duke’s daughter knight captain

Hello fans of Duke’s Daughter/Knight Captain~

This isn’t a new chapter, but…

Eh? I should’ve just kept translating the web novel?


Jk. Anyways, thanks to Unknown24, a very interesting thing was brought to my attention: albeit short, this has a– DUN DUN DUN!!! Audio Drama!!

Original video courtesy of Kadokawa Books.

Since I saw this, I thought, hey, might as well, and set to translating it.

It’s been a while since I’ve opened aegis sub anyways. :3

Idk if this will get taken off because of copyright or anything, so watch it while it’s fresh~

The events in this little episode are from around chapters 13-15, I believe. Somewhere in that range. I don’t guarantee all my translations are 100% correct, but I hope they help you understand what’s going on anyways~


I’ve been translating a little, but it’s not any of the projects here… For now I’m stockpiling on that series though. So far it hasn’t been risqué enough not to put it here (this site is kid friendly) so it might end up here, maybe.

Also, what series would you like me to release a new chapter on most?

DDKN? Drop (although this one may take a while because the chapters are so long)? Heibon?

I’m not lacking motivation at the moment, but I’m undecided. Comment below if you care please~


38 thoughts on “duke’s daughter knight captain”

    1. Also thank you for giving us this, i couldn’t stop myself from hiding my face in my hands while listening to it (and reading the TL) xD


  1. Could you please catch up to Heibon and then move on to more drop? (I really hope the author will come back to heibon after being on hiatus for so long </3)


  2. This was totally fluffier than I imagined. Not as weird, though Carol is way cuter. God, the voices were ON POINT. Please translate more of Duke’s Daughter~


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