet you)


Whoops. I’ve done it now.

I was able to correct myself somehow, but I think I’ll fail once out of every three tries.

Forgive me, Sol.


『Then, I shall return to my roost.』


Saying that, Sol once again flapped his wings.

This time, I didn’t stop him.

It’s extremely unfortunate that I can’t keep him at home, but I seem to have tied a connection between us somehow so it’s fine.

Ahh…It’s really too bad…


Sol’s flapping stirred the air, sending a cloud of dust up. The wind was also strong so I couldn’t open my eyes, and if I didn’t pay attention I would be blown away.


When the wind died down and I could open my eyes, was high above in the skies.

After a short moment, his figure was completely unseen, and a feeling of relief was birthed in the surroundings.




When I turned to my name being called, my sister was running towards me.

Then, with that velocity she came and hugged me.

Big sister, it’s painful.

Wai– I can’t breathe, so loosen up!!

From the unbearable distress, I tapped my sister and gave her the signal, saying uncle.


「Aah, sorry」


When she loosened her hug, I breathed in a huge breath.

Haa, that was tough.


「Jeez, you’re such a worrisome child…」


My my, big sister is crying?

Though I do feel bad about making her worry…


「Nee-ne, you should run when itsh dwangerwous!!」(Big sis, you should run when it’s dangerous!!)


The one who worried us first was you, you know?

No matter how strong the magic power you inherited from our parents, you can’t overestimate yourself.

Though there’s healing magic, only those who have been blessed with the Goddess’ divine protection can use it, so there are really few people who can use it!


When I firmly scolded my sister not to push herself to do the impossible, I was given another intense hug.

Rather than a hug, the force used was closer to a tackle.


「Nema! Are you hurt anywhere?」


There was no dignity of a noble in it. I was captured by Papan, who came over dashing furiously.

Stop rubbing your cheek against me!




Leaving aside that I seriously wanted to run away from my Father’s arms.

Recently, Papan’s love feels heavy.


「Dear…You’ll be hated by Nema, you know?」


Mother stole me from Papan.

Feeling relieved, I clung to Mom.

As I thought, mothers are great. This sense of relief is no joke!

Sure enough Papan was downhearted, maybe I was a little too harsh?

I’ll fawn on him when we get home later.




Saying that and letting out a grandly deep sigh was Vi.

And then, he reached his hand out towards my face…





It hurts, it hurts! It really hurts!!


「Well, it’s fine if you’re safe.」


No no no, I’m not fine right now!

I just took damage right now!

Hah! Is this that brutish Prince’s way of showing affection!?

What a nuisance…


「Duke Osphe, I’ll have the royal magicians investigate about this event. And Nema will be taken into protection by the palace. Properly take time to think about countermeasures.」


「I acknowledge about the investigation. Ahh, my cute Nema will be looked at by those political dredges with dirty eyes…Should I just slaughter them all now?」


Papan, I heard some dangerous sounding mutters, but it’s just my imagination rightー?

When I looked at the surrounding faces, Vi was exasperated, big brother had a strained smile, big sister was laughing but her eyes weren’t, and Mom was pondering deeply over something.

Why isn’t anyone stopping Papan??


Hmmー It’s turned into something bothersome.

What to do?


A big shot suddenly appeared.

Though I said it was the big sister’s part, she mostly didn’t appearーhahaha

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  1. Likely referring to her mom. 
  2. Googled it lightly, but I don’t know the reference. (Saw some mickey mouse stuff though?) Someone tell me please~ Seems this does reference the Mickey Mouse universe, so one mystery solved, yay! 
  3. Still don’t know the reference. Someone said it might be Duffy from Mickey Mouse (really, thank you so much) so here’s a pic of the teddy bear: 71hhy5hntel-_sy355_ 
  4. When I think of counterfeiting country, the one that comes to mind is China, but idk for sure… (no offense to anyone)