mofu-nade 9

A short chapter, but full mofumofu nadenade as promised in the series title. Enjoy~


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8, Let’s play with Wrath.



Wrath-kun brought me to a corner within the audience room. Or rather, it was really at the edge.

But, what was there was a cushion. It was navy blue, fluffy and looked comfortable, but it was about the size of 3 futons.

Wrath-kun lied on the cushion with a poof.

No, un, I understand. You’re big. But, seeing it like this, it makes me want to retort.…

Wrath-kun’s body was a little bigger than a bison’s. Tte, it’s hard to tell like that, huh.

Then, a cow. Compared to a holstein, he’s about 1.5 times larger?

Can’t he swallow me in one bite?

Because, prepared beside the cushion was a mountain of raw meat. This is Wrath-kun’s snack.

There was a small chair next to the cushion, but was it for me?

I’ll use Wrath-kun as a substitute for a cushion, so I don’t need it, don’t need it.


「Wrash-kun, shay ahh」



Firmly grabbing onto the raw meat, I brought it to Wrath-kun’s mouth.

Well, I don’t know what to think about a noble’s daughter grabbing onto raw meat, but I did it in the other world. Of course, it was to feed carnivorous animals.

Scattering raw meat for the black kites and crows, once they realized I was throwing it, sometimes they would do a nice catch.

But you’ll get attacked if it were a bird with a rude disposition, so good kids shouldn’t imitate this at home.


Wrath-kun obediently opened his mouth. I thrust my hands inside.




That would happen. It doesn’t hurt though. The fangs aren’t hitting me anyways.

The surroundings were a little loud, but don’t mind.

When I pulled my arms out, they were sticky with spit.

Wrath-kun chewed in a good mood.

What should I do? While I looked at my dripping hands, a maid gave me a hand towel.




I spoke my thanks to the maid who was skillful at consideration for others.

However, the maid’s face was drained of blood, and her legs clattered in shaking.


I don’t really know, but if you’re feeling bad then you should take a rest.

When I told her that, she replied「I am unworthy of those words」and shrank back in fear.



When I was satisfied with feeding Wrath-kun, I squished his paw pads next.

Massaging them with my hands and rubbing them on my cheek. Wrath-kun let me do whatever I pleased.

But, sure enough, his paw pads were hard…

Well, I expected it though.

As dogs and such mature, they’ll harden. As I thought, the no.1 was a kitten’s paw pads. That squishy sensation is irresistible!


After the paw pads was the tail.

I tried petting it and gripping it.

When I did, Wrath-kun tickled me with his tail.

Though I wasn’t very exposed, he tickled places like my neck, cheek, and my calves.

Somehow, it’s kinda erotic!?

Being tickled by the tip of his tail, I desperately held back my laughter. I buried my face into Wrath-kun’s tummy and muffled my voice.


Satisfied, after Wrath-kun stopped his tickle attack, I was dead tired. I was worn out from laughing.

What are you going to do if I have muscle pain tomorrow!!?


Perhaps from being tired, I somehow got sleepy.

Using Wrath-kun’s tummy as a cushion replacement, it was time for my afternoon nap.

Fumu. The elasticity of his tummy was just right, and the cozy feeling is good too, it’s a top class cushion!!

Now then now then, good niーght.


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17 thoughts on “mofu-nade 9”

  1. Wait this was all done in the audience room right? It feels like she was put up on a big screen tv for everyone to watch her do this crazy act with the tiger. I can just see everyone’s reactions now during each part of her “playing”


    1. It’s probably more of a political move than we expect, but Nema being Nema, all she cares about is the mofumofu lol 😂

      In hindsight, it probably has 3? Purposes?
      – To assert to the nobles that Nema’s relationship with the royalty (Vi and Wrath in particular) is very good and cow some away from their ambitions or from getting any funny ideas. In other words, “don’t touch my toy”
      – to reassure and strengthen the royal bond with the Osphes. In other words, “see? Wouldn’t I make a good son-in-law??”
      – to get in Nema’s good graces, using Wrath as bait (lol)
      – to protect Nema from actual physical harm
      – and as a bonus, to see the ultimate combo of cuteness and fluff

      The lolicon strikes again
      Lol, jk


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