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Heibon 2

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I saw spirits.

The white-robed man who properly apologized to me is called Reyfaras Karhannah. 1

He seems to be a “High Mage” of this country.

He is a “High Mage.”

It’s important so I said it twice.


The white-robed mages with golden embroidery affixed were High Mages.

With only two amongst the mages in the country their magical talent is considered prodigious, and their social position would even allow them to offer their opinion to the King if it were concerning matters of magic 

In other words, Reyfaras-sama was a big shot.

After the High Mage the next color of embroidery was silver for the Middle Ranked Mages.

And for the mages with the least amount of status, the embroidery for the Low Ranked Mages was black.

Even though I said they had the lowest position, it seems that just by becoming mages in service to the crown they were targets of admiration for the country’s citizens.


Now then, the place I was currently at was a slightly removed annex of the building where the throne room was.

In a room of a place referred to as the Magic Villa where the magicians carried out their work, it was Reyfaras-sama’s office.

It’s already been an hour since I’ve been told to wait here for a while.


I had free time upon free time, so I decided to call out to the things I’ve seen ever since I came to this world.


『Hey, are you guys fairies or something?』


It’s not as if there was a person there.

Or actually, it’s not like I could ask someone if there was a “fairy” there.

The one I spoke to were the things that kept getting into my vision even if I didn’t want them to, the little things with a human-like figure with wings sprouting from their backs.

Red・Blue・Yellow・Green・Purple・Black・White, there were seven types with clothes and hair in each of their own respective colors and they always lingered in my field of vision.

The people around didn’t seem to pay them too much attention until now, but as expected they sparked my curiosity.


When I called out to the two small creatures? people? who had been frolicking, as if stunned they momentarily froze, and when I blinked they hid in the shadow of the bookshelf.


Oh my.


『Oーi, umm, I won’t do anything so can you come out?』


The ones who unexpectedly peeked out their faces from behind bookshelf were a red-haired and clothed pair.


『Hello. I’m Akidzuki Rio…Or, in this world it would be Rio Akidzuki maybe? Yoroshiku.』2


To my self-introduction the two looked at each other, then approached fluttering their wings.


『What exactly are you guys? …Tte, wai, what is it?』


Without responding to my question, the two touched my body peta peta filled with interest.

For the time being I let them do what they want, but before I knew it their number increased.

In addition to the two reds there were three green.

Furthermore there were one yellow and blue each.


Peta peta peta peta peta peta peta peta…………


『Ahh, jeez!! What is it!?』


「It’s because it’s rare for there to be a human who can see them.」


Just when I became fed up with the trouble and yelled out, Reyfaras-sama returned to the room.


Or rather,


『Humans who can see are rare…?』


「You can see them, can’t you? These guys.」


He lightly poked the blue that came up to him while asking so I nodded, and he nodded “as I thought” in return.


『Eh, you mean everyone can’t see them? That’s why they don’t especially touch them?』


「It’s because they can’t see that they don’t try to touch. In the extent of my knowledge, you are the second one who can see these guys. The first is me though.」


『Ah, um, Reyfaras-sama, what exactly are these guys?』




Even though I asked the most pressing question, for some reason Reyfaras-sama sunk into silence with a crease between his brows.




「…Why are you using polite speech? The way you spoke from before was much more natural. 」


『Eh? Because Reyfaras-sama is a big shot aren’t you?』


「So what?」


『No, what do you mean “so what”… 』


「I saw you when you ranted about the King. Even if you decide to renew yourself by using polite speech now, on the contrary it feels unpleasant.」




He’s said a lot.

But well, if he says it’s ok to speak informally that way is easier so let’s do so.


『Umm, then I’ll take you up on your offer and speak casually, but what are they?』


「They’re “spirits.”」




「Ahh. …”Magic” is the phenomenon when people manifest the magic power they possess outside of their body, and to perform that the user’s mana, as well as their power of imagination is imperative. And so to make that imagination easier arias are often used, using that for the sake of better creating imagery for more specific spells, they would be able to restrain the mana cost until the activation of the spell. That is this world’s view of magic.」




「But in actuality, that’s wrong. The magic we use actually occurs when we pay compensation to the spirits using the mana housed within ourselves and borrow their power to bring forth the phenomena we wished for.」


『Hm? Hm? Hm? Umm… In other words…?』


「That is to say, let’s imagine that there’s a fireball here in my palm. However, no matter how much I imagine or gather mana to my palmtop, no matter how diligently I recite the aria, the fireball will never appear. Now here, I’ll transfer my mana to a fire attribute spirit and imagine a fireball in the same way. Once I do so,」


Two red spirits from Reyfaras-sama’s surroundings drew near and directed their tiny hands towards his palm.

As soon as they did, a fireball poofed into being in Reyfaras-sama’s hand.

In between the flow of that sequence, the two red spirits faintly shimmered.

Is that the mana that Reyfaras-sama mentioned?


「Have you understood?」


『Meaning, without these spirits then magic in this world would be impossible? But the people who know of this truth are few.』


「Rather than mostly, it’s only you and I who know of this.」


『Have you tried talking to everyone else about this?』


「I have. I did right when I became a High Mage. But no one believed me. Instead I was labeled as an eccentric and have come this far. 」


『They didn’t believe you, why?』


「Rather than believing in the spirits they’re unable to see, it’s sufficient for them to believe that everything was accomplished using their own power it seems.」


『I see. And? Why did you decide to speak to me about this subject that you’ve generally been denied on?』


「You can see these guys can’t you?」


『Just because of that?』


Having asked, Reyfaras-sama grinned at me.

Evil… Or it’s better to say, it’s a joyful smile from the bottom of his heart while having sinister thoughts.


「Why don’t we strike back at the people who’ve denied us?」


Without suiting that face, Reyfaras-sama unexpectedly seems to be a crooked character.


『Even before this “spirits” business, you must’ve been quite an eccentric Reyfaras-sama.』


「”Rey” is fine.」


『Then please refer to me as “Rio” as well. Yoroshiku, Rey-sama.』


「You don’t need the “sama” either though. Well, whatever. I’ll be in your care as well, Rio. The length you can stay at this castle is 20 days. In that time I’ll strictly teach you about this world and magic.」


『Staying for 20 days…』


Like this, I took my reassuring comrade’s hand into mine.


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  1.  レイファラス・カーハンナー Reifarasu Kaahannaa 
  2. I’m leaving Yoroshiku as is unless I absolutely need to translate it from now on. You can google if you don’t know what it means~ 

Heibon 1

Hello~ TL here again with a long ass TL note as always.

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I think it’s still pretty much the same content though, but I haven’t read through again to make sure. Expect some minor changes with names and details and such. Regarding the previously TL chapters, I won’t delete them but… I guess the only reason to read them would be to get a peek at what happens in the future chapters?

Apologies if this causes confusion!!

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I was involved.

If you don’t want to die, then become strong.

If you want to live, then live strongly.

Those are the things necessary to continue surviving in this world.

Why, I muttered.

I am unsure whether I voiced this or not.

Because the spectacle before my eyes was more than enough to rob me of my voice.


「You have been mistakenly summoned. From now on, we will be summoning the real Goddess-sama so please wait for a while.」

Having been told that and driven away into the corner of the spacious room made of stone, as the general public would call it, I had just experienced an otherworld summoning.

Ahh, I’m late.

I am a pet shop employee blood type A 22-year-old virgo named Akidzuki Rio. My face is, well, yeah. Ordinary, or should I say, there’s nothing bad or good about it.

Towards such a me, for some reason a magic formation-like thing suddenly appeared at my feet and I was sucked in, and when I woke what I saw was the place I’m at now.

While I was overcome with surprise a person in front of me wrapped in white robes came up to me and began to touch my body peta peta 1 , and afterwards while seeming severely disappointed, they sighed with exhaustion.

After the white-robed person retreated and conversed secretively amongst themselves, they approached me again.

And what I was told were those words from before.

What do you mean by mistake!?

Is that even possible!?

Or rather, is summoning something that can be done so frequently!?

But I won’t say it. Or should I say, I can’t say it. It’s not the right mood.

I immediately lost to the pressure of their silent snubbing and migrated to the corner of the room.

Immediately after I moved, all the white-robed people lined up in a circle and muttered something, and at that moment the center shined with a dazzling light.

After the light died down, there was a single sweet looking girl.

Her chestnut colored hair swayed and bounced fluffily, and her large, double lidded eyes were opened wide with shock.

Her age was probably 16, 17.

The way she was unable to swallow the situation and looked around restlessly at her surroundings was also charming.

The same as me, a white-robed person touched the girl’s body, and full of satisfaction, he nodded.

The surroundings raised joyous voices.

After that, things went by quickly.

While in the middle of being shocked, the place where the girl was brought was in front of the royal throne.

Standing dumbfounded in front of the King, Queen and Prince, she was told about the current circumstances of this country.

Incidentally I had been neglected, so I followed behind of my own accord.

Now then, to summarize the discussion of the King who has been talking for a while, it would be like this.

This world is “Arweit”.

It’s a fantasy world of swords and magic, and was a world of ceaseless conflict between the humans and the Demons who scrambled for each other’s territory.

And this country is the where the human king rules  the “Sarawin Empire.”

And, the place we’re at now was the royal capital “Harlen.”

At this point in time the territory of the human’s side had decreased as far as one-third from the original size, and because of the flood of refugees to the remaining land overpopulation and food shortages were occurring, so the political situation was in a disordered state.

And there long ago, the savior who rescued the humans who had fallen in a similar situation, they called a “Goddess” from another world and carried out a “Goddess Summoning.”

We… Or rather, the girl that was summoned after me was the “Goddess” and who possessed powers unique to the Goddess, had a fate to defeat the king of demons, the “Demon King.”

By the way, it seems the girl’s name is “Himeri Fuuka.”

Well, I don’t know what to think about saying this, but I’m glad I’m not the “Goddess.”

At first I thought, “What the hell do you mean it was a mistake!?” but being suddenly told by strangers to save a world you don’t know by risking your life to defeat the Demon King, it’s not something you can call backsies on.

I would definitely refuse.

…However, being unable to refuse this was the protagonist’s role, probably.

Presently, after Himeri-san listened to the King’s speech with an earnest expression, as if she decided on something she looked in front of her with straightforward eyes.

「I understand. If there’s something I can do for the sakes of the people of this world, then I will give my utmost.」

To Himeri-san who spoke with a bright face filled with a smile the royalty expressed their deepest gratitude, and towards the Prince that smile became the final nail.

Now then, it felt like everything was going to be wrapped up with a nice mood in this place, so I whose existence had already been forgotten sprang out in front of the King.

『Excuse me, can I interrupt for a moment?』

「…Who is this girl?」

 Yaay, the King’s voice has lowered down a pitch☆

The soldiers nearby began to approach me while unsheathing their swords.

It’s super scary.

But! But hey!!

I have an important question to ask regarding what will happen to me from now on!

「This person was involved in the “Goddess Summoning”…」

「Involved? Her ability?」

「She does not have one. Her magic power and attribute are also average.」

「…And, what business does such a person have with me?」

Ohh? Once he heard the word “average” the King has been sending a really condescending look over here, you know? I wonder what this is, this indescribable feeling.

『…Please send me back to my original world.』

As I suppressed the arising feelings and spoke those words, the Prince snorted.

「Such a spell, there’s no way it exists.」


Well, it’s pretty much what I expected.

If there was a way to return then the Goddess they finally summoned would declare to be sent back.

Yes, I knew that.

But… Even so.

『…Arbitrarily involving people and then saying “such a spell, as if it exists,” don’t scre–NG!?』

I wanted to yell “don’t screw with me!!” but a hand extended from behind sealed my mouth.

「Apologies for the rudeness towards your presence. I will speak to her more than enough afterward, so may you please find it in your spacious heart to forgive her?」

Saying so and suppressing me who was violently struggling with all his might, he forcefully lowered my head.

「If you’re saying that then what happened at this place is of no relevance.」

「I am gracious for your blessing. Now then, please excuse us.」

Just like that I was forcefully dragged away and withdrawn from the room, and the place I was finally given freedom was a courtyard-like area a short walk away.

『…っ!What do you think you’re doing!?』

「That’s my line! You fool!!」

The one who yelled in reply to mine was a man robed in white.

Likely one of the people performing the Goddess Summoning.

Pulling back his hood with a rustle, what appeared was long silver hair and blue eyes that reflected and glittered in the light.

And androgynous and well-ordered facial features.

If I hadn’t heard his voice then I would’ve likely mistaken him for a woman.

「If you had continued your sentence, don’t you realize you would’ve been killed!?」

『Of course I knew that!! But, this is so frustrating!!』

Yes. It was frustrating.

I was summoned as they pleased, and since I didn’t have much power they treated me like a “mistake.”

When I asked them to at least send me home, they snorted and said such a spell doesn’t exist.

If this wasn’t vexing then what could I do.

『What the hell is with summoning someone and selfishly pushing their request onto them and not sending them home!? What the hell is with getting dragged in and having nothing but average powers!? Isn’t it natural! It’s because the world I was just in was a place without magic or Demons!! It was a place where a peaceful daily life was the norm, it was that kind of world!!』

From there suddenly being brought to this fantasy world, on top of that as a “mistake,” but they couldn’t send me back.

『Before looking down on people, why don’t you consider how absurd your acts are!! Don’t drag people from other worlds into your existential crises!! If you can’t return us then don’t call for us, idiots!!!』

Breathing roughly after spilling out my heart, the white-robed man lowered his head towards me with an exceedingly sober expression.

「It’s exactly as you say. I apologize.」

『…………What will I do from now on?』

「You will be provided with the bare minimum of necessary knowledge to live in this world, gold, and a place to live near the castle, I believe.」

『I see.』

In other words, you’re saying useless guys aren’t needed. I see.

It’s been about an hour and a half since I’ve come to this world.

I swore.

I would live by all means and one day, I would render the people who dragged me here speechless.

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Heibon 9

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Without all ado, please enjoy chapter 9 of Heibon. (I should really work on some Outaishihi next… >.>)

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The man with red eyes seems to see too.


Ok. Firstly, let’s put the state of affairs in order. Un.

It appears the place I’m currently at is some cabin.

Perhaps, this is the cabin that was granted to me.

And, I was laying on the bed that was inside the cabin.

The first thing to jump into my sight upon waking was the wooden ceiling.

I could hear the chirping of birds from the small window located beside the bed, and it seemed like the sun was out so I concluded it was sometime in the early morning.

Un, up to this point it was still fine.

It was a mystery as to how I who was on the verge of death was nowhere after some turn of events, but in any case I was alive so I didn’t mind the trivial details.

But, there was something that I did mind.


Who was this ikemen 1 sleeping next to me!?

When I moved reflexively to jump to my feet, I was obstructed by the ikemen’s arms that were wrapped around my torso. I thought I should at least have a weapon, but when I looked through my surroundings, the weapons I had supposedly brought were nowhere to be seen.

I sought an explanation from the spirits who were flying around, but to my regret I couldn’t understand most of their gesturing.

Luckily from what I did understand, was that this ikemen had carried me here, and that between him and I there was no mistake committed. [^2]

Un, this was very important information. Especially the latter part.

『He’s not a bad person, maybe…?』

Thinking that it was about time, I removed the hands around my waist and stood up, looking around the room.

It seems this place was the bedroom.

When I opened the door to leave, there was a hallway. In there, there were three doors that lead to their own respective rooms.

Opening the first door in the hallway, there was a living room with plenty of space.

The kitchen was located adjacent, and in front of the kitchen counter was a table and chairs for four people.

To the far right, in front of the fireplace was a space to converse with others.

I was wondering what kind of horrible place it would be since Rey-sama was so outraged, but there was a toilet and a bathroom, there was even a storeroom. To get this all for free was something to be grateful for, right?

Well, rather than the cabin, Rey-sama was probably more angry about this place with “those” [^3] …

『Ah, it’s here.』

In the luggage carelessly left on top of the table, I discovered the weapons I received from my teachers and took a breath in relief.

As expected, I couldn’t wield the bow in the house, so I equipped the one-handed sword and dagger… And when the situation had come to this point, I finally realized.

『…I, wasn’t I about to die?』

I moved around without thinking about anything, but before I lost consciousness, I certainly should’ve been in a life-threatening crisis.

What happened?

My injuries disappeared without a trace, and my clothes returned to their original state.

『Maybe it was magic? …Certainly, not that ikemen from before?』

「It is exactly that “certainly.”」


When I turned to the voice behind me, the ikemen from before yawned, looking tired.

「……The condition of your body seems well.」


While he was viewing me from top to bottom, the ikemen said that with a nod.

As I got a better look, I had a feeling I’d seen his face before for some reason.

His jet black hair went down to his lower back.

His nicely muscled body had stature and was at least two heads larger than me.

The each part of his face was orderly arranged.

And the thing that pulled at attention most, were his eyes.

His slightly slanted eyes shined.

Deep crimson pupils.

That’s right, this person was……

『The KY guy [^4] I met in the forest!!』

「Kay wai?」 [^5]

Yes, I’ve remembered now.

Wasn’t he the jerk asking a person in a life-threatening situation, “You going to die?” and calling them a “fool”!?

『Why are YOU here!?』

「Why, that’s a considerable manner of speaking. I carried you all the way here, applied healing magic on you, and I incidentally cared for you while you were with fever and having a nightmare for three days without rest. That rudeness towards the person who did that for you is uncalled for, don’t you agree?」

『……You did?』


When I looked to the surrounding spirits, every one of them nodded so it must be the truth.

『Umm…You’ve been a great help.』

「Truly. I’m “Alfalto.” You?」 [^6]

『Ah, um, I’m “Rio Akidzuki.”』

「Rio, then? Call me Alf. These guys were annoying and being a menace so I decided to help you, but it was considerably interesting.」

Laughing with a deep voice, I was caught on something in his words.

『”These guys,” you mean…』

「Yes? You can see them, can’t you? I’m talking about the spirits.」

He said so while he lightly poked a spirit that was near him.

『You can see them too!?』

「Yes, I can see them.」

I gazed at him in wonder as he nodded as if it were only natural.

『That’s a surprise… There was someone other than Rey-sama and I who could see them… Maybe people who can see just don’t announce it?』

「No, humans who can see these guys are rare. I’m surprised myself. ……Speaking of which,」

When I noticed he approached me, he stared at my face.


I’ll say this, but no matter how well-arranged his face is, I’m already used to it.

With the neutral beauty Rey-sama and his aide, the intellectual beauty Arami-sama, and after seeing the war front forefronts with trained bodies and gallant faces day after day, you would get accustomed to beauties.

Therefore, even though the exceptional ikemen Alf was in front of my eyes, I didn’t feel as if it were to such a degree for me to take a reaction.

Aah, he has a well-featured face, or, it’s my first time seeing crimson eyes but they’re really pretty, or, being so close was a good thing so while I took the chance to observe his face more carefully, his eyes gently narrowed and a playful color dwelled within them.
(I have trouble coming up with a good term for this. Help. Example: Kaneki pic “narrow eyes gently”)

「You aren’t scared of these eyes, are you?」

『Your eyes? Why?』

「Most humans fear these eyes. They hold them in contempt with fear, saying they are detestable.」

『Hmmm? But the people of this world are fundamentally colorful, aren’t they? Just because of those red eyes, it’s not as if I would think of you much different from those people.』

The people of this world are really colorful.

Hair color and eye color, they were colorful to the point that I wondered how they came to be, and to I who was purely Japanese, I could only feel like they were out of place.

For that reason, even if a person with red eyes were to increase that colorful bunch, it wouldn’t change much to me.

By the way, ever since I was born I had never dyed my hair that way.

It wasn’t because of good conduct, it was merely because if I dyed it once then when my hair started losing color, I would have to dye it again and it would become really bothersome.

「I see. You’re saying I am like other humans, how interesting. You must not know of the meaning behind someone possessing these eyes. Furthermore, the words from before. You, you’re from another world? Certainly, around a week ago a Goddess Summoning should have taken place. Answer me, what are you?」

With his lips arched playfully, he looked at me.

Receiving his gaze, I internally held my head at my verbal slip.

If I were to say “of this world,” then wasn’t it just like declaring I was someone from another world!?

Even though before I departed, Rey-sama told me to hide that I was a person from another world to the best of my ability!!

『Ahh, um…』

Glancing stealthily up at him, his face was serious.

It couldn’t be helped. I should resolve myself.

『An otherworlder who was involved and mixed up in the Goddess Summoning, that is me. Pleased to make your acquaintance.』

While explaining with a smile, he said “I see” in consent.

「Saying you were “mixed up” means that other than you, there is a proper “Goddess.” If that’s the case, then you were driven away as a nuisance and came here.」

『The destination of the driving off is this place. This cabin and the surrounding 3km plot of land was given to me, and is to be my daily sphere of living from now on. 』

「What a misfortunate life.」

『It’s exactly as you say. But it’s also a reality that I have no choice but to live here.』

It couldn’t be helped.

Even while knowing that this place was dangerous, I was too ignorant of this world to live in another place.

There was a limit to what I could learn from books.

No matter how correct it was, it was only theoretical after all.

The place I had no choice but to live in was the reality of this world.

If I were to set foot alone in that “reality,” I knew the outcome.

If that was the case, then I could only take the knowledge and strength that I attained at the castle and struggle to live in this place.

「…You’re saying that you would live in this place, a den of monsters? You, who was on the verge of death just days ago?」

『Hearing that makes my ears hurt [^7] …But I do have an idea.』


『I was thinking of “artificial feeding.”』

While I was at the castle, I read a number of books on anything I could get my hands on.

In them was a book that wrote about monsters in detail.

According to that book, it seems that monsters really love sweet things.

If that was true, then it was a method I had to attempt.

I wasn’t that good at cooking, but luckily I had enough skill in making cookies that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have other people eat it.

I don’t know how effective it will be, but there was merit in doing it.

While getting worked up and saying, “I’ll do it!”, I was unaware that Alf-san was watching me with amused eyes.


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[^2]: For those that can’t read in between the lines, she was worried they might’ve slept together in the intimate sense.

[^3]: She’s referring to the monsters outside her doorstep, I’m assuming.

[^4]: KY guy = kuuki yomenai otoko 空気読めない男 (shortened to KY男). Literally means a guy who can’t read the atmosphere, a guy with no sensibility etc.

[^5]: Because Rio says the phrase using the english letters (KY Otoko), the phrase must not automatically translate into their native language, so he is confused.

[^6]: アーファルト = Aafaruto. It would make more sense to name him Arfalto (because the “a” is elongated instead of being “aru”), but since this is discontinued anyways and since it would be weird to call him “Arf” later on, I decided to just use Alfalto. This is just personal preference though.

[^7]: それを言われると耳が痛い = you saying that makes my ears hurt. Meaning, he’s speaking the painful truth, and it strikes home.

  1. Ikemen = hot guy 

Heibon ch 8

Ahh… Idk anymore.

I’m even less confident on the accuracy of this chapter than before. sob I feel like I lost my typing skills too (I keep making mistakes ;-;). Took liberties here and there, breaking long sentences when I couldn’t handle the run on sentences anymore, etc…

Well, whatever.


This chapter switches from PoVs a little (actually, some of the chapters before did that too when they were describing Rio and how they viewed her, but I made it 3rd person because it was before I noticed switching PoVs work in JP novels). There is a separator where it changes, but then the last line goes into 3rd person, so don’t be all confused and think, “huh!? there’s another character there now!?”

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Added a donations page, but I’m not expecting much ha ha ha…

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The night of the 7th day, close to death.

    I’ll speak from the conclusion.

    Somehow, I won the fight against the monsters.

    Concentrating all of my power, I won with limbs intact.

    Frankly, the spirits were unable to just watch and lent me their strength free of charge, and without them I probably would have lost both my arms and my legs, I was able to barely win.

    By the way, the mana a spirit possesses is not much.

    They were skilled at using mana and showing it as magic, but because their mana amount was low, if they didn’t receive mana from humans they could only use a few elementary level spells.

    The humans provided the mana, and the spirits created the visible phenomena; it was an efficient system that benefited both parties.

    Now then, returning to the subject, with that meager amount of mana the spirits fought for and supported me desperately, so once the battle ended I rewarded them with mana.

    I found out that it was ok to compensate the spirits afterwards.

    If I was in a hurry to use magic next time, then I could ask for a deferred payment.

[TL: Basically, she can ask them to use magic first, and then pay them later with MP (I think).]

    Though if it came to that, they would only be able to use elementary level magic…

    I’m thinking about things at length here, but it was actually a pretty dangerous situation.

    Blood flowed without stopping from the various bite marks, cuts and scratches on my body. There was an abnormal amount of pain ran through my arm as it was changing colors to a dark reddish brown, and I could only walk by dragging one of my legs. Really, there were too many injuries all over my body, I thought I’d die.

    The light spirits were personally lighting the path for me so I’d thought to conserve my mana, but my biggest worry was if I would truly reach the cabin with my life intact.

『Ahh, seriously, I’ve had enough of this.』

    There was no use in crying so I continued to walk forwards, but I wonder if my eyes were finally misting up to count down to the end of my life?

『I don’t want to die, naa. If I’m going to die, then I want to be atop a soft futon at least.』

[TL: Idk how to translate this part well. She’s saying: Iya da naa, shinitakunai naa.]

    The spirits flew around in worry as I finally stopped.

    By the way, half of these children came along with me from the castle, and the other half were from this forest.

    Rey-sama had said that I had a constitution that made spirits attached to me.

『If it was going to come to this, I should have learned at least one restoration type magic…』

    If I remember right, there was a High Grade light attribute magic that could heal injuries.

    There wasn’t many attack oriented spells in the light attribute, so I put priority on the other attributes and thought to circle back to it later.

『This is bad, I feel like I’ll die……』

    I dragged myself to a tree and leaned on it, sitting down.

    My limbs feel cold.

    I’d already stopped feeling about half of sensations.

    Whenever I breathed in my chest hurt, so a number of my ribs was probably broken.

    Feeling like I couldn’t move a single finger anymore I closed my eyes, and the spirits hit my cheek using their small hands, as if to wake me.

『…Sorry, I’m a little tired……Let me sleep…』

    My consciousness was fading.

    Ah, I’ll probably never wake up again, I thought, and just as I let myself follow my fading awareness… Rustle, I heard the sound of dirt being stepped on.

    There was the sound of someone else’s footsteps approaching me.

「The forest was unusually noisy so I came, but why is there a human here?」

    The sound of footsteps stopped in front of me.

    And what came out from that being was the word “human.”

「Hey, girl. What are you doing?」

    From the low voice that resounded, I could tell that the owner was male.

    But the strength to open my eyes and confirm that figure, I no longer had.


    The voice I barely managed was hazy.

「So you were attacked by monsters…You going to die?」

    Ah, what a guy.

    Asking such a thing in front of a person covered in wounds was a foolish question, wasn’t it?

    Actually, he didn’t answer my question.

    If he didn’t have any intention to save me, then I wish he’d leave me alone.

    Or like, you aren’t human?

    I began wondering why he was here, and was in the mood to ask him in return.

「You didn’t understand your strength, so things turned out this way. Foolish human, is it your destiny to die in obscurity here?」

    Ah, seriously. What’s your problem?

    Why aren’t you just ignoring me?

    As this continues I would die, but this guy kept hurling questions at me, he’s a brute.

    If you don’t want to save me then go away.

    If you’re paying attention to me on a whim, then help me.

    I still haven’t given up over here.

    I don’t have the endurance or the willpower to tag along with your meddling.

『You’re… loud…I don’t know… anything about… destiny…。…I’m aware… I have… no strength… …I’m not here… cuz I want to… be…。It’s because I don’t want to die… that I’m struggling. …Stop… bothering me……』

    While hoarse, I spit out those segmented words.

    At the same time I finished speaking, I mustered the last of my strength to open my eyes.

『Who the heck… wants to die here…!!』

    In my hazy vision I saw deep crimson eyes.

    Glaring into those eyes and saying those words took the last of my strength.

    The distance between our visions rapidly closed, and I saw the man widen his eyes in surprise.

    And then, my world was dyed in black.



「…Did she die?」

    Just before she closed her eyes, after fearlessly looking me in the eyes and laughing, she didn’t move at all.

    It seemed like she was breathing though, barely.

「If I leave her alone, the monsters will probably dispose of her…」

    How many humans were there that could exchange a conversation with me without fear?

    How many humans are there that wouldn’t pale in the face after seeing my eyes?

    Well, it could also be because this girl was already breathing her last breaths…

    While shallowly breathing, this girl’s life will end sooner or later.

    I wasn’t sure why this human, who looked weak from all angles, would be in this forest, but just because I found her didn’t mean I had the obligation to save her.

「………What is it?」

    When I turned my back on the girl to leave, there were a number of spirits blocking my way.

    The desperately tried to convey something with their gestures.

「…You want me to save this girl?……How idiotic.」

    Somehow understanding their meaning, I laughed through my nose and walked off in dismissal.

    Why should I save a human?


    After I took two steps, the spirits once again stood in my way.

    Getting startled at the apparent irritation I let show in my voice, as I thought the spirits had really come to plead for that girl’s life. I once again ignored the spirits and began walking.

    Pechi, a single spirit hit my cheek.

    Pechi pechi, so another spirit hit the opposite cheek.

    Pechi pechi pechi, yet another spirit hit my forehead.

    Pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi pechi, a numerous amount of spirits hit all over my face.

    Pon, a spirit made a ball of fire.

    Pon pon, a different spirit made a ball of water.

    Pon pon pon, yet another spirit made a ball of wind.

    Pon pon pon pon pon pon pon pon, a multitude of spirits made balls of lightning, earth, light and darkness.

「Oi, what are you intending? Are you picking a fight with me? Even if you are spirits, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be let off.」

    I let out a low voice, but even then the spirits’ hands didn’t restrain their hands.

「Good grief, what is it.」

    The small hands of the spirits who were hitting me didn’t hurt.

    The elementary level magic hitting me didn’t even make a scratch.


「Eei! You’re annoying!! I got it! It’s fine as long as I save her, right!!?」

    I yelled in despair at the utter annoyance and carried the girl on my shoulder.

    Seeing me the spirits were satisfied, and while smiling happily they moved forwards as if guiding.

「Good grief, what is this girl…」

    In this forest filled with monsters, she was alone.

    Even so, seeing this dying girl, I understood that she was definitely not strong.

    And this girl was aware of that truth.

    At the this girl’s level, she wouldn’t survive in this forest.

    Furthermore currently, this girl was close to death.

    But the spirits told me to save such a girl.

    It was hard to understand.

    In the first place, spirits didn’t have much interest in humans.

    There was no point in having an interest in things that couldn’t see them, after all.

    It was only a relationship of receiving mana and activating magic in return.

    Therefore, they didn’t concern themselves when there was a human dying in front of them.

    But they asked to save this girl.

    In other words, that meant…

「She can see you?」

    In response to my question, the spirits happily flew around the girl in circles.

「Kuku, I’ve picked up something strange.」

    To the spirits’ reply, laughter welled up in my heart.

    I’d gotten tired of this world, to think that there was still a presence that could entertain me.

    I wonder if the cabin the spirits were looking ahead at was the place this girl was heading towards.

「Now then, girl. Will you be able to kill me?」

    Breathing shallowly, a human girl.

    If she was to die here then it would just be that, but if she was able to survive, then maybe this girl would be the one to grant my request.

    Now then, girl.

    When you open your eyes again, what kind of attitude will you take towards me?

「Be sure to entertain me to the fullest.」

    In front of the cabin, in the small clearing illuminated with moonlight, the man’s crimson eyes narrowed and shined in delight.

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Chapter 7: I got angry

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I got angry.

The one week I was allowed to stay at the castle ended, and I was currently traveling in the highly acclaimed horse-drawn carriage.


Carriages are quite shaky.

My bottom and my hips received large damage, adding on that I was slightly nauseous so my motivation was on a decline.


Now then, after being kicked out of the castle, the place I was now headed towards was called the Beast’s Fang Forest.

According to Rey-sama, it was an extremely dangerous place.

To Tonic-san, a place he never wanted to return to.

And to Kleinhart-sama, a playground.


……Well, at any rate, I clearly understood that it wasn’t a place where a young lass (not that I’m at the age to be called that) would be able to survive after being kicked to the curb.

Even though I say that, it wasn’t like I had the choice to refuse.

Thinking it couldn’t be helped, I gave up and climbed into the carriage that was prepared last night.

What I got from the royal family was a meager amount of money, food and clothes.

From Rey-sama I received a large sheet of paper with a magic formation drawn on it and a small knife that was easy to attach to my body.

Tonic-san gave me a thin bladed single-handed sword that was shaped similar to a katana, along with a bow and some arrows.

Moving towards the place that I would spend the rest of my life if I was unskillful with a lacking amount of possessions, the carriage continued to jostle about.


「We’ve arrived.」


When he called me, it was around the time of the instant where evening changed into night.

The carriage had stopped so I got off, and before my eyes was a dense forest.


『Um, you aren’t saying this is…?』


「Advance further ahead into the forest and you will find the land and the hut prepared for you. We can only accompany you up to this point, so please make progress by yourself from here. Well then.」


Without any intention to answer my question, that was all the escort who had arrived together with me said before turning on his heel.


『…It can’t be helped, I guess.』


For the time being I wouldn’t make any progress if I stayed here, I fixed my aim on the direction they had said my cabin would be and walked forwards.


The time I began walking was a few tens of minutes ago.

I earnestly thought.


Wouldn’t it have been fine for them to have handed over a torch at least?


The sun had already set, and in the overgrown greenery of the forest the moonlight wouldn’t reach.

In other words, before my eyes was total darkness.

It was dark to the point where I even doubted that my eyes were open.


I was from a world where artificial light abounded, so it was unimaginably dark.

I had now experienced true darkness.




I pushed my left hand forwards, turning towards the palm of my hands and recited that single word.

Doing so, in the palm of my hand a mass the size of a baseball formed and lit up the surroundings.

It was an elementary level spell of the light attribute.

It barely consumed any MP.

I had wondered where I would find a use for it, but I discovered that it was unexpectedly useful.

Very convenient.

Manifesting three more lights I began to walk once again.


A forest at night was an environment suitable for stirring up feelings of terror by itself.

But this place was the “Beast’s Fang Forest.”

Many monsters settled down here and it ran on a different system than the human’s territory.

Wriggling in the darkness, there was a large amount of presences.

A great number of sharp eyes observed me with vigilance, and I understood I was being targeted.

Touching the sword I hung at my hip, I confirmed their existence and took a breath.


Aah, I’m scared.

Really, why do I have to face something like this?

They were the ones who got me involved, I’m the “victim” so to speak.

Why do I have to endure such unfair treatment?

Because I don’t have any power?

Is it because my appearance is normal, or that I don’t have an ability, or because I don’t

have any charm, or because my MP amount it average?

Even those are just their selfish reasons.

I haven’t done anything to deserve this.


Ah jeez, really, what the heck am I doing.

Devoting myself to only “give up” on my age, I laughed that it couldn’t be helped, but even so without giving up I desperately clung on.

If I were told it was impossible my defiant heart would boil, speaking something immature like I didn’t know “reality” was my ideal.

Because of that habit I was forced to personally experience “reality” even if I didn’t want to, and my limit up to this point had snapped, I laughed and stopped walking.

I wasn’t immature to the point where I chased dreams while wholeheartedly believing in myself, and it wasn’t as if I didn’t understand “reality.”

I wasn’t a person to give up and accept everything with a smile and let it flow away either.

It was a very half-baked position, but even so, it was a fact that I had chased dreams and grasped at them over “there.”

I had a dream.

I had things I wished to fulfill.

I had things I wanted to achieve.

That’s why I lived in “reality,” worked, saved up money, studied and struggled.

But in an instant, all that was stolen.

By the exceedingly harsh “reality” that I had gotten dragged into this affair.


I had a dream.

I had things I wished to fulfill.

I had things I wanted to achieve.

I made an effort for those things.

I lived while dreaming of the future.

Even so…


Far from apologizing, the people who stole everything from me called me a nuisance, chased me out and promptly abandoned me.

I was told that I couldn’t return to my former world so I gave up, but even so I hated my powerlessness and I hated that I was inferior to the people who abandoned me, so that’s why I made an effort to become more powerful.

I accepted “reality,” but as expected once again, I was told that it was impossible and clung onto my dream and made an effort.

Having done so, the result of that “reality” was this.

In the end, I was unable to fulfill the dream of making the people who enraged me regret their actions and was now currently here.

In the first place leaving beside everything else, with only one week it was impossible for me to find some power that would make the ruling figures go weak in the knees.

I feel bad for Rey-sama and Tonic-san who had cooperated with me, but perhaps at the start, I had already given up.

I gave up, but even so, just for the sake of invigorating myself up… I realized that I was unable to live in this world, so I made an effort to obtain power.

Ahh, in the end, no matter where I am, I will be unable to fulfill my “dream.”

I will probably never see Rey-sama or Tonic-san ever again.

In this forest, I dreaded for when the time came that the countless amount of existences stronger than me would steal my life, feared it, and would have to live while curled up in a ball.

That was the “reality” unfolding before my eyes at this moment.


『Haha, how stupid.』


The voice I uttered resounded more than I would have thought.


『Stupid… Stupid… Stupid!!』


The emotions I had always been repressing overflowed.

There was frustration, but it was also grief, fear, humiliation, confusion, and rage,


『Don’t screw with me!! What do you take another person’s life for!? Does no one else matter but you!? Don’t get other people involved in your affairs!! Give me back my life!! Give me back my dreams!! Give me back my future!! I don’t have power so you don’t need me!? Does your not conscience hurt if you abandon a human from another world!? Do you think it’s a given that the humans from another world will save you!? There are only idiots in this world!!!!』


After I was done yelling, I took in breaths.

Because my emotions were considerable disturbed, the light magic disappeared and my surroundings were once again dyed with darkness.

The monsters’ presences approached closer.

Without the light, it was the territory those who were good in the dark.

They probably wanted to attack and eat me.


『Don’t joke with me… As if I’ll stand being eaten. As if I’ll stand dying. Just watch, I’ll definitely survive and gain power, and one day I’ll definitely make you regret abandoning me!! It’s fine to think of monsters like frenzied wild animals from my past world. If it’s against animals, then I won’t lose. Don’t underestimate my training!!』


In the former world, I worked at a pet store and the degree of training I had was being a dog trainer.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that throughout the 22 years of my life, there wasn’t a day where I didn’t encounter animals, and without giving up I was with them every day.


Not just the mainstream dogs and cats, but I’ve handled cows, pigs, chickens, horses and deer, various types of birds, raccoons and foxes to a limit, and snakes and fish.

As expected I never handled a wild lion before, but I have experience with bears and boars.

I had a strange degree of contact with the animals from the past world, but thanks to that I also learned a lot.


『Don’t underestimate humans, you bastards!!』


Drawing the sword at my waist, I relit the lights and squared off against the monsters lined up before me.

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Chapter 6: Captain-sama has come!

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Captain-sama has come!

Thud! The delicate looking body fell as her face twisted in pain.
Tonic, who had been teaching her directly, sighed and turned to face her once more.

「Where is your determination!? Today is the last day of training, don’t underestimate it!」

『I’m sorry!』

She apologized quickly, stood herself up and faced Tonic with her sword again.
The girl’s name was “Rio Akidzuki.”
She was the girl from the other world that Tonic had been training in martial arts for the past week.

His first impression of her was “a woman without impact.”
While baptizing her with a stream of insults, he was able to break through her clumsy guard.
If it were not for his childhood friend Reyfaras who had asked him to teach her, he would have refused outright, but he thought that during training she would definitely give up and quit.
But it was not like that at all.
The girl diligently received and trained at a level where even half of the year’s rookie knights had dropped out.
She had haggard breathing and bruises that appeared all over her body, but even while dragging her faltering legs, she completed all of her training on the first day.
Well, although it said all of her training, it was reduced a fair amount. Still, it was a feat that a normal girl would not have been able to do.

Honestly, he admired her efforts.
He did not think there would be a woman like her.
Even so, he did not have any kind words in his vocabulary for her, and he continued to spew abusive language at her while she was already all beat up. He mercilessly beat her down.
He truly thought that she hit her limit, and if she did not come to training tomorrow, then she was only worth that much.

But she also came the next day.
The next day she went through the same menu with injuries all over her body, and even though she was thoroughly physically and mentally walloped yesterday, the girl who asked him to train her simply looked forward and said that she needed to put in enough effort to the point where she would be half dead so that she could survive.

“Amazing woman.”
It was the impression he currently held for her.
It was not like she was strong.
What he taught her was to use a one handed sword and the bow.
He knew that there was a limit to teaching her in that short period of one week, and she did not have any talent.
Her stamina and endurance were average. Her reflexes were also average.
There was nothing extraordinary about her.
Rather, it wasn’t wrong to say that she wasn’t a person suited towards combat.

But even so she was amazing.
On the third day, she was able to keep up with the two hours of running.
On the fourth day (although it was reduced) she was able to complete her training and keep up with the other knights.
On the fifth, she was neck to neck in battle with the rookie knights.
And today, she was able to endure the mock battle with him.

But it did not mean she had anything special.
It was just because she had put in effort.
Every day, she put in effort.
After training, she would go and learn about magic and about Auweight’s history from Rey, and when she had free time she would swing her sword.
Before she took her bath, she would run without fail.
She put in as much effort as possible.
Because of the way she was, the knights did not hate her.
Rather, they cheered for her and were delighted whenever she showed signs of progression.
They would pass by the rookie knight that she had won against and honestly praise her.
Then, as if being influenced by her, the rookie knights began to follow her example and put in their own effort.
She was nothing short of “amazing.”

As soon as her spar was over with, she would immediately be surrounded by knights, giving her advice on this and that.
She listened to them eagerly, and sometimes even asked them questions.
Then, as the last morning of her training was about to end, a person made their rare appearance.

「Yo! You guys are into it today.」

「Captain! Why are you here!?」

It was easy to see how splendid his muscles were, even under all his clothes.
He had a long ponytail slightly tied off to one side, and his somewhat pointed eyes were green. He lightly stated that he was in his latter thirties, but he still looked young.
Some people took fright at the scar over his right eye that extended to his cheek, but with that and the gap that he was actually very kind hearted, there were many girls who fell to his charm. He was the Front Line Pioneer Corps’ Captain, “Kleihart Charginal.”

「You didn’t want to see me, Tonic?」

「Ah, that’s not it, I didn’t mean it in a bad way…」

「I know… Hmmm, so you’re the rumored little lady.」


Kleihart walked past the still dumbfounded knights and stood in front of Rio.

「…You’re more normal that I thought.」


He examined her from the bottom to the top.
Tonic knew that those words were taboo in front of Rio.

『Is is wrong to be normal?』


『I thought normal meant “average,” “general,” and “standard, ” but it seems that in this world it only aligns with “low rank,” “vulgar,” and “inferior.”』


『Are you going to say it too? “Whatever you do, it’s pointless so shut up and be a good girl.”』

「…Has someone said that to you?」

『This country’s King. He told me that when I asked him if I could use the library…And? What will you do? Are you of the same opinion as him?』

Rio glared fiercely at Kleihart while Tonic was panicking.
Though she didn’t know, it was quite an audacious attitude to take towards the Captain of the Front Line Pioneer Regiment.
Even though Kleihart wasn’t the type to take things to heart, it would be hard for Tonic to speak up in defense for Rio and ask for a lighter punishment.

「Oi, Ri–」
「Ha ha ha ha! This kid is interesting! I’m “Kleihart Charginal.” I’m the Captain of the Front Line Pioneer Regiment. What’s your name, Jou-chan*?」
(TL: Kleihart refers to Rio as Jou-chan a lot, so I’m leaving it in romaji. Jou-chan means little lady or miss. Think of it as a term of endearment coming from him.)

Kleihart’s hearty laugh had cut off the words of warning Tonic was about to give Rio.


Rio’s jaw dropped as she realized “it was this person?”

「Rio, introduce yourself.」

『Eh? A-ah, yes. Um, I’m “Rio Akidzuki.” That thing from before… I didn’t know so um, I’m very sorry. 』

After Rio introduced herself, Tonic also lowered his head in apology.

「Ah, you don’t need to worry about that. I also worded myself poorly. Even so, I get it now. I know why Tonic and Reyfaras favor you. You have much stronger eyes than that Goddess-sama.」

『…I see.』

While the words Kleihart had spoken confused her, Tonic finally regained his composure and got in between the two of them.

「Speaking of which, why is Kleihart-sama here?」

「Why have you been asking “why why” since when I’ve come back?」

「Why… Didn’t you yourself say it!? You were going to go to “Gizant Fortress” so you told us not to slack off!!」

“Gizant Fortress.” It was a fortress located near the territory line between the humans and the demons, and it had been entrusted to the Front Line Pioneer Regiment.

「Ah, I did say something like that.」

「Jeez… Even though you went to the furthest possible fortress to escape the duty of protecting the next Goddess, why did you come back? Did you come to become a guardian for the Goddess?」

Kleihart’s face distorted disagreeably to Tonic’s words.

「Don’t be stupid. As if I could stand babysitting some brat from “another world.” In the first place, it’s ridiculous to think that a savior would appear out of thin air to save the country that we have been protecting so desperately. If that happened, then what was the meaning of all the fighting we’ve done? For what did my men fight and die for? If other worlders were going to come and save us, then they should have come sooner…Before the people of this country had to die. If not, then we shouldn’t depend on other people. To rely on the “Goddess” is a 0 or 100 chance. We either fight the demons with the humans until one side surrenders, or stop fighting with the demons and rely solely on that person. Like this, they finally show how little they think of our lives. I can only see them underestimating us.」

「Kleihart-sama, Rio is here.」

Tonic told Kleihart to caution his complete disapproval of the Goddess and otherworlders.
Albeit getting involved mistakenly, Rio was also “another worlder.”
It would not feel good to be called an “outsider.”
That was why he cautioned him, but…

『I don’t mind at all, Tonic-san. Actually, I’m of the same opinion. Wait, haven’t I told you before? I said something similar when I first met Rey-sama. I said, “don’t involve the lives of people who don’t belong to your world.”』

The person in question laughed with a wide smile.

「Hahaha! As I thought, this girl is interesting! I came back because I wanted to meet her.」

『You wanted to meet with me?』

「That’s right. The replacement guys who came told me that there was a girl from another world that Reyfaras and Tonic had taken a shine to. I wanted to see what kind of girl she was so I came running on horseback. I thought it would be the “Goddess-sama,” but in the end it was just the normal girl who got caught up in the summoning.」

『…So what are your thoughts now that you’ve finally met her?』

Kleihart laughed to Rio’s question.
It was a very cheerful laugh.

「She was a much more interesting Jou-chan than I expected. I understand why she appealed to Reyfaras and Tonic. How you had the guts to come to my squad’s early morning training, how you had the courage to shut up and endure the things you didn’t like, and how no matter what other people said to you, you didn’t give in– I like all those qualities! I want you in my unit. Don’t you too, Tonic?」

「Why are you asking me? ……Well, it’s not a mistake to say so though.」

Tonic had also thought about that.
If they left Rio in their squad, then Rio would get stronger without a doubt.
Even without the talent, she knew how to put in a tremendous amount of effort.
Those kinds of humans would be able to gain strength from other things than just talent.

But Tonic knew that it was not what she would have wanted.

「But no matter what Rey or I say, this girl will probably leave us.」

「What makes you say that?」

「She’s not such a docile kid to live by doing as she’s told to. She’s the type to ignore the rules and zoom through life the way she wants to. If she joins the Imperial Knights, then I won’t be responsible for any mess she makes.」

She was much better suited for freedom.
Rather than caring about title or rank, it would be better for her to live the way she wanted.
To have someone tell her the way to live would not suit her.

『Tonic-san really understands me. As expected of the person who taught me the sword.』

Hearing the Tonic’s words, Rio smiled happily.

『I’m very strong willed. In my former world, I was often told that I was stubborn. If someone decided that I couldn’t do something, I was the type to get fired up instead. On the contrary, if someone told me to do something, then it was like I had no ambition at all. Like in this case, if I really had been named the “Goddess,” then I would have refused outright. Well luckily, this time it didn’t turn out that way, but then I was labeled as a “mistake” and thrown away like garbage. As such, if I were to enter the Imperial Knights and fight for those people’s sake, wouldn’t that make me stupid? I will politely decline your offer. Ah, but I would have no problem if it was fighting for the Front Line Pioneer Regiment and people like Rey-sama or Tonic-san.』

To the girl who outright refused to fight for this country, Kleihart cheerfully and repeatedly slapped her on the back.

「That sounds good! I’ve decided to root wholeheartedly for you Jou-chan!! You’re much more interesting that the current royalty or the real “Goddess.” If anything happens, you can call for me. I’ll rush there as fast as I can.」

Tonic gave a bitter smile as he watched the scene of Kleihart relentlessly bashing Rio on the back.

Apparently, it seemed this girl liked by many “oddballs.”
The people who first stretched their hands out to this girl, Reyfaras and Kleihart had enough prestige to change the country and were insanely popular because of their strength, but even more so they were “oddballs.”
They were also people who often went against the imperial order of this country’s King.
The reason they still had so much political power and remained unchecked was because if they became angered, then this country would surely fall to ruin and to the demons if they were to lose them.
They had that much power.
Tonic also knew he was a weird person for following the king of oddballs, Kleihart.
Not only being a strong swordsman, but Kleihart’s ability to gather strong men and his ability itself was confidently stronger than the other faction leaders.
In fact, in regards to warfare, the only one more skilled than Tonic was Kleihart.
But even with that kind of ability, Tonic didn’t have the intention to serve under anybody other than Kleihart, and no matter how favorable the conditions, Tonic had no intention of ever leaving his command.
No matter who this country’s king was, Tonic’s ruler would only be Kleihart, and even if the King declared something was justified, if Kleihart said it wasn’t, then Tonic would be of the same opinion.
That’s why he was an “oddball.”
But that was also something all of the members of the Front Line Pioneer Regiment could say.
Everyone would call the people in the Front Line Pioneer Regiment “oddballs,” but most of them were picked up by Kleihart himself, so it was understandable.
The new recruits who endured the harsh training and didn’t drop out were also scouted by Kleihart.
Year by year, a number of weirdos entering the squad would increase, and the amount of Kleihart groupies would also increase.

And, Tonic thought that Rio, who was liked by all the eccentrics, was probably also a fine “oddball.”

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Chapter 5: Aide-sama is troubled.

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Aide-sama is troubled.

Speaking of “Reyfaras Kahannah,” not only is he a powerful being in the Salauin Empire, but he is also a powerful magician that is known even to demons.

He became a mage at the young age of 15, and overflowing with ingenuity he became a High Mage in a mere two years. He then proposed his theory about the “spirits” making magic possible, and was thus labeled as an oddball.

That Reyfaras was now walking down the corridors of the Royal Magic Villa with a stern expression.

Reyfaras violently opened the door to a small office, where his aide “Arami Kaizart” sat. The almond shaped eyes hidden behind the glasses widened in surprise.

「Did something happen, sir?」

「…No, nothing.」

After composing the silver hair that had been disheveled from his rough behavior, Reyfaras sat by the window and gazed outside.

「Is Rio still at Tonic’s place?」


「I see.」

Reyfaras nodded, slumping into the chair as if it were his own office with a heavy sigh.
“Rio” was the girl that was mistakenly summoned in the Goddess Summoning ritual from before.
She was average in all aspects, and she did not even have an ability so she was deemed incompetent by most people, but the one who offered her a hand was none other than Reyfaras himself.

「Did something happen with her?」

「…You remember how Rio is to leave the castle by tomorrow?」


Originally she had not been allowed to stay in the castle for even a day, but Reyfaras personally met with the king and managed to stretch that time into a week.
That lease of time ends tomorrow.
He wondered if Reyfaras was upset over that matter.

「I just came back from asking the current king about where she would be placed to live from now on. Of course, I thought they would at least prepare a dwelling in the imperial city.」

They were the ones that arbitrary summoned her and judged her to be a “mistake,” and he thought the location of her new house would work out somehow on its own.


「But the place that has been prepared for her is a small hut located in the “Beast’s Fang Forest.”」

The frustration could be clearly heard in the tone of his voice.
But as to why, it was something Arami couldn’t comprehend.

「Why do you care about that girl so much?」


「With all due respect, no matter how I look at her, all I see is just a normal girl. Other than being able to see these “spirits” the same as someone as great as you do, she does not have much power. Do you really have the need to personally teach her magic? The same with Tonic-san. He’s the vice captain of the Front Line Pioneer Regiment, and he should not be in the position of teaching a complete amateur. His position is to wield a sword against the threat of the demons, why did you ask him to guide her?」

It wasn’t as if Arami was saying these things out of spite for Rio.
He just wanted to know why people of Reyfaras and Tonic-san’s status would go out of their way to help someone like her.

「…Did you know?」


「That while she learned about magic from me, she also trained in the sword?」


「And then she would practice magic in her own room.」

「That is… 」

「That she had long finished studying the book I had given her, so she lowered her head and asked the King personally to grant her access to the royal library, and then began read books about strategy?」


「That she has done all her assigned training with the knights while smiling, never breathing a word of complaint.」


「That while she is studying in the hallway outside, she gets ridiculed but still continues her studies diligently. Did you know that?」

「……I did not.」

Arami let the words Reyfaras had spoken sink in.
Reyfaras gave him a wry smile.

「I also didn’t know.」


「Why she goes that far, I’ll never understand. But she can see the same world that I do.」

It was the first time he had met someone with the same values he had.
She could see “spirits,” and she was able to work together with them.
That was probably why he couldn’t leave her alone.


「I also participated when we summoned her. I am one of the people who brought her to this world. I guess I felt some “responsibility” from that as well.」

Although he didn’t participate in the second summoning, when Rio was summoned he was definitely standing in the circle formation and feeding mana into the summoning spell.
Reyfaras held the “responsibility of involving her.”

That’s why he stopped her when she tried to recklessly rebuke the King.

「I thought she would cry…」


「I thought she would cry, scream at me to send her home and hate me. But she never did or said anything of the sort.」

She had expressed her anger and her frustration, but still she never shed tears, she never hated the people who summoned her, or demanded them to send her back.

Just, “I’ll make them turn back and look at me.”
“I’ll make them speechless.”
A strong intent burned in those eyes.

「That might have been why I offered my hand… Just as you say, Rio is an average girl. The only special ability she has is that she’s able to see “spirits” like me. But I believe that is where her strength lies.」

Because she there was nothing special about her, she never spared any efforts towards achieving her goal.
She was that kind of person.
He was fascinated by her, so he stretched out his hand.
Just like others had done for him.

In addition, she was loved by the spirits.
Even more than Reyfaras, spirits gathered by her side. It was evident whenever she used magic.

There is no way a girl like that would not become strong.

If she was to be left in the castle and given the best possible guidance, then there was no doubt that she would be able to learn all the magic he knew, no doubt that she would become a first rate swordsman.
Even is she did not, he thought he would at least be able to sponsor a battle royale between the mages and the knights and have her spectate and learn even more if she were to continue living nearby.

「But what do they mean by the “Beast’s Fang Forest!?” It’s a place where you’ll die if you don’t have enough strength!!」

Reyfaras unintentionally raised his voice.
Arami offered some of his knowledge.

「Speaking of the “Beast’s Fang Forest,” you mean the one that’s one day away by a horse’s carriage? I haven’t been there myself, but since there are a lot of monsters in that area, civilians have been banned from that place.」

「That’s exactly right. It’s a place where the squires visit at the end of their apprenticeship. It’s where their goal is to be able to hunt and kill the monsters who inhabit there with one stroke… It’s that kind of place. To send a single girl there, it’s as if they’re telling her to die! What is the king thinking!? Tonic and I did not train Rio to be sent to such a place……」

Reyfaras had probably pleaded with the King to reconsider his treatment towards Rio.
But he was denied.
That’s why he had no choice but to vent his targetless anger out into frustration.


「……Arami, prepare a “teleportation” square at once.」

Reyfaras said as he suddenly raised his face with new determination.

「A “teleportation” square?」

「Yes. If the King is distancing Rio from us and sending her away to such a dangerous place, then it’ll be fine if we can rush there immediately.」

“Teleportation” magic. It was a magic that could transport you from one place to another instantaneously.
A “magic square” was different from the “magic” that was commonly used in this world. It was a magic where someone would write magical words onto a sheet of paper and charge it with mana. When someone sent mana into the formation later, it would perform the previously written magic. It was a convenient type of magic.
Because it did not fit into any of the magical attributes, it was called “Non-Attribute Magic.”
The people who could make these were few, and the people who could use them were also limited.

Arami was one of the rare people who could use this type of magic.

「Won’t it become problematic if the King finds out about this?」

「If that happens, so what?」


「Will they deprive me of the status of High Mage and expel me? Well well, won’t that be convenient for me. If that happens, then I will also go and live in the “Beast’s Fang Forest” and teach Rio how to survive in that place. Or, will they put me in prison for defying the King? They should know that kind of thing is useless against me. If so, I will not hesitate to stop serving such a foolish king. If he made such a stupid decision, then I’m sure others will follow suit. Whatever they try to do, it won’t matter to me. The one who will be troubled in the end is the King.」

「You don’t have any attachment to being a “High Mage?”」

「I was never obsessed with it. I only became a “High Mage” to have the prestige to present the existence of “spirits.” Ever since then, it’s been seven years. There was no particular reason for me to quit so I remained, but if the King tells me “it’s fine to quit” then I will happily take him up on his offer.」

「The King would not be that foolish.」

「Who knows.」

Reyfaras forced a grim smile on his face, and Arami became worried.

If Reyfaras were to quit his position now, the people who became mages while striving to be like him would also quit.
Other than that, his MP and magical skill was number one in the country.
It was originally decided that he would be the one to teach the Goddess magic, but he declined that himself and instead the other High mage “Haruin Reichal” was appointed instead.
In other words, once he lost all reason to serve, this country’s war power would be drastically reduced.
And, the people who would get injured in the front lines as a result would end up blaming the King.
The vicious cycle would be complete.

And then, the Front Line Pioneer Regiment Captain “Kleihart Charginal” would hate the incompetent King who let his men die. He was the type of man who would proudly declare, “if the King is incompetent then I will cut him down myself!”
And the Vice Captain Tonic-san’s loyalty lied with the Captain Kleihart rather than the King, so if he was ordered to kill the King it would be done easily enough.

If they fired Reyfaras, then this country would be ruined.

「……I will prepare the teleportation magic.」

「Yes, I’ll be counting on you.」

He silenced the sigh that threatened to come out and decided in his heart to stick with Reyfaras and his company if it ever got to that point. After bowing, Arami left the room.

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