duke’s daughter knight captain 1

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I found this in a request to pickup forum on novelupdates, and it seems like my type of thing!

Like I said before though, I’m not cut out for projects, so if another translator is interested in this, please pick it up! The age gap is pretty controversial but the heroine is really amusing xD

Again, this is a teaser! If I feel like translating more, I will, though it’ll be at a slow pace.

Enjoy the first, rage inducing chapter. Prince is a brainless idiot!

(Also, this is unedited and fresh off the translator’s block so I apologize for mistakes.)

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Beginning From a Cancelled Engagement

Formerly, I――Carol Ambrose was the fianceé of this country’s Prince, Reyford el Fureakisuta.

Even though we were engaged, there wasn’t particularly any love between us. I was the daughter of a duke, and Reyford-sama was royalty. This engagement was just made in the thoughts of『tying pedigree to pedigree towards the next line of royalty.』 Simply said, this was a political marriage.

Even so, at the very least, being aware that I would become the next Queen I attended classes, making an effort to become someone worthy of being the Prince’s fianceé. At the academy I kept my grades at the top, and despite all that I gave up my holidays to take lectures on manners and decorum. I couldn’t shame myself at dance parties, so I also practiced dancing. I gave my utmost. To come even a little closer to what a Queen should be, I encouraged myself and persevered.

But, those days――Today, I was told they were to end.

「Carol! The engagement between you and I is canceled as of today! Never show yourself in front of me again!」

Yes, while holding a woman who wasn’t me, the one who declared such was none other than my fiancé, Reyford-sama.

In the end we were only engaged, we never exchanged marriage vows, so to the most extent at the academy, I didn’t approach him. This was『to protect one’s purity until their bridal night』, my duty as a noble. In addition with that I desperately studied and learned etiquette, so at the academy I barely exchanged words with Reyford-sama.

So, the woman Reyford-sama was embracing, I had no idea who it was.

「……Your Highness, um–」

「I won’t listen to your excuses! Listening to a woman mad with envy ramble will only be unpleasant!」

「I don’t…… quite understand the meaning of what you’re saying, though.」

That, and please consider our surroundings.

Not only was this the royal palace, today was also an evening party. As the daughter of a duke, I received a written invitation so I attended together with my father, and I was currently in the middle of talking with my acquaintances.

I didn’t think that my engagement would be broken off so abruptly and in this manner.

「Silence! The numerous unjust things you’ve done to Mary, I know them! A person with such a filthy heart, as if I could let them be my fianceé!」

「……What…. have I done?」

「You, still trying to dodge the subject when it’s already gotten to this point……!」

”Tch,” Reyford-sama clicked his tongue.

Exactly what have I done to anger him so much, I completely have no recollection of it. This is also the first time I’ve heard of this Mary, and I have no idea who she could be. Though judging from His Highness’ attitude, it was probably the girl who was hugging his arm.

I really don’t remember ever seeing her before.

Different from me, she was quite a cute girl.

With blinking eyes and sakura colored small lips. I vaguely felt a charm from her drooping gaze, and she was considerably short.

I’ll say it once more.

I really don’t remember ever seeing her before.

「Mary was drawing closer to me, and driven to madness by jealousy, I heard you performed many atrocious deeds! Especially today, before the evening party you tried to push Mary down the stairs!? If I wasn’t still a prince, your head would be gone!」


「Listen well, as of today our engagement is canceled! Never show yourself in front of me or Mary ever again!」

Our conversation isn’t meshing.

What in the world could I say to clear up this person’s misunderstanding? In such a social gathering and having my engagement canceled one-sidedly, I wish he would consider my standing.

Even so.

Just like that, while holding the woman next to him he left me.



「………………Hah. Excuse me, dearest Father. It was such a shock, I lost myself for a moment.」

The one who raised their voice to me, who was blankly staring at His Highness’ back, was my Father, Giliam Ambrose.

Since the host of tonight’s party was His Highness the King, I asked my Father to be my partner. Normally I would ask my fiancé His Highness Reyford-sama to be my partner, but as everyone saw my engagement being canceled, I suspect he wouldn’t be my partner anymore.

Even though it was a misunderstanding, he threw aside our relationship of being engaged and canceled it. It wasn’t strange that the nobles who saw would say I was a problematic woman.

Towards the gloomy future, a headache began to form.

「What was that just now, Carol?」

「……No, I don’t understand either.」

「You, towards that Mary girl…… I believe she’s the daughter of a Baron, Mary Hopkins……Saying you harassed that girl, what does that mean?」

「……I completely have no recollection of doing so.」

「What about today, where you tried to push her down the stairs?」

「……How could I push a person downstairs when I’ve been nowhere near them?」

Sighing, I wearily told my Father.

There was no evidence that I had harassed her or more, and even more so today, the case where I tried to push her down the stairs was without a question, not me. Coming to the royal palace the entire way in a carriage, and afterward while holding the arm of my Father all along, I attended the evening party.

While in such condition, pushing another person off the stairs, I couldn’t possibly do such a thing.

「Then, this is His Highness’ misunderstanding.」

「……That would make it so.」

「I wouldn’t say this in a loud voice, but……is His Highness really a person to make such thoughtless remarks?」

Sighing, Father held his head.

And, in the depths of his gaze, a cold anger burned with strength.

「Without a shred of evidence, while holding the wrong impression he denounces his fiancée, and while embracing another woman he forces an engagement cancellation. Furthermore, in a place for everyone to see…… Carol, it’s a shame, but give up on this engagement with His Highness Reyford-sama.」

「Well, I suppose……」

It wasn’t as if I held a romantic inclination towards His Highness anyways.

Rather, if the heavy responsibility of becoming Queen was taken away, then it would actually make me happy.

Saying that though, since I was his fiancée, I wanted to support His Highness, but that just made I who once thought so look stupid, so I became depressed.

The surroundings whispered indiscernible things towards us.

Well, that was only natural. We had been engaged since we were young, and our marriage was a set matter after we graduated from the academy. Since it was abruptly canceled, of course it would become a topic of conversation.

「……Even if I’m told to marry him again, I would like to refuse.」

「I wouldn’t do such an impudent thing. Good grief……This marriage was brought forth from the royalty, so without a choice, I cooperated. To think it would be arbitrarily canceled in this manner, and furthermore, to be groundlessly denounced in this sort of place…… How foolish. His Highness has made enemies of the Ambrose Ducal House.」

「Father, if you say it in such a loud voice, it will be treasonous.」

「Still……Carol, leave it to me. Without fail, I will make His Highness take responsibility.」

If Father said so, then I could be at ease.

As one would expect, having such a long-standing engagement canceled, saying I didn’t feel a thing would be a lie. But, being accused with such childish reasoning, rather than sadness I felt a sense of astonishment well up.

I never thought that he was a person who wouldn’t listen to people to such an extent.

「But……Carol, you may not get any more marriage offers.」

「……I am aware.」

On this day, I was affixed with the label of 『a noblewoman whose engagement with royalty was cancelled』. I probably wouldn’t get any more marriage proposals.

If someone were to marry me, there would be friction between them and the royalty. Such discord, nobles did not wish for.

Seriously…… How did it become this way?

But, this was a good opportunity.



「If it could be granted, then it would be splendid. If impossible, then it’s fine. I have a wish.」

While saying that, I stared at the person in the far distance.

Since childhood, the person I’ve yearned for. But the engagement to the Prince was already decided, so I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to be tied to him.

But since it’s come to this, then wouldn’t it be fine for me to live for true love as well?

「……Can I propose an engagement with Wilhelm Aibringer-sama?」

For the longest time, I thought I would have to hide these feelings in my heart.

If this was possible, then I wanted to fulfill it.

My beloved Wilhelm-sama.

From now on, Carol will live for true love.

Before my eyes, he was silent but he let off a kind aura, and while looking at the white-bearded knight captain, I breathed out a hot sigh.

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  • Prince speaks in a very rude manner, using [Ore] to refer to himself, and [Kisama] to refer to Carol. Jerk. [Ore] is an arrogant way to refer to oneself, a masculine pronoun. [Kisama] is a very rude way to refer to others. Think of it like, “you bastard” or something.
  • The first time Carol calls out her father, she uses [Otou-sama]. The other times it’s [Chichiue] and as far as I’ve seen, she uses [__ue] to refer to most of her family members. [Chichiue] is more formal and old-like in terms of speech. They both mean “Father” though.

Taking advice for some names, since I can’t really figure some out (I’ve left those in Romaji). i.e. Anburausu and Freakisuta.

Edit// Anburausu has been changed to Ambrose.



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    1. Me too~
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    1. Lol.

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    1. It’s not an otome game reincarnation, so far as I know.

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  2. It reminds me of Marietta-hime. I don’t usually go for romance, but this seems like it will be cute rather than sappy~


    1. Ah, Marietta-hime…
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      So far it’s been pretty cute. Well, the heroine anyways. The romancing hasn’t actually started yet with where I am (ch9). Hope you continue to enjoy it~


      1. Pfft xD

        Technically, I think it’s more of a “the guy she likes just happens to be 62” rather than having an old man fetish lol

        The age gap is really harsh though. 46 years apart, wow.


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      1. I haven’t even gotten beyond the intro, but I saw your note about the names, and the prince’s name struck me as hilarious. It’s reading in my head as Prince Freakysuitor, or Freakysuit (you pick, they’re both kinda priceless). I have no clue if this was the author’s intention, but I can’t get past it, it’s so silly.
        Thank you for the translation.
        And now back to actually reading it…


    1. I haven’t actually picked this up per sé (I can’t handle translating on a schedule or being committed T-T) so if you know any translators who might be interested, I dearly hope you’ll run this by them ;v;

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  6. This reminds me of “Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter”, in how the opening was set up and in the fact they share the same family name Ducal, but then reminds me of “Marietta-hime no Konrei” in that the female lead is in love with a very muscular man who’s also older than her. I wonder if Carol also has a muscle fetish.

    We need more stories like this (young girl and older man). Thanks for the teaser at least, though I do hope you continue.


    1. Yep, people have been saying it reminds them of those two titles a lot lol xD

      I don’t know about a muscle fetish, but it’s very certain she’s in love. I just posted the second chapter so I hope you’ll read that too~ :3


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    whar, what—! how dare you blame carol, stupid prince?! -rolls up sleeves- carol’s father’s going to make him suffer, right?! i’m ready to participate in beating the prince up! how dare he—!

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  9. If I were her father I’d be shocked, want vengeance for my daughter, and then be shocked again. I’m surprised if he doesn’t at least have a minor heart attack after her saying she wants to marry a man (probably) older than himself.


  10. arashichan12 (i believe your the one who is the TL for this series) are you the one that added the synopsis on novel updates? i ask because the way it is worded almost made me think this was a different series that i’ve read before. the series is about a noble girl that gets engaged to a general that has harsh looks and the girl fell in love with him as soon as she saw his portrait.


    1. Yep~ I translated the synopsis from the syosetu site :3

      And yes, people have said that this reminds them of Marietta-hime no Konrei ^u^ I wish Marietta would be updated sometime soon though ;v;


  11. After watch audio drama, I cant stop myself and end up here. Really, Carol is so precious. Nice appearence, innocent sweet voice, always try her best. I always love hard-working type, like Marika of Nisekoi. Thanks for the prince, now that lovely girl have her freedom to love the one she choose.
    I dont like age different genre but still, the captain is a nice person so it’s fine, as long as Carol is happy.
    *sorry for the bad english.


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