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Also, for those who didn’t see it, this is the audio drama for chapters around 13-15. Feel free to take a look~ (and yes, I’ve translated it) <<link>>

There were some terms/sentences in here I couldn’t fully understand (plus with a raging headache, it’s hard to concentrate) so I apologize. ;-;

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True Love

「Mary! I told you not to come!」

Ahh, that’s what her name was. If I remember correctly, Father said she was the daughter of a baron or something.

Originally, since she was just a baron’s daughter she wouldn’t be able to attend the evening party sponsored by the King. A written invitation wouldn’t be sent out to someone only of a baron’s standing after all. Meaning, His Highness Reyford probably forced his way and brought her here.

Leaving that point aside, telling her not to come, just how much does he not think things through?

「Reyford-sama! But!」

「I’m currently having an important conversation! If I handle this poorly and it gets more complicated, our future will be in jeopardy! I’m sorry, but please don’t butt in!」

「B-but, Reyford-sama……!」

Somehow, they arbitrarily spread out a harmonious atmosphere. How are you saying I should take in this situation?

Arbitrarily misunderstanding, arbitrarily breaking off the engagement, and arbitrarily leaving, I wonder just what kind of talk does His Highness want to have. Even if it was something like「sorry, Carol」, my Father or I wouldn’t forgive it.

「I-it’s fine so get behind me!」

「……Reyford, at this sort of venue, and with a position as a baron’s daughter, do you understand what it means for her to call out to a duke’s daughter?」

「Father! P-Please wait a moment more! I-I will properly instruct her later!」

Grinding his teeth ”gugugu,” while I thought that if shame could kill a person then he would have died, his expression was anguished. Probably because he was born with the position of a Prince, he possessed cheap pride.

But enduring his shame, His Highness Reyford lowered his head.

To me.

「……I, I apologize, Carol.」


There were completely no feelings conveyed at all.

Frankly, I no longer held any feelings towards His Highness, and I truly wanted to return home quickly.

In actuality, he’d only lowered his head for a moment, and afterward he glared at me as if he would go mad with anger. Did he really intend to apologize with this attitude?

「……Excuse me, Your Highness.」

「W-what is it?」

「Those words, just what exactly are you apologizing towards?」

「……T-that is…」

His Highness’ speech faltered. Of course it would. His Highness probably didn’t even understand what he’d done wrong.

Certainly, I was grateful of the matter of where I could now able to be wedded with my beloved Wilhelm-sama, but that was just a personal matter. If the one in this situation wasn’t me, then it wouldn’t be strange for the girl to commit suicide.

「I……I was awakened to true love.」


「When I’m with Mary, my heart feels at ease. If I can’t be with Mary, then I will never be satisfied again. If it’s not Mary, then I don’t want to be together……A partner I feel that way towards, it’s the first time I’ve met someone like that.」

「Your Highness……」

His Highness saying that, the cheeks of Mary who was behind him were dyed in color. By no means was it me.

In response to that, I stared at them with emotionless eyes.

「Carol……I want to be with Mary more that I want to be with you. That’s why……My will to break off this engagement will not change. Instead, I hereby swear to make Mary my fiancée.」


「No matter what Father says, I won’t change my mind! I will walk together with Mary, I’ve decided!」

「T-this……Idiot son!」

What exactly is this.

Was this not supposed to be an apology? Rather, on top of reciting what a wonderful girl Lady Mary was, he’d even proclaimed his plans of engagement. That has absolutely no relation to my existence at all.

Glancing at him from the side, Father had a similar expression as the one I had over here. By now, he must’ve not had any feelings towards His Highness, with the exception of being appalled.

「Father! I want to pursue true love……!」

「Do you understand!? What being tied to the Ambrose Ducal House means to the Royal family!? If you don’t even understand something of that simple extent, what have you been studying until now!?」

「I am not a political tool! I want to choose the person I love by myself!」

「For a person of royalty to utter such nonsense……!」

Snapping, the King bit his lips hard.

If he yelled anymore, wouldn’t his blood pressure rise?


「Your Majesty, please regain your composure.」

It was the sound of a low voice, but it held an air of intimidation, and sounded resigned.

With a jolt, my heart leaped. It was skipped about to the point where I thought it might explode. If my heart was connected with my throat, I thought it would fly out just like that.

That was a voice I’d heard countless times when I was young.

As I matured and grew, it was a voice I gradually didn’t hear anymore.

Since my Grandfather had died two years prior, it was a voice I hadn’t heard at all.


「……Mu, it’s you, Wilhelm.」

「This is the venue for the evening party. It’s not a place for a Father-Son dispute. If the surrounding retainers learned that the next in line for the crown Reyford-sama and Your Majesty had a falling out, it would give them unnecessary anxiety.」

「……Apologies. The blood seems to have rushed to my head.」

”Haa,” the King heaved a large sigh.

But more importantly to me was the presence of Wilhelm-sama who was in front of my eyes.

With a large body that couldn’t be compared with mine, who was a little smaller than my peers. And his arms, wouldn’t just his wrist be thicker than my thigh?

He had most of his white hair swept back, and it was overall a pale gray in presentation. The mustache that hid his mouth was white, and likewise his beard was as well. A great number of wrinkles ran across his finely chiseled face, as well as left behind scars.

This was the Fureakisuta’s strongest general and Knight Captain―― Wilhelm Aibringer-sama.

Without thinking, I was charmed.



「Withdraw. I will impart your verdict later. As for me, I must settle the mess you’ve made.」

「But, Father!」

「I told you to withdraw!」

After being ordered so resolutely by the King, His Highness finally retreated. Of course, being led by with Mary’s hand, though.

Now then, we can finally have a composed conversation.


「I do not believe it’s longer necessary to confirm, but is it fine to believe that it’s alright to break off the engagement of Carol and His Highness?」

「……Ahh, I don’t mind. But」

「This situation only happened because Carol was engaged to His Highness. Putting myself aside, Carol won’t forgive His Highness. At such a location as this evening party, she was made to taste such humiliation. We will make His Highness regret that he’s made enemies of the Ambrose Ducal House.」

「Guh……Lady Carol.」

With a sour expression that was twisted and while biting his lips, the King looked at me.

Having made enemies out of the Ambrose Ducal house because of me, I have no idea what will come forth of this to the royal family. Such things, it was better for me not to know.

But to the King’s frantic look, for some reason I wanted to answer.

「Yes, Your Highness.」

「My foolish son……Truly, I feel regretful. In this matter, I will hand down an adequate punishment. And then……A fitting marriage proposal for Lady Carol, I will use my own name to tie it. Although it’s fine for you to ignore talk to this degree of asking for repentance……」

「Your Highness.」

To the unexpected words, I stopped the King’s speech without thinking.

Normally, it would be fine if they just asked for punishment. No matter how flustered, they’d committed a mistake.

But――This was a good opportunity.

「Mu……What is it, Lady Carol?」

「I’m not particularly angry. Just, I have misgivings about the future ahead. A woman formerly engaged to His Highness, such a reputation has been spread, and I believe it’s not likely that any marriage proposals will come my way anymore. But if Your Majesty says that he will use his name to arrange my marriage, then……May I take your words in meaning that way?」

「Ah, ahh. If this would become atonement for what that idiot son did, then I will arrange for it no matter what it is.」


I’d wished for it from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve longed for it ever since I was young.

I――Carol, will live for true love.

Smoothly, I took one step forward, I slightly lifted my skirt and performed a bow.

Then I held that powerful arm――and said it.

「Wilhelm Aibringer-sama, I love you. Please, take Carol as your wife.」

Doki doki, my palpitations pranced about.

My cheeks flushed red.

Finally, I conveyed my feelings――!




But to my once in a lifetime confession, “I don’t understand the meaning,” with their jaws dropped His Majesty and Wilhelm-sama replied shortly with that single phrase.

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    1. Most likely because he controls the country’s military and backed with the Dukes money and political power they could stage a cue and overthrow the royal family. Even if they didn’t kill them, the royal family would become like the Emperors in the the Shogun era, merely figure heads.

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      1. there is a less blood thirsty path. knightcap is probably unmarried and without children. if he dies(and he is old) his house will cease to be and his wealth will go to the king. but if he has a young wife the wealth will go to her.

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      2. Another possibility is that because he’s old, even if he marries her he’s unlikely to have sex with her.

        So even though she’ll be married, after he dies the father can say ‘she’s still pure’ to negotiate the next marriage.

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      3. I think that as well. The King could understand the danger of just the ducal house, so joining with the head of the military. Nothing will happen to the king, but the prince would potentially be up **** creek without a paddle in the future.

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  3. The doki dokis are real. There’s something incredibly entertaining about Carol immediately taking any chance she gets to make things go her way.

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