duke’s daughter knight captain 2

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Anyways, Ch2! Why am I releasing so soon? Well, I’m just releasing as I finish. This took me… Maybe an hour or two? Well, hopefully the faster I release, the more attention this will garner and hopefully attract a good translator to pick up this series. 😀

Continuing on, it’s the continuation of the evening party!


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Mayhem of the Evening Party

「Wi-Wilhelm Aibringer, you say……?」


「Carol……You, how old that person is……Are you saying this while knowing?」

To my Father’s confirmation, I nodded.

Such a thing, I am aware 100%. Since the beginning, Wilhelm-sama has been an acquaintance of my Grandfather, and I’ve received his affections since I was young.

As I am currently 16 years old, the age difference would be 46 years.

「Of course, Father. In spite of all that, I am asking.」

「……He’s much older than I am, and is the same age as my Father. Even for a Duke’s daughter to be marrying in, that age difference is unheard of.」

Saying so, Father grimaced. Then, he glanced at Wilhelm-sama who was exchanging pleasantries.

And, he lightly sighed.

「This isn’t really a matter I can agree to……」

「But Father, it’s not likely for marriage proposals to come towards me anymore. Since His Highness said that much, even going as far to break off the engagement personally, there will be no more suitable candidates. I probably can’t attend the academy anymore either……」

That was my only regret. If possible, I wanted to graduate from the academy. Even though I still had a lot of things I wanted to study.

But judging by His Highness Reyford-sama’s attitude, he and……What was her name again? I forgot. Saying not to appear before him and what’s-her-name in such a blaming manner, as if I could continue to attend school.

The most profitable plan for the current status quo was to immediately become independent and drop out of school. Then, to find a good house that wouldn’t mind to take me in as a bride.

I think Wilhelm-sama fits all those requirements though.

「But, why does Carol, with Knight Captain Wilhelm……」

But with a “hah,” Father’s eyes opened wide.

Then, as if he understood everything, he looked at me. It seems like he suddenly had a spark of inspiration.

「……I see, Carol. So you meant it that way.」


「As expected of my daughter, I want to praise you. When you mentioned wanting to wed Wilhelm-dono, I doubted your sanity.」

While laughing “kuku,” a strange, villainous smile floated onto Father’s face.

However, it seems that Father has taken a positive approach to my marriage with Wilhelm-sama. I completely don’t grasp what his intention is though.

While meekly listening to Father’s talk, I doubted his character.


「Don’t worry, Carol. I will definitely tie an engagement between you and Wilhelm-dono. What, I just have to play some of the cards in my hand.」

「……I understand.」

Father was magnificently misunderstanding, but since it was heading towards a situation that was convenient for me, then it was fine.

It seems as if he didn’t think that I really yearned for Wilhelm-sama, but it was meaningless if I carelessly resolved his misunderstanding.

「Well then Carol, you return to the mansion first. Leave the rest to your Father.」

「I understand, Father.」

If he says to leave it to him, then I will grandly entrust this to him.

Actually, if I interposed unskillfully, then I would say needless things. If possible then just like this and without a fuss, it’s best to leave it to Father to proceed as planned.

Well then――And, just as I was withdrawing from the evening party.

「W-wait! Carol!」

From behind, an urgent voice called to stop me.

There weren’t many who addressed me by my first name「Carol.」Specifically speaking, they were my family and my fiancé――No, my former fiancé now. Only Reyford-sama.

And, the ones attending this evening party were my Father and I alone. Naturally, I knew who that voice belonged to.

「……Do you need something from my daughter, Your Highness?」

But towards His Highness who stopped me in that way, my Father stood in front of his path.

Just before, didn’t you just declare「Never show yourself before me again!」? Why are you coming to me yourself?

「Kuh……Duke Ambrose, I’m in a hurry. I must get Carol to……」

「Whose mouth is saying that, when you arbitrarily broke off your engagement with my daughter right in front of her parent.」


For some reason, His Highness had gotten in an argument with Father. Honestly, I don’t understand why he came here in this manner.

It seems as if he has business with me, though.

「I apologize, Giliam. I command you.」

But from even further behind, a solemn tone of voice resounded.

The same age as my Father, but a man with far more dignity than my Father. Entering the confusion was not only His Highness, but the surrounding nobles as well. Because primarily, he didn’t stand on the same stage as the other nobles, and he was usually was present on his throne overlooking the festivities, but now he was here. Father wasn’t perturbed, however.

That was――the King.

In regards to Fureakisuta Country, he had the highest amount of authority and was His Highness Reyford’s father.

The King of this country――Galius el Fureakisuta.

「Why your Majesty, without a word of greeting, I’ve been rude.」

「It’s fine. Just before, I’ve heard the circumstances from this fool. Good grief……Since he was the sole Prince, I may have spoiled him a little too much. I apologize, Giliam.」

「An apology is unnecessary. It’s already a closed matter. Besides, I think the one who’s apologizing and the one who’s being apologized to is incorrect.」


Even though he was facing the King, I didn’t see a shred of fear coming from Father.

In fact, more so than the King, the one with the self-important air was Father.

「But Father! Without a doubt, towards Mary, Carol tried to……!」

「Where is the evidence for that. Saying such things that someone can’t confirm whether truth or not, like being pushed from the stairs today, don’t easily believe such things. No matter how I look at you, you’re just a fool driven mad by a woman’s wiles.」

「No way! Father!」

「First, apologize to Carol. You can speak afterward.」

Saying “guh,” His Highness Reyford gritted his teeth.

As for me, the conversation from before was plenty. Whether it was an apology or not, it was my true feelings that I didn’t want to listen to His Highness’ words anymore.

Furthermore, that face.

No matter how I think about it, I can’t assent to this. He was simply apologizing as he had no choice because His Majesty the King told him to, but his pride wouldn’t allow it, so he was distressed.

Such an apology, there’s no meaning in receiving it.

「Well then, Father, I will be returning.」

「Aah, Carol. Be careful on your way back.」


「Wa-wait– stop Carol!」

How noisy, since before.

Since before going “CarolCarol” as if he were still my fiancé, I wish he wouldn’t address me in such a way. There’s an extent to how shameless you can be.

Should I just refuse him completely?――Yes, just as I was thinking that, at that time.

「Why does His Highness have to apologize! The one in the wrong here is you isn’t it, daughter of Duke Ambrose!」

A heart filled with anger, she pointed a finger towards me.

……Ummm, who was this again?

I don’t know her name, but the girl His Highness Reyford was infatuated with was standing there.

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The name “Anburausu” has been changed to Ambrose! Thanks for the suggestion, Amaryllis and Tina!

I left some intangible things untranslated (romaji) like when her dad goes “kuku” or goes “aah” and stuff. If you really don’t get it, then you can look below.

「……I see, Carol. So you meant it that way.」

  • Carol saying “haa” can be equivalent to “okay???” like when someone is confused, or when they don’t understand and simply given up on trying to.

「Aah, Carol. Be careful on your way back.」

  • “Aah” here is more of a confirmation, like when someone grunts in response (only it’s Aah)

If there’s anything you don’t understand I’ll be happy to give my interpretation (as I’m not 100% confident in my accuracy, so just interpretation).

Also, I still need name suggests for Fureakisuta… What could that even romanize into?

…I had something else I wanted to ask too, but I forgot what it was. Darn. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed! Spread the word if you can. ;v;


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