[SYN 36] Bannou Jochuu Konii Uire

The Almighty Maid Connie Vilé


Author: Mona Katei

Connie is a maid of Harbion Castle. He looks are average, and she’s a normal 17 year old. Possessing an abnormal amount of physical strength and endurance, she will perfectly complete the work of three people in a flash. Thanks to that, everyone calls her the 〈Almighty Maid〉. Even when she’s asked to resolve an incident from an acquaintance, she scatters away bad guys with only one hand. One day, her mother remarried into a Duke’s house, and his son who the young vice captain of the knights would become her step brother. But because Connie has past experience with him, she adamantly refuses to enter into the Duke’s household.

What will be the fate of the glasses-wearing maid and the handsome older step brother……?


★This work is being translated and reprinted without permission.

It’s the Naver blog of the korean user neillin.

The copyrights of 「The Almighty Maid Connie Vilé」 lies with Mona Katei.

If the person is seeing this, please speedily delete all the corresponding pages.

(It’s a blog that doesn’t allow mail from the outside, so I have no choice but to put it here)

Depictions of cruelty     Difference in social status     Difference in age     Female protagonist     Occupation     Fantasy     Maid is a tough nut to crack     Consequently, romance is a long ways away     Somewhat horrific Knight-sama     Civil official     Devilishness songstress     Inhuman strength     Intended for women     非テンプレ      First prize for Fairy kiss

Right now, I’m basically just going down the list of top ranking novels for isekai romances in syosetu (I’ve translated most of the top 10 already), and this is ranking 10 currently (might be different once this releases on mojo). Apparently someone is translating this to korean (supposedly) without permission, as you can see in the author’s footnote thing. Just found that interesting…. makes me think about my own translating escapades… OTL

Anyways, if anyone has an interest in translating this, then ask the author first. Otherwise, just make do with google translate or your own Japanese skills or something to read it. I haven’t read it myself yet, so I’ve got nothing to say about the story.


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