Synopsis – Summaries

List of all translated synopses so far. Manually updated so I’ll update when I remember to.

[SYN1] Elder Brother, Break Your Engagement and Marry Me

[SYN2] I reincarnated, but I think the Prince (Fiancé) has given up Picked up by KuruKuru Translations! [NU link]

[SYN3] I decided to quietly disappear Picked up by After;Translations [NU link]

[SYN4] My fiancé is a villain so I’m troubled

[SYN5] What should a villainess noble girl do again? Picked up by Incarose Jealousy MTL [NU link]

[SYN6] The Chronicles of Struggle from Returning to the Other World

[SYN 7] The corner is fine. Please don’t mind me I translated a little for teaser. [NU link]

[Syn8] I’ll try my best in the other world for the sake of mofmofu nadenade

[SYN 9] I’m a familiar but Goshujin-sama is merciless

[Syn 10] Kami-sama is a little harsh towards me!

[SYN 11] The Saintess’ Little Sister ~The strange life of many types of princes and me~

[SYN 12] The Mob Noble Girl is the Capture Target’s Fiancée

[SYN13] My childhood friend the Demon Knight hates me Picked up by Book Lovers [NU Link]

[SYN14] Meruhen・Medohen

[SYN15] Even though I was run over by a truck I was told I couldn’t reincarnate into another world, so I worked with beautiful girls.

[SYN16] I the Demon King have made an elf slave my wife, but how should I love her?

[SYN 17] Toma-Trip

[SYN 18] Love Affairs Between the Supreme Commander and Me

[SYN 19] The Other World Prince’s Elder Cinderella

[SYN 20] The Girl Traverses the Other World’s Seas

[SYN 21] The Miss will become a Maid!

[SYN 22] Breakfast at Hotel Rafflesia

[SYN 23] Cheat Farmer in Another World

[SYN 24] My armor is strongest, but Too much freedom

[SYN 25] If a Japanese shrine appeared in a world of magic and swords

[SYN 26] The reincarnated girl lives freely.

[SYN 27] The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride


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