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Next I intruded on the Beast House.


Today I’m going to play at part of the Special Forces Division, the Beast House where the Beast Knight Unit’s animals are!


The dragon knight-san I got friendly with taught me there were lots of curious creatures at the beast house too.

I had asked Papan, but it reached all the way to Vi’s place for some reason.


Vi was going to assign Gwen to me again, but I decisively refused and requested for Dan-san instead!


Ah, it’s more or less out of kindness, ok?

Gwen seems to be bad with animals on the whole after all.

Come to think of it, when I refused Gwen, his subordinates orz’d 1 in real life, but I wonder why?

Were they so shocked Gwen had a weak point?

But, there are some things people can’t deal with and can’t overcome. Taking it into consideration, their relatability with that ice beauty will get better so I think it’s a good thing.


While being led by the hand by Dan-san, we were heading in the complete opposite direction than the dragon stables.


「The animals are scared of dragons. That’s why they’re located as far away as possible from them.」


Well, yeah. No matter how you think of it, dragons are at the top of the food chain after all.

Of course they’d freak out.


We’ve been walking alongside a high wall for a loーng time now, but when will we get there?


「Are we there yet?」


「Ahh. It’s the other side of this wall. The entrance is…Look, it’s over there.」



The height of this is around 5m, you haven’t mistaken it for a prison right?

Or rather, we’ve walked quite a distance along this wall, just how big is this palace!!?


Once we went through the entrance, the Beast Knight’s commander came out to greet us.

This commander also immediately matched my eye height and gave his greetings.


「A pleasure meeting you, miss. I serve as the Commander of the Special Forces Division’s Beast Knight Unit, Lestin Ogma. Please call me Les.」


Lestin was a calm person. Without extinguishing his smile to the end, he also casually escorted me. He was the splitting image of a knight that appeared in those stories.

His appearance wasn’t enough to cross over into ikemen territory, so it was relaxing.

His dark brown hair was short and tidy, and his eyes that were a darker shade of brown resembled a Japanese person so it felt nostalgic.

A perfect score, more than the knights I’ve met so far!


Dan-san is a good person too you know? He’s good at taking care of others. He seems to be a little down lately though. I’ve often seen him spacing out while looking at the dragons.

The troublesome part about Dan-san is that he likes dragons a little too much.

Once he knew I could understand what the dragons were saying, he turned me into an interpreter and made me do something like an interview with all the dragons.

Starting from what they liked and disliked to eat, their exact age and their physical condition, the names of the knight members they liked.

Thanks to that, it took 15 days to come to the beast houseー

At that time, I learned from Dan-san’s various questions that there was a false rumor spreading around.

It said I was the formal contractor of the fire dragon. The reason was because I recieved the Dragon’s Orb. Dan-san taught me that the large bodied Ancient Dragons created Dragon Orbs to link with their contractors.

But the feeling I got from Sol was that the contract didn’t matter, if he found someone he liked then it was ok to give them?

I earnestly corrected Dan-san!

Sol said that once I became an adult, if I thought I needed him then he would make a contract with me. Though it was hard to tell if he meant if I were in a situation where I needed his power, or if I merely wanted to stay together with him.

From the flow of conversation, I tried asking him if he knew what the 『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』was. Then he replied with just two words, I dunno.… Tch, so Dan-san doesn’t know either.

My family won’t teach me, and Sol said I’d know at the time of the contractー. Each and every one of them.


Now then, let’s end the conversation between humans here and head to the main event!


At the destination Lestin led me too, a similar spectacle to the dragon stables spread into view.

However, it wasn’t a ranch but a safari park.

I can see the horizon…

What I could see with my eyes was grassland-like, but I feel like they’ve tampered with it magically.


The first ones I met was the standard herd of horses.

They were warhorses, but their physiques were better than the horses in the other world and they had thick legs. They probably possess a lot of power?

The black 2 , olive brown chestnut 3 , gray with white dappled 4 on it and pure white palomino 5 colors of their coat were no different from over there.


「Nefertima-sama, since we have this opportunity, would you like to take a tour while riding on these horses?」


Lestin suggested a capital idea.


I’ve only ridden a pony when I was small, so I’m super thrilled!

Ah, it was my youthful years in the other world, you know?


「I’ll wide the horshiesー!」


When I raised both arms in joy, Lestin used his fingers to whistle to the horses.

Awesomeー! A finger whistle is so much louder than a regular whistle with your lipsー


Noticing the whistle, a horse ran over.

It was a black horse who had a noticeably better physique than the others in the herd.


「This the the leader of the herd, Wazu.」


Hmhm. I thought I felt an “oresama” 6 feeling from him, so he was the boss?

Though he was called for and came, I felt a gaze as if he were asking, “what’s with this pipsqueak?”…


「I’m Nema! Naish to meechu Washu.」




His breathing sure is roughー

…Hm? Wait, did he just laugh at me??

I think I’m being looked down on.

Hmmm, so he’s going to take on that attitude.


I faced Wazu with a grin.

Wazu was also looking at me fixedly.

Though glaring would have been more correct, I don’t feel like it.

It’s said horses are really loyal to the ones they recognize as their master after all. He seems to be on guard against me, more or less.

This is a test of endurance.


「Letsh play Washuー!」


Without erasing my smile, I repeatedly called out 「Washu」.

Wazu took his gaze off me and looked towards Lestin. It might’ve meant something like “do something about this beansprout,” but Lestin just watched over the developments with interest.


「You won’ pway wish me Washuー? Then should I go somewhere elsh wish Lesh-shanー?」




Wazu protested by scratching the ground with his front hoof.

Un un. It’s lonely to part so fast after meeting your master.

That’s why if you acknowledge me, Lestin will come along too you know?


「Den letsh pway?」


When I asked again, he looked towards the herd behind him and towards Lestin, losing his cool.

Is he conflicted whether he should take the herd’s side as their boss, or if he should take the side of his master as his war steed?


「I apologize, Nefertima-sama. Wazu has a tendency to be willful…」


When Lestin said so, Wazu hung his head!

It wasn’t because he was concerned with something at his feet, he was hanging his head enough that I could hear a loud “GAーN” sound effect!!



Super cute!!

Is this his real self? This is his default, right!?

Looks like since he’s the boss of the herd, he tried hard to act pridefully.

The oresama type is good too, but this side is way cuter, hands down.

For now, I should clear up the misunderstanding.


「Dats wrong, Lesh-shanー Washu ishn’t willful you know? He’sh pwushing himshelf ash the herd’sh bosh and jusht doeshn’t wan to people to get too closhe to the herd. Right Washu?」(That’s wrong, Les-sanー Wazu isn’t willful you know? He’s pushing himself as the herd’s boss and just doesn’t want people to get too close to the herd. Right Wazu?)


When I asked Wazu, he nudged my with his snout.

Why do you understand, even though you’re a pipsqueak!? But thanks. Something like that?

Damn itーYou cute fellow, youuuー!


While petting the bridge of his nose, I patted his neck.

I’ve successfully ensnared Wazu for the time being, yes?




As if finally understanding my words, Lestin raised a surprised voice.

I’m sorry my pronunciation sucksー


「Umm, are you saying that Wazu took on a willful attitude to keep humans away from the herd?」




You don’t believe meー?

Or rather, Wazu acts like a spoiled child towards Lestin, doesn’t he?


「Would horses do such things?」


「Itsh becaush Washu ish a smart kid!」


Even Dan-san made an incredulous face.

There are animals that play dead and feign sickness, even dogs pretend to be naughty because they want their owners to pay attention to them!


After I explained with all my might, the two seem to have assented while still half in doubt.

Lestin apologized to Wazu for not realizing sooner.

Wazu rubbed against Lestin happily.

Un un. This scene is nicely warm and fluffy.


Since I’ve become close to Wazu, I urged the two people to hurry along.


「Can you call a kid with a good affinity to Nefertima-sama but also one Dan can also ride?」


When Lestin asked him, Wazu turned to his herd and whinnied, HIHIーN in a high voice.

When he did, we saw a horse run over.

A quick question before that horsie gets over here!


「Whaddya mean, Dan-shan too?」


Whoops, I was negligent. Pardon me. 7


「I’m bad with horses. My partner was a wild bear 8 when I was in the beast knight unit」


He said it ashamedly, but being unable to ride a horse is no good! Aren’t horses indispensable for knights!!?

And furthermore, a bear…Are you Kintaro 9 ? Your weapon wasn’t an axe, was it??

Eh, it was a halberd.………It’s still an axe!!

He’s like the western Kintaro. Cuz, Dan-san has more brown in his reddish hair than I do, and he has pale green eyes. He has the muscular and dark feeling of an Italian ikemen.


While I was worrying endlessly in my heart, the horse arrived.

Ok, let’s forget about it! That’s for the best!!


The kid Wazu called was a pretty white horse.

I was pleased with it the moment I saw it, but rather than me, I want my brother to ride on it! Then the blonde and blue eyed prince that appeared in stories would be created!!


「This is Hugh. He’s very calm and he can run on his own judgement, so it’s just right for Dan.」


Wow! It’s autopilot in a sense!

And Lestin seems to have inadvertently spoken somewhat cynically?

Is he unexpectedly one of those black-bellied type characters??


Now then now then, after equipping him with a double seated saddle, we’re off!!


Wazu turned into a disappointing kid…It wasn’t supposed to be this way(lol)


Next time is a big haul of mofumofu!! TN: You guys will have to wait til next week or after tho haha TuT My translating rampage might be over by now…

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Chapter 20 and on by Lovely Tea

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But hey, I DO have the light novels vol 1-3 (still need to buy the others but vol 4 was out of stock on cdjapan T_T) so I might do something with them in the future! Not willing to unbind them to scan in pictures though, so will probably have to make do with crappy photos =_=;;;;

  1.  3cd 
  2.  black-horse_1000 
  3.  haircolor5_en 
  4.  SONY DSC 
  5.  haircolor8 
  6. Oresama = pompous, confident type character. 
  7. I think what Nema means here is that she slipped out of polite speech for a bit. I’m not 100% sure though. 
  8. Wild bear is a species and written with katakana, so he probably wasn’t partnered with an actually wild bear. Probably. 
  9. Japanese legend of Golden Boy. More info on wiki. 

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