Heibon 1

Hello~ TL here again with a long ass TL note as always.

Heibon was recently(?) updated and many chapters were rewritten so I’ve decided to retranslate from the beginning! There’s also the matter of Heibon being my first “project” so the TL isn’t as skillful as I am now. I mean, I still suck but it’s less sucky now lol Still don’t guarantee 100% accuracy >.> (Oh yah, the small tsu っ by themselves, I’ve decided to leave them as they are because they’re not translatable for me >.> So don’t be confused when you see it lol)

I think it’s still pretty much the same content though, but I haven’t read through again to make sure. Expect some minor changes with names and details and such. Regarding the previously TL chapters, I won’t delete them but… I guess the only reason to read them would be to get a peek at what happens in the future chapters?

Apologies if this causes confusion!!

Oh, and if anyone is interested in helping me translation/quality check or edit Heibon and maybe some others while I TL very, very slowly, comment somewhere or something. Just for funsies.

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I was involved.

If you don’t want to die, then become strong.

If you want to live, then live strongly.

Those are the things necessary to continue surviving in this world.

Why, I muttered.

I am unsure whether I voiced this or not.

Because the spectacle before my eyes was more than enough to rob me of my voice.


「You have been mistakenly summoned. From now on, we will be summoning the real Goddess-sama so please wait for a while.」

Having been told that and driven away into the corner of the spacious room made of stone, as the general public would call it, I had just experienced an otherworld summoning.

Ahh, I’m late.

I am a pet shop employee blood type A 22-year-old virgo named Akidzuki Rio. My face is, well, yeah. Ordinary, or should I say, there’s nothing bad or good about it.

Towards such a me, for some reason a magic formation-like thing suddenly appeared at my feet and I was sucked in, and when I woke what I saw was the place I’m at now.

While I was overcome with surprise a person in front of me wrapped in white robes came up to me and began to touch my body peta peta 1 , and afterwards while seeming severely disappointed, they sighed with exhaustion.

After the white-robed person retreated and conversed secretively amongst themselves, they approached me again.

And what I was told were those words from before.

What do you mean by mistake!?

Is that even possible!?

Or rather, is summoning something that can be done so frequently!?

But I won’t say it. Or should I say, I can’t say it. It’s not the right mood.

I immediately lost to the pressure of their silent snubbing and migrated to the corner of the room.

Immediately after I moved, all the white-robed people lined up in a circle and muttered something, and at that moment the center shined with a dazzling light.

After the light died down, there was a single sweet looking girl.

Her chestnut colored hair swayed and bounced fluffily, and her large, double lidded eyes were opened wide with shock.

Her age was probably 16, 17.

The way she was unable to swallow the situation and looked around restlessly at her surroundings was also charming.

The same as me, a white-robed person touched the girl’s body, and full of satisfaction, he nodded.

The surroundings raised joyous voices.

After that, things went by quickly.

While in the middle of being shocked, the place where the girl was brought was in front of the royal throne.

Standing dumbfounded in front of the King, Queen and Prince, she was told about the current circumstances of this country.

Incidentally I had been neglected, so I followed behind of my own accord.

Now then, to summarize the discussion of the King who has been talking for a while, it would be like this.

This world is “Arweit”.

It’s a fantasy world of swords and magic, and was a world of ceaseless conflict between the humans and the Demons who scrambled for each other’s territory.

And this country is the where the human king rules  the “Sarawin Empire.”

And, the place we’re at now was the royal capital “Harlen.”

At this point in time the territory of the human’s side had decreased as far as one-third from the original size, and because of the flood of refugees to the remaining land overpopulation and food shortages were occurring, so the political situation was in a disordered state.

And there long ago, the savior who rescued the humans who had fallen in a similar situation, they called a “Goddess” from another world and carried out a “Goddess Summoning.”

We… Or rather, the girl that was summoned after me was the “Goddess” and who possessed powers unique to the Goddess, had a fate to defeat the king of demons, the “Demon King.”

By the way, it seems the girl’s name is “Himeri Fuuka.”

Well, I don’t know what to think about saying this, but I’m glad I’m not the “Goddess.”

At first I thought, “What the hell do you mean it was a mistake!?” but being suddenly told by strangers to save a world you don’t know by risking your life to defeat the Demon King, it’s not something you can call backsies on.

I would definitely refuse.

…However, being unable to refuse this was the protagonist’s role, probably.

Presently, after Himeri-san listened to the King’s speech with an earnest expression, as if she decided on something she looked in front of her with straightforward eyes.

「I understand. If there’s something I can do for the sakes of the people of this world, then I will give my utmost.」

To Himeri-san who spoke with a bright face filled with a smile the royalty expressed their deepest gratitude, and towards the Prince that smile became the final nail.

Now then, it felt like everything was going to be wrapped up with a nice mood in this place, so I whose existence had already been forgotten sprang out in front of the King.

『Excuse me, can I interrupt for a moment?』

「…Who is this girl?」

 Yaay, the King’s voice has lowered down a pitch☆

The soldiers nearby began to approach me while unsheathing their swords.

It’s super scary.

But! But hey!!

I have an important question to ask regarding what will happen to me from now on!

「This person was involved in the “Goddess Summoning”…」

「Involved? Her ability?」

「She does not have one. Her magic power and attribute are also average.」

「…And, what business does such a person have with me?」

Ohh? Once he heard the word “average” the King has been sending a really condescending look over here, you know? I wonder what this is, this indescribable feeling.

『…Please send me back to my original world.』

As I suppressed the arising feelings and spoke those words, the Prince snorted.

「Such a spell, there’s no way it exists.」


Well, it’s pretty much what I expected.

If there was a way to return then the Goddess they finally summoned would declare to be sent back.

Yes, I knew that.

But… Even so.

『…Arbitrarily involving people and then saying “such a spell, as if it exists,” don’t scre–NG!?』

I wanted to yell “don’t screw with me!!” but a hand extended from behind sealed my mouth.

「Apologies for the rudeness towards your presence. I will speak to her more than enough afterward, so may you please find it in your spacious heart to forgive her?」

Saying so and suppressing me who was violently struggling with all his might, he forcefully lowered my head.

「If you’re saying that then what happened at this place is of no relevance.」

「I am gracious for your blessing. Now then, please excuse us.」

Just like that I was forcefully dragged away and withdrawn from the room, and the place I was finally given freedom was a courtyard-like area a short walk away.

『…っ!What do you think you’re doing!?』

「That’s my line! You fool!!」

The one who yelled in reply to mine was a man robed in white.

Likely one of the people performing the Goddess Summoning.

Pulling back his hood with a rustle, what appeared was long silver hair and blue eyes that reflected and glittered in the light.

And androgynous and well-ordered facial features.

If I hadn’t heard his voice then I would’ve likely mistaken him for a woman.

「If you had continued your sentence, don’t you realize you would’ve been killed!?」

『Of course I knew that!! But, this is so frustrating!!』

Yes. It was frustrating.

I was summoned as they pleased, and since I didn’t have much power they treated me like a “mistake.”

When I asked them to at least send me home, they snorted and said such a spell doesn’t exist.

If this wasn’t vexing then what could I do.

『What the hell is with summoning someone and selfishly pushing their request onto them and not sending them home!? What the hell is with getting dragged in and having nothing but average powers!? Isn’t it natural! It’s because the world I was just in was a place without magic or Demons!! It was a place where a peaceful daily life was the norm, it was that kind of world!!』

From there suddenly being brought to this fantasy world, on top of that as a “mistake,” but they couldn’t send me back.

『Before looking down on people, why don’t you consider how absurd your acts are!! Don’t drag people from other worlds into your existential crises!! If you can’t return us then don’t call for us, idiots!!!』

Breathing roughly after spilling out my heart, the white-robed man lowered his head towards me with an exceedingly sober expression.

「It’s exactly as you say. I apologize.」

『…………What will I do from now on?』

「You will be provided with the bare minimum of necessary knowledge to live in this world, gold, and a place to live near the castle, I believe.」

『I see.』

In other words, you’re saying useless guys aren’t needed. I see.

It’s been about an hour and a half since I’ve come to this world.

I swore.

I would live by all means and one day, I would render the people who dragged me here speechless.

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  1. I should do a chapter comparison with the other version 😀 I really love this story especially up to the latest chapter, I had forgotten the name of this and went on the forum asking anyone that might know the name, I was so ecstatic to have found it again, I was so thankful.

    One of the reasons I like this over something like Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, is the MC, her demeanor, her attitude, and her resolve. She is angry but gets over it by using as fuel to her continued future life on that world.

    She isnt arrogant, shes a normal person put under abnormal circumstances struggling to cope, she isnt special in anyway, has no particularly helpful cheat and simply gets on with it without being an arrogant ass.

    I cant wait for this to catch up with the previous version, really loved this story a lot, and was hoping it would get updated, so very glad I kept checking up on this gem.

    Thanks very much for the chapter!

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  2. This brings me back. I thought it was promising and waiting for an update but it never came (then I saw the note on chap 9 about discontinue), so it’s just been gathering dust in my reading list until it has an update. Hooray! Did think that this story had promise the first time, and it most likely still does. Glad to see a revival. May comment on possible english edits (but don’t count on my 0 knowledge of japanese, unless you count watching anime as experience) in the future, and look forward to more.


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