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16 Years Old  Doki Doki Peeping Life

I, Tiariela Norfolk, have turned 16.

It was long, so very long.

At my fifth birthday, I realized I was in the world of where it was fine to think that you could categorize this as an adult manga right~ and packed with ero scenes, the world of the reverse harem story【Flower Blooming Underneath the Snow】.

And, I Tiariela am only a side character that shows up a little, no matter what I do it probably won’t affect the story, so I decided to closely watch over the heroine welcoming her happy end.

11 years have passed since my firm resolution.

In one week, I will enter Luxen Academy.

In just a bit, I will be starting life as a side character in a heart throbbing eroero harem.

「You say it coolly, but you really just want to peep out of lecherous curiosity, don’t you.」


Behind I who was attending my luggage was a boy who ate sweets while reading a book.

The boy who perceived my pure heart wanting only to watch over the heroine’s happy end as dubious was named Melba.

His whole body was covered in a gray robe that gave him a questionable appearance, but in actuality he was shady.

Melba was the starving kid at our entrance of my fifth birthday party.

I left food at the broken fence on the east side.

As promised, I diligently carried food (mainly sweets I wanted to quietly get rid of) to that place.

When I left them, not even a day would pass before they would disappear.

I made clear that I wanted to meet the child with the unfortunate life and speak with him, but when I sat beside the confections he would never show his appearance.

When one or two years passed I also gave up, stopping only to drop off food.

But on my 12th birthday, Melba appeared.

My birthday was the most troublesome day of the year to get rid of sweets.

I stealthily sneaked out from the party venue and went to the specified place to leave food.

As the quantity of confections was great, I noncommittedly stuffed some in a container; a treat from the party.

After I piled them up into a mountain and made to leave, a child suddenly appeared from behind a tree.

The robe that didn’t match the child’s stature coiled around his feet as if it were dragged along.


To be honest, I was freaked.

Paying no mind to I who left my mouth wide open, the robed child

「Ah, the smell of meat……」

was only moved by the food and turned towards it.

Without sparing a glance towards I who had frozen in shock, he moved naturally to leave.

「Wait, wait!」

Don’t ignore my existence!

The robed kid picked up the food as if he were used to it.

I wonder if this suspiciously dressed kid was the boy from that time.

When I tried to confirm his face and remove his robe, I was met with a silent reluctance.

Clutching the robe tighter and shaking him off, when I tried to peer into his face he turned his back towards me.

Noticing the scuffle, the servants approached this way.

With a child’s stature we could hide behind the shrubs if we crouched, but as the boy and I were both standing, we were out in the open.

I panicked on what I could say to gloss over this suspicious invader but

「Ojou-sama, what are you doing over there by yourself?」

The servant inclined their head conjecturing negatively.

Neither this servant or anyone else could see this shady Melba.

Astonished I

「Eh, but look, this……」

I tried pointing my finger, but the servant was only puzzled and urged me to return to the party venue.


What’s with this guy. What is he!? Ignoring me who scrutinizingly examined him, the boy gnawed on the meat bone.

Grabbing his arm I pushed him into my room

「You can eat all the sweets in this room. Don’t leave until I come back!」

Telling him that and leaving, I went to fulfill my duty as the birthday party’s leading actress.

When all the guests returned, it took a while for the party to close, so half-resigned I returned to my room thinking he would be gone, but he was there like normal.

Normal, that is to say, he was lazing about as if he were the owner of this room and eating sweets.

The birthday boxes that hid away my confections were all open and empty.

Ehー!? It can’t be, all by himself?

With an amount that would take 10 gluttons to finally be able to finish off, all the sweets were gone.

This guy, really what is he!? I thought and challenged this robe boy who sat in a chair while he continued eating and leisurely read one of my books.

Or rather, you’re too relaxed! Is this your house or something?

「Me? I am Melba. Melba the Monster.」


Melba was the name of the Monster of the Forest that appeared in children’s tales I’ve read.

He was always hungry, and when he met someone he would pester them for food.

If you carried enough food to satisfy Melba, then he would grant any wish.

But in the case you didn’t have food, he would make you into his food supply.

Although Melba’s body was the size of a small child, he could slurp up large humans and eat them, a scary monster.

I thought Melba was a myth.

Melba really exists!? when I exclaimed in astonishment, I heard as an adult-like snicker slipped out.

Even though Melba was only around the size of a child, his manner of speech was like an adult’s.

I was convinced by his unbalanced mysterious ambiance and after being told by him.

On the day I first met him, no one saw Melba’s appearance until he was hungry so he became out of power, and to begin with Melba could only be seen by people who gave him food.

In other words, only to me.

Numerous servants came to drop off gifts, but none of them paid Melba any attention.

As I thought, no one else can see him.

「Since it’s a world with magic, there are also monsters, huh.」

Ever since Melba showed his figure, he came to my room to pick up food.

Plus while eating he would laze about.

He’d sleep occasionally.

I felt like he destroyed my image of monsters, but I had always been worried about how to dispose of sweets so I used Melba’s existence without restraint.

Furthermore, this Melba.

Even without his official sweets disposal duty, he was useful in other things.

Even though he’s a monster, or it’s better to say because he was a monster.

He’s pretty sharp.

Willfully coming and leaving after eating food, for some reason when I met with a troubling situation Melba would definitely come and impart his wisdom.

Like that, I also came to trust the dubious Melba and eventually told him everything.

Including that this world was inside an ero-ing harem story, everything.

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Arasaa 7

Thought it would be a shame to let this story die off and Circa has been MIA for a few months so hopefully they won’t mind if take a few chapters under my wing and revive it, right? Plus reading some of the latest reviews make me unbearably curious (bittersweet!? what!???) as I have not sneaked a peek to the end yet so my curiosity is itching. >.<

Anyways, enjoy this cute side story about Levin!! My condolences to readers at the end tho lol

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※About Levin Fitzroy

A/N: I fixed the summary.

I thought about the story as I was writing when I first started, and since I went astray…… I might have to change it again.

Levin Fitzroy had somewhat spiky reddish brown hair, scarlet eyes that you involuntarily gazed at, and he was a 6 year old boy with a youthful well-featured face that was promised to turn into an ikemen in the future.

Even if he was born as the eldest son of a fallen noble family.

Retrospectively the Fitzroy house was endowed with fortune, wealth and authority, but now there were only the vestiges; all that was left was pretty much the big castle that lasted them for generations.

They did not have the wealth to employ a number of people, so the castle could only decline.

Because all it had was size, a heavy gloom floated in the air.

Even though everyone knew of the Fitzroy house’s circumstances, Levin’s parents, especially his mother was still coated in vanity, lived gloriously buying and gathering dresses and gems until they accumulated debt.

「The Fitzroy house is auspiciously remembered by the King and possessing great honor. As that house’s current madam, how could I show a crude appearance? Wearing the same dress twice, I am not a person who would do such a humiliating thing.」

That was the madam’s favorite phrase, and everyone knew of the Fitzroy house’s downfall to poverty.

Rather, dressing up in half-baked dresses and jewels, the surrounding impressions were ones of scorn.

But the madam didn’t notice it

「My, madam. That dress is quite something~」

To those ridicule filled words of praise

「Yes. It’s something I had made for tonight with a tailor I am on good terms with. It was custom made.」

Pitifully, she responded with glee.

Even though those wives with good taste knew that the dress was secondhand goods and were only rousing her.

The madam did not notice she was the object of scorn, nor that she was being laughed at with a variety of sneers, but Levin who accompanied her was different.

He recognized his house’s financial state and circumstances, also the situation that their surroundings were looking down on them.

He had tried various times to remonstrate his mother, but the madam did not hold it in her ears.

Only to her child’s candid advice, the madam commiserated with herself and cried.

To not even be able to satisfy myself with purchasing these dresses and jewels that aren’t even expensive, oh how pitiable an existence I am! she said.

Levin eventually looked at his mother, who although did not have the wealth but racked up debt with her vanity, with eyes of resignation and pity.

Even though she was his blood-related mother, he couldn’t understand her mentality at all.

Why couldn’t she satisfy herself with something else?

Why, when she gazed upwards and thought of the old days, would she grieve meaninglessly?

Why was she not putting in any effort?

The ones who were pitiable were the servants whose wages were overdue for payment due to his mother’s extravagance. They also had their own lives and times when they needed to buy dresses.

Why was mother so self-centered?

Due to the madam’s repeated waste unsuitable for her position, the ones struggling to make a living were not only their employees, but also Levin.

Although he was young, he was well versed in hardships.

There were times when Levin would be called to attend the birthday parties of children his age, but the necessary present wasn’t prepared by the madam.

Madam must’ve thought that since the other party was a child it was fine to go without a present in hand, but there were times when children were more susceptible and cruel than adults.

Ehー There’s no presentー? Did you plan to just come and eat? Go away.

He was told that by the leading child.

To those words, Levin’s face turned bright red and could only he hang his head in shame.

It was unbearably humiliating.

But no matter how many times he informed the madam, she wasn’t able to comprehend it.

The madam didn’t stop attending birthday gatherings. Once again she half coerced Levin and dragged him along.

Feeling inferior that they were going empty handed, as a last resort Levin entered the dangerous hills and fields alone and picked flowers.

He tied it together with a ribbon he took from his mother’s room and turned it into a bouquet.

But the girl who he gave it to said

「What is this garbage. I don’t want it.」

and refused to take it, slapping away Levin’s hand and dropping the bouquet to the floor.

After grinding the bouquet under her feet, she huffed off to her parents with her heart seething with rage.

Levin received quite a shock from the girl’s behavior, but as he looked at the mountain of expensive sweets, toys and flowers gifted upon her as presents, he resigned himself that it was no use.

What the girl felt was pure rage.

She must have thought he was making a fool out of her giving her those field flowers.

Although they didn’t have money, the madam did not decline any invitations.

He was cursed at if they went empty handed, but even if he prepared a frugal present he would still provoke their anger.

The young Levin’s destination went dark.

And once again, a birthday party invitation was delivered.

Helplessly, Levin went to the mountain to pick flowers once again.

It’s inevitable even if they throw it away again, he thought while giving up, but to his presented flowers, the leading girl of the birthday party, the young daughter of the Norfolk house accepted it delightfully from the bottom of her heart.

Even though she had much more expensive presents that those weeds, the girl carried the tiny bouquet preciously and smiled, thank you! blooming like a flower.

Spinning around, making merry while burying her face in the bouquet, she enjoyed its fragrance.

Levin solidified at the Norfolk house’s daughter who gave an unfathomable reaction, and the adults in the surroundings watched over the two with smiles.

Levin was dumbfounded at the irregular circumstances different from usual; the girl who rejoiced in his present and the favorable gazes of his surroundings.

In front of the bewildered Levin, as the girl laughed kya kya she gently stroked the ribbon wrapped around the flowers.

B-Being so pleased over such cheap flowers, you’re a weirdo!

Wordless feelings piling up within Levin, he sputtered out words to hide his embarrassment and fled.

The girl didn’t seem to mind Levin’s contradicting behavior and manners, and until the party ended she carried Levin’s bouquet, treating it dearly.

Every time he secretly glanced at her, Levin’s heart beat quickly.

Even after returning home, Levin’s heart did not settle down.

He was unable to forget the girl with honey-colored hair and eyes who was much cuter than the wildflowers.

Levin crawled into bed while recalling the girl’s smile in his mind, and thought.

When he went to pick flowers, he found a beautiful white flower blooming on a cliff.

Though his hand couldn’t reach he gave up on it, but if he gave it to her then would she be more joyed, he wondered.

Thinking so Levin, unable to dawdle around, left his house as soon as night lifted and entered the mountain.

As expected there was a beautiful flower blooming on the cliff.

White, graceful and charming, just like that girl, so Levin thought, and he wanted it more than ever.

While knowing it was dangerous he set out on the cliff and stretched his hand towards the flower.

Just a little more, just a little more and his hand would reach.

Determining so Levin tread his body further and further along the ledge, slipped on a stone slick with morning dew and tumbled off the cliff.

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Beginning Daily Life 1

「Nogikuー, you’ll be with Kiyomizu oiran today.」1

It’s been a month since then.
I’ve been performing my given tasks daily.

By the way, the name『Nogiku』was given to me by Oyaji-sama who was the owner of the Amazuki Brothel. He was shocked that I couldn’t remember my own name, but “if so then…” he thought up a name for me.

When I asked ”why is it Nogiku?” he said「because I like chrysanthemums.」2
Yes, it’s very straightforward.

To inform the nii-sans that I was a girl, the day after I was picked up I observed several of the yuudan working til the end, and it also served as an introduction. 3

It would’ve been better if I were an approximately aged girl, but I was still just a small 5-year-old. They didn’t fuss over the system on this or that, I was recognized as a harmless creature, and there were no particular voices of opposition to me working at this brothel.
Everyone said『Understood』with smiles.

Like how Oyaji-sama said in the beginning, I was appointed as a kamuro as an apprentice helper to the yuudan.

For my job I would follow around a yuudan nii-san for the whole day, comb their hair and tie it up, help them wear their kimono and look after their daily necessities. While taking care of their daily necessities, it seems the purpose of being put underneath them is to learn how a yuudan is supposed to be and become a first rate oiran.

No, I don’t have any feelings to become a yuudan though.
I’ll become a male entertainer geisha. I’m a female though.

As such, today is the day I’m under Kiyomizu oiran.
Before meeting this person, I always put myself on guard.

「Good morーning, Kiyomizu-niisan.」
「Aah, you’re finally here? I got tired of waiting already. But Nogiku is very cute today too.」

Up hiーgh, so he put his arms on both my sides and true to his words lifted me up high.

This person’s name was Kiyomizu. Status is oiran. Age is 15 and he’s a first-rate oiran. Isn’t he too young!? So I thought, but it seems to be normal here, for the most part from ages 15~19 they are already bought by customers and are of age.
Hearing this, I once again was taught that the common sense from my previous world was not applicable.

Kiyomizu oiran achieved the oiran title at a young age, and was a person with very good looks. His craft is also top class.
His skin is white like snow, his long jet black hair stretches down to his back and his slit eyes hide the glimmer of a black pearl, and the bewitching sex appeal that overflows from that blackness seem to be a drug that women drown in.

Due to his personality being gentle and his demeanor soft, the ambiance that wraps around you is also popular and he is number 1 in sales.

In short, he is a super ikemen.

Let’s go back in time. To the first day I started working, the day where I made an appearance in front of all the nii-sans who would be taking care of me from now on.

『From today on, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.』

Oyaji-sama said if only then this, so I bowed the way I was taught to the kamuro like me and the oiran status men in front of me and achieved a courteous and steady bow at that time. Kiyomizu-niisama who sat in front of I who had raised my voice for the first time stood up.

『What an adorable child. It’ll be difficult for girls to do business with female partners, but we’ll firmly educate you how to be independent. Since you’re 5 you’ll be the lowest one here, so you can think of everyone as your nii-san and rely on them.』

So he said.
To I who was nervous, I still remember those understanding and gentle eyes to this day.

『Ou, do your best chibisuke.』
『I’ll be strict so prepare yourself.』
『Oyaji-sama, who will Nogiku be with today?』
『Who should it be, I wonder.』

With Kiyomizu-niisama’s words as the start the other nii-samas who raised their voices to talk to me were a little rough, but they rubbed my head and showered me in welcome.

Kiyomizu-niisama who was my heart’s savior? seemed to love small children, every time I assisted him I would receive a 『up high up high up hiーgh』attack.

Because I was mentally an adult, this attack was embarrassing so honestly I want to tell him to stop.
But inside, I did feel that this floaty feeling was somewhat fun, so here it would be better if I act like a kid and scream kya kya happily, or so I prepare myself each time and worry.
As a result,

「Un, cute cute.」

I always become silent.

Rubbing his cheeks against mine, this Nii-sama doesn’t mind me and like this always overthrows these concerns.
Without suiting his face he’s a person living life fully.

「Ahh! Kiyomizu-niisama is playing up high again with you! Nogiku, hurry up and get down!!」

In the middle of that, the loud voice that rung through nii-sama’s room belonged to the kamuro who worked with me, Shusui.
He was 3 years older than me, and started working as a yuudan apprentice kamuro here 1 year ago. In other words, he was my kamuro senpai.

He was a handsome youth with well-ordered looks, white skin, and the hair behind him and his eyes were a deep blue and wore a mysterious outfit.

Not limited to Shusui in this world there were many people with various hues of hair and eye color.
Red, yellow, purple and silver, there was also blonde hair like foreigners had. I had the feeling this world was a slightly bizarre place, so by now I wasn’t going to question『Eh, is that their real hair? Eh, is that normal? Eh, that’s weird…』
Because I am an adult. At the very least it’s because I’m an adult.
I can’t make any more declarations than this and trouble Oyaji-sama.

By the way, since Shusui has been a kamuro since he was 7, he was a golden egg raised to be a leading oiran forerunner.

But the singular digit kids similar to Shusui and the kids that entered from around age 10, no matter how blessed they were in their craft or how good their looks, they would be unable to obtain the highest status of oiran.
Those who didn’t receive specialized training when they were young could not seek to become oiran. It was a pretty severe system.

That Shusui with great promise glared at me with a ‘he へ’ shaped mouth.
Hey hey, your good looks are going to waste.

「I will also follow Kiyomizu-niisama today! Let’s hurry and change you into your unlined kimono.」
「Ahaha, Shusui sure is reliable. My bad.」

He grinned at the angry boy and lowered me down to the floor.

While Kiyomizu-niisama combed through his long and loose hair with his hands, he once again smiled and the signal to start preparation rung.

「Then I’ll be counting on you two.」

My day had just begun.

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  1. Oiran;
  2. Nogiku 野菊 means wild chrysanthemums or aster. Both very pretty flowers. 
  3. Unsure of this sentence. 兄ィさま達には私がおなごだということを、拾われた次の日にそれぞれの遊男達の仕事終わりを見計らって、紹介も兼ねてしてくれた。