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mofu-nade 17

Someone get me a baby-talk translator… and a baby-talk converter so I don’t have to go through this hellish experience again TT_TT

Ahh, I wish Nema was 5 already…

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Next I intruded on the Beast House.


Today I’m going to play at part of the Special Forces Division, the Beast House where the Beast Knight Unit’s animals are!


The dragon knight-san I got friendly with taught me there were lots of curious creatures at the beast house too.

I had asked Papan, but it reached all the way to Vi’s place for some reason.


Vi was going to assign Gwen to me again, but I decisively refused and requested for Dan-san instead!


Ah, it’s more or less out of kindness, ok?

Gwen seems to be bad with animals on the whole after all.

Come to think of it, when I refused Gwen, his subordinates orz’d 1 in real life, but I wonder why?

Were they so shocked Gwen had a weak point?

But, there are some things people can’t deal with and can’t overcome. Taking it into consideration, their relatability with that ice beauty will get better so I think it’s a good thing.


While being led by the hand by Dan-san, we were heading in the complete opposite direction than the dragon stables.


「The animals are scared of dragons. That’s why they’re located as far away as possible from them.」


Well, yeah. No matter how you think of it, dragons are at the top of the food chain after all.

Of course they’d freak out.


We’ve been walking alongside a high wall for a loーng time now, but when will we get there?


「Are we there yet?」


「Ahh. It’s the other side of this wall. The entrance is…Look, it’s over there.」



The height of this is around 5m, you haven’t mistaken it for a prison right?

Or rather, we’ve walked quite a distance along this wall, just how big is this palace!!?


Once we went through the entrance, the Beast Knight’s commander came out to greet us.

This commander also immediately matched my eye height and gave his greetings.


「A pleasure meeting you, miss. I serve as the Commander of the Special Forces Division’s Beast Knight Unit, Lestin Ogma. Please call me Les.」


Lestin was a calm person. Without extinguishing his smile to the end, he also casually escorted me. He was the splitting image of a knight that appeared in those stories.

His appearance wasn’t enough to cross over into ikemen territory, so it was relaxing.

His dark brown hair was short and tidy, and his eyes that were a darker shade of brown resembled a Japanese person so it felt nostalgic.

A perfect score, more than the knights I’ve met so far!


Dan-san is a good person too you know? He’s good at taking care of others. He seems to be a little down lately though. I’ve often seen him spacing out while looking at the dragons.

The troublesome part about Dan-san is that he likes dragons a little too much.

Once he knew I could understand what the dragons were saying, he turned me into an interpreter and made me do something like an interview with all the dragons.

Starting from what they liked and disliked to eat, their exact age and their physical condition, the names of the knight members they liked.

Thanks to that, it took 15 days to come to the beast houseー

At that time, I learned from Dan-san’s various questions that there was a false rumor spreading around.

It said I was the formal contractor of the fire dragon. The reason was because I recieved the Dragon’s Orb. Dan-san taught me that the large bodied Ancient Dragons created Dragon Orbs to link with their contractors.

But the feeling I got from Sol was that the contract didn’t matter, if he found someone he liked then it was ok to give them?

I earnestly corrected Dan-san!

Sol said that once I became an adult, if I thought I needed him then he would make a contract with me. Though it was hard to tell if he meant if I were in a situation where I needed his power, or if I merely wanted to stay together with him.

From the flow of conversation, I tried asking him if he knew what the 『Sacred Beast’s Blessing』was. Then he replied with just two words, I dunno.… Tch, so Dan-san doesn’t know either.

My family won’t teach me, and Sol said I’d know at the time of the contractー. Each and every one of them.


Now then, let’s end the conversation between humans here and head to the main event!


At the destination Lestin led me too, a similar spectacle to the dragon stables spread into view.

However, it wasn’t a ranch but a safari park.

I can see the horizon…

What I could see with my eyes was grassland-like, but I feel like they’ve tampered with it magically.


The first ones I met was the standard herd of horses.

They were warhorses, but their physiques were better than the horses in the other world and they had thick legs. They probably possess a lot of power?

The black 2 , olive brown chestnut 3 , gray with white dappled 4 on it and pure white palomino 5 colors of their coat were no different from over there.


「Nefertima-sama, since we have this opportunity, would you like to take a tour while riding on these horses?」


Lestin suggested a capital idea.


I’ve only ridden a pony when I was small, so I’m super thrilled!

Ah, it was my youthful years in the other world, you know?


「I’ll wide the horshiesー!」


When I raised both arms in joy, Lestin used his fingers to whistle to the horses.

Awesomeー! A finger whistle is so much louder than a regular whistle with your lipsー


Noticing the whistle, a horse ran over.

It was a black horse who had a noticeably better physique than the others in the herd.


「This the the leader of the herd, Wazu.」


Hmhm. I thought I felt an “oresama” 6 feeling from him, so he was the boss?

Though he was called for and came, I felt a gaze as if he were asking, “what’s with this pipsqueak?”…


「I’m Nema! Naish to meechu Washu.」




His breathing sure is roughー

…Hm? Wait, did he just laugh at me??

I think I’m being looked down on.

Hmmm, so he’s going to take on that attitude.


I faced Wazu with a grin.

Wazu was also looking at me fixedly.

Though glaring would have been more correct, I don’t feel like it.

It’s said horses are really loyal to the ones they recognize as their master after all. He seems to be on guard against me, more or less.

This is a test of endurance.


「Letsh play Washuー!」


Without erasing my smile, I repeatedly called out 「Washu」.

Wazu took his gaze off me and looked towards Lestin. It might’ve meant something like “do something about this beansprout,” but Lestin just watched over the developments with interest.


「You won’ pway wish me Washuー? Then should I go somewhere elsh wish Lesh-shanー?」




Wazu protested by scratching the ground with his front hoof.

Un un. It’s lonely to part so fast after meeting your master.

That’s why if you acknowledge me, Lestin will come along too you know?


「Den letsh pway?」


When I asked again, he looked towards the herd behind him and towards Lestin, losing his cool.

Is he conflicted whether he should take the herd’s side as their boss, or if he should take the side of his master as his war steed?


「I apologize, Nefertima-sama. Wazu has a tendency to be willful…」


When Lestin said so, Wazu hung his head!

It wasn’t because he was concerned with something at his feet, he was hanging his head enough that I could hear a loud “GAーN” sound effect!!



Super cute!!

Is this his real self? This is his default, right!?

Looks like since he’s the boss of the herd, he tried hard to act pridefully.

The oresama type is good too, but this side is way cuter, hands down.

For now, I should clear up the misunderstanding.


「Dats wrong, Lesh-shanー Washu ishn’t willful you know? He’sh pwushing himshelf ash the herd’sh bosh and jusht doeshn’t wan to people to get too closhe to the herd. Right Washu?」(That’s wrong, Les-sanー Wazu isn’t willful you know? He’s pushing himself as the herd’s boss and just doesn’t want people to get too close to the herd. Right Wazu?)


When I asked Wazu, he nudged my with his snout.

Why do you understand, even though you’re a pipsqueak!? But thanks. Something like that?

Damn itーYou cute fellow, youuuー!


While petting the bridge of his nose, I patted his neck.

I’ve successfully ensnared Wazu for the time being, yes?




As if finally understanding my words, Lestin raised a surprised voice.

I’m sorry my pronunciation sucksー


「Umm, are you saying that Wazu took on a willful attitude to keep humans away from the herd?」




You don’t believe meー?

Or rather, Wazu acts like a spoiled child towards Lestin, doesn’t he?


「Would horses do such things?」


「Itsh becaush Washu ish a smart kid!」


Even Dan-san made an incredulous face.

There are animals that play dead and feign sickness, even dogs pretend to be naughty because they want their owners to pay attention to them!


After I explained with all my might, the two seem to have assented while still half in doubt.

Lestin apologized to Wazu for not realizing sooner.

Wazu rubbed against Lestin happily.

Un un. This scene is nicely warm and fluffy.


Since I’ve become close to Wazu, I urged the two people to hurry along.


「Can you call a kid with a good affinity to Nefertima-sama but also one Dan can also ride?」


When Lestin asked him, Wazu turned to his herd and whinnied, HIHIーN in a high voice.

When he did, we saw a horse run over.

A quick question before that horsie gets over here!


「Whaddya mean, Dan-shan too?」


Whoops, I was negligent. Pardon me. 7


「I’m bad with horses. My partner was a wild bear 8 when I was in the beast knight unit」


He said it ashamedly, but being unable to ride a horse is no good! Aren’t horses indispensable for knights!!?

And furthermore, a bear…Are you Kintaro 9 ? Your weapon wasn’t an axe, was it??

Eh, it was a halberd.………It’s still an axe!!

He’s like the western Kintaro. Cuz, Dan-san has more brown in his reddish hair than I do, and he has pale green eyes. He has the muscular and dark feeling of an Italian ikemen.


While I was worrying endlessly in my heart, the horse arrived.

Ok, let’s forget about it! That’s for the best!!


The kid Wazu called was a pretty white horse.

I was pleased with it the moment I saw it, but rather than me, I want my brother to ride on it! Then the blonde and blue eyed prince that appeared in stories would be created!!


「This is Hugh. He’s very calm and he can run on his own judgement, so it’s just right for Dan.」


Wow! It’s autopilot in a sense!

And Lestin seems to have inadvertently spoken somewhat cynically?

Is he unexpectedly one of those black-bellied type characters??


Now then now then, after equipping him with a double seated saddle, we’re off!!


Wazu turned into a disappointing kid…It wasn’t supposed to be this way(lol)


Next time is a big haul of mofumofu!! TN: You guys will have to wait til next week or after tho haha TuT My translating rampage might be over by now…

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  1.  3cd 
  2.  black-horse_1000 
  3.  haircolor5_en 
  4.  SONY DSC 
  5.  haircolor8 
  6. Oresama = pompous, confident type character. 
  7. I think what Nema means here is that she slipped out of polite speech for a bit. I’m not 100% sure though. 
  8. Wild bear is a species and written with katakana, so he probably wasn’t partnered with an actually wild bear. Probably. 
  9. Japanese legend of Golden Boy. More info on wiki. 

mofu-nade 16

I’m changing the dragon classes to English instead of romaji because it’s still confusing!! >_<

Genryuu => Ancient Dragon

Yokuryuu => Winged Dragon

Chiryuu => Land Dragon

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This time it’s from Dan’s perspective.

There’s no mofumofu and it’s duplicate events, so it’s fine to skip it.


I altered the error I was alerted to.

Idle Talk   In the Case of Dan Yeats


I’ve loved dragons since I was little.

The dragon knights will always appear at the National Foundation Day Parade hosted by the royalty.

Mounted on the land dragon lind-drakes, the dragon knights handle them like their arms and legs. Riding on the winged dragons lindblooms, the dragon knights manage to pull off flying in ever-changing formations.

I admired them. Whenever I saw a dragon, I firmly resolved to myself that that I would become a dragon knight.


Fortunately my family was of a large merchant’s, so I was able to study at the Imperial Academy.

Because only knights with ability would be elected as dragon knights, there was no department for dragon knights at the academy. That’s why I entered the Beast Knight Department, of course learning the sword and weapons with long reach, and also about ecology and how to take care of animals. The animals of the beast knights and dragons were entirely different, but I thought it’d be better to have a solid foundation.


Graduating from the Imperial Academy’s Beast Knight Department and through the Imperial Guards Beast Knight’s Division, I am now serving my long wished for duty as the Dragon Knight’s commanding officer.


One day, I received a report that a fire dragon appeared at my alma mater.

Why didn’t you call us at that time!!?

I was so jealous towards the guys who could only watch as the fire dragon returned to his nest in the northern mountain range.


A council was opened afterward with the rumors that a young girl had become that fire dragon’s master.

I’ll speak honestly…It’s too envious!!


While I was doing my daily work and around the time when the fire dragon stopped coming up as a topic in our unit, a rare guest intruded on us.

The commander of the Imperial Guards’ Second Division, Gwen Fields. We were in the same year at school, but he’s a nag so I can’t deal with him.

You don’t groom yourself enough, you don’t have enough self-awareness as a knight, if you have the time to be fawning over dragons then train in the sword. It’s none of his business.


I headed towards Gwen while feeling reluctant, and sure enough the nagging came like  usual.


「As usual, your unit’s appearance is a mess. As long as you’re in the palace, you don’t know when you’ll meet someone of high rank. I don’t want them to group us together!」


「Well of course, I take care of it when I go inside. Cuz unlike your bunch, my unit can’t stray too far from the dragon stables.」


The dragon knights’ duties during peacetimes are to do inspection tours, caring for the dragons, training, and keeping watch.

We wear work clothes during the times we care for the dragons. Made with ease of movement in mind and so they can get dirty whenever and wherever, these clothes are just a little higher in quality than commoner clothes.


「You say you’re looking after them, but aren’t you just playing?」


「There’s no difference between playing and working with dragons. We can’t ride on them if they don’t like us. You should know that much.」


To us, there was nothing more important than being acknowledged by the dragons.

If you didn’t have at least that amount of mettle, you wouldn’t make it in this unit.


「If you’re going to call it work, then at least clean up. The beast house too, whenever I come here it smells like beasts.」


Good grief, if you’re unable to stomach it then don’t come.

The two soldiers behind Gwen also seem to be troubled.

Well, we are in the middle of changing out the straw, so it probably smells like sweat.


「Hey. Can I meet wish the dragonsh?」


Along with the sensation of my pant leg being pulled, a voice sounded from my feet.

When I lowered my sight, I saw a girl who was wearing a pink dress that’s fine tailoring could be recognized at a glance.

No, rather than a girl, a toddler?

Carrying a red rabbit plush toy, the way she looked up at me with her utmost effort was extremely cute.

I crouched down at once and met the girl’s line of sight.

Then she expressed a happy smile and named herself with an awkward pronunciation.


I am Daleryant Oshufe’s daughter, Nefertima.


I’m surprised. Speaking of the Osphe House, it’s a ducal house that has served as prime ministers for generations.

Though she’s young, she should have been taught that people with lower status should introduce themselves first.

It can’t be, she wanted to see the dragon stables so she gave her respects to me?

…I must be thinking too much. She likely just forgot.

At any rate, her lisp and her smile, young children are unconditionally adorable.

I couldn’t help petting her small head.


Though Nefertima-sama wished to meet with them, I wonder if she’ll cry once actually face to face with the dragons?

To us, dragons were as cool as they were cute, but I feel they’d be something scary for a girl…


For the time being, I had her promise not to touch the dragons and guided her around the stable.

Taking my hand, Nefertima-sama walked as if she were in a hurry.

Behind her, Gwen continued complaining.


「Letting a young child get near those ferocious dragons…」


Oi oi. The dragons here don’t attack indiscriminately.

I felt if he really didn’t like it then he could just leave, but he seems to be escorting Nefertima-sama on the orders of the Crown Prince.

Well, he can’t just leave his charge since he disliked dragons after all.


Gwen, it’ll be fine eben if you don’t follow, you know?


Maybe having thought the tired out Gwen was pitiful, Nefertima-sama spoke.


「No! We shall stay beside Nefertima-sama as long as you’re in this palace!」


「Don’t mind the Commander!」


When I felt like Gwen’s subordinates had paled for a moment, they snapped back to attention.

Oohh, they sure are fired up!

Gwen, that guy, he’s blessed with some good subordinates.


Though it was called dragon stables, the grounds were made by magic to be pretty much free range.

There were three buildings in the corner that served as their sleeping area, and in a slightly removed area was the hostel for dragon knights and trainees. There was also a large building with a messroom and a conference hall. In that building was rooms for the live-in cooks and maids, and for safety, the commander and vice-captain’s private rooms were located one floor under.


The dragon’s sleeping quarters were called Straw Nest, Sand Nest and Rock Nest. It seems to have turned into this before anyone realized it because they were trying to fit all the dragon’s tastes.


I showed the inside of the nests to Nefertima-sama and explained about their rearing environments.

I thought she wouldn’t have an interest in things like that, but she listened enjoyably. In Straw Nest, she showed a bit of her tomboyishness as she dove into the just replaced straw.

Gwen scowled as usual though.

Not just animals, but you hate kids too? No, in this guy’s case, he treats anything he hasn’t acknowledged as garbage.


When we walked along the fence that stretched without end parallel to the nest, we saw the figure of dragons relaxing here and there.

Nefertima-sama’s eyes sparkled and said they were cute.

Uh huh. Wild dragons were heroic and cool, but the kids here have a charm.

Their fighting instincts have definitely not declined, but it seems that just with a secure sleeping place, they act differently.


But the dragons suddenly began acting strange.

Like they couldn’t stay calm, they eagerly cried. The dragons who noticed us came forth with a great vigor. Maybe lured by that, more dragons swarmed before us.

Nefertima-sama was also astonished by the dragon’s behavior.

Gwen and his guys seemed to notice the abnormality, they drew their swords and entered battle mode.


Though they were behind the fence, I couldn’t help but feel frightened at the spectacle of so many dragons crowding and raising their voices.


As the commander of the Dragon Knights Unit, I should have scolded my own foolishness and sent out an order to control the dragons.


A lindbloom crossed over the fence.

Without time to think, my body moved on reflex. I got in front of Nefertima-sama.

But, as if predicting my movements, the dragon roared at me. It was an act of coercion against someone weaker than him. Though I knew it in my head, my body refused to move out of instinct.

Keeping my flustered mind in check, I verified in the corner of my eyes that Gwen and his guys couldn’t move either.

What to do?

How should we hold out until my subordinates realize something is wrong and come running?


I sent my brain in full operation to figure out how to get through this predicament.


「Whatsh your name?」


For a moment, I wasn’t sure what had happened.

Because I didn’t think that unexpectedly, Nefertima-sama would be able to move.

If you can move then run away!!

Without knowing my feelings, she approached the lindbloom.


Hearing the rumbling sound of the dragon’s growl, the scene of Nefertima-sama’s figure being torn apart came to mind.


「I’m Nema」


However, what I heard was neither a scream or the sound of flesh being ripped to shreds, it was a carefree and child-like voice.

As if responding to that voice, the lindbloom growled again.


「Becaush I have Sol’s orb?」


It can’t be, are they conversing?

How absurd!!

As if something like that can happen!!

Though in the legendary epic people recited, there was a theory that if one possessed a Dragon Orb, they could come to understandings with dragons.

It’s an item that only an ancient dragon can make, a mythical ite……Ancient dragon!?

The girl who contracted with that fire dragon, it was Nefertima-sama??


Gizeryu, lemme pet youー


There’s no mistake.

She guessed the leader of all the dragons in this stable, Gizelle’s name right.

Different from growling, Gizelle was conveying his intent.

To be honest, I was doubting my eyes.

The prideful leader who wouldn’t let anyone ride him was letting Nefertima-sama touch him without a peep of protest!!


「Can I pway wish them?」


Clinging onto Gizelle, Nefertima-sama was making merry. Seeing her like that with Gizelle was so astounding, my mind short circuited.

I spoke up because I was asked something, but because there was also the effect of the dragon’s roar, all that came out was a hoarse voice with no meaning.

Perhaps taking that as agreement, she got on Gizelle’s back with his help and flew away.


Ahh, I wish I had fainted.

If so, then I would’ve never held these dark emotions of jealousy towards that girl.

Will I be able to face her with a smile when she returns?


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mofu-nade 15

Mofunade time with dragons have come!

Nema refers to dragons as “children” sometimes, but don’t get confused lol. Also, I use crocodile, but alligator would probably work too.

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I finally met them.


Saying dragon stables gives it the image of a horse shed or cow barn 1 … Well, this is a ranch after allー

But what was amazing was the difference in environmental boundaries!

There was a desert, desolate plains, deep within that was lush prairies and woods, there was even a lake within the forest.

The ranch’s environment was made with magic, and it looks like the desert is heated with geothermal energy while the depths of the forest are cool.

The lindblooms and lind-drakes were left to run free in there.

When I asked, “won’t they run away?” I was told they were bound by their true names so they couldn’t escape.

The love towards them was conveyed through Dan-san’s tone of voice, so I knew that the dragons were being taken great care of.

Their sleeping quarters were always clean, and they also had fresh food prepared for them. He also told me they changed the terrain periodically so that the dragons wouldn’t get tired of the landscape.


The dragons I saw relaxed as if they were at home and didn’t look ferocious at all.


And they were cute!!

Perhaps the lindbloom’s forelegs having evolved into wings, they only had hind legs. Their figures of walking while folding their wings were reminiscent of birds and had a charm to it. The lind-drakes had four legs and were idly walking around. The way their tails matched in tune swaying left and right was irresistibly cute!!


「Sho cute!」


Dan-san’s expression melted as if his own children were being praised.


But since it’s come to this, I wanna touch them now… What can I do so I can touch them?

It feels like Dan-san will refuse even if I ask him…

I know!! I won’t touch them, I’ll have them touch me!!


ーC’mere, c’mere!


When I wished strongly in my heart, lots of dragons reacted.


ーWhat is itー?

ーDid you callー?

ーWanna play together?


I was shocked that I could hear what the dragons were saying inside my head.

Why? Why?? When I was panicking, this time Sol’s voice sounded in my head.


ーIf you possess the Dragon’s Orb, it’s possible to converse with all dragon types.


I seeー How useful! As expected of a legendary rare item!!


ーGot itー Thank youー!


Dan-san was vigilant against the dragons who had suddenly gathered. Gwen and his subordinates also seemed to be considering whether to draw their swords.

You don’t have to be so on guard, you know?


The dragons were unable to exit the fence. They were more or less on alert against Dan-san.

I, being the one who called them, wanted to go to them immediately, but the fence was too high so I couldn’t cross it.


Then, a lindbloom crossed over the fence and descended before me.

Dan-san tried to come in front of me to protect me, but the lindbloom threatened him and he was unable to get closer.


I approached the lindbloom and spoke with a smile.

Cuz, it’s so cute.


「Whatsh your name?」


ーIt’s Gizelle, oh daughter of man.


The voice I heard in my head was that of an adult male’s. But in my ears, I heard the grumbling of the lindbloom’s animal cry.


「I’m Nema」


ーI feel Lord Fire Dragon’s presence from you.


He can tell? I wonder if he’s an acquaintance.


「Becaush I have Sol’s orb?」


ーHowever, you are not a contractor. …Well, it’s fine. We shall welcome you as a dragon’s daughter into our flock.


I feel like I’ve instantaneously leveled up from a human’s daughter to a dragon’s daughter? But I wonder what it means.

I’ll leave aside the stuff I don’t really get, but for now, it means that it’s ok to play, right?

Then, I gotta do what I gotta doー


「Gizeryu, lemme pet youー」


ーI don’t mind, but…


Oh? He seems a little embarrassed?

It’s super cute though!!

Now then, I’ll do it without reserve. I’ve never held back while petting though.


The snout he pushed out was rugged. I wonder if a crocodile would feel like this?

Hm? Since his eyelids blink from bottom up, is he really a lizard then?

His belly area is a little soft. Yup, he’s a lizard.


When I stopped petting, Gizelle demanded more.

What is this!! Tsundere? Is this the tsundere that people are in a craze over??

When I hugged him tightly without thinking, a wave of booing came from behind the fence…


ーHow unfaiーr!

ーPet me too!

ーOnly letting Gizelle have the good stuff!


Seriously, it’s great that I got this power from God. I feel so blessed!!

I’ll hug everyone. Just wait for me!!


I asked Dan-san while hugging Gizelle.


「Can I pway wish them?」




Everyone seems kind of blank, are you guys ok?

Dan-san’s mouth is hanging wide open. You’ll hurt your throat, so close it!



ーWhat should we play?

ーLet’s go to the lake!


The dragons behind the fence started getting noisy again.

Getting a ride on Gizelle, we took to the skies.


I was astounded to the point of speechlessness. The fear of having my feet off the ground, the wind hitting against me and the faraway scenery I could see.

When I thought that those with wings could enjoy this overflowing feeling of liberation, I was pretty jealous.

Wrath-kun had said it was too dangerous and wouldn’t fly with me.

Darn it~ I’ve lost out on so much!!


I clung to his neck so I wouldn’t get in the way of the flapping wings. Is this what being on a hang glider would be like?

Ah, I properly got Gizelle’s permission before touching his neckー.


There were other kids trailing behind Gizelle. The lind-drakes were running on the ground with an amazing speed. The cloud of dust behind them, ain’t it terrifying?

Even if you don’t rush that much, there’s still plenty of time!


The place where Gizelle brought me was a hill where white flowers bloomed.


These flowers were called sen’a, and they were something like fri○k 2 to the dragons! 

The flower petals were sweet, and the stalk was like refreshing mint.

I tried eating it too, but it was the bitter taste of leaves.

It was a perennial plant that had a strong vitality and seems to be boiled and blended into a medicine. My mom and sister taught me that when I gathered it into a bouquet to give them as a souvenir.


When I made a flower wreath to put on their head, they ate it…

Jeez, they can’t read the mood!

Bad! When I got mad, they ran away so I chased after them. Then before I knew it, it turned into a game of tag.




ーNema’s comingー!

ーRun awayー!


Of course with my legs, I was no match for them.

They were going easy on me, but that easy-going attitude was enragingー!!


We ran around a lot, so everyone migrated to the lake within the forest.

There were kids taking a nap on the lake shore, and there were also kids swimming in the shallows.

What surprised me was that the lind-drakes could swim.

I knew that lindblooms couldn’t swim because they had wings, but lind-drakes were really crocodiles!?


Their appearance while swimming is more like a log than a crocodile though.

Ah! That’s right!!

Can’t I ride on their backs!?


And so, I asked the female lind-drake Elia I’d gotten along with for permission.


ーIf I can drop you, then sureー


No, I’ll be troubled if you drop me, Nee-san!


「Eberyone, if Elia dropsh me then reshcue me, okー?」


I put in some countermeasures just in case.



ーI’ll save youー


They’re really such good kids!

I’ll hold some expectations towards these lifeguards!


Riding on Elia’s back, we wandered the lake.

The middle of the lake was the deepest area, and the beautiful water gushed forth. But since the quantity of water is constant, does that mean there’s an underground river that passes through the plains?

I’ll follow it next timeー


I splashed water on the kids swimming alongside us with my legs.

And as if in revenge, they splashed back at me.

Hey! You!!

The amount of water splashed is totally different!!


It got on Elia too, so I asked her and we both started our counter offense.

Before I noticed, it had turned into lindblooms vs lind-drakes.



It’s fine with meー On the war front, the lindblooms were at an overwhelming advantage. Those wings are foul play!

The lindblooms were unable to swim so they were only able to stay near the shallows, but the water splashed by a snap of their strong wings was already a lethal weapon.

The lind-drakes also indomitably persevered.

I don’t know how they did it, but they suddenly jumped like a dolphin and by slapping their bodies onto the surface, they made a giant spray of water.

Un. What an amazing impact!

But you know, I’m also sopping wet!!

I’m soaked from my hair to my clothes, everywhere!!


What should I do? When I was troubled, Gizelle taught me something nice.


ーYou can just borrow Lord Fire Dragon’s power.


OohhーI get it!

Sol is a fire-type after all! I can have him evaporate the water to dry my clothes.


I immediately connected to Sol via telepathy.

While calling up the other person’s appearance in your mind, you speak to them in your heart.

When the other party becomes aware of this, their appearance becomes vivid and in your brain, it goes something like…Ping! Like a thread has been linked together.


ーSol~, I want to dry my clothes!


Since it’s different from my voice, I can speak normally when using telepathy. The “s” and “r” sounds are catastrophic in my real voice though.


ーKeep the tomboyish-ness to a minimum, or your mōdor 3 will scold you.


Mōdor?…Ahh! He means mother!!

Mom’s sermon is seriously restraining, so gimme a break. Seriously, it’s mentally straining.


ーIt’s a secret from mom!


ーWhat a helpless child.


While laughing wryly, Sol sent his power.

The bunny on my back shined faintly, and something warm wrapped around my whole body. Warming my cold body to the fingertips, my hair and clothes also dried instantly.

Wowー Sol’s Dragon Orb is too much of a cheat!


ーThank youー!


Time passed in a blink of an eye as I played with the dragons.

Around the time when the sun was sinking, Wrath-kun came to pick me up.






EhーI have to go home already?

Just a little longerー


When I was reluctant to head home, the dragons jumped on the bandwagon.


ーWe’re still playingー

ーIt’s still bright so it’s fine!

ーWe wanna play with Nema!!


And when they did, naturally Wrath-kun…




A prickling roar quieted the dragons who were quibbling in tantrum.

Scaryー!! I thought my heart would stop! I’m sorry, I’ll be a good girl and go home…


At any rate, it’s a surprising side of his.

I felt like he was a reliable big brother until now, but Wrath-kun who scolded the dragons is the very picture of an aniki! 4

I’ll do my best not to anger him. If he angrily roared at me like that, my lifespan would decrease.


Expressing a tiger’s roar in katakana is hard (T_T)


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  1. Dragon stables 竜舎, horse shed 馬舎 and cow barn 牛舎 all use the same kanji (except for the animal part). Just trying to differentiate it… 
  2.  frisk02-300x199Frisk, it’s a type of mints brand. 
  3. I couldn’t think of an old-timey way to say mom, so I loosely looked up old english version. 
  4. Aniki also means big bro, but the nuance is different? 

mofu-nade 14

The chapters stop being numbered after this, thank goodness… I use “commanding officer” and “commander” interchangeably, so please don’t get confused… Gwen and Dan are both commanders of their units.

Btw, if you haven’t seen it, mofunade has a manga!! Link to it here:

I also just ordered the light novels online so maybe we’ll be getting some crappy quality pictures later (because I don’t wanna ruin my books by taking the pages out). I might end up changing some of the names either once I get the books to match the official english names, if there are any.

Dragon classes will use English equivalents now to make it less confusing.

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I’ve been waiting for this!


I was prohibited from going to play at the palace until the residual excitement cooled down, and it’s been about a month since the audience.

Vi finally said he’d show me those dragons, so I went over to play in high spirits!


First, I studied in Vi’s room about the lindblooms and lind-drakes that Vi said he would show me today.

They were very smart and could understand human speech, but were unable to speak.

And the seem to hate having their throats, wings and tails touched. They would attack unless it was a person they really liked. It’s the commonly referred to as「imperial wrath」.


In this world, dragons were firstly divided into 3 parts.

The Fire Dragon Sol was a 『Genryuu 1 = Ancient Dragon 』. Converting it into words from the other world, it would be Ancient Dragon? They were sacred beasts that governed over the four elements and had a lifespan of thousands of years. They who also had a command of human speech resided in history and were intimate with God, along with the spirits.


Lindbloom are small-sized『Yokuryuu 2 = Winged Dragons 』dragons with wings. Their bodies are like lizards, but their snouts are made like crocodiles. The famous wyverns are also Winged Dragons.


Lind-drakes are lindblooms without wings. Dragons who ground bound are classified as 『Chiryuu 3 = Land Dragons』. Snake type dragons and wyrms who live underground are part of these Land Dragons.


The Dragon Knights were amazing people who were recognized by dragons. Of course they had more ability than regular knights, but getting the dragon to allow them to ride on its back was an absolute requirement.

That’s why the training for Dragon Knights was strict, and they also helped care for the dragons with all their might. There also seems to be people who have gone too far and overdone it. It was at the time when I was listening to Vi tell about the Dragon Knight’s efforts to be liked while laughing at them.


A man entered the room. Judging from his uniform, he was a big-shot of the Imperial Guards.

Still, I feel like I’ve seen this silver haired handsome guy somewhere before.

Pretending to read the book, I carefully observed the handsome man.


His silver thread-like hair was long, down to around his waist. It was braided as if to not get in the way, but it didn’t seem feminine.

Though, his body type would fall in the dainty class of the Imperial Guards. Well, the cause should be his eyes. The energy emitting from his light blue eyes was like the cold frost of ice. If you were glared at by those eyes, you’d surely start shaking in your boots!



Come to think of it, I did receive an intensely cold ice-beam gaze recently…Where was it again??

…Ah!! During the audience!!

He was there diagonally behind the Queen.

He glared REALLY hard at me when I hugged the Queen.

Though if it weren’t at that place and that time, I surely would’ve been shaking.


I was introduced by Vi, so I got down from my seat and acted ladylike.


「Nice to meet you, young lady. I am Gwen Fields.」


The impression I got from his greeting was that he was and ice beauty devoted towards work, but also had a quirk or two?


Alright, he seems bothersome so let’s associate while keeping a distance!

But since Vi was here too, I could only behave cordially like an adult.

It’s fine! My body is a child, but my insides are an adult!!

Even so, there’s been a lot of annoying things since I’ve come to this world…



Vi…Didn’t you make a mistake in selecting people?

Gwen is completely ignoring me and arguing with someone, you know? When can I meet those adorably cute dragons??

Or rather, the subordinates he brought along also seem fed up.


Mmー, I’ll wait and see for now.

But you know, I’m not so free I can keep waiting in vainー. I don’t care who, pay attention to meー.

When I thought that, it came!


A bird flying in the area landed on top of my head.

It pecked at my hair, and when it descended to my arm it asked, “food?”

Ah…Sorry. I don’t have anything that can serve as food right now.

I pet the bird’s wings with feelings of apology.

Then a pote came and said, “I’ll give you this” while holding out a nut.

Guhah!! Too…Too cute, what a good kid!!

The droopy ears like a scottish fold was good, its fluffy tail was good, and above all, the gesture of it tilting its head was irresistible!!!



It’s fine. The nut looks a little big for the birdie, so you should eat it.

In return, let me explore those charming ears!

Tracing along the base of the droopy ears with my fingers, I pinched the ears with my thumb and forefinger.

It was thicker than I expected.

Maybe it was ticklish, the pote was trembling.

Ahhhh!! Where should I direct these urges!?

If it was as large as Wrath-kun or Sol, then I could hug it but it’s nooooooooot!!

Jeez, if I weren’t in front of others, I’d be rolling around on the ground. I want to hug it tight.

Wait, there IS something nearby. Something I can hug with all my might!


………They’re STILL at it!?

Ahh jeez! Really, what an annoying person!! Can I ignore this guy? I can, right? It’s not a situation where I can afford to keep acting like an adult.

Cuz, it seems like the person Gwen is arguing with is the Dragon Knight’s Commander, so can’t I just ask that person directly?


Plus, when Gwen arrived, he said it stank like animals!! Lizard types don’t smell, and if I had to say then it was the smell of straw or grass.

Seriously, isn’t he an idiot?


And so, I butted into the conversation!


「Hey. Can I meet wish the dragonsh?」



I tugged on the pant leg of the Dragon Knight’s commander, and he directed his attention towards me.

Then, having acknowledged me, he squatted and matched my vantage point.

He’s decided as a good person from just this!

It might not be that rare, but there’s only a handful of people who will do this in the palace.

The more a person relied on their social status, the more humiliation they felt at bending their backs towards a child.

Gwen didn’t do this either.



Since our viewpoints are matching, let’s greet him.

Normally, formality called for the one with lower status to name themselves first, but the one who was making an unreasonable request was me.


「I am Daleryant Oshufe’s daughter, Nefertima.」


When I bowed with a smile, the commander ruffled my head.


「You sure are admirable for being so small! I’m the commanding officer of the Dragon Knight’s Unit, Dan Yeats. Just call me Dan.」


「Yesh, Dan-shan.」


This frankness sure is nice. People with high ability and status usually aren’t this friendly.


「Well, I don’t mind if it’s just seeing them, but you definitely can’t touch them ok? They’ll gulp you down in one bite!」


Mmー, I have Sol’s power, and above all I have that thing I snatched from God so I think I’d be fine though.


「Yesh. Itsh a promishー」


Dan-san chummily joined hands with me and finally led me inside the dragon stables.

Gwen was grumbling behind me, but don’t mind it. Or rather, if you hate it that much then you don’t have to come.


「Gwen, it’ll be fine eben if you don’t follow, you know?」


When I said so, his subordinates enthusiastically said that they’d stay by my side for some reason.

I don’t really care, but don’t be a hindrance ok? I don’t want you to get in my way.


I finally wrote about fluffing the pote.

It’s the one I mentioned at the start, the droopy eared squirrel.


Lindblooms will appear next timeー(lol)

Sorry for the shortness m(_   _)m

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  1. Genryuu 原竜 Kanji meaning “origin” and “dragon.” 
  2. Yokuryuu 翼竜 Kanji meaning “wing” and “dragon.” 
  3. Chiryuu 地竜 Kanji is “earth; ground; land” and “dragon.” 

mofu-nade 13

It’s been a while, so I thought I should be merciful and grant everyone the next chapter… It’s not from Nema’s PoV though. Too bad.

Returns to Nema’s PoV next chapter. I’ll see if I can muster up some motivation to work on it… 

I updated the character list/encyclopedia tho, but everything’s a mess now haha TT_TT

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It’s the overlapping perspective from a mob character.

Idle Talk  In the Case of Gwen Fields


I am Gwen Fields of the Second Division of the Imperial Guards. Out of the 12 divisions, the 2nd division specializes in escorting and guarding the royalty.

The first division is specifically for His Majesty the King, so we are in charge of the Queen and the Prince.


The First and Second Divisions who serve by the side of royalty are said to be star players.

2 years ago, being appointed as the youngest commanding officer, I drew attention as the most successful of my class.

To be frank, I don’t have an interest in climbing the corporate ladder.

My colleagues said it was a waste or that it was uninteresting, but that is unnecessary meddling.


After finishing my regular report to the Division Commander, I headed towards the Second Division’s guardroom.

In the guardroom, there were members on break taking a meal, conversing and napping, passing time as they preferred.

There was more or less of a disorganized impression, but this was a males only workplace. There’s no helping it.

Since I’ve become commanding officer, I drove tidiness and personal grooming into them, so the current situation was better than before.


There, a member rushed into the room.


「Oi! The『Healing Angel』is coming!!」


The room was dominated by silence for a moment, then right after there were brazen shouts of joy.

Those in the middle of a meal hurriedly gulped down their food, and those napping bolted to their feet.

It’s the first time I’ve seen these guys with such high tension.


「Alright!! I’m in charge of His Highness Vilhelt in the afternoon!」


Eyes filled with envy and jealousy gathered toward the troop member who just yelled.


Good grief, what are these guys doing? 『Healing Angel』? I’ve never heard of them and I don’t know who it’s referring to, but if they were going to become a hindrance towards their job, then I had to warn them.


「Don’t be careless and make a mistake.」


「Ah, you were here Commander?」


「It’s fine! We won’t make a mistake in front of Angel!!」


These guys…

I felt a murderous impulse for a moment, but I narrowly repressed it into bloodlust.


「By the way, what is this『Healing Angel』?」


Thereupon, the troop members hurled shocked looks at me as if they couldn’t believe it.


「Urrrm, do you really not know of the『Healing Angel』?」


「Fool. It’s because I don’t know that I’m asking.」


The members’ expressions changed from shock to grievous pity.

These guys are really rude.


「It’s Duke’s Osphe daughter Nefertima-sama.」


Nefertima-sama…I saw her during the council about the Fire Dragon Incident, but she seemed to be a normal child that could be found anywhere.

Yes, she could be seen as a noble’s daughter because she was wearing a fine dress, but if they were the plain clothes that commoners wore, then she would blend into the group of commoner children.

A normal face that didn’t stand out in a good or bad way, or rather it would be more fitting to say she didn’t leave an impression.

If she weren’t a high-ranking noble, the Intelligence Division would have likely scouted her.

Her parents and siblings were beautiful, and on top of that their intelligence, fighting power and magic power excelled.

I feel genes played a role in it though. There was a time when she was rumored to be an illegitimate child, but the Duke couple perfectly negated those rumors.


「…Isn’t she a normal chi…」


「「「She’s not!!」」」


Oi. Don’t interrupt people when they speak.


「Nefertima-sama is has a graciously caring heart. She even speaks to us kindly.」


「And she has an extensive knowledge. About plants and animals, magic and medicine, she has also taught me about healing arts.」


「She rescued me when I was entangled with some disagreeable nobles. Nefertima-sama said that those with status and power possess it for the sake of protecting the ones without. I believe there are many others who have been saved and healed by Nefertima-sama’s words and conduct.」


「Nefertima-sama is pure. She’ll tell me that I’m amazing and cool with a carefree smile, so happy.」


Oi oi. Is that really talk about a 3 year old toddler!?

Can a 3 year old really understand social status and authority?

She went to play with His Highness Vilhelt’s sacred beast in the middle of the council hearing, you know?


「You’ll understand Nefertima-sama’s greatness after meeting her. Right guys?」


The person who finished speaking turned to the others, and everyone expressed agreement.


「I see. Then I’ll look forward to meeting her.」


A little girl who can make these guys so devoted… Certainly, I’ll understand after meeting her.


The opportunity arrived immediately.


The eastern buildings of the royal palace were the Queen and Prince’s dwelling.

His Highness Vilhelt had called for him not too long ago, so he pushed his duties to the Vice Captain.


In front of His Highness Vilhelt’s private room were two subordinates on guard duty.

No matter where, they were different from how they usually were.

They had sharp expressions, no gaps showing, and were tense in a positive sense. Their behavior towards work was twice as diligent as usual.

If they were always like this, then my hardships would decrease.


After being saluted by the two, I knocked on the door.


「Gwen Fields of the Imperial Guards, Second Division. Requesting His Highness to grant entry.」


When the door opened, the head attendant attached to His Highness respectfully bowed in greeting.


「Fields-sama, we’ve been waiting. Please, enter.」


Guided by the maid, I treaded deeper into His Highness’ private room.


It’s not my first time here, but it has a simple interior as usual.

His Highness who didn’t favor meaningless ornaments and splendor didn’t place any excess things in his room, there were only items of good quality and of practical use.


In there, a youthful laughter resounded that didn’t match His Highness’ room.

The rumored Nefertima-sama must have come over to play.


The attendant announcing my arrival, I performed a vassal’s bow towards His Highness.


「Apologies for calling you out. At ease.」


Graciously receiving the authorization from His Highness to relax, I stood up.


「Nema, this man is Gwen Fields, Commanding Officer of the Second Division of the Imperial Guards. Gwen, this is Duke Osphe’s daughter Nefertima.」


Being introduced by His Highness, I did an imperial guard’s salute and named myself once again.


「Nice to meet you, young lady. I am Gwen Fields.」


The little girl who seemed to be happily reading her large book descended from her chair and courteously exchanged her greetings.


「I am the daughter ob Daleryant Oshufe, Neferutima. I shaw you at the audiensh so itsh not the firsht timeー.」(I am the daughter of Dalerant Osphe, Nefertima. I saw you at the audience so it’s not the first time.)


Hou. She was aware of me at that council meeting then?


「Nema, rely on Gwen if anything happens in the palace.」


「Yesh. Besht regards, Guwenー」


Nefertima-sama showed an honest and full-faced smile.


「Best regards from me as well.」


I didn’t not 1 feel like His Highness had pushed something troublesome onto me, but I couldn’t take on such an attitude in front of a child, so I returned a smile.


「That’s right, Gwen. Show Nema to the dragon stables.」


Yes? You want me to babysit? Furthermore, at that disagreeable guy’s division??


As our Imperial Guards name indicates, our area of expertise was guarding the palace.

Patrol of the capital, subjugation of monsters and heading off to war was the job of the Royal Knights. For that reason, the number of personnel was large and including the numbers of the ones stationed at the forts on our borders, there were around 10,000 people?

We were also divided by 12 divisions, but the ones in the capital were only about a third. The rest were stationed to the north, west, east and south in our four territories.

I was at odds with one of those divisions, the 12th division’s so-called Dragon Knight Unit’s commanding officer.

Just remembering is bad for my heart!


However, if this is His Highness’s order, then I must curb my personal feelings.


「It’s not a problem, but won’t it be dangerous?」


Lindblooms and lind-drakes and the whole dragon species can enter in the ferocious animals category.

The Dragon Knights too are unable to ride if the dragons aren’t fond of them.


「What, if it’s Nema then she’ll be fine. If there’s danger then the Fire Dragon should do something about it.」


If His Highness says that then there’s no helping it.

I should bring two more guards with me so we can deal with anything that happens, just in case.


In the end, I still don’t understand why those guys are so devoted to this child.


To people who are wondering who the heck Gwen is, I’m sorry.

Just think of it as groundwork for the next chapter(lol)

And, the pervert prince’s name was established!


Healing arts = simple medical treatment or first aid

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  1. Yes, “didn’t not.” Double negative makes a positive. 

mofu-nade: The Day Carnadia Osphe Became a Noble Villainess Girl

This is ALSO not the next chapter!!


This is an extra the author wrote during some point in a future arc. Surprisingly has some info-dumping, but it’s a shame this isn’t canon xD I love me some noble villainess girl stories, so when I saw mofunade combined with this, I couldn’t resist hehe

The only spoilerish thing is in the author’s note down at the bottom, so  if you don’t wanna know what Nema’s dealing with in the future, don’t read the note. (It’s not even bad tho.)

Some info that might be helpful though:

  • Author wrote this in like, the 3rd arc (around there I think?).
  • By this time, Nema is 5 years old (ish), has sorted out her speech problems and learned some noble’s etiquette.
  • Since Nema is 5, Vi and Ralph are 15, Carna is around 12.
  • Vi’s full first name is Vilhelt ヴィルヘルト as you can see in the “ch 12” character intro.

 | ToC |

Raw here: カーナディア・オスフェが悪役令嬢になった日

Carnadia Osphe, duke’s daughter, was told by her fiancé that he wished to break off their engagement at the academy’s graduation party. But Carnadia wasn’t one to say “yes” meekly and stay silent!  A villainess story with the characters from Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu. //

The Day Carnadia Osphe Became a Noble Villainess Girl


I tried doing a villainess noble girl story with the characters from mofunade.

There is no relation to the real story at all, so please enjoy it as a parody.


The Gashe Kingdom’s Imperial Academy’s graduation ceremony commenced, and it was now time for the graduates and underclassmen to say their farewells.


Though it was the graduation ceremony, a ridiculously extravagant party was thrown, and I was able to participate using the privilege of being related to my graduating brother and my currently enrolled sister.

Of course, Papan and Maman were here, and so were the King and Queen.

It was because this country’s Crown Prince His Highness Vilhelt was also graduating.


Within there, an event happened.


「Carnadia Osphe, I hereby break my engagement with you」


The surroundings were sent into an uproar from Vi’s single sentence.

Well of course.

The engagement with my big sister was made with the intention to balance and influence various foreign and internal affairs within the country.

It wasn’t a discussion on the level where Vi could act on his own accord.


「Heh? I’ll ask your reason, for the time being.」


If I had to say one of the other, big sister seemed to be enjoying this situation.


「You’ve acted maliciously towards this baron’s daughter, Ruderia Vance, did you not? I cannot forgive you as a duke’s daughter, no, as a human being!」


Nahー That’s definitely a lie. What benefit would there be in that for my sister?

It’d make more sense if Vi was the bully here…


「Haa. I don’t know how Ruderia-san buttered up Your Highness, but it doesn’t matter at this point. Just, on the honor of the Osphe house, I swear that I haven’t done one malicious thing. What I did was lecturing!」



Or rather, everyone fell silent at my sister’s scathing words.


「Between us, Ruderia-san is a giant problem child. Haven’t you just taken awareness of Ruderia-san lately, Your Highness?」


「…Ahh. Around half a cycle ago」


Half a cycle, that would be the period when the second season passed. In other words, half a year. A year was called a cycle, and from spring it was the Wind season, Water season, Fire season and Earth season.


「Because Ruderia-san’s body was sickly, she entered school lately in the 3rd cycle. However, her attitude towards Takae who was employed as the head physician of the mayor under Baron Vance. Even now that three cycles have passed, she doesn’t understand her position, is unskilled at etiquette, her speech is beyond repair and she doesn’t put any effort in improving herself. What’s wrong with lecturing such a girl like her? She can’t even do what my little sister can do, you know?」


Oh sister, even like this, I am more or less applying enough etiquette so that I won’t be embarrassed as a duke’s daughter.

But, for a 14 year old to be unable to do what a 5 year old child can do, something this weird. Even the other noble ladies are able to do it.

Incidentally, the academy’s ages ranged from 8 to 15 years old, and from 16 you’d be recognized as a mature adult in the Gashe Kingdom and could take up working.

Of course, that only applied to the nobles, and it wasn’t strange to see a child working in the streets.

Also, depending on the field, you could stay at the academy as a graduate for 2 years.

There were courses for nurturing magician’s field of studies, or commanders for knights or officers.


「Moreover, though I look like this I am busy, so I don’t have the leisure to commit the vicious acts Your Highness has said I’ve done. There is the magic research for the academy, and most importantly, I have a duty to fawn over my little sister.」


Yes. My sister is terribly busy.

Even at this age, she helps Maman out with her job and commutes to the palace to receive training from the Queen, and in between that she’s also my playmate.

But I can affirm that I’m not part of her duty!


「And, though I highly doubt it, is Your Highness fond of Ruderia-san?」


「If I am, then what of it?」


「Ruderia-san would be suspected of committing a crime, so the intelligence unit will be dispatched to investigate.」


「I haven’t done anything bad…」


Perhaps pressured by my sister’s force, tears brimmed in Ruderia’s eyes.


「That’s quite absurd. His Highness is a lolicon, after all.」


B-b-b, big sisteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!




「It’s a word to describe people with a preference for loving young girls, like His Highness.」


「It’s not like I’m a lolicon…」


「My. Didn’t you agree to our engagement because you wanted to become Nema’s brother-in-law?」


Somehow it feels like there are sparks shooting towards meー!!

Don’t involve me in thisー!


「If it’s about Nema, then…」



I don’t wanna hear iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt.

Someone! Anyone, please save me!!

Papan! He disappeared somewhere!!

Maman, why are you smiling!?

You King and Queen too, stop grinning and stop these two from their rampage!!





There’s a savior!!




Without caring, I plunged into Wrath-kun’s fluffiness.

Your master is scaryyy.


「Well, it’s not like I don’t understand His Highness’ feelings」


「Nefertima-sama is healing after all」


You imperial knights who are attached to Vi as his guards!!

What are you saying!!?


「The time when she’s with the sacred beast-sama is especially terrific」


「Right, right. It feels so sacred, like you shouldn’t interfere.」


You over there!

Don’t relate with them!!


「Letting Nema alone call you with that pet name is for that reason as well, isn’t it?」


That was just because my articulation sucked and I couldn’t say Vil…

Big sister, my HP is already in the red zone.


「There’s no way such a Highness would fall in love with Ruderia-san. It makes me suspect she used a brainwashing spell, or a forbidden magic tool. 」


Somehow some frightening vocabulary came out, but can they even do something like brainwashing while the strongest guardian Wrath-kun is with him?


「Wrath-kun, is Vi being brainwashed?」




Ummm. I heard it as affirmation, but am I just imagining things?


「Why? Even though you’re with him, Wrath-kun?」




Because master is an idiot.

Wrath-kun sure has it rough.


「It looks like the sacred beast-sama has confirmed it. Your Majesty, I ask for your decision.」


「The Osphe house is really blessed with good children.」


「Fufu. It’s an honor to have your praise. All three are my pride and joy.」


It’s been a while since I’ve seen Maman’s full faced smile.

Sorry for being the one who troubles you most.


「Miss Ruderia Vance, as you are under suspicion under the offense of using taboo practices, you are under arrest」


Taboo practices were things prohibited by the law, like using magic that contracted ethics or forbidden magic tools.

For example, brainwashing magic, fascination magic and necromancy are some of them.

These are magics discovered by coincidence, but they were the impetus for major historical  events that happened in past.

Necromancy is especially prohibited, and the spirits wouldn’t stay silent about it.

The necromancer would be discovered immediately, and a depraved one’s mark would be stamped on them.

The world of the dead was God’s domain. Those who invaded that wouldn’t be forgiven, no matter who they were.


「Stop! Let me go!! I didn’t do anything like that」


Ruderia-san yelled while she was being detained by the knights.


「Vil! Save me!!」




Ooh! Just by the impression, they look like a pair of lovers torn apart by fate!




To that Vi who was playing a tragic hero, Wrath-kun’s hammer of fury descended upon him!!

Tte, he just slapped Vi’s face with his tail.






It seems Wrath-kun was explaining something.


「You’re saying I was under a charm?」


Oh. Vi has returned his sanity?


「Vi, are you ok?」





Don’t cling onto meeeeee.

You lolicooooooooooonnnnn!!!


「Yes, stop right there」


The one who rescued me was my big brother.

Waaaaaaaaahhhhh, it was scaryyyy.

I desperately clung to my brother.


「It’s ok, it’s ok. It must’ve been scary. You’re safe now.」


「With this, you know by now. His Highness is a lolicon, and he likes Nema!」


Ah, big sister dealt the finishing blow.


「However, I won’t accept it even if it is His Highness, so do your best at struggling to the utmost」


My sister who was laughing “ohoho” loudly was truly that of a noble villainess girl.

I did it in between my night shifts.

The kobold doggies weren’t moving at all in the main story, so when I imagined with my beloved noble villainess girl genre, I wrote it.

But, I have no regrets!

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To lolicon or not to lolicon, that is the question. (lol)

……But, does this mean that Vi can be considered canonically a lolicon for Nema now (since the author herself keeps saying it)? Or not??

Which one is it!!!???

……Wait, what am I saying? They’re ALL lolicons for Nema, lolololol. Problem solved I guess.

mofu-nade 12

This isn’t a chapter! But since I don’t wanna mess up the chapter numbering (following the entry numbers on syosetu) Imma keep this labelled as “12,” ok?

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Characters who will appear up to chapter 26.

Character Introduction


Osphe Duke House


Nefertima Osphe…Protagonist. Copper hair and bluish black eyes. She received the ability of「being loved by every creature except humans」from God.

Nickname is Nema.

Japanese name・Akitsu Midori, death at age 27


Duke Dalerant Osphe…Nema’s father. Red hair, blue eyes. The Prime Minister of the Gashe Kingdom, at the same time the fief lord of the Osphe territory. He’s the third in line for sucession to the throne. His height is about 185cm (75 gel).

Nickname is Dale.


Cerulia Osphe…Nema’s mother. Magical Engineering Bureau Director of the Royal Sorcery Research Institute. Blonde hair and azure eyes.


Ralphreed Osphe…Nema’s older brother of 10 years. Honey blonde hair and azure eyes. The succeeding heir. Fourth in line for the throne.

Nickname is Ralph.


Carnadia Osphe…Nema’s older sister of 7 years. Red hair and jade green eyes.

Nickname is Carna.




Gardi Ras Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s King. Dark brown hair and violet eyes.


Lirina Linus Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s Queen. Actually the first child of the Linus Empire’s Emperor. Hair blue like the sea and pink eyes.


Vilhelt Lega Gashe…Gashe Kingdom’s First Prince. Indigo blue hair and violet eyes. Contracted to the sacred beast, the tenko Wrath.

Nickname is Vil. Vi for Nema only.


The Imperial Guards・The Knights Order


Gwen Fields…The commander of the 2nd division imperial guard knights of the royal court. And ice beauty who has silver hair and light blue eyes. He’s troubled about how the engrossment his subordinates have with Nema.


Dan Yeats… Commander of the royal knight’s order 12th division(the dragon knight unit). Reddish brown hair leaning more towards brown, and pale green eyes. His features look italian. A former beast knight, his partner was a wild bear named Bey. His favorite weapon is a halberd.


Lestin Ogma…Commander of the royal knight’s order’s 11th division(special forces), the beast knight unit. Dark brown hair and eyes. Has a face the looks of Japanese asian descent. His partner is the warhorse Wazu.


Cabinet Ministers


Olivier Weis…Minister of Home Affairs and the current head and fief lord of the Weis territory located in the east. Though gifted with both intelligence and beauty, she sucks at cooking.


Eugene Dirta…Minister of Foreign Affairs. Son of the fief lord of the southern Dirta territory. Because he couldn’t settle down and loved setting out on adventures, the jobs of fief lord and head are still being done by his father.


Sunlas Myugar…Minister of Finance and current fief lord of the western Myugar territory. The head of the family was his father.


Gauche Zernan…Chief executive of the imperial guards of the royal court and the royal knight’s order = general.




Anri Dessa…Nema’s governess. Chartreuse green hair and amber colored eyes.


Margess…Osphe House’s steward.


Paul…The apprentice steward in the Osphe House(footman)


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