Heibon na Watashi wa Tonikaku Hibon – Chapter 2: I saw spirits.

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I saw spirits.

The white robed person who sincerely apologized once to me is called “Reyfaras Kahannah.”

He also seems to be a “High Mage” employed by this country.

He seems to be a “High Mage.”

Since it was important, I said it twice.

The ones who wore white robes with golden embroidery were the “High Mages.”

Within all of this country’s magicians, there were only two people to possess that genius level magical talent and were bestowed the title by the country’s King.

In other words, Reyfaras-sama was a big shot around here.

After the High Mages were the middle ranked magicians, who sported silver embroidery.

And the magicians with the least power and prestige were the ones who had black colored embroidery.

Even though I said they had the lowest position, just by having the qualification to be a “palace mage,” they were held in high regard by the people.

Now, my current position was in an annex slightly separated from where the building containing the throne room was.

It was the work place of the palace mages called the Royal Magic Villa, and I was currently in the office of Reyfaras-sama.

I was told to wait here a bit, and it’s been an hour.

I was so bored out of my mind, so I called out to the things who had caught my attention ever since I was called to this world.

『Hey, are you guys fairies or something?』

It’s not like there were any people around.

In fact, it’s not like I would have the courage to ask the people around about the fairies anyways.

The reason I talked to them was because ever since I came to this world, they have always been in my vision even if I didn’t want to see them. They were quick little things with a humanoid figure and wings on their backs.

There were seven types; red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black and white, with clothes and hair the same color as their respective color, and they had always been in my sight.

The other people didn’t particularly pay attention to them, so I didn’t give them much thought, but I guess I’m curious about them after all.

Once I called out to the two creatures… Um, two people? The ones playing in front of my eyes were suddenly startled and froze in place. Then, when I blinked, they hid in the shadow of the bookcase.

Oh my.

『O~i. Um, I won’t do anything, so can you come out?』

From behind the bookcase, two fairies clad in red clothes with red hair peeked out.

『Hello. My name is Akidzuki Rio… Oh, in this world, I guess it would be Rio Akidzuki? It’s nice to meet you.』

For a moment, the two looked at each other after I gave my introduction, then they gently flew over.

『What are you guys? …W-what is it?』

Ignoring my question, the two come and curiously touch body in various places.

After I let them do as they please for a while, before I knew it their number had increased.

Other than the two red ones, three green ones had appeared.

There were also one yellow and one blue.

Touch touch touch touch touch touch touch touch…………

『Ah, jeez!! What is it!?』

「It’s because it’s rare for a human to be able to see them.」

After it became annoying enough to yell at them, Reyfaras-sama suddenly returned to his room.


『You said it’s rare for humans to be able to see them…?』

「You can see them, right? Like this guy over here.」

Reyfaras pointed to the blue fairy that approached as he prodded her for an answer. She nodded, it was just as he thought.

『Eh, does no one else see them? Is that why they don’t try to touch anyone else?』

「Since they can’t see them, they can’t even touch them. As far as I know, you are the second person to be able to see them. The first would be me.」

『……Uh, um, Reyfaras-sama, what are they?』


Even though I asked my first question, for some reason Reyfaras-sama scrunched his eyebrows and didn’t say anymore.


「…Why are you using honorifics? The way you were talking before was more natural.」

『Eh? That’s because Reyfaras-sama is an important person isn’t he?』

「So what?」

『What do you mean, so what…』

「We’re looking at a person who tried to rant against the King. Even if you try to play nice now and use honorifics, it will only feel creepy.」

『To say it’s creepy…』

That’s a little harsh.

But well, if he said I can talk normally it’ll be easier for me that way, so let’s do that.

『Um, then I’ll take you up on your offer and speak informally. What are they?』

「They are “spirits.”」


「Yes …It’s thought that “magic phenomenon” is when people exert their “mana” outside their body and will it into existence, by using their own mana supply and the power of imagination. On top of that, to make the cost of magic minimal, it is common to use “incantations.” To perform the incantations and realize the magic overall, while performing the chant it is necessary to channel mana and imagine the magic into existence. At least, that’s what the magic research of this world says.」


「However, in reality that’s incorrect. When we use “magic” we pay compensation to the “spirits” via “mana”  and by borrowing their power, it is possible to realize the magic phenomenon that you wished for.」

『Hm? Hm? Hm? Uh… Meaning…?』

「Meaning, I’ll try to imagine there is a fireball in my palm right now. But no matter how much I imagine that there is a fireball in my hand, how much mana I gather to that area and chant my incantation, the fireball will never appear. But if I fed my mana to a fire attribute spirit, and tried to imagine a fireball again, what would happen would be…」

Around Reyfaras’ hand were two little red spirits and they spread their tiny hands towards his.

Once they did, a fireball blazed to life in his hand.

During that process, the two red spirits shimmered faintly.

Would that be what Reyfaras called “mana?”

「Do you understand?」

『So you’re saying that without spirits, this world would have no magic? But the people who know that truth are very scarce…』

「Rather than scare, it would only be us two who knew.」

『Have you tried to speak about this to others?』

「I tried. It was the first thing I did when I became a High Mage. But up until now no one has believed me, and I have just been ridiculed as an oddball.」

『They didn’t believe you? Why?』

「Rather than believing in the power of the invisible “spirits,” they would rather believe that it was their own power manifesting their magic.」

『I see. And? Why did you talk to me about something that was viewed so negatively?』

「You can see them can’t you?」

『Just that?』

Reyfaras listened to my reply, smiled and laughed.

Bad… Rather it was a genuine smile that came from the bottom of his heart.

「Why don’t we make the people who denied us eat our dust?」
(TL: Original kanji was 泡吹 which I looked up but it said it was blow bubbles or some sort of plant or something like that… So I substituted it. Hopefully this fits.)

Unsuitable to his appearance, Reyfaras had a mischievous expression.

『The “oddball” with his “spirits” in tow, Reyfaras-sama.』

「”Rey” is fine.」

『Then please refer to me as “Rio.” I’m in your care, Rey-sama.』

「You don’t need to add the “sama” at the end you know. Well, whatever. I ask for your regards, Rio. The period you’re permitted to stay in this castle is one week. During that time, I’ll drill into you the knowledge of this world and magic.」

『A one week stay…』

This is how I got a dependable ally.

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  1. “Unsuitable to his appearance, Reyfaras had a mischievous expression”

    Lol I’m starting to like this guy. It’s nice to have at least one ally in a strange world

    Thanks for the hard work~


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