Arasaa 1 – 2 hours from birth

I’m sorry. The first part is completely gibberish to me.

I am trying a translation style where I use more romaji. Tell me what you think.

Romaji/onomatopoeia will be italicized.

Also, the author changes her age sometimes? I think. Not a 100% sure on that though, but just ignore it if it happens, ok?

Read the post before for some extra information.

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2 Hours From Birth

Oh noー! I forgot to initialize, and I got kicked out~

Geh!? You, of course that’s bad.


Someone’s voice chattered away in a fluster.


Judging from the conversation, I wonder if this is a second hand computer shop.

They were getting loud about personal information protection, and as if I was an uninvolved party, I thought they made a bad mess.


……But, the main topic of their conversation wasn’t used computers.


Somehow, it seems it was about me.

“Who the heck is used goods” so I wanted to complain, but I could only unintentionally let out sounds like “auー” and “afuー”.


A squirming, moving body that was petite and stank of milk.


It appears that with the memories of my previous life in tact, I’ve been born anew.

I thought back to my past life, where I had ignored a red light, was hit by a truck, and died.

My age of death was at 29 years.


Then, I received a new life and was birthed just moments ago.

I understood my present situation up to that point.


Everything afterwards will just be conjecture, but this is probably not Japan. Perhaps it might not even be Earth, but I don’t really know.


Did you know? A newborn’s eyesight doesn’t even grade 0.01.

It’s really true, since I can’t see anything at all.


Aahhー This is a pain. Where is this placeー Who am Iー

I want to sigh, babu


So, I died……。And my life was just starting.


I wonder if my parents are crying~ Or, if my friends are surprised~ Or, if my coworkers are troubled because they have to inherit my work or, if my lover is mourning me and such.


I’ve become sentimental.

I don’t have a lover. Ehe, I just imagined him but it still makes me sad…。Abu


No no, get your spirit back up and be positive.

How can you be negative for one whole day since being born?

I’ll live while facing forwards, since I’m young, anyways.


I’m lucky to have died instantly without feeling any pain! And such. Somehow, that feels off……


No, but I’m really grateful for not having died after getting involved in a situation.

If I died a weird death, the police would’ve had to investigate me.

I don’t have much to be guilty of, but there are a few things that would be problematic if looked into……


I don’t want them to see my computer’s search log. I’d searched for things like secrets on how to become a popular woman.

If anybody sees that, I’ll die a second time.


……Tte, no good, no good. I was being pessimistic again.

Let’s live more brightly, me! Abubbu


Aah~ah, at any rate I’m bored~

They say a baby’s job is to sleep, but you get tired of a simple occupation, and even though I look like this I was an energetic career woman.


Ohoho, abubu.




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A romaji glossary for those that are interested.

Au, Afu, Abu, Babu, abubu, etc – Doesn’t mean anything. Baby noises.

Ehe – It’s a laugh.

Tte – This is hard to translate. Can be thought of something like, “wait–” in some connotations. Usually said kinda harshly, used when someone wants to retort something abruptly… I can’t define it well…

Aah~ah – It’s like, a sigh, sorta… Why the “h”s are in there is a personal preference.

Ohohoho – Laughing, but more of a high society feminine laugh. Ever heard those ojou-samas laugh in anime? It’s like that, but probably less obnoxious and more refined and graceful in this case…

(I just went through a ton of ojousama laugh videos to find something that kinda fit… Why are there so many lol youtube)

Snore – I coulda left it as “guu-” but I wasn’t sure if you guys would get the joke if you didn’t know what it meant…


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