Drop – Prologue



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My head is heavy, it hurts, I don’t understand why… The world is pure white.
Where am I looking?

Cordelia memorized the feeling as if the atmosphere around her were warping, and slowly closed her eyes. However, it wasn’t as if the assaulting feeling would disappear just because one closed their eyes. It felt disgusting. The nausea was terrible.

It was after winter that the world began to be inflicted by this infectious disease.
In the blink of an eye, the illness had invaded what was referred to as the fertile country of Christa without exception. Many people would refer to this period as the Dark Winter for many years to come.

And in the world blanketed by darkness, in the house of a noble family from the Christa Kingdom, the symptoms of the illness appeared in the Pameradia family’s youngest daughter Cordelia.

A shock ran through the Pameradia family.

We can’t afford to lose the daughter who we raised to be the future queen here, they said.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t any treatment for the quick hitting disease. But no matter the abundance of assets or the doctor obtained through connections or cutting edge technology of treatment methods and medicine, Cordelia would not recover her health. The doctor muttered quietly. This was not just the recently prevalent disease, there must be some sort of other serious illness that was complicating the process, or so he said.

For Cordelia who only showed a vague reaction to the constant nursing and treatment, and around the time when the people around her began thinking『it might already be too late』towards her, rapid changes began to occur inside Cordelia’s body.

In all honesty, the infectious disease had already disappeared from her body. But with similar symptoms, and from different origins…… Unimaginable things were happening inside her.

That change began when in the girl’s previously white vision, a big ball of light appeared before her. Not long after, the light condensed and became smaller, but when it became the size of a fist, it swelled and burst open.

At the same time as the light scattered and fell like rain, a tremendous amount of footage and audio surged into Cordelia’s brain.

Gently flowing wavy platinum blonde hair was projected into the girl’s mind, as was the signature of the Pameradia family’s magic power, the red pupils enclosed in the pink irises of her eyes.

But almost immediately the impression of that figure would change.

The girl’s eyes were very cold, and from her open mouth spewed incredibly cold, biting words.

『Know your place.』

That appearance, that voice. Cordelia realized.
She is『Cordelia.』And she is the future me.

When I was in Nihon, I knew about her from a game.
She was the rival to the protagonist of an otome game.

The moment she understood the things being processed into her mind were things she had never seen before, the familiar mountain of buildings, the station, the school, the cars flowed into her.
It was such a huge amount of information that Cordelia’s brain raised a scream.
But even within her dazed consciousness, Cordelia firmly understood her standing.

I was reborn into an incredibly terrible villainess noble girl.

Accepting this truth as her final act, Cordelia was once again swallowed into the whirlpool of information.


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TL Corner: You don’t have to read this part. I just got a boatload of attention on this so now I’m a little nervous about it ahahaha. Anyways, here is the prologue to hold you guys for now. I’ll try to stockpile on translating chapters so I can do a more regular release, if possible. There’s not that much chapters so hopefully it won’t be too tough.

Also, if you find any mistakes, or would like to compare to the Japanese version along side to nitpick at my translation, please feel free to and mention anything you think is odd or off. My Japanese is not the greatest and sometimes I do take a little liberty, but I’ll try to be more faithful to the work from now on.

JP + ENG Trans

Also, it seems like there might be some first person perspective mixed in with the third perspective, so I’ll italicize it just to make it stand out more.


23 thoughts on “Drop – Prologue”

  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! I just thought that you had grown tired of translating (Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hinbon), but it turns it was on probable hiatus…BUT! Yes! You picked this up! Thank you!!!


  2. This seems like a really good story to follow 🙂 I haven’t read any LN’s that has the reincarnated villainess setting so thank you for translating it


  3. Another villainess reincarnation story is always welcome, it’s always fun to see how each MC varies between these stories. 🙂

    “Illness / injury -> personality change”, a bit like Bakarina(was it?), huh?


    1. Is that Laboon I see?

      Anyways, happy you liked it. I’m currently not translating this at the moment but someone else has offered to pick this up. :3

      They did a pretty good job from what I can tell.


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