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Maybe the problem is I haven’t found anything I’m really burning to share. For now, I’ll try and TL some more synopses, and maybe some pages from the LN I have on hand but can’t understand. I feel like if I TL a page a day, maybe I can get some daily updates going on over here too? But which book should I choose…

I’ve mentioned them a LONG LONG LONG time ago, but to refresh your memories it’s (but looking back at the tl I did before, there were a number of mistakes… sorry…):

王子様の抱き枕 = The Prince’s Body Pillow


Caption is: Sweet Dreams and Sleepless in Wonderland” (in english) and “The Madeleine that invites misfortune” (tled from 不吉を誘うマドレーヌ). 

Synopsis: A high school girl who loves to cook ・When Matsuri awoke from her nap, she was in a western like world, and beside her slept a feverish man she didn’t recognize. After shrieking loudly, Matsuri was immediately condemned as a suspicious person and sentenced to execution. Unbelievably, the sleeping man was an「Ouji-sama」! Though his aides were distrusting of Matsuri, (Prince) Reagan-sama who worried over his severe case of insomnia told her, 「–until you go home, sleep with me」and she was treated like a “dakimakura”!? Referred to as a World Trip masterpiece during it’s publication on the net, it’s arrived!

王と月 = King and Moon


The obi (wrap-around) reads: “After tripping (into another world) why…… Why did the beautiful King take an interest in me!? On the way to gaze at the stars, Mari suddenly tripped into a different world. The one she met there was a ruthless red-eyed King–“

Synopsis: On the way to gaze at the stars, Mari suddenly tripped into another world. When she came to, she was in the arms of a beautiful King! Furthermore, the King found Mari, who conducted herself in a stout-hearted manner, interesting and placed her in his inner palace. While reluctant, it was her current way to make a living. But the King called her a 「small animal」and meddled with her at every opportunity, so she couldn’t pass her days calmly. Moreover, with that as the reason, she was glared at by the other women of the inner palace. Feeling more and more distressed, so that she could get a little freedom, Mari went to the King to negotiate that she「wanted to work」 butーー?

異世界にて痩せる想いなのです = I want to lose weight in another world


Eh, close enough. English caption reads “Diet in another world”. Obi says: “If I don’t lose weight, I can’t go back to my original world!? No luck, no boyfriend. A narrative of a chubby disappointing girl’s strenuous efforts.”

Synopsis: No boyfriend, no place of employment and bad at essentials, a chubby type disappointing girl Shinohara Chimaki, 22 years old. One night when her stomach was empty she went to the convienince store to buy a meat bun, and on her way back she unbelievably tripped into another world! When she came to her senses, she was surrounded by ikemen. The men referred to her as the「girl from another world」and told her that they wanted her to participate in an important ceremony. Being told that it would only be a few days, she endured and cooperated with them, but… She’s too chubby, she couldn’t fit into the ceremonial clothing!? As things stood, she wouldn’t be able to return home– Thus the curtain raises on Chimaki’s endeavors to diet!

I have “Kuro no Iyashi Te” vol 1 too, but I will leave that for Yukkuri-oniisan…

And lastly,

異世界でカフェを開店しました。= I opened a café in another world.

51WkN-7whDL._AC_UL320_SR216,320_Official PV for the smartphone game. Why can’t we have that here *sad face*

Obi reads: “Let’s enjoy Earth’s cooking! Along with wonderful comrades (+ a spirit), Let’s cooking!”

Synopsis: Abruptly, Risa tripped into a world where the food was ve~ry bad. I can’t put up with it anymore. In order to advance the development of food culture, I opened a cafe. Rumors spread quickly, and the cafe became a big hit. With the fairy Basil-chan and surrounded by her wonderful comrades, she was fully enjoying life in the other world, but then came the envoy from the royal palace. 「Won’t you come train the cooks exclusively serving the royals?」At some point, the food Risa made  became well-known at the castle!? And somehow it developed into an earnest battle with the imperial cooks– Unfolding in another world, a somewhat odd cooking fantasy.

Anyways, vote on the poll and I’ll try and work on the one that looks most popular. Can’t guarantee when it’ll be out though (tbh tho I’m leaning towards cafe). Also, hopefully none turn out to be 18+ lol.

Ummm…. on second thought, it seems like there’s some “action” in King and Moon so I’ll have to leave that for RLA on a later date lol.


The Cursed Girl and the Evil Magician 1.1 & 1.2

Hello! Here to present a teaser (actual teaser this time) of a LN. It’s called The Cursed Girl and the Evil Magician.

For people who are interested in TL-ing this, go ask WhiteWolf42 on NUF. They have the raws and many other interesting raws for LN, so you can check those out as well.

Much thanks to Ilinox with helping me on some translation difficulties!

This is parts 1 and 2 of chapter 1. If you see any mistakes, feel free to point them out!



Everything Judy touches is put to sleep. Even though she can’t even have a lover because of this curse, she is to marry the ill-rumored “Magician of the Staircase”! However, the goal of the magician – who she thought came to pick her up – was just a sample of Judy’s blood. He rejected Judy with… “Marriage? Me? Don’t be silly, it’s quite enough to be single for this entire life.”?! This is a love fairy tale between a young girl and a frustrating and socially awkward evil magician!

Chapter 1 Story of Blue in Love

Ink Atelier’s Sleeping Princess and the Magician of the Staircase got engaged.

In the 〈Violet Avenue of White〉 of Felwar town located in western London, that rumor had become a hot topic of gossip a short while ago.

Judy learned of it on a clear Monday afternoon.

She happened to hear it from the chattering employees of the atelier.

Dumbfounded, the bottle of ink tumbled and fell from Judy’s hands.

On her brand new clothes and lace-up boots, blue droplets flew and splattered. Her aunt Catherine who had come to help out at the atelier noticed her state, and five minutes after her aunt screamed, Judy remained dazed.

「Judy, you’re covered in ink!」


Judy asked her aunt while watching her panic and make a commotion.

「Am I getting married to the Magician?」

As Catherine put a hand over her mouth, her eyes widened.

The person at the heart of the rumors── Judy Ainsworth the『Sleeping Princess』sank down into a sea of blue ink on the floor.


Changing scenery, at Judy’s room located on the second story of the atelier.

To soothe her pounding heart, Judy held the black tea her aunt brewed in her mouth.

When she held the cup in both hands, the warmth was transmitted deep within and unraveled her stiffened body.

Even through gloves, it was perfectly warm. Judy thought Catherine’s black tea was like magic.

「Have you calmed down?」

Catherine slipped in to sit on the other side of the table with a troubled smiled.

Having turned 32 this year, her aunt looked youthful and beautiful enough that it wouldn’t be strange to call her Judy’s older sister. The opposite of Judy’s mother who had passed away 11 years prior, she had a fluffy and gentle aura.

Her mother was a lively person. She left an impression where she always laughed cheerfully.

「Auntie, about the engagement talk from before… 」

She breached the topic resolutely, but her words wouldn’t continue any further. As she became perplexed, Catherine also expressed a puzzled face, joining her hands above the table.

「I’ve only just heard it from Kenny last night as well.」

She received the impact from her aunt’s explanation, but Judy was somehow able to keep up her expression.

Kenny was Catherine’s husband. He was the supervisor of Ink Atelier, he also had stationary and miscellaneous good stores here and there as the boss of the Ainsworth company. Judy was taken charge by this couple after the death of her parents who fell in a carriage accident and spent her childhood days in this Felwar town.

Kenny was shunning Judy. Ever since they found out Catherine was pregnant, he had gotten even more strict.

The reason why she moved out of their house and into a vacant room at Ink Atelier was because she didn’t want to provoke Kenny. In truth, he was also against Catherine coming here to meet her.

Judy would be 16 this year. About time for him to drive her off, it was around the time where he considered ordering Judy to work at a branch store in the suburbs.

「Listen, Judy, don’t think it’s for the sake of driving you away. Kenny isn’t that bad of a person.」

「Yes, I know Atelier Head is a sincere person.」

「Jeez you, using such a distant way of addressing people… 」

She returned an ambiguous smile to Catherine who seemed to become lonely.

「Please don’t hate him. It’s definitely not that he detests you.」

I know, it’s to protect his baby from the『Sleeping Princess』’s curse.

Judy sent a fleeting glance to her gloved fingers.

The anxiety and cautious Kenny held in his heart was natural for someone about to become a parent. He couldn’t let his finally gifted and long awaited child to become fodder for the Sleeping Princess.Thinking such things, he must have looked here and there for families to marry Judy to.

And the one chosen was the Magician of the Staircase. But there was a non-trifling problem.

「I and that person know you’re a good child. The marriage talks this time too, I believe it’s something that person has thought through well.」

「……That is, is that Magician really my fiancé?」

「It’s Viscount Lutwidge of the LML Company.」

Catherine politely corrected her.

Lewis M (Mel) Lutwidge. That was the highly ill-rumored Magician’s name.

The degree of authenticity was uncertain, but there were many anecdotes pertaining him.

「……。They say he’s friends with the King of England, and participated in the Crusades… 」

Pillaging and massacre. He accomplished great efforts within the stench of bloody strife, obtaining his own territory.

「That means that he’s lived for hundreds of years… Does the Magician not age?」

「Those are simply rumors. His family descends from knights.」

「It’s said that from the start, he hid himself in the Temple Knights Order as a spy. I feel like I’ve heard from somewhere before that he was also involved with massive killing of prisoners of war that happened during the expedition.」

「Judy. You’ve been sneakily reading those weird magazines again, haven’t you.」

Putting a slim finger to her forehead, Catherine made a troubled face.

The tabloids were Judy’s precious source of information. Plus, within the nonsense, there were many stories that could make her heart dance.

「What else was there. Because of that massacre he received God’s curse, it’s a story that his appearance was changed to that of a ferocious beast. It was ugly to the point where even a devil would fear him, and also that his personality is treacherous and cruel.」

「It’s just that bad rumors follow the Magician around. If he really was a bad person, then he should’ve already been punished a long time ago.」

Certainly. It was precisely because the Magician was wrapped in mystery that everyone found it interesting and burst with amusing stories, making gossip.

「Although if it were 10 years ago, even this city would’ve had『magic』remaining. Just when did it disappear.」

Catherine’s eyes became distant.

The majority of the former culture that contained magic, along with the beginning of the industry revolution sunk to the bottom of the muddied River Thames. In the current London where the sounds of railroad construction rang throughout the day, children wearing knickerbockers found it hard to dream. Even apartment residents were replaced continuously.

Those who vehemently denied the existence of magicians and those who mistook them for voodoo witch doctors and “sleight-of-hand magicians” increased, and mystique distanced itself from the daily lives of people more and more/

The last remnant of magic in this Felwar town, might just be me.

I feel that『curse』would be a more appropriate way to refer to it though. Judy that murmured in her heart.

Catherine smiled as if she had regained her feelings.

「Viscount Lutwidge is going to open up a postal workshop in Woodwell. See, Kenny’s company does wholesale stationery, right? He heard it through an acquaintance at work.」


「It seems to be a town southwest of Cotswolds. Over there, there are cities that aren’t on the map.」

「Wait, by postal workshop you mean ── a place that deals with『pigeon post』?」

To Judy’s wooden voice, Catherine slightly shook her shoulders. Her eyes shook sorrowfully.

「Pigeon post is still being used?」

That was the result of the times when magic still thrived. It was already no longer seen in cities, and people who placed trust in it were dwindling.

「Yes. The railroad doesn’t pass through our territory, right? But the number of London’s postal carriages are decreasing, and it’s become a hassle to transport them to small towns and villages. In Cotswolds and Ireland, pigeon post has become the mainstream.」

Judy was unable to reply.

When she regained her composure, the word marriage suddenly began to be tinged with a sense of reality. More malicious than a devil, and even if a person with a terrible appearance were to be her partner, if he would marry a cursed girl like her for the rest of her life, then she didn’t care. In fact, she had even considered she would be single for the rest of her life before, so it was a welcome development.

It’s just, of all the people, she was to marry a magician who made arrangements for pigeon post, it would be all too ironic. Judy’s curse was involved with that pigeon post.

As Judy cast her eyes downwards, Catherine slowly rose from her seat, detoured around the table and approached her way. Stooping her body, she gently grasped Judy’s hand.


Judy raised a scream-like voice, and in a hurry she shook off Catherine’s hands. Her aunt carried a wounded expression, but she didn’t intend to apologize. In an instant, sweat ran through her entire body. Her heart sounded violently.

「You can’t ever touch me again! What will you do if something happens to the child inside you……っ」

「It’s fine when you’re wearing gloves. That is undeniable.」

Catherine spoke resolutely. It was a look conveying deep affection. That she wasn’t scared of any curse.

It was because she knew those feelings of hers weren’t a lie that Judy was in such pain.

「You know what I’m called! What if my powers strengthened? I’m the『Sleeping Princess』. Just by touching me directly, I’ll put humans and animals and bugs and flowers and everything to sleep!」

It was the time when she raised her voice. Suddenly, the window in the room opened by itself.


From there many pure white pigeons flew inside. Catherine gave a small shriek.

In a hurry Judy rose from her seat and sheltered her behind her back. The pigeons went to the desk, the bookshelf, the backrest of a chair, the bed, the dresser…… and when they also landed on Judy’s shoulder and arm, she couldn’t move a muscle.

It was fine as long as it was above clothes, but if it touched skin then it would be put to sleep.

The pigeon who hung around the edge of the partially drunken cup quirked it’s head. Right after──

『Sleeping Princess, hurry and come!』

The pigeon simultaneously emitted a voice.

In front of the stunned Judy and co, the flock of pigeons, which ambushed the room, emitted a stardust-like light and disappeared without a sound, changing into white stationery paper. She looked closely at the several leafs of paper scattered around her feet. No matter the paper, what was written on it was what the pigeons had said exactly.

「……。This is, pigeon post?」

Judy murmured. It was a beast morphed letter made with magic.

It’s said to have started during the 12th century. There were many illiterate people among the working class. Paper was also expensive. Communication methods were also limited, and if you were sending it somewhere far away then the expenses would pile up even more. There, there was a magician who thought of giving a bird a『voice』to carry in place of writing. That is pigeon post.

Whether the sender, recipient, or both were illiterate, they were able to send their words. Once the voice was delivered, it was constructed so the words would burn and it would return to being a normal letter. Even if they couldn’t read, the words would remain in their memories.

「──It seems the greetings have been completed.」

Startled by the third party person’s voice, Judy vigorously turned around.

Before she was aware, the door to the room had been opened with two males standing there. One was Catherine’s husband, Kenny. He had a solid physique, and around his mouth grew a thick beard.

The remaining person was an unfamiliar young man. No, it would be better to call him a young boy. He was probably the same generation as Judy. But his appearance and manner of greeting was both refined, he was the picture of a gentleman himself.

A pristine frock coat and vest, and trousers. When he took off his top hat, it was evident that his rather short black hair was neatly arranged. His blue eyes were slightly sharp, but thanks to his smiling expression it took away the intensity, and he let off an intellectual impression. For some reason, there was a vague air of mystery to him.

Unlike the other youths from her generation, he had a mysterious power to draw people’s’ eyes to him.

Could it be that he was the rumored person?

「Magician of the Staircase?」

After letting out her voice, she realized her speech was rude and returned to herself. Kenny looked at Judy with a grim face. When the scary-faced Kenny expressed that sort of face, it further enhanced his intimidating air.

「Nay. I am the Magician’s apprentice Rob. The one you enquired of is my teacher.」

The boy chuckled, footsteps sounding as he approached.

「My Magician is a hasty being. It seems he wishes to place his lovely fiancée by his side as soon as possible. Therefore, I’ve come to receive you at once.」

In front of the bewildered Judy, Rob opened his pocket watch with a snap.

「Sleeping Princess, preparation time is one hour, time for cleaning is 30 minutes. Farewell greetings are 10 minutes. Now, hurry. 」

「Preparation time……for what?」

「Hurry and come! is the letter you received from Master Lewis, is it not?」

Lewis──It’s the name of my ill-rumored fiancé. I see, it was a letter from him.

After comprehending, she was taken aback.

「Eh!? You can’t mean, right now?」

「That is exactly what I mean, there is no time other than the present.」

「Bu-but, I’ve only just heard of this engagement business!」

「Then isn’t that sufficient?」

Judy’s eyes became dots. What will we do about the ceremony, and dowry and furniture, I didn’t prepare any linen, I don’t have a wedding dress either, and I haven’t finished checking stock for Ink….. Those pragmatic words spun around in her head, but she was unable to voice any of her complaints.

「At least, wait for one more da……」

Rob smiled amiably and turned his pocket watch towards Judy.

「The Magician’s words are absolute.」


Heroine news I guess

Heya guys

So before I wanted to translate ch 1 of Omae Mitai na Heroine ga Ite Tamaruka as a teaser since I think it deserves to be picked up

Well guess what– it got picked up!!

You can read it here!!

Problem now is, what should I do with the around 30% I’ve already translated????

Mmmm, rather than have it go to waste I can always post it here right?

Its already posted on my tumblr anyways but here it is again! I wanted to work more on it today because the chapter is so long and wordy, but then chapter 1 was released by Light Novels World TuT

Should I be sad as a translator that I didn’t get to finish or should I be happy as a leecher that I didn’t work on it more and that I don’t have to translate it anymore?

Anyways, here~ You can just ignore this whole post and just read the one on Light Novels World though lol


Although it was maintained with enough attentiveness to be weedless, a lone girl stood in a garden with overgrown branches.

Her name was Tsubaki, and she would be turning 4.

Her neatly arranged bangs and her hair without the childish characteristic of curls fell down to her shoulders. Excluding her slightly droopy eyes, each part of her small face was well balanced, and in her own way she was quite a cute girl.

However, there was a vastly different area between Tsubaki and typical four year old girls. That was, she was born with memories of her past life.

In her past life, Tsubaki was an OL working in the secretarial section of an average corporation. Born in the northern Kanto countryside, as a special characteristic of country life she grew up surrounded by all her relatives. Part way she departed towards Tokyo as if she were fleeing, safely managed to find a job and freely used her ability fostered since childhood of looking the other way and turning things into a joke to bear her co-workers’ sexual harassment.

But without regard to that, she died.

She saw the dazzling light of something like headlights, so she guessed she died after being hit by a car.

Because Tsubaki was reborn, so she should have died.

And the view that greeted her when she came to was an unfamiliar ceiling.

At first she thought she was in a hospital bed. She also thought that it was difficult to move around because of her injuries.

But at the point when she was picked up by another woman, she finally realized something was strange.

Having her entire being carried effortlessly by a woman of similar stature to hers, she would think it was odd.

Furthermore, the name the woman called was not her name. Being talked to as if she were a small child, she paled and thought it couldn’t be.

She gently lifted her arm into her line of sight to confirm, and what was reflected in her eyes was a small, small hand.

In the beginning she thought she was seeing a dream after being reduced to a vegetative state, but after striking the fencing of her baby bed with all her strength as a test, it hurt just like reality.

There weren’t any dream-like characteristics of abrupt scene changes, and after comfortably passing her day, she finally comprehended, ah, this is real.

She was initially panicked and caused trouble for her mother, but in time she began to grow accustomed to the circumstances surrounding her and compromised with her past life somehow or another and lived to today.


Like that, 4 years lapsed since her birth, and ever since then having never set foot off these premises, today as well Tsubaki went out to the garden to sunbathe and to view the koi carp in the pond. [^1]

As she absentmindedly gazed at the koi as they opened their mouths paku paku [^2] to suck in the scattered feed, the noise of pebbles being stepped on sounded from behind Tsubaki. She noticed that the noise was gradually approaching closer and thought it was a servant coming to call her to lunch that would be soon, so Tsubaki stood and faced her body towards where the sound was originating from.

Doing so, the person who stood there wasn’t a servant but a girl the same age as Tsubaki. The girl scrutinized Tsubaki with an expressionless face and murmured「she doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to the in-game Tsubaki」and such.

Tsubaki thought she had seen that girl somewhere before, or maybe that she resembled someone else, so she put her brain in full operation to search her past and current life’s memories.

Thereupon the girl abruptly began to talk to her, so Tsubaki temporarily stopped her thinking and met the girl’s eyes.


「Your name is Tsubaki?」

「That’s right, though」


As soon as she heard Tsubaki’s words the girl’s eyes glittered and while kyaーkyaーing a ruckus, she hopped up and down in place.

Hearing the childish characteristically shrill voice of the girl, Tsubaki almost reflexively wanted to bring her hands to cover her ears.

Just when Tsubaki was moving her hands to seal off her ears, the girl spoke of something unbelievable.


「That means this really is the world of『Love Flower』! I’ve thought so ever since I found out my name was Kurahashi Mio!……But you’re pitiful too. Being driven off to this remote place. Well, either way there is only a future where both parent and child die. Please become a great stepping stone so I can be tied with Kyousuke-sama. Wait for me, Kyousuke-sama.」


The moment the girl in front of her said words like『Love Flower』and the name Kurahashi Mio, vivid memories from Tsubaki’s past life resurfaced in her mind.

The memories that this world was of an otome game,『Love Blossoms like a Flower in Full Bloom』nicknamed『Love Flower』.

It wasn’t that the girl in front of her resembled someone. She herself was the person that she resembled and because she was the heroine in an otome game Tsubaki played in the past, so of course she seemed similar. [^3] She had seen a still [^4] clearly depicting this child’s face in the game, so it was only natural.


The cheeky girl in front of Tsubaki named herself as Kurahashi Mio and held the standing of a sister from a different mother, and ten years later she was the girl who would unfold a romance with the heroes.


Tsubaki had thought it was strange that she possessed her past life’s memories when she was born.

But, she had thought that she was born as a normal girl in a normal household.


TL’s life update

Hi guys.

I’m not dead. Sorry for the recent lack of updates (nothing new coming from me I suppose) and suddenly going on hiatus.

Just, some things happened in real life (around right after I released Outaishihi 12 on RLA) and I’ve been trying to escape from reality once again (I quit reading LNs for a while and got really absorbed into Mystic Messenger because the characters and the fandom made me feel good about myself).

Just… needed some break time from stress I guess (not that I got much anyways because of my shit job).

I feel like I’m going through a mid-life crisis, even though I’m only in my early twenties, ahahaha… sigh whatamidoingwithmylife

Anyways, I can’t promise anything but I’m working on translating a little at a time.

Probably nothing new though, since I want to go back and retranslate some of Heibon because recently author has come back and revamped the story (I haven’t checked it out but just from glancing at the titles, the initial week Rio got has now changed to 20 days so there might be new content). Even just re-translating chapter one, there are some small edits that have been made (the content seems pretty same so far but the sentences have changed) so I think it’ll be good for me to go back and redo it.

Like I said though, please don’t expect too much out of me. With me, low expectations is key lol Trying to focus on improving my animation skill set too (which is meager), but will be translating to take a break now and then (because drawing all the time can get tedious).

Also, I’ve stated it many times (I think) but if people want to take on my projects because I am such a lazy bum (even at RLA) they are free to do so! A heads up would be nice though. Also, if you’re going to pick it up, then I hope you won’t be like me and will be able to stick to a good release schedule.

Ok, that’s all for now. Sorry that this status update doesn’t come with a new chapter release. Hiatus status will stay until I actually do release something (same goes for RLA).

Hope you guys have a beautiful day!

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Tiny update

I decided I wanted to release the WIPs so I made a tumblr for it.

Don’t link NU or anything (because I don’t want to dash any readers hopes)

I will release the finished products on here rather than there.

Life update and Arasaa

Hey guys, what’s up?

Not my life, at least.

Work started getting busy around when my birthday finished (20th of last June) so I’ve just been really busy and not touching my laptop at all. Really, sorry. (I was actually kinda bummed because I was doing pretty well with posting something each week, but my short lived streak was ruined sobsobsob)

I will STILL be busy because of my crappy bosses, but I had some pre-translated stuff and thought why not.

This is the story I was debating over whether to post at Mojo or not, and people didn’t really seem to care so I thought what the heck. Nobody I know is into LNs anyways, so whatever hah. Let the world know I’m a pervert. >.> peh

A warning and disclaimer though: This work is from the Moonlight side of syosetu, meaning ladies novels. Although, so far it hasn’t ventured much into risqué territory, so I thought it’d be fine if I posted here. However, if that changes at any time, I WILL move it to my other site.

I will be naming the releases as Arasaa (insert chapter number) just so people don’t get confused.

Please look forward to some upcoming chapters.

Here is the synopsis:

I am the Newly Born Woman of Around Thirty

   Tiariela Norfolk realized that this world was inside the peach colored ero ero harem story that topped the charts from her past life.

     Cute like a small animal, the protagonist joins hands with ikemen of superior quality, and it was a story chock full of age 18 restricted scenes.

     Since she was a side character, Tiariela welcomed the ero-oyaji inside of her and planned to peek in frequently.

     Due to Tiariela’s behavior, the story begins to go amiss……

「I didn’t mean it this way! I just thought that I should study and observe the ecchi scenes (stealthily from nearby) for future reference!」

Some translation footnotes and for the romaji:

I am the… – Why is the title in sentence format? Because the original JP title is in sentence format too (I just realized, actually). It sounds weird, I know.

Arasaa (アラサー) – Shortened term taken from English. “Around thirty” (アラウンドサーティー) [araundo saatii] refers to a woman who is aged, as you guessed, around thirty.

Peach colored (桃色 momoiro)– Can also be pink colored, but since peaches can represent you know what, I left it as is. Means something like a lovey-dovey or romantic atmosphere.

Ero ero (エロエロ) – Ero is borrowed from the english word “erotic.” 

ikemen (イケメン) – Hot/attractive guys

Ero-oyaji (エロオヤジ) – Ero is as stated before, borrowed from the english word “Erotic.” Oyaji means an older man. Put together, and you get a pervy old man. It’s not that the man himself is erotic lol

Ecchi (エッチ) – Ecchi is taken from the english letter “H,” which to the Japanese can look like… Well, if you get it, you get it. “H” can then translate to “Hentai” which means pervert.


I saw this ranked on joeglens ranking thing and got interested, so I checked it out. I translated some things differently from the translation that was there before, so if you’re confused, I’m sorry.

Like for example, Tiariela’s name. They had it as Tyriella, but since her pet name will we something like Tiara later, I wanted to keep it closer.

Yeah, that’s all.

Here’s to hoping I won’t die from overwork. (There’s an actual word for that in Japanese, did you know? 過労死 – Karoushi, meaning death from overwork.)

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Act 2 The Noble Girl’s Outing Plans

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 The last time Cordelia remembered using a letter was in the previous world when she was in『kindergarten』and『exchanging letters』was still a fashionable thing.



She had never been good at writing them, and there was no longer anybody who could only be  contacted by letter. That’s why she didn’t have any bad or good memories regarding the experience.



 However, now Cordelia was very impressed by the letters she had received.



 (There are really a lot of herbs――)



Cordelia took a breath to calm her excitement, and once again took the letter she received from the head chef―― More like a report―― and looked through it once more. There, a『summary of wild grasses with strong fragrances』was listed, in other words a list of where she could find these herbs was written down. It recorded herbs like mint and sage, chamomile and lavender that could all be found within a mountain nearby the capital city where her mansion resided. Cordelia raised the corner of her lips.



(This is excellent……)



 The letter that contained information about many of the herbs she was experienced in handling from her previous life was like a treasure box filled with jewels. She could only feel joy. If she could get her hands on these herbs, then it would definitely be the best start she could wish for. If that’s the case, then it’s crucial to decide how I’ll begin my research―― Cordelia thought, but the next moment she bumped into a difficulty.



That’s right…… The habitat of these herbs, is a mountain.



「……Is it very cultured for a young noble lady to go picking herbs and wildflowers in a field……I wonder if I can go?」




 Yes, even though it was close by to home, the mountain was abundant with magic. Thanks to the magic the plants grow well, but for the same reason, it’s plausible that monsters will appear as well. So even if her Father loved to spoil her rotten――no, in reverse it was because he loved her so much that he would bar her from going and argue it would be too dangerous. If she ordered the servants to go, they could bring back a fair share. But Cordelia wanted to head there herself with her own feet and confirm the status of the growth in the wild. If she went there herself there was the possibility of discovering other herbs not written in the list.

 Even more so though, she was purely curious about what lay outside of the mansion and wanted to see it for herself.



Ever since she was born Cordelia had almost never stepped outside.



 It wasn’t like she was formally banned from going outside. But in the first place, she『did not go out usually.』Had the maid who had taken care of Cordelia ever suggested to, she would have followed. But she had never been told such a thing. For example, even if there was a parade celebrating the National Festival, she would be told「Today is the day of the festival, so classes are cancelled. You may look out from the balcony if you wish.」It was likely that not going outside was normal. (Incidentally, the view from the balcony is great, but I was unable to comprehend the state of the festival in the least.)



Of course, it wasn’t as if all children’s outings were prohibited, but…… In the books she had read in the archives, there were many children who had gone out to meet their fiancés and such (accompanied by a guardian,) so if it was for a reason like that then it might be acceptable.



(……It’s not my fiancé, but I would like to meet my fated plants…… Just kidding, of course that would be a stretch.)




 Now then, what to do?

 While Cordelia was troubled, she had no intention of giving up.



Her memories of walking around as she wished in town and freely researching in the previous world were telling her『it wasn’t good to stay cooped up in the mansion.』She was operating according to the common sense of that world. That’s why she did not think that it was fine for her to depend on others to come to an acceptable conclusion. She knew that her situation from the past and the present were two entirely different things. But to resolve her experiment and to sate her curiosity, she could not let such trivial reasons disturb her objective.




 But if she was to aim at becoming a proper lady, then it would not be fit for her to ignore the trifling common sense outright. Then without fail, she would have to figure out a solution that wouldn’t deviate from the behaviour of a proper lady, but would let her fulfil her objective of going outside.

 Without neglecting her escorts, a method that would convince her Father――……。






After thinking in depth, she realized that there was one possibility.



「If I were able to accompany Brother Ishma on his long ride……」




The Pameradia family’s third child and second son, Ishma Pameradia.

 Recalling this person, Cordelia decided to stake her chances on the possibility.



 Cordelia had three siblings; her eldest brother, who was fourteen years her senior; the younger  twin of her eldest brother, who had already been promised to the second son of another Duke’s family, her elder sister; and her second elder brother, who was twelve years older than her.



 Both of her elder brothers had each taken the entrance examination to the National Chivalric Order at the age of fifteen, and successfully became knights. After joining they were assigned to the apprentice unit called the Young Lions, and afterwards she heard they entered the Imperial Guards at the age of 18. It seemed that the speed of those brothers’ success were『without a doubt, fast.』



According to Cordelia’s teacher, the Young Lions unit had been a generic practice squad until that point, but after her brothers had joined it became an assembly of only those with high status. Hearing those words caused her to think that they were only being biased, but it was common sense in the Knights that the Young Lions training was much harsher than a normal practice unit’s training. In addition to the general martial arts and studies, unlike normal practice units they trained in applying magic and more, and forging themselves through restless days and nights, they diligently went through drills and practical training for two years. Like that they completed the two year curriculum in only one year, left for the naturally intense work of the Border Patrol, and after returning received the captain of the Young Lions’ comprehensive evaluation. They would finally be assigned accordingly determined by the assessment that they received.



 Naturally it was severe, but it deeply reflected the caste system of non-aristocratic knights…… The main offenders who held dissatisfaction were knights affiliated to the Training Unit in the training course. However, claiming that the nobles hailing from dignified families with high magic concentration were holding back the normal Training Unit would be unreasonable. For example if they were to poorly merge the magic training sessions together, there would be many injured people as a result. That’s why the current situation was the most optimal. It’s not like all high ranking nobles are equal in having strong magic either. However the high ranking nobles who went on to be knights were pretty much those who possessed strong magic. And of those from the practical units who went to challenge the Young Lions’ unit, even if they had resentment against the system itself, they were in a situation that forced to recognize them without being able to change anything. There was too much of a difference in their abilities. That’s why there hadn’t been any full blown cries for system reform yet.



 But even within the Young Lion’s unit from the special forces training school, there were seldom members chosen to become Imperial Guards. Generally, even if it was hasty, they would be attached to another unit for one or two years. However, achieving that “seldom” was the sub-commanding officer of the First Regiment, the eldest brother, and the second eldest attached to the Second Regiment, showing that they were that powerful, and successors of superior ability holders……Or something accordingly.



The conversation has slightly strayed, but that second brother of the Second Regiment would have two days off duty in ten days time. Both brothers lived their lives in the general lodging house, and only on those days would they return home. Once he returned home, Ishma would head out on a long ride without exception. To him, the best method to heal him from his rigorous work was a horse.



Naturally he was very capable, so he didn’t require an escort―― And while saying that, it seemed that no one from the mansion was able to keep up with him, and there would always be one chasing after him―― And he would often head towards the area deep in the mountains.



Once before, Ishma had inquired Cordelia something in a playful manner.



「Do you want to come along too?」




 At that time, Cordelia had been too surprised at the suddenness and was unable to reply, but she clearly remembered what she had been told.

 It was likely that Ishma remembered that incident as well. The brothers’ memorizing ability was extraordinarily high. Even if he had said it as a joke, and even if he had the assumption that she would refuse, if Cordelia, who was once invited before, said that she wished to accompany him then he couldn’t possibly say that she couldn’t go along with.





Concluding that, Cordelia immediately pulled out some stationary and composed sentences with carefully written letters.

 She wasn’t good with writing the characters, but because her letter would be inspected by another person’s eyes, as a daughter of the Pameradia family so she could only show the most beautiful characters. Even if the person who saw it did not disclose the contents, it was ideal to show the least openings as possible to other people.

 In the first place it was her first request to her brother, so roughly made letters were out of the question.



(Now then, what will Brother’s response be?)



 With the letters she wrote filled with her hope, while a little restless, today she lived another carefree day.



But Cordelia had yet to receive a reply about her letter from her elder brother.



She had heard that Ishma was more or less the youngest member of his unit, and was very busy with his assigned duties. That’s why Cordelia was able to predict that she might not receive a reply. Yes, although she hadn’t gotten an acceptance, due to the fact that she had not received a reply, it didn’t mean that she had been rejected. It ended up that she would have to bring it up once her brother arrived back at home.



That’s why Cordelia intently waited earnestly for her Ishma’s off duty days. At last the morning of the days when he would return home came, and she had no choice but to await anxiously while staring outside, stationed on standby at the entrance.



In reality, she would be endeavoring in lessons or studies at this time. But the day after she sent out her letter, while yet to receive a reply, Cordelia did her best and raised her pace. Thanks to that, today and the day after, she was exempted from classes for the two day duration.




In regards to her father, she thought of a plan and after three days, she was able to convince him.

 I want to accompany Brother on his long ride. At first when Cordelia said those words, her father showed an extremely reluctant appearance and questioned in a murmur,「Can you even ride a horse?」but other than that he didn’t acknowledge or reject her. That’s why without abandoning hope, Cordelia requested from her father until he gave his consent.



 Her father, Elvis, greatly considered her wish in his head.



The mountain is dangerous. If a monster appeared, it was unlikely that Cordelia had the means to run away skillfully. But if Ishma accompanied her, then no problems would occur. He knew of Ishma’s capabilities. All the same, if he erred in judging Cordelia’s area of activity then it would be dangerous, but Elvis understood that his daughter was a child who rarely asked for things. And, it was unthinkable that Ishma would be negligent in his vigilance to keep an eye on his young sister. The extent of Ishma’s field of vision and his magic perception was at the point that it would overwhelm an expert. Even if a monster was far away, he would be able to feel its presence. That’s why―― If it was a situation like this where there were no worries, rather, Elvis thought that this was a chance.



Yes, Elvis wanted to create an occasion where Cordelia could get used to horse riding. When she voluntarily said that she had wanted to go on the long ride, Elvis took the meaning as「she has an interest in horses.」



 Those who ride horses in this world are primarily men, but other than the few female knights it was permissible for noble women to ride horses as well. It wasn’t particularly recommended, but it was overlooked if treated as a high class hobby. As a matter of fact, this hobby was useful when they became of age. Yes, while interacting with a man it could become the start of a conversation. 男性貴族の場合は女性と違い乗馬スキルが必須とされている。これは馬に乗れて一人前と見なされていた時代の名残である。女性同士で有れば化粧や服飾、観劇や刺繍の話が出来るだろうが、男性相手だと同じようにはなかなかいかない。共通すると言えば食事の話くらいだろうか。もちろん外交や政治の話も悪くはないが、肩の力を抜く事が出来る話も大切だ。きっかけが作りやすい。顔を広めるためにも会話の引き出しは大いに越したことは無い。





























(Won’t he return home sooner?)



















「You seem to be on quite the alert while waiting, Cordelia.」

「Good work, Brother Ishma.」





「Is what the letter said true?」






「Yes, of course it is!」







「Say, Elder Brother. Please take me along with you. I would like to go see the Seaverph Forest.」

「To think that my sister who was attached to the library and Father would designate me for the job. But the forest is…… I wonder if this is our Mother’s influence?」

「Mother? ……Have you met Mother before, Brother?」




































(The past is the past. It can’t be helped.)




(……Now is not the time for this.)












「No, it’s nothing. We’ll set out tomorrow. Because the woods sparkling with morning dew is a beautiful sight, we’ll leave early in the morning.」


「Excuse me, but I’ll be heading to sleep. You should also return to your room, Cordelia.」






(……As I thought, maybe that was something I wasn’t supposed to hear.)






As Cordelia was returning to her room, she realized she was feeling dejected.





「”For those who are qualified as nobles, there are times when you must suppress your emotions,” something like that.」





(It’s good that there aren’t any lessons today.)






(It’s fine, once I go to sleep and wake up my head will feel better――)







 Hey, if Mother isn’t interested in the house, doesn’t that just mean that she hates you?

 ――You’re noisy.





 She’s your mother right? Even though she met with Brother, aren’t you lonely?

 ――Then what are you saying I should do?



 To shake off the noisy thoughts, Cordelia rolled over once and slightly opened her eyes. It looked to her as if the hanging curtains were accusing her of something.






 Rustle, rustle. Without closing the window, the shut curtains were not raising any voices, but they were strongly accusing her of something.




(……That’s right, I don’t think anything of it. These feelings of loneliness are a lie, because I must learn from the best woman’s negative example. (?) Just because things don’t move as I want, I will not become a woman who exerts her will. I will become a woman who removes her obstacles. Even if it’s out of the ordinary in this world――I will grab hold unto happiness with my own hands.)



 Cordelia succumbed herself to the long awaited drowsiness.



(……Let’s become a proper lady quickly. Without being confused by my feelings, and keeping my gaze in front――)



 In her dimming consciousness, she made her small resolution.



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Ouji-sama no Dakimakura
Sweet Dreams and Sleepless in Wonderland

By Mutsuki Kei
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A high school girl who loves to cook ・When Matsuri awoke from her nap, she was in a western like world, and beside her slept a strange man. With a loud shriek, Matsuri immediately condemned him as a suspicious person. Surprisingly the sleeping man was the「Prince」! Although his aides were distrusting of Matsuri, the Prince who was suffering from a severe case of insomnia, Reagan told her, 「–until you go home, sleep with me」and she was treated like a dakimakura!? Referred to as a World Trip masterpiece during it’s publication on the net, it’s arrived!

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Ou to Tsuki
King and Moon

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On the way to gaze at the stars, Mari suddenly tripped into another world. Before she realized, she was in the arms of the beautiful King. For some reason the King took a liking to Mari, called her a「small animal」and seemed to proceed to meddle with her at every possible moment…

This is looks overly saturated btw.

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Diet! In Another World

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No boyfriend, with no place of employment and a chubby figure as always, Shinohara Chimaki is a disappointing girl at an age of 22 years. One night, after heading to the connivence store to buy a meat bun to appease her empty stomach, on her way back she unbelievably tripped into another world! When she came to her senses, she was surrounded by attractive men. The men said that she was the「other worldly maiden」and that they wanted her to participate in an important ceremony. Being told that it would only be a few days, she endured and cooperated with them, but… She was so chubby, she couldn’t fit into the ceremonial clothing!? As things stood, she wouldn’t be able to return home– Thus the curtain raises on Chimaki’s endeavors to diet!

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In Another World, I Opened a Cafe.

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Abruptly, Risa tripped into a world where the food was terribly bad. It was unbearable. In order to advance the development of food culture, I will open a cafe. The rumors spread quickly, and the cafe became a sensation. With the fairy Basil and her wonderful companion she fully enjoyed living life in the other world, but then came the envoy from the royal palace. 「Won’t you come train the cooks exclusively in service to the royals?」At some point, the food Risa made had become famous in the kingdom!? And somehow it had developed into a serious battle with the imperial cooks– Unfolding in another world, a somewhat odd cooking fantasy.

And the one that spurred my indulgent splurging…


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Isekai de 「Kuro no Iyashi Te」tte Yobareteimasu
In Another World, I’m Called: the Black Healer

By Miya Fujima
1200¥ = $10.16
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Btw, there IS a manga for this! Not much translated yet tho. batoto


One day, the slightly otaku me suddenly tripped into another world, Kanzaki Misuzu, 22 years old. When I came to I was in a field I had never seen before, but on the other hand I was able to see the Status screen, and I was also able to use magic so was this some kind of RPG-like world!? I used my knowledge from games freely, and in a shrewd manner acclimated myself to this world of magic. I met some cool Knights, and with magic I was able to heal others even though I was from another world, and I became known as「the Black Healer.」I am searching for the way back to Japan, more or less but… How did this happen? Using game knowledge to survive in a world of magic, a unique fantasy!


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