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List of all translated synopses so far. Manually updated so I’ll update when I remember to. The ones that got picked up will be made to stand out!

(Yes, I’m aware there are two 13’s. Can’t really fix it now without screwing up everything else though.)

[SYN1] Elder Brother, Break Your Engagement and Marry Me

[SYN2] I reincarnated, but I think the Prince (Fiancé) has given up Picked up by KuruKuru Translations! [NU link]

[SYN3] I decided to quietly disappear Picked up by After;Translations [NU link]

[SYN4] My fiancé is a villain so I’m troubled

[SYN5] What should a villainess noble girl do again? Picked up by Incarose Jealousy MTL [NU link]

[SYN6] The Chronicles of Struggle from Returning to the Other World

[SYN 7] The corner is fine. Please don’t mind me I translated a little for teaser. [NU link]

[Syn8] I’ll try my best in the other world for the sake of mofmofu nadenade Picked up by me, but it’s probably better if someone else picks it up haha. [Table of Contents]

[SYN 9] I’m a familiar but Goshujin-sama is merciless

[Syn 10] Kami-sama is a little harsh towards me!

[SYN 11] The Saintess’ Little Sister ~The strange life of many types of princes and me~

[SYN 12] The Mob Noble Girl is the Capture Target’s Fiancée

[SYN13] My childhood friend the Demon Knight hates me Picked up by Ynvermoon [NU Link]

[SYN 13] Because I like you I decided to imprison you

[SYN14] Meruhen・Medohen

[SYN15] Even though I was run over by a truck I was told I couldn’t reincarnate into another world, so I worked with beautiful girls.

[SYN16] I the Demon King have made an elf slave my wife, but how should I love her? Picked up by Mountain of Pigeons Translations. [NU Link]

[SYN 17] Toma-Trip

[SYN 18] Love Affairs Between the Supreme Commander and Me

[SYN 19] The Other World Prince’s Elder Cinderella

[SYN 20] The Girl Traverses the Other World’s Seas

[SYN 21] The Miss will become a Maid!

[SYN 22] Breakfast at Hotel Rafflesia

[SYN 23] Cheat Farmer in Another World

[SYN 24] My armor is strongest, but Too much freedom

[SYN 25] If a Japanese shrine appeared in a world of magic and swords

[SYN 26] The reincarnated girl lives freely.

[SYN 27] The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride Picked up by Convallaria’s Library [NU Link]

[SYN 28] The Strongest Black Knight♂ changed occupations to Combat Maid♀

[SYN 29] Dou Demo Ii Kara Kaerasete Kure

[SYN 30] Kondo wa Zettai Jama Shimasen!

[SYN 31] Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai

[SYN 32] Outaishi wa, Zense de Watashi wo Futta Koibito Deshita.

[SYN 33] Majo to iu no wa gokai desu! Yakusoushi nan desu! Demo ima wa Sen’i Jyosha toshite Fune ni Nottemasu ~Kaijou no Yakusoushi〜

[SYN 34] Mou, Ii Deshou.

[SYN 35] Maou-sama, Retry! Picked up by Blob Translations [NU Link]

[SYN 36] Bannou Jochuu Konii Uire

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